The Art of Allowing And Letting Go With Bradley Charbonneau (Interview)

Check out this cool interview we had with Bradley Charbonneau. He took a “30-day challenge” to the next level which makes him the author -in-demand today. Enjoy!

Video Transcript

good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is honza and I am David and today we had the joy of interviewing Bradley Charbonneau he is a international author he’s an author of self-help books he’s written children’s books and he is also written paranormal books so hold on to your seats his fight is past with sour cream calm where he talks a lot about perseverance the power of meditation I wanted on and on all the good things that we love to hear about without further ado welcome to the podcast Bradley thank you so much thank you for the wonderful introduction – great to be here my pleasure my pleasure now we when we talk about intrinsic motivation we always cover a lot of topics that are uplifting and so on and so forth and I know in looking at your background you were talking about the power of habits and perseverance were you always this bright and shiny Apple or what brought you to that point you know I think I think it’s funny I think I’ve come full circle I think um you know you got your bright and shiny Apple in your youth because you don’t know any better and and you have sort of that you know happy-go-lucky childhood which hopefully this lasts as long as possible and then if you’re normal I only say that because I don’t know how to not do it but like life kicks in and at some point you you shed it I think and so I had a I don’t know good five or ten years of I’m just not happy I’m not happy go-lucky Bradley that I used to be and that’s what really turned me around to get back to find a way to get back to it with that five to ten years it reminds me of our president if you will in that he has had so many start then stops failures or successes if you will and he always found he always seems to bounce back and now that you’re past that five to ten year period of questioning your power looking back do you think that there was a way to shortcut that process or you needed that five to ten years to put the hair on your chest I don’t I don’t think there’s a number I think it’s sort of like age I don’t think it matters how old you are young you are I think it’s it’s wherever that turning point is going to be for you and whether it takes a long time then that may be the time it needed to be for you and if you could make it shorter great looking back I absolutely could have made it shorter but as you know as I as you mentioned I write a lot about a passion and perseverance and patience and I I think I was just sort of drowning my passion I wasn’t I wasn’t digging into it properly and so I didn’t get that sort of top of the mountain now we get to go downhill effect and I was just I was just struggling I was just struggling in the sort of dog paddling and never getting ahead and and I needed something extrinsic I needed well apparently I needed because it seems to be what was the trigger for me but I guess I and this is where I feel like wow so why was I really not strong enough to do it from within was I not strong enough to turn my life around from within and make it what I wanted and I look back and I think well maybe not but frankly I’m glad things did turn around but for me that the major extrinsic factor was my dad passed away about two and a half years ago and it was one of those moments where yeah you know in those big life-altering moments where you think okay no time to time to revamp here time to take a look at things and we know what’s going right what’s going wrong and and get serious about making changes so gravity tell us a little bit about where you where are you from tell us a little about where you’re from and your upbringing I’m from California grew up in LA but then like my family dragged me and my sister kicking and screaming to Europe and it goes like 14 or 15 and we just didn’t wanna go we’re going to hang out with our friends and do nothing and we did the typical you know as many countries as possible in a few weeks trip and I was eternal just opened my eyes to another world and from that moment from age 1450 now it’s sort of infatuated with Europe and I just wanted to get back as often as I could and you can take the next 20 years or so and that’s basically what I’ve been doing I’ve been trying to get back to Europe as much as possible and okay I can be I can travel that’s nice but I’d like cost money and the temporary I can be a student did that into University third year University and France that was awesome then I learned German in Germany for six months but then okay this is great being a student can’t but you can’t be a student forever and it also cost money how can i how can I be like a local citizen heck when I be here legally and work so I can stay longer so then I did an MBA in Rotterdam in the Netherlands so I got a business degree because then I knew that would be also transferable to sort of any country or is like if you did a law degree I’d be stuck to the laws of that country the transferrable business degree then got a job in in Amsterdam just outside of Amsterdam the Netherlands and then happy for me so I did it I succeeded in making it happen in Holland in Europe where I wanted to be then I met the girl then I quit the job then we sold everything and traveled around the world for a year which is not a bad thing in itself and then we went and lived in the States and we went back to the states I had been gone for eight years at that point back to the States and moved to San Francisco so I’ll just go for a year 16 years later we were still there and death now moved back to the Netherlands a a year-and-a-half going on two years ago 2016 and now I’m back in Holland and loving it wow there’s this quick synopsis Walter well you know you said that you know your parents dragged you with a you and your sister it’s 2j1 yes just yeah it’s like kicking and screaming because you didn’t want to go you just want to hang out with your friends so up to that point I’m what well what did you see what did you think you know you were going to be or what were you looking at is well I’m gonna grow up this is what I want to be and then all sudden you have this experience that totally you know completely changed your life where were the direction you were heading or what did you think you’re going to be up to that point in time I think I just had the typical sort of I know I don’t mean this in a bad way but sort of narrow-minded perspective on the future of I just didn’t know my opportunities I didn’t know what wasn’t out there well I didn’t want to do it I just