The Real Exorcist – New Japanese Spiritual Film with a Message for the Living

The Real Exorcist – New Japanese Spiritual Film with a Message for the Living


Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, everybody out there in podcast land. You are tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homie’s perspective. This is Hamza and I’m really excited about speaking with our guest today. He is the producer, Executive Vice President of, of Happy Society. Happy Science Productions, and he has the movie The Real Exorcist that is coming out in August 21. It’s a spiritual movie. I actually had advanced copy of it and really enjoyed it, so can’t wait for it to get some national acclaim. It has actually been ranked number one for five consecutive weeks in Japan and our guests decided not to be stingy and just give it to the Japanese audience. So we’re actually going to have some filming here in Atlanta. And without further ado, like the welcome Yoshi used to be to the podcast welcome Yoshi. Okay, thanks so much for having me on the show today. Thank you for,


or should I say Konnichiwa?


Konnichiwa Konnichiwa. Everybody?


Well, yes, thanks for making the podcast. And I am really excited about seeing the movie. I won’t give away too many of the storyline because I think everyone should see it on the first part. But I the first question I did want to ask you is it’s called the real Exorcist. And people that are going to listen to this and do their Google searches or whatever search they’re going to find TV series in 2008 called the real exorcise so I wanted to know how you got around competing TV series. And then of course here in the States, we had the exorcist in the 70s. So what how did you come to or how were you able to get around well, Don’t just give them a movie. Oh, yeah. For the real Exorcist the TV series I actually didn’t know about it. I know about the movie called The Exorcist. So yeah, if you compare the movies for the exorcist, and a horror movie, this one is actually rated PG 13. So it’s not a B PG is 13 in Serie R. So it’s a real horror movie. So when people hear the word Exorcist automatically, they think, oh, must be a horror. Very scary.


He has I think you you see the movie has


that. Thank you for watching the movie, by the way if disobey What?


I think there’s a little bit of a horror touch. And yes, but very small. Now. It’s more of like a Japanese supernatural fantasy thriller. That’s what I call it. And the biggest difference between the regular horror movie and this movie is that is that just the fact that as scary as hell But, you know, the the main main mission of horror movies here people, right?


So when they go see the movies because they get scared


and that’s the excitement. So if you’re getting on a roller coaster is excitement throughout the half hours and at the end of the day, you don’t really get something out of them will be but you just get like a refreshing moment or


some kind of you know that


that moment that you enjoy the entertainment.


But this movie is called the real Exorcist because


it is actually based on the true events or true fat texture base as you call.


The executive produces real hawkers real experience


and effect is based on the story he wrote. So I think you see the movie it’s not just about you know, the ghost, you know, exercising the ghosts, but there is more depth to it. There’s Something you can learn is something you can take away. That would be helpful for your life. And it’s actually the movie of, you know, the hope you feel hope in the womb and the light for this movie. So it’s really opposite of what the horror movies are. So that’s how absolutely, yeah, absolutely. And, and we can dive into the movie, but I do want to back up for a second. Because just looking over your bio, it seems like you would be a perfect person to be a part of this project. You were born in Japan, you but you grew up in Lebanon in New York City. And it is rare in Japanese culture to have Japanese and Christian influence. And you were also influenced by the Muslim culture while living in Lebanon. Yeah. So you’re covering so many bases. That I think that You’re probably more open to the subject matter. And was that the case to even be a part of this movie? Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. So, yeah, like you explained to me I was,


I was exposed to so many different cultures,


just living in New York City in New York is


just been a melting pot of the world. So you get to meet all the same kinds of people and all the same, you know, religious and cultural backgrounds. And even after that, I traveled maybe over 30 countries, you know, because I was in IT company for a long time. And I travel around the world, basically, everywhere.


So I’ve seen many, many


different things. And since I was a child, I was raised as a very dedicated Christian and Christian family,


which is very rare for Japanese family, but


I always had this faith thing in myself and I always wondered like what you know why we here Where are we going? Where do we come from? Are these the crazy questions I had when I was a kid? So something like this is kind of natural,


or like, I think I really enjoy it because


I’m a seeker. I guess that’s everybody else’s.