didn’t know about it and so that’s where I think that’s one of the roles of parents is to sorry but force your kids to do stuff that you know long-term will be to their benefit in fact I’m doing it to my own kids right now we drag I’ve now I have two kids two boys 12 and 14 and we drag them here kicking and screaming my wife is Dutch by the way so that’s why we now live here but my kids I mean they didn’t want to go at all the same thing they say I want to hang out in life with my friend too you crazy we’re gonna move to that country so why anime I got a huge list of long list of why but one of them which is the one they didn’t want to hear was that because this is going to open your eyes to the world beyond the little world that you know in your in your current life but that kind of answer to exit twelve-year-old it’s like I’m sorry what yeah yeah what are you talking about is the Wi-Fi good at least I mean you know let’s get real Wi-Fi is very important by the way it is very important and the Wi-Fi is very good it doesn’t look really good it gets a question of an opening eyes and and being exposed to things other than what you know yeah yeah important parts of life right completely agree being sheltered doesn’t do anyone any good you know I’ve had some family members and dis friends that I know have done extensive traveling and there’s so much more cultured to people you know that have never left like the state for example I know people have never left the state that’s like come on yeah but it’s hard I mean if it’s just if it has to be intrinsic then that takes so much energy it takes so much effort and and passion and went back to my words I like the P what you know pencil passion and perseverance and patience but if you have to do that on your own with no external factors I mean that that’s hard that is pulling up the bootstraps and let’s get going yeah take some guts and it takes some determination and and maturity yeah it can be hard you know but then kind of back to passion like right now my life my life right now I feel like I’ve sort of I’m on the other side of the river and the river of change and nothing’s really because I passing it in place I know exactly what I want to do I don’t know exactly how I’m gonna get there but I don’t even care because I’m on the journey in the journey now I realize is more important than the destination so skinny now that I think they’re eating spending all their time in Europe what how many languages have you picked up that’s German and French that’s German offense all right yeah except now I think that may speak Dutch every day all day and it’s a kind of eating away at my germ friends so if I speaking of wine if I never go out to wine my French and German get a lot better but uh but my Dutch is kind of eating away because I speak so much Dutch every day she’s like my family and and just everybody know we’re in Holland yeah yeah and your children are they picking it up too well so language guy that I was when we had kids we decided and again my wife is that so she’s of course that’s her mother tongue and so we decided when they were born we were and because we lived in the States we said you know what anything this was gonna be fine not worry about that let’s only speak Dutch to them and I spoke Dutch at the time although not as good as I do now and we decided to only speak Dutch in the household Dutch was like that the family language and we were very strict we only spoke Dutch and so now when we moved here now two years ago they’re Dutch was was very good not perfect and and writing and grammar is hard but they they’re they’re they’re totally pulling through they’re just they’re both in Dutch schools and they’re doing fine it’s it’s hard but they’re doing fine yeah wow that’s great great yeah it’s crazy when it’s great when you think of I tend to romanticize Europe because I have to sit well one sister passed away two years ago but at the time I had two sisters that had moved overseas they had been over there over ten years and so you know it’s really hard or a really a big challenge to come back just because the quality of life is so different but when I was listening to you with the different linguistics you know it’s very romantic romantic to learn Dutch German and French because everything’s nearby and proximity whereas here in Georgia so we can learn Alabama and Florida in it’s a little bit different [Laughter] I can speak it but you know only of the house please yeah yes so it sounds like the other theme that that I heard in listening to you tell your story is three things one is the law of allowing versus resistance and then the other is immersion and so since you stuck both feet in water ie you or your children you really benefited instead instead of running when there may have been a first challenge or what have you kind of stuck with it like hey this is where I am I don’t know where its leading but I’m just gonna ride this lake yeah would that be correct yeah yeah absolutely and in fact and you said the law of allowing I think that’s one I wish I had learned earlier but so here’s a quick story to to better describe my understanding of the law of allowing so so my mom and dad they they dragged us to Europe it wasn’t just for like hey there’s a trip because they met quite the romantic story they met in 1958 on a ship that was it was for an exchange program in the summer in Germany and they didn’t really have any big German connections or anything made my mom like way back way back but they were too soft to this sort of exchange program in Germany and they met you know very Titanic movie they met on the ship over to Germany and they the examples you’re to live with a family in the culture and learn the language and stuff so my dad was very much by the book you know the hard core grammatically correct wanted to get the language perfect to learn German and my mom was much more like oh you know whatever we’ll just play along and we’ll see what happened and I’ll do my best and I might get some words wrong and so my mom easygoing and just allowing it to happen and allowing the words to come out of her mouth you know hopefully not too discombobulated on the way from the brain and she spoke I guess what she had conversations and fun and she made grammar mistakes sure did she make friends yep did she have a good time uh-huh and my dad server they’re struggling to get his perfectly grammatically correct sentence out you know you know like the bar is empty by the time he got a sentence out you know and so that allowing I mean that’s a simple example of allowing but for me allowing myself to live the life I’ve been dreaming of I didn’t understand that concept several years ago of allowing it to happen I am I going to allow myself to be successful I’m going to allow myself to be a writer I’m gonna allow myself to earn money doing what I love yeah if you if you understand that allowing then you get what I’m saying if you don’t understand this allowing then it’s a hard concept to get and if you’re not quite there yet I I would I would recommend learning more about it or any more about just the power of allowing I’m really glad you brought that up I think that’s it’s it’s almost one of those secret like hidden powers that seems like it when you don’t get it it’s just kind of odd I don’t I don’t really understand you’re talking about but it’s a biggie it’s a biggie it’s huge in what we’re big fans of Abraham so Abraham always says you shouldn’t have to die to start allowing but most people start allowing when they have like that final the end like allow then they’re like wow there was so much Eve after words but that’s it I mean people I mean I apparently her way to tell my dad died and then I allowed and I’m glad it wasn’t me I mean I’m glad it wasn’t me who died and then started allowing yeah I’m sad my dad passed away but I’m really thankful that it started me on a path of allowing and allowing me to be the person I really knew I was I just wasn’t allowing that person to exist and we’re gonna get into your books and all that but I just want to stay with that theme so when we talk about law of allowing you know with a are you familiar with the teachings of Abraham you know Esther and Jack yeah great so when so with a great fantastic so when Jerry passed away rate there was just a huge grief and pain and you know not allowing and as time has gone on Abraham mentioned that Esther has been able to have greater communication or a greater relationships with Jerry because of the law of allowing and because she’s allowing the subtleness to happen that she had communication with Jerry and she just you know she feels complete and I was just wondering about your if you care to talk about it your relationship with your father who I had I had a wonderful relationship with my father and he was second in line to say you know do do the light live the life you want and just be happy but first in line was my mom my mom was really the first with I just want you to be happy and I want you to do what you want to do and oh by the way you can do whatever you put your mind to and then my dad was on the one hand he was okay with that later much later in life but earlier on he was much more get a job work 40 years retire you know fill in the beach and so and my mom said have fun enjoy the ride we’ll see what happened so of course you know younger you’re like I’m taking mom’s advice so I think later later in later years my dad he really transformed into much more of in less conservative more more allowing type who was just happy to be happy and happy that I was happy just wanted me to do whatever my heart told me to do and so that was wonderful it was really really unfortunate that he is his physical body anyway passed away because well I just said but then again maybe then I wouldn’t have had the intrinsic power to make it all change for me because for me that was really the turning point and now I mean I see him in I really have conversations with him in meditation and he’s really helping me along and he’s he’s so light now he’s just light and airy and funny and clever and oh it’s just a joy I I wish you were here physically but we’re having a good time yeah after the fact so to speak yeah in listening to your your story about traveling and all and you had initially gone from resistance to law of allowing and just the fact that you’re living overseas it’s easier for me to kind of look at your bio of talking about your your intention where you set the intention of I’m going to write once a day and then it turned out to be over almost 2000 days in a row I’d like that for you highlight how that came about so for those who don’t know my story on November 1st 2012 I was challenged by a friend / occasional business partner who had a one of his projects was called the monthly experiments and he had a thing where he would collect people and for for 30 days or months you would do some experience experiment and learn from it and so that for there no coffee or I’m gonna wake up at 5 a.m. or stop work at 5 p.m. if you’re an entrepreneur type that can be hard stopping work at 5 p.m. so for example you know he would learn things like oh stop working 5:00 p.m. and he be like wow I got more done and I made more money went out to dinner more often and wild life was better yay so he just saw it as an experiment short term and just learned from usually and his goal was it’s not right or wrong we’re just gonna learn if you fail great what did you learn and so back then I was just opening this in 2012 I was just he was a friend I had known him for years previous and he said I had been more open about my yeah dream I’m not sure what else to call it my my passion my dream my my sometime in the future this will hopefully be me dream and that was being a writer and so he he saw that I was kind of down I wasn’t really happy with my work and he and I worked together and wasn’t really thrilled about it and he said well you know why aren’t you why aren’t you writing I don’t know I’ll get back into it someday or and I wasn’t doing it and and I talked about that in the book how it’s it’s very easy to continue to dream a dream instead of living your dream and so maybe he he sought this and so he said all right I’m gonna make a next month experiment it’s going to be for you and it’s gonna be right every day for a month and at that point in my life that was I got that was like a pet that was scary because writing for me as much as I wanted it to be my my future in my fight my no clear and that’s who I really was I mean that now you’re treading on something that I care about because if I fail that that will then what because that’s my big dream and if I can’t do that then I’m not allowed to pretend to that that that’s going to be my future life and it’s so much easier to sit back and talk about the life you’re going to have someday but it’s hard to make that day actually be today so I took a challenge and I started writing every day and it was painful it was it was hard I wasn’t I hadn’t been writing for years I I so sort of out of shape writing wise and it was it was treacherous and especially the first two weeks after about two weeks I got a little bit more into the flow and then three weeks of feeling pretty good but then it at 30 days I felt wow this actually wasn’t that hard now that you’re like in shape and so I said you know what I’m just going to keep going and so I kept going and I hit a