Yes. Yeah, absolutely. It’s just on paper, it seems like this, you would never would have met this world in, in the case that you’ve been in it. Usually it is very actual, you know, facts. Give me the numbers. Right. So were you able to let’s talk a little bit about what you did you were an executive marketing, senior management working in a company. Yeah. So I was working in basically a lot of supervisory, you know, the big companies, Japanese subsidiary, so I was stationed in Japan, but traveling back and forth, you know, around the world.


And I was like a marketing guy.


So I wasn’t too techie. That kind of help. So I really enjoy Because it’s something that is similar because the software I was selling software he was selling software and selling marketing software is we have to sell and and you know, market the things that people can’t really see it. You know what I mean? The software, you can’t really see it, but you can have to explain


to them how great it is.


So it wasn’t like the feeling of PC hardware. Liquid sim software is much different. The different tactics, they have to take an approach. So I really, really enjoy presenting those kinds of things.


It’s why I presenting the idea


in what do you can, you know, how


great things can become


by using this software. So he was presenting, you know, the great thing about this thing, rather than what it actually is. So I really enjoy that. It’s really conceptual, you know, marketing so I learned a lot from it company, actually. Absolutely. And when you market software as mentioned, you can’t see it. And in some cases, it’s called vaporware, because you’re selling something people can’t see. And I don’t think I’m giving anything away with the real Exorcist when I say this, but you actually can see through the veil. And I think that is something that is not usually seen here in the stakes. As if we were talking at the top of the hour, we even have any word of Exorcist or any association to is just fear. And there isn’t really a huge spiritual background to it. So you’re actually marrying your it selling something you can’t see


with this.


Yes, yes, yes. Yeah. But it’s always great to, to try to explain to people what you can not see, but he actually exists, or it might exist. He could exist. Right people that really have to believe it because we can’t really say hey, this thing exists but you can see just like I don’t know when we broke you know and breathe breathe in a breeze blows right


across his face and


he feel it, but we can never see the wind,


right? Same thing as love to love is flowing everywhere but you cannot say the same thing is the negative energy which is more towards moving in a topic between negative energy and positive energy. You cannot really see it but it actually exists. Right? So, yeah, those are the things I’m really interested in the power of attraction and


you know, only kind of static that.


You know, the timing is perfect that the movie is coming out as I miss Yeah, August 21. I don’t know if you know or not. Today, I’m going to do a timestamp. So Today is July 29. And I believe tomorrow The secret is coming out the actual Hollywood movie is coming out tomorrow. So, there, it seems like you know, this year we’ve gone through a lot, but there’s a chamber, if you will, of the spiritual movement to get that awareness out there. Yeah, yeah. I mean, yeah, I mean, when we made this movie, we never thought this is gonna, you know, this 2020 was gonna be like this. Nobody even imagined but, you know, I guess sometimes I wish, like, when I wake up in the morning, I wish I could just say, Oh my god, everything was this big, bad dream and like, the fact was, oh, you can never wake up from the dream because it’s that dream. Again, everything Life is like a dream to begin with, but still profitable. But so, you know, we just have to accept, you know, where we are today. And it’s, it’s not fortunate, but for this movie, I’m really happy that we have something, this kind of movie to show to the world because it can become, you know, the hope and the There’s a, there’s a lot of messages that we can tie in to, to what’s really happening to us in our in the world today. It’s a lot of things and lessons that we need to learn from all the experiences of being going to six months, eight months, two months. So far. Yeah. So could you give a framework of the real Exorcist? It’s about a waitress, but could you send that up for sure. So there’s a girl, her name is Yuri. She’s a girl in 20s, right, young girl. She was a normal. She’s working at the cafe as a cocktail waitress, but she has a secret. And her secret is that she has the supernatural power. She can speak and talk to the ghosts and spirits and she can read people’s mind the read the past, and she also have this very powerful supernatural ritual power to expel all these evil spirits. So happens is that she has the little tiny absolute free consultation at the cafe. So we you know, they will find the cafe, you know, they say, I have this problem just go in, and this beautiful young innocent girl skyrizi hi welcome everybody can be surprising about things and to find out you know,


issues the person is having


potential So to solve these


issues a spiritual you know, phenomenon issue is like short stories combined together. So it’s kind of fun to watch through and also every story has a very, very deep meaning and something we can learn from. So just the you example, there is a topic on suicide, miscarriage Poltergeist phenomena, and also big barrel with the devil. You know, I mean, I love you too much away but these are the conflicts that the shoe will be solving so easy to learn together in a series of movies to solve Didn’t make so much fun to watch it.