hundred days three month plus and he was just blown away you’re like wow you know you’re taking this a little far there pal you know surely only thirty days don’t worry about it I dunno no no no you know you lit a fire under me I’m I’m going now so that was pact 2012 yeah I don’t he talks about how he you know created a monster but today I am I’m at I don’t even keep track but I don’t know it I don’t even know it by heart I think I’m in 1963 or something and so for five plus years I have I’ve continued his challenge of writing every day and and I used to be sort of techie online marketing guy so I’m familiar with how to post things online so not only would I write every day and just keep it secret but I would publish so I would write a post or an article and publish it so all of these nineteen hundred plus posts are public and so again for like the guy who was hiding his hiding behind his future fake phony dreams this was this is scary stuff I’m letting it all out and there were times when I write really personal stuff and I think you know what am I thinking what am I doing here but that’s exactly what I was doing I was I was letting it all out and so to this day I do I write every day I write every single day and I don’t miss a day and then I use a dentist example very often a dentist friend of mine said only brush the teeth you want to keep and I told this to my kid because he was all excited really good oh yeah and then you thought about he’s like oh so for me it’s it’s only right on the days that I want to live only right on the days that I want to thrive only right on the days where I want to go higher than I was yesterday only right on the days that I want to improve my life and so that’s every day that’s why I speak actually became that book and that’s why I became become my mantra of every single day and and and I used to joke about how about every other day how about every weekday every every other week on Thursday but it’s all this too complicated and that’s that’s part of the habit building is that it no longer takes any thought I don’t need to think oh well let me think is it Thursday was I doing it odd or even days what happens if it’s January 31st and then it’s and then it’s February first do i do then nope make it simple nothing to think about other than doing the thing and that’s that’s also the power of habit because when you continue on something you you need less and less energy to make it happen and I know this is really scary stuff for something that people are not doing but that’s the power of it and that’s the beauty of starting starting is the hardest of course and I talk a lot about day zero and day one and how that’s really hard but just get past a few days and it all just get easier there’s bumps along the way but you have to just start so now I started now I can’t stop you know Bradley that that’s a great story and just a real quick it reminds me of a story and there was these two guys on it was a TED talk and they were talking about language and learning the new language and the best way they thought to do that was what they figured out was that they would go to and they did this over the course of the year with the four different countries just to show how this works and I think the first country I can’t remember let’s just say I think it was Brazil when they went down there and from the get-go right as soon as they got off the plane they didn’t speak any English they just flushed and fools to have to deal with now they had a English to Portuguese you know dictionary a translational book whatever you need to use that for the first he’s all but you have to force yourself you just have to do it don’t speak any English if you need to speak you got to look the word up and Portuguese and speak it so and they videolog the whole thing so he said the first to be the toughest he says but and by the third week you know because we’re starting to pick it up by a month they were speaking pretty good very good by three months they were fluent Wow well and they did that with four different countries they went to and the same results and one of the guy who said you know before you even started this he had lived in France for like a year and a half and he said after your hospital that was still struggling with the language he’s all bellowing did it like this so we just kind of forced ourselves these all we picked it up quick he said it’s because we’re learning based on our needs and what we need to know as opposed to like a video or audio telling us you know this is a chair or this is this you said you learned by necessity and I was pretty amazed at how quick they picked up the language and how difficult it was that we you know the first two weeks are the most difficult but and as you went on it just eased up Wow yeah you know you said it the reason why they were learning mate was it was one of the differences right yeah that’s also for me in recent years now why I get comments quite a bit about why is everything so easy for you why does it just fall into place and the answer is one of those like easy but you know not simple ones whereas it’s or simple or but not easy or easy and simple or not easy or simple but it’s it’s just that I’m doing what I love and so it costs me no energy I in fact it creates energy and I happily share that with anybody who wants some and it’s just it is so it is so simple but it’s not necessarily easy and then what we can also get it back into the allowing conversation are you going to really allow this to be who you are and what you’re doing or are you gonna you’re gonna fight it some more get some more time to fight it okay you go fight it but I’m past the fighting and it’s all just I’m paddling downstream you know I might communal I don’t really need to paddle though I’m going downstream mm-hmm it’s all just easy now you see I’m just enjoying the view and you know I have to say I know I know what I sound like right now because I can even I can feel myself and if I look at myself from five years ago and I kind of think wow well good for you pal you know I’m really happy you’re floating down your canoe you know what your Pinal with your with your paddle that’s great but you know I’m stuck up here I’m paddling as hard as I can and I’m getting nowhere I know I’m paddling upstream I don’t know how to turn around and go downstream so yeah great for you pal I’m really happy for you but I’m struggling and you’re not what’s the different and that’s that I get that a lot these days and I and part of it part of it is hard for me because hard to go back to that point in time when I was struggling and I was down I mean I’m depressed I drank I hated my work I wasn’t happy where I was living nobody happy with anything really not sure the little wind here and there but if you’re not happy with what you’re doing or sort of who you are to bring it the level deeper did everything else is just you know exterior doesn’t really matter it’s got to come from the inside yeah our first a first or second podcast we were talking about synchronicity and in a book that David and I were really hyped about at that time was God links and I believe it had come out in 2002 and it was just really appreciating all the synchronicities in our lives and that there if you can if you’re aware of it there there are a ton of them but if you’re not you’re just you know oh and so as you you’re sharing your story both with your father and also the person that had given you that monthly experiment I’d like to highlight Robert Schwartz are you familiar with him no no okay so he’s an author and he talks about his website is your soul plan and he talked about between lives soul regression and it’s more of relationships that we have throughout time or beyond time and it’s like hey you know what in 2012 I’m gonna give you an experiment you’re not going to know about it but not even be ready for it so I think you might like listening to that or reading how it sounds great yeah it’s just how we’re all connected and it’s between live so it’s even before you incarnated but you know what you set out and what you want to do and I have to tell you I am actually charged and you following through with your experiment because I actually just finished the 30 days of the cold shower challenge day 31 was like now I’m going through that hot water back on but it was it was I got that first day like you say was so hard that second day was hard but you know day 15 was like it’s not as bad and my body felt better you know all these other things the the intrinsics that I think you’re finding through your writing is synonymous with that 21 or 30 day challenge because you know that’s what traditionalism said it’s going to have it it takes that amount of time for you to hit your stride yeah yeah coach Sauers before how the third day the culture Wow well I think Bradley had said a really good point and even I do want to address with some of the I wouldn’t call it backlash but different perceptions that you were getting and that you didn’t necessarily have to tell I mean you were posting on your blog but you didn’t necessarily have to talk to people that either didn’t care or you know they didn’t have an interest that you were writing every day it was more so you sticking your head down and saying this is what I want to do you weren’t doing it for their benefit I mean they benefit from what you uncovered and I think that’s the same of all these all this time later because as you’re talking it’s really interesting David and I over the past year we’ve interviewed you know people all walks of life and it’s something about this 2012 which is a trigger or has been a trigger for so many people of I was living this life and now who would that guy pre-2012 are in that category that category yeah and it’s all for me yeah I have a question for you because there is an argument in the law of attraction world and you know there’s a conversation or a school of thought of thinking your thoughts create a reality and my pushback that I want to get feedback from you is your emotion creates the reality because you can think to the cows come home but if you don’t feel it and you don’t have any motion behind it that may be why others are paddling upstream but I want to get your opinion on that yeah I think that’s a really important point and I think the okay so we’ll take the paddling I think that and now I just I just admitted right I’m not paddling and I don’t even need you but so does that mean that at some point I could have just turned my my little canoe around and stopped paddling and that’d be fine and I don’t know the answer but yeah how did how to get from the paddling upstream to the what is that what is that change what is that transition that needs to take place to get from this from the struggle to the no paddle free canoe and is it just you know sit back and and you know wish it all to be better and well there’s some of that I think you have to be clear on on what you want and and clear on what you don’t want but and then and this is maybe my mom and dad talking here the two different sides my you know my mom very happy-go-lucky and allow and my dad you know work hard work hard work hard and III definitely have both of them in me because I don’t I don’t believe in just you know wish it to be true and it will one day magically fall in your lap I think wish it to be true work hard don’t give up and it will magically fall in your lap and I think there’s a lot of people out there who aren’t willing to do the work whatever that work may be it doesn’t mean you know slaving away in the in the coal mine it might mean changing a perspective in your life it might mean allow it might be taking up a new like leg meditation a reading or writing or something or just something that’s going to change that path a little bit so your trajectory is altered if you’re sort of of the fate type where your trajectory is no it is what it is and there’s no changing it well then growth mindset or fixed mindset this is all fixed and I can’t do anything about it or is it growth mindset and well this is what I know now but I just those other things I don’t know them yet and so okay it’s gonna take me some time to learn so I’m going to learn but if it’s a tough one it’s a fine line there’s a fine balance between sort of you know wishing and and doing and and dreaming and acting and acting like doing and it’s a IIIi don’t I yeah I don’t have the perfect answer there because I’m not sure there is a perfect answer be perfectly clear do this and everything will be fine so that’s where members that hard work and failure comes in and the ability to to keep going and keep wanting you just cut you’ve got to want it bad enough to to make it happen let’s stay here for one second because I think well I think we’re in a space where we’re going to uncover some things or at least that’s how I see it right now so okay you you had the monthly experiment right and then you know all these years later you have all this work behind you but at some point you sat back and there’s hard work right but then there’s also inspired work like if you sat back and allow then you’re allowing maybe additional insights to come in and they’re kind of I don’t want to keep I don’t want to lead you but I’m just the real um trying to present it this way is because you’ve been an author of self-help book books children’s books paranormal books where you could have taken one one of those