Absolutely. And


she is a coffee shop What’s the name of the coffee shop and why did they name the coffee shop that name.


That coffee shop name is


extra, extra because coffee extra


because it’s a it’s a


fine fine coffee, coffee voice shop. So this extra brand they have a special coffee blend called extra brand. And it kind of ties up to the setting of the movie where the coffee shop is a place for people to gather and it’s easy to walk in and out. And also that’s, that’s where everything starts. Everything is. So if you think it’s the focal point of the movie is the coverage.


We said that which is kind of nice.


To short the name of the brand the coffee It tastes like him and why they taste like nothing and what I thought was interesting maybe I missed that part I thought extra was short for extra cysts or exorcism it seems like they’re the owners are open to it and and help me out with it because I know in Japanese culture you’re probably I mean you could help me out with the generalization but they’re more open to spiritual matters. And you know, their daughter in the in the family kind of see through veils too. And they were just like, either when they were trying to like tell her it’s rude to say it out loud, but she’s a little kid doesn’t know. But I guess it was showing that she can see so you’re a that ultimately it’s okay. And I know in the states with other people that we’ve interviewed they had to seeing through the veil when they became older, but when they were when they saw when they were children, their parents usually frowned on it and said, you know, right believe and hopefully it’ll go away. So it seems like there’s a continuous or continual relationship with the seen and unseen in Japanese in Japan. Is that true? I don’t know. That’s a good question because no Japanese actually be honest, I have a feeling that maybe the people in the US or the country’s might have even more spirituality than today’s Japanese people. That doesn’t mean that my my view. So Japanese have, you know, the backbone of a Shinto Islam is necessary has always kind of evolved as well. She has the citizen penal clause, when she battles the evils theories, but so easily have this big, fat quick backbone of, you know, traditional Japanese Shinto religion. But not many people believe that, you know, too much in that kind of the field. So that’s a good question to ask. But again, that’s why we are throwing this movie out to the world as well. to hopefully, Bill, you know, we wake up and realize there’s more than what he can see.


And the question, I’m not sure


if Japan is more spiritual than the country? That’s a big question. No worries. I was just thinking about some friends of mine that are Indian. And in conversations, they were saying that, you know, the office, whatever is the opposite, always attractive. And so like from the 60s, we always, you know, when they had the 60s culture, they were interested in a lot of Eastern philosophies. And then it seems like you’re saying in Japan Now, therefore, During the US because the US seems more regular to spirituality. Yeah. It’s kind of interesting. Yeah. Yeah, it is.


Eastern philosophy is more,


I guess, Buddhism based and Western is Christian based. So those two different way of approaching God and Buddha, so this movie kind of


mixed everything up.


So there’s a lot of love in it, which is very Christian. And there’s a lot of dedication and you know, hopefully the soul that is more Buddhism, and also they live with shintoism spice over it as well. Because they cross. Yeah, for sure. And a lot of the messages it seems like I’ve been there, you are the executive vice president of happy science productions. And so, could you tell us a little bit about happy science and are they employing a lot of the teachings into The movie.


I see your question.


So the original story writer is real. Okay. Like I explained it before. And he is the founder of a group called Happy science. So I don’t know if you have any listeners have heard of happy science. Not many of them, probably not. But in Japan is the one of the largest or the most influential, influential spiritual movement today. And it’s huge activities there in Japan. So


the Hawker has established


have been signed in 1986. So it’s been more than 30 years since this establishment, and he’s been doing a lot of lectures around Japan. He actually went overseas, he’s been to New York as well. But he’s done over 3500 lectures in the past,


the user so and he published about


2017 The books or something like that.


So it’s always become busier in Japan, Japan’s bookstore. So history famous person as a spiritual master. And so, happy science is still active today. And it’s pretty small in unity us today, we have about maybe 1010 centers across the state, but spreading across over 100 countries. We are bigger than in like Asian countries, India and Brazil more than the Western countries.