three lanes and pretty much been linear but what has been your process to cover a gamut of subject matter so I think one of the most exciting benefits of habit formation is the unknown so your your plant you did the cold showers so you I I don’t even know what the goal is at that but let’s say you have a goal is to I don’t know that you know that better align your your a blood flow I have no idea making this up that is one okay okay good who could get so but what I think is so fun about having a goal starting it slogging through it and getting to the to the end of it is what happens along the way and that’s another one that’s sort of hard to put in the you know so to speak sales brochure here the sales brochure they’re changing your you know achieving a dream so along the way there is possibly going to be something like crazy unknown that you can’t didn’t expect at all and that’s gonna happen people signing up you’re like wait what can happen unknown what but for me so back to me and my writing I was writing a very beginning I was writing I was just I was scraping for anything I could dig up but heard a lot of technical stuff I wrote a lot of like really boring sort of marketing writing that I’m sure nobody cared about I didn’t even care about it but as I kept slogging away and I kept you know building that muscle and exercising that muscle of you know creativity and writing and getting from my brain to the page.i that was got in shape and so then it’s just everything became easier and so for me the the nonfiction stuff like my my personal development book my every single day book from me that was that’s my well you know I’ve already been talking about my mom and dad so much that’s more my dad’s side then okay nonfiction it’s very it’s the my book is very structured it has like sections and some chapters and it’s all very organized and that was it was s I loved doing it it was great but a long way sometimes some mornings I would just let I said I got to write something today and I would just let my creative mind just go and this often started I’ve also sent my dad passed away I started a meditation practice which is also daily and it is as important it’s not more important than my writing practice we can talk about happy to talk anything about meditation but meditation for me is also it’s digging into the creative well and so often my ideal morning its wake up early you’re like really early ideally like 4:30 meditate for a half hour an hour if I’m feeling crazy and then go right and during that meditation it is it’s sometimes I just get the wildest most clear idea and it’s not necessarily wild I mean there might be business ideas but they’re just I get such clarity from that meditation so what has happened with with nonfiction personal development guy here write books and I started writing I just started letting the creative juices flow and I would just go nuts and just go off on some story and that’s where sort of the the paranormal came in because what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to align my non-fiction books with and because part of my my theory is that the possible is so much closer than you think you think it’s this far away scary thing but you know if you could just see it’s almost like your aura it’s so close to you you just can’t see it you need like you got the wrong glasses on or you don’t have the right you know earphones you you can’t see it and hear it but I it’s there and so for me that is what my fiction became my fiction was to stand like wow it’s all right here I just need to sort of convert it and put it into a story Wow and that’s a lot what I think of my non-fiction books it’s all it’s so close we’re we’re in it too we live in it we just can’t see it or feel it because maybe we’re not in the right mindset or we’re not allowing it to exist so for me the big transition from nonfiction to fiction was part of that habit process because I was in such good shape writing shape and creative shaping and allowing the shape and hey I’ve got to do this every day anyway shape then the fiction just started flowing and the fiction I mean that was like cotton candy that was just like addiction that was just crazy fun and I just the stories just poured out of me and you couldn’t stop me I just I just had to go I had to do more I had to do more and it was just it was like an addiction but addiction to something fun and legal and that but it would not have come about had I not been slogging through the day-to-day and this is again back to my the unexpected expecting the unexpected and just allowing it to come and you don’t know what it’s going to be and for me part of my unexpected has been fiction writing and right now I mean I I actually my current state of my writing is I am I am at the beginning of three different series is and and I don’t know what’s I don’t know what’s going to go down but it’s it’s just a bounty of joy for me because any of them is fine and I would love to so I my current thinking as of today is I’m actually going to write the first book in each series put them out there and see then and see which one gets the most traction or which one people can resonate most with and see and see what’s where I should go even though I know I’ll go down all three packs but didn’t leave which one I should go down first and so that’s been sort of the joy the again that side benefit that side effect but positive side effect of forcing it in the beginning but sticking with it and being open to seeing what happens about let’s talk about cheating for a second so or using a cheat code if you will because you even part of your writing process is writing with your kids and if you write with your kids they don’t have the filter that adults have and oh what did this person think they’re pretty much pure positive energy so what’s it like writing other kids so in the very beginning I thought that they should actually write they should you know pen to paper or on the computer and that was awful a terrible idea it was awful and so ok ok let’s change this up a little bit let’s let you come up with the story ideas and all put down the actual words that somebody will actually read but so one of my future books is called something like how to write a book with your kids and why you should because this process of doing a creative project together with my kids was again sort of this unexpected side benefit I mean I all I would all I really wanted to do was have a fun project with my kid it might we might as well have you know built a dog house that would have been fun too but for me writer guy that I had I am I said oh let’s tell the story together and so we did it and I they it was so many times when they said oh oh do we