So that’s basically back to science.




my company ages products for each production is a


branch out


of happy times. So


all the movies that have been science create, you know, we never really had the opportunity to bring this out to the world recently, so we established this company last year, and This is actually the second the third movie we’ve been pushing out to the world and


the content itself. Yeah,


he has a lot of


background of happy science,


philosophy for inequality, that way of teaching that way. And for it’s about giving love and how important it is for the gratitude and, you know, trying to explain some of the secret of the behind the scenes that’s happening the unseen truth about our life. Yeah, yeah, they should make some more battery science. Please see that. Yeah. Yeah, no, that’s fine. I probably want to hear a little bit more because I think the criticism is when something’s new. It could just be human nature as what happened to care friend in the movie and his girlfriend, right? So if it’s raining, you’re gonna rebel it. And so I know the the press locally are here in the States, they had a piece about happy science in March when when the virus first happened. And so they were like, well, who are these folks? And, you know, they were kind of digging in but from an outsider, so that’s why, you know, speaking with someone on the inside that could probably give a more objective output.


Hmm. I see. Well, happy Sciences


is always in contrast that you were happy sciences. I mean, I mean, we’ve had to plan for a while and I don’t know if everything just felt transparent. You know, we don’t


have the science doesn’t have anything.


We’re always open to any questions and there’s no secret in in our, in the activities we always open. All the the lectures that revoker talks about becomes a book and it’s actually in the bookstore. So Whoever wants to buy pick up and read it is their choice to do it. And as of now, of course, it’s always going to be a criticism. You know in anything there’s always this flip coin you know, the coin


course, forget coin me in financing


is always


two sides to everything. So,


people might say negative thing


or people will say positive things. So we just try to be open and honest. Take in what people say and listen to them.


But, you know, we just,


we just want to be bringing out the positive message to the world. So this movie if you watch the movie, I think other people would enjoy it very much and, and probably don’t even notice anything that is


unusual or interesting. 30 but


something that is, you know, they feel negative about it. I don’t know. Do you feel anything like that? No, no, not at all. And not at all. So that’s why I was I was just wondering, because I one, one thing was on the happy science site they they’re, they’re into different vibrations, so they have like different media that you can listen to that calms your system and what have you. And so, you know, that’s not mainstream, even here in the state. Just like it depends on the audience, who’s who that you’re talking to. So,




so for for having you’ve been in it since 2010. So that’s 10 years what what was laying out before what was like before and then what made you want to join? Oh, so I was I was, it feels you know, for a long time. I think I was explained to you before, and I’m seeing a lot of directing positioning in it and, and you know, I have very good life and I really enjoyed it. But I don’t know like Like I said, I was always a seeker, even though I was working for IT company, you know, I was reading the whole the whole course book, you know, you know, it was so much fun for me to read. So climate is first time I made this book was in 1988 up within a while when I just graduated high school and I was living in New York. And it’s my one of my friend gave me his book is called the laws of the sun. And I don’t know, you know, without any any filtering, I just read it in. It was in Japanese, but when I read it, I just felt like, like, a lot of things that was inside I just I just felt like I knew about it. You know, those those feelings you get, like, freedom. I think I’ve learned this somewhere. Before I know this. I know that I know that. I mean, so it was like a very, very interesting issue. Terrence told me, he was just graduated from high school. So yeah, I feel like well, this book is interesting. So after that I started reading.


The Real Exorcist - New Japanese Spiritual Film with a Message for the Living


But I’ve been always a


great fan of the whole first book, you know, for for many years,


and I just had this opportunity of,


you know, becoming a staff are designed to help help you find the website and marketing on it field and things like that,


which was my, my speciality I’ve been doing for


over 10 years. I thought, you know, maybe I can, it’s time for me to contribute to something else that is more than just for myself. But I thought that’d be a good chance, you know, the turning point for my life aside, started that and in about 10 years so now I’m


so I wanted to actually


A crazy life like you said, it’s like a dream. Sometimes when you look back at


it, yeah.


You look back at high school, like, if somebody told you in high school, you’d be instrumental in happy science, you probably would have looked at them, like, What are you talking about? Right? Yeah. But this is just one book this hit me.


Like, wow.


And then into thing is like when I was I was gonna say spiritual or I was very sensitive, sensitive to the vibration image when I was young. Now, I know if I go back to when I was, you know, when you’re young, you don’t even notice it.


So we knew back to back days, sometimes you realize,


and I was living in Lebanon, Lebanon, the route was like heaven right before the war started. 200 and heavenly placing too beautiful and I used to go to church on Sunday. He was right by the Mediterranean Sea by the rock and from the rock. You can see the ocean in a blue ocean blue sky. And every Sunday, my mccanns took me there. And when I was like,


three or five years old,


I felt this very warm light.