have to work on this stupid book thing again I don’t want you and then but I even I hate in the head like he’s totally underhanded tricks to try to get them in the mood I would be at some lunch with some other friends there and I would go after the friends now it’s hate you know Johnny in Chapter four of our current book we’re working on this happens and then this happens what do you think would happen next and Johnny was all over it Johnny’s life is the greatest lunch ever and he would just go off on whatever he thought would happen next and then my kids would get jealous of course that I’m talking with Johnny about their book then they would finally get into it and then there it would work on it see I’ll do anything and in this stuff and then like my one of my son too is supposed to be the illustrator and he just didn’t do it he didn’t even work and so when it came time to I’m literally putting the names like you know typing in the names of the the creators of the book on the Amazon and he said well aren’t you gonna put me a jealous traitor and you mean for the illustrations you never did I mean there are so many learning experiences along the way well no I’m not gonna put you there you didn’t actually don’t have any illustrations for the book this book is no longer an illustrated book he basically didn’t do your job so no you don’t get credit for it and then we did things like I was I was trying to teach him economics along the way you know marketing and economics should they say how many books have have you sold today dad I say I don’t know how many friends did you tell about her black oh and says you have any good marketing ideas and he said I know I know we’ll we’ll get we’ll take a camera and we’ll and will force people to see what a great book it is like okay that’s a great idea except it’s illegal and called extortion talk about the legal aspects of the things sorry what’s the legal stuff too so we just had so many experiences it’s definitely not all positive are you getting a project I’m working on deadlines working together not doing part of your job how to make money who can actually buy this thing it was really interesting I mean there’s so many aspects of the book that are you don’t think about especially if you’re doing all yourself and I think they really learned a lot about it and it took my big the clincher was when my oldest who was already becoming much of like a you know puberty teenager he’s walking with his buddies and I’m behind him a little bit but I can kind of hear him and he I hear him say like super nonchalant like yeah I got a book on Amazon and I’m behind my cracking up because he’s the one he’s like stupid burger and when we work on the stupid good morning barri is bragging to his friends that he’s got a book on Amazon like she did work he’s proud of it so it was I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to have a project together with their kids but I also highly recommend in fact I will write this book and I want to make sort of a worksheet or even have I mean science of mine would say when is the weekend workshop sign me up I will pay whatever you want and I thought oh maybe this is a thing maybe people actually would like this but I would have I would have some rules you know don’t make it a big long book shoot for finishing don’t don’t look you’re not looking to win literary prizes and just have fun but get it done I would highly recommend do getting things done I just want to get the project done I don’t care it’s terrible I want it to be done if you look back one of the biggest things I look back today today I just did the final edits on we did the audiobook version of this that very first book and and my kids each boy had their own chapter that they won there was one different chapter where they wrote their own story there totally their own stuff I mean one of them is flawless farting and aliens and so and they then when it came time to record the audio book they recorded it I got that microphone and they got a read and we did 27 retakes and we finally got it done but I got rejected for technical reasons you know head well you guys probably know about this stuff you know decibels between you know 27 dB – I don’t even know it yeah yeah so I did I didn’t get it all right and of course me on my kid like yelling into the microphone it’s all wrong but I finally got it cleaned up and then I’m talking with the audiobook company and they said yeah chapter 8 is really you know loud like yeah that would be my son up together maybe we could probably work on it but I said but I can’t really cord it his voice is so sweet back then that we like a you know teenager in such a sweet little boy sweet little voice suggest today I’m uploading the files because I finally figured out how to detect you know decibel configuration stuff and and actually I’m gonna continue i’m going to continue with the books with the boys we’ve had a bit of a break with all the move but it’s too good of a thing to pass up and I kind of promised myself that I would do it until they’re 18 and that’s why I want to adapt the book to their lives you know no it’s not going to be the cutesy little kid is gonna do the neighborhood anymore okay well what do they like what what’s the story they’d like to read you know what is it is about video games and no girls okay let’s write that you don’t want to be a part of it okay well tell me you tell me your story tell me a story about your day and wall just I’ll write it for you well okay well maybe I’ll be a little involved so it’s been good it’s been hard for sure but I mean many things in life that are good and we’re hard yeah I reminds me other phrase of one of the things I wouldn’t change for the world yeah yeah and I think that’s the other paradox because as adults you know we’re trying to figure out algorithms been like you said decibel levels on YouTube and the top YouTube channels are usually children unboxing like Barbies and whatnot Wow I’m talking Barbies that’s not my world ever two boys kids talk about unicorns not me I gotta have some kids for our podcast my mom will be happy like hey finally having kids now Wow nice oh you visited we’re almost at the top of the hour and you have so many different directions that you’re going as a summation like what are the immediate what are the immediate output that you have that you’re currently working on that the people will want to know more about so they can keep an eye out for so I the series I’m most excited about is the so I’ve sort of mixed things together and the one the series I’m excited about is the character’s name is Charlie Holliday and Holliday is not just plucked out of the sky as you guys would know having heard my story of it he’s very he’s very light very happy-go-lucky but he is he was just given a little bit more magical powers or sensory powers that he didn’t he didn’t used to believe in and he’s sort of at the phase of why I’m just a normal guy why would what am I going to do with these powers and what and know is it going to take time out of my day and I don’t have time for this stuff anyway but basically he’s asking is there more to life than this and the answer is of course yes but the exciting part is that it doesn’t need to be now the trip to the moon the aliens invading at the end of the planet it’s just it’s so close and so reachable and accessible for us and so his life is going to be is going to change dramatically but I want to make it accessible for the reader I want the reader to think wow first of all is that possible but then the second question is is that possible for me so I want to lay that out there and of course my answer should the answer should be yes or both is that possible yes is it possible for me yes so I don’t want to I’m not a huge fan of just total fantasy books where it’s just you know anything is you know all the planets are colliding and I’m gonna build a spaceship and you know go over there and there’s some new alien no it’s more it’s real world with a twinge of magic and that magic that’s close enough to be believable or close to believable because that’s a lot about my non-fiction book about it’s about every single day I mean people don’t get it it’s so full when they get it there they jump for joy but it’s so simple it’s not always easy but it’s so simple everyday do you think every day towards your passion your your your dream or whatever it is take some action every day towards it and you will get there and so that’s my Charlie holiday character he’s you know what it is it’s a bit of the fictional story of my nonfiction world because I can reach more people through story then I can’t do nonfiction not everybody’s gonna buy a personal development book but if I have a fictional story that’s like fun and light and funny and they’re gonna learn something along the way and learn what possibly might happen in their lives if they do this miss which is not that hard then Wow I mean just think of the potential of that and you know what the beauty is the beauty is that it this seems maybe totally weird coming from from a writer but I’m more interested in letting people know how nearby joy and happiness are in their lives they just need to see it they just need to allow it to come in and it’s really not that hard but you do have to make some effort and it’s actually quite simple so that’s the series I’m excited about charlie holiday and and I’ll do the kids books and who knows what’ll happen with those I’m dealing with three teenagers it’s pretty wild pretty well all right so that’s what I’m excited about and I actually I hear one more quick thing I’m also working on every single day kids and taking me every single day model because I’ve got I’ve had such wonderful reviews from people about how it’s changed their lives it’s allowed them to go after the dream and it’s just it’s beyond what I ever could have imagined as far as feedback and then I go home and my son says I’m gonna study for the math test on Sunday night and we’re gonna cram testers on Monday and and and I’m thinking your dad wrote the book called every single day and you’re going to cram for your math test and I want to tell him if you get into short-term memory long-term memory I want to tell him if we just do 10 minutes a day for the whole week it’s gonna be easier it’s gonna be less painful you’re gonna learn it and more in your long-term memory which is going to be better for the final exam at the end of the year and you’re gonna know you’re going to know and understand the content better you’re going to get a better grade in this one and you’re gonna get better grade on your final I want you guess what you actually learned the content it’s not just like a memorization and so but this is like an impossible task for me I’m gonna write this book they say write the book you’d like to read well I’d like to read my every single day book that helps with the kids so I’m gonna write it myself and I’m already doing research I’m interviewing kids by the way if there’s any kids out there who have had success with habit formation or any kind of habitual learning that has helped you go from you’re a to be I’d love to hear from you and they tell your story of success in my book so that’s it I’m working on so many things I’m having fun with it all those are the main things like it it’s so for those that want to find out about getting in touch with you or getting you additional information on their their their secret cheat sheets what’s your social social media and other content where they can reach it so I am a this is awful and I’m a cobbler who you know wears no shoes I have my to the professional author website which is myname calm which is Bradley Charbonneau calm PR ad C har Bo and n EA you calm and now you see why that’s hard because nobody can spell it okay so that I do exist there and that’s my sort of professional world and I have my books and I have going on about but my Funland is past the sour cream calm which is where I write every day and that’s where you can find you can find all my books and everything and I’ll link to the other ones so if you remember past the sour cream and it’s a totally oddball story about how that domain name came up but you know what I’m into oddball stories I used to work for a branding agency and story if you had a backstory for your name it didn’t matter what the name was if you have a backstory I think people are going to remember it in the past the sour cream it came about on our world trip and where we hadn’t had I hadn’t had a potato in months all it was this rice and noodles in Asia and I and that my my choice was if I could have a choice between the Great Wall of China or a baked potato past the sour cream and total oddball story and typical typical Bradlee thinking that’s a perfect domain name nobody will understand it but it’ll sink in and I went with it and stuck with it I would have got I would have gotten voted down by all the board members but hey I don’t have board members that’s my fun land online love it love it Bradley it was a pleasure he had just been in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies of practice this is Hamza and I’m David and Bradley it was a pleasure let’s stay in touch for future episodes Bradley Charbonneau folks would love it thank you guys so much for having me it’s been a joy of an hour with you guys yeah thank you enjoy the rest your day thank you you too all right bye-bye [Music] Wow