Talking to me, I, I remember that, you know, I never forget that moment where even I was in middle school, I always had that.


That was the only moment I really still remembered


in from Lebanon on experience. And when I read the book, right out, you know, in high school or si versus high school, I feel the same energy as I might spend for crazy but like, that’s when that’s, that’s when I that’s why I think I thought like I noticed, because I felt the same like when I was standing by church in labor law, and it is a connected me. You know, entire life is connected to me. From that moment when I was three, five years old to right after high school. Quick pagination, and it just linked. So that book was looking so meaningful to us. So instead, I’m telling you I think it’s thanks for sharing that story about your childhood in Beirut. The second time in a couple of weeks that I’ve heard this, so I was I was watching a comedy special with Russell Peters. And so Peter is no Indian comedian. He travels the world like you do. And so when he was talking about the audience was like, yeah, that’s like Vegas. But to the west where you know, we’re just turned off by it in how do you really want to bring it up is because I want to I think I know the answer. But why is it so important to travel globally? Oh, I mean, yeah, one one answer, your eyes, the perspective open. More things you see with your eyes and the way you feel and what you hear What you touch and what to eat, I love where they eat all the energy that you do in you know, from different culture that would just, that would just cultivate your soul more. So reading the book, you know, watching the movie does a great job, like watching a movie to you know, he will give you or reading the books or that we can give you that the reality is a fictional reality but you still feel that fiction is right. I think that’s why I’m so into movies, and music and things like that. But so is by experiencing different things with different eyes. Of course, it’s going to, it’s going to, it’s going to gain something for your soul. So as much as you can see with your eyes and travel with Wi Fi, I know it can be very difficult to even get on playing nowadays, but it’s different than just watching it on TV. They actually been there, I’m sure everybody has got the means but yeah, you know, be in touch with culture. So wherever I travel, even though if I’m in business, I always just go to, to the local stores, local supermarket, what kind of visible there is what kind of fish to eating, you know, because every country has so much different things and how they think and it’s so much fun to just observe it just being there. Absolutely. Thanks for sharing that. So I do want to go back with go back to the movie of the real interest, though, this year in 2020. This is the first time for a lot of people to actually be at home, you know, you’re not allowed to go out for the most part. So there’s a lot of psychological issues that will probably last for the next couple of years or generations ran as a negative result there is an uptick Going to increase a suicides and and in the real exercise they do cover that subject matter. And so Yuri she you know she has the capability in such that she always saw lower energies around people. Do you think that in 2020 there is greater negative energy around because they’re attracted to that fear and worry that people are carrying with them? Yeah have to say I have to say yeah. I mean Coronavirus is the worst thing this thing brought to us. I think he’s fear. Right? Because everything around fear, I think.


And so,


like for example, us there’s a lot of silver a lot of big, big, big numbers, who are, you know, getting infected the coroner. But in Japan, there’s only 100 per day. 200 per day is still very small. That’s too big. But the fear is so much bigger, where they, you know what I mean? Like, I don’t know. And of course, it’s always important you put the math from keep social distance, you know, trying to get as much as this as much as possible and be careful as much. But I think this fear is getting to us more than the actual virus. No, I think definitely. Yeah. And especially with that was the worst thing is happening now is that are they kermie is just have to stop. And, you know, economy is lifelike. And it’s live, it’s off topic from this movie, but the economy is our lifeline. So, if you cannot work and if you can get paid, you know me if the recession is going to be so bad, where, you know, some countries might not even you know, start to to operate anymore. If that’s how bad things can get, you know, in next year or two, we don’t know what’s going to happen. But I think that the effects of what Coronavirus is bringing to us is going to get even bigger as a result. So I’m very fearful about what’s gonna happen in the future in the next next year to come futures. Well, I think everybody else is everybody’s well, but we just don’t know how to, you know, deal with it. How quickly because there’s no solution at this point. But I think fear is the biggest enemy that we have. Right now. Right. And then in the movie when she was she didn’t even using the high school girls in the girl that had committed suicide. Yep. She didn’t know. I mean, you dealt with that subject matter that those earthbound spirits didn’t even know they had passed on. Right. So could you talk a little bit about What is an Earthbound spirit? And why do they choose to stick around? Sure, maybe we can talk about the wheel a little bit is the story storyline about the suicide part so people can get better standing. So what happens in this movie, you still want


one more episode but suicide.


There was a high school girl. She was bullied at school to SQL suicide. It was like he used to go. But now she’s, she’s an Earthbound spirit. In other words, either you believe it or not, it’s okay. If you believe in spirits that she don’t aspire to take it as an interesting story. But for us, it’s a real thing. So I’ll get to that as a real thing. But so when you when you die, you don’t disappear. You don’t go anywhere, but you can. You just couldn’t leave the body. You always can leave your body in your mind and who You are to exist. That’s the reality of his work. So, in other words, if you commit suicide because of a bully, or you cannot stay, you know, if you send even more so decide to commit suicide, but after you commit suicide, you, you, you, you wish or you, you think he just couldn’t disappear in all the pain and it’s going to go away. But actually, it doesn’t go away. It’s going to stay with you. And if you don’t know the truth about that, you don’t even know that you are already dead. So that’s what’s happening in the story. And there’s another girl who’s actually living world today. She she’s kind of hunted to, to this coveted suicide committed high school girl, because she had the same feeling that she wasn’t doing well in school exam and she was like, Oh my god, I’m not doing so well. Maybe I don’t know how to do it, I do I want to die, and then suicide go kind of, you know, do with Power BI traction and came close to this girl.


So that’s how the story unfolds.


But then what happens is Tyree


finds out all these things happening,


and to tell the girl who committed suicide,


that, you know, the life


doesn’t end here. And you know, you have eternal life. So did to understand it and she she said back to him and so that’s the story behind saying




Yeah, so,


you know, committing suicide. I know the person who are thinking of according suicide, if you are how, I mean,


that’s like, the person must be in such


a hardship and painful moment. Because if you’re not, you wouldn’t think about you know,


ending your life.


So we understand how difficult it is. But the same time, you have to think about, not just for yourself, but what’s going to happen to you,




you come after you and your life is gonna continue on. So maybe there’s something you can stop thinking.


Think about that and


think about what you can do to, you know, solve this issue. Or, you know, maybe there’s somebody can talk to


your mother, your father, your friend,


whoever, maybe talk to somebody, or think about what’s going to happen to the ones who are left behind a disease and maybe I don’t know, 1020 3040 people around you who love you, who’s going to have to go through this suffering, especially a family for the rest of their life, if they don’t know the truth, so you know, it’s going to help even for the family, who have


the kind of experience


by knowing The real truth hopefully, I know he will heal the wounds and they have that’s why we have this


whole section of suicide.


Isn’t that




Sure. Yes. Thanks for sharing and it seems like in that instance and some others that they could those individuals couldn’t distinguish if it were their thoughts or not. And when we were talking about attraction sometimes Earth earthbound spirits are like oh yeah, you feel just like me Come join me. misery loves misery loves company as they say. So, how can you determine Is there any way or any exercises that you can determine your seniority like I These are my thoughts and I want to repel negative energy, right, right.


So you have to,


you know, what is negative energy


and what is positive energy right. So negative Energy is something negative. So it could be a hatred, anger, fear, definitely negative, right? The worry, the know the things we worry or, or self denial and bad as well I’m never going to be good,


that kind of energy that’s negative


jealousy somebody This is one a big topic in this movie,


you know, that is another negativity.


So if you really think about it, you know, what is positive is musk negative is fully clear. You know, I think it’s pretty clear. Maybe there’s some something in the middle, it’s neutral, but it’s either


it’s positive or it’s negative. So


I don’t know. That’s where


you’re gonna. It’s always nice to have some kind of guideline like my guys, happy planning, the whole teaching. So that becomes my guideline. And I’m sure there’s a lot of different other other great you know, people who can guide Do to determine what is good and what is wrong what is called in what is negative. But at the end of the day, what is the movie is trying to tell? The biggest message is that sorry. So this is this is what was this what she said? She says, how to you know fight negative energy? Somebody asked her question.


And her answer is that


sugars Do you have to believe in God? First you have to believe in God. It could be Buddha, it could be the greatest universe, but we use the word God, you know, we’ll be dead. Always be grateful for the life you’ve been given. so grateful for the life in Canaan, because evil spirits, never to gratitude. So all they have is gravy. So after giving to this negativity, you need faith in gratitude. That’s the kind of key word she says. So I think the the faith in having faith and also the power of gratitude is very important. It’s like a basic basic image of love that, you know, not to take but the gift that other kids, it’s a Christian, basic teaching of giving love.




I think those two are the main points that you can learn from the movie is to have to find the negative energy by power of faith and, and power of gratitude or problems.


Love can


love can never be defeated. I don’t know evils can never defeat love or they’ll never be defeated. Hitler was the best it could. But


it’s a small strongest power in the world, I think.


Absolutely. The biggest message we went out to movie.


Yeah. And the other part to kind of


combine that is the setting was in the coffee. shop and what what I was actually thinking of was earlier in the podcast you mentioned, like everyone else on the planet, you know, in 2019, we never would have thought we’d be in this position today. Yeah. And as a result, a lot of people are drinking more. And so when you drink more than, you know, I was like there at a coffee shop, it’d be really interesting to see the negative energy beings around bars and nightclubs. And so when it was great that you mentioned that to be grateful for the life that you’re living, what would you say to that person that they may not even have a drinking problem but because of 2020 they may be drinking more than normal. How can they get around that? Now drinking i think is not prohibited prohibited thing. Me it’s good thing or you know, purely lack the body and feel kind of you know, he has a heating effect as well in the pool of points. But I don’t know. I think, like the middle way, I know it sounds cheesy, but, you know, I could talk to Teresa who’s drinking or guys that you have to run away. To the people in the bar is the kind of strange thing Who are you a Christian?


So like, I don’t know,


to the point, I think it’s always nice to, you know, enjoy those moments, you know, having fun with friends and together, enjoy the moment the lack of binge drinking there. But, you know, don’t go to the extreme. Anything that you’re doing in life is to try to not go too extreme, but that’s where self control and you know, always helping yourself making influence kind of self self help ideas. I’m saying but I don’t know that’s kind of difficult because every person is different so every person would need a different different comments and different ways of the words that would that would you know, attract them but in general


rankings okay, but


if you think you’re drinking too much, I don’t know maybe you need to save it and putting that time into something that is good constructive that is for that project for yourself but for others as well. Yes. Yeah,


sure. We’re not saying don’t drink so


I, I know another conversation that there are lower lower spirits, right. And then usually if someone’s drunk, they never remember what happened the night before. And it made me also think of walk ins. Are you familiar with the term walk and Yeah, well, yeah, I’m sure there’s contents You know, when you drink your Yeah, your rational mind will go away, you know. So it’s much, much easier for you to, to walk in and jump on, jump on and possess you, whatever the words you want to use. So, of course, you have to remember anything because it’s not really used as doing whatever you’re doing. So when you wake up in the morning, you have no idea what you did, just because somebody else was doing it.


Right. That’s kind of


I won’t say it’s a common thing, but it’s a common story, right? Even if it’s true, or maybe it’s a fantasy. Sunday Night is very common nowadays, I think to talk about it




So you have to do something middle way is important.


Don’t Don’t let your rational mind being taken away by something else. Always have a link have that. You know, common sense in you when you’re drinking. If you think You’re going to lose it. I don’t know, you need the power of your mind, say, Okay, this is that for me, I need to stop it. Right? If you can’t be just gonna keep going on and on. Then again, you know, every person is different. So some people weak, some people’s strength, strong connection, not many people have strong You know, so be able to send that


very much so,


Fisher in nowadays in decision staying home and nothing to do which to be it comes going down and you don’t know what’s going to happen to your job in two months are the worries and the beer and the alcohol cozy when you know the drinking? So that’s really understandable but I think this is where you really need to take yourself you know, this is it I am that I can


learn something, something else take over myself. So


keep that down. You know, stop


Yeah, he’s seen as painful.


Yeah, sure. Thanks for sharing that. And, and I was also thinking about like for movies, especially here in the States, there’s, you know, there’s the conflict, and then you overcome it, and then everybody rides off and goes down the rainbow at the end. And so if I put it in terms of 2020, it seemed as an outcome, it seemed like every other country had a good handle on. I mean, like you said, No one has the ultimate answer. But there’s been less occurrences more so than in the States. And then, in recent, I think it was yesterday or the day before, there’s been reports of numbers spiking up again across the world. And so how do you keep the How do you keep the self control in Gravity? Right, and we’re used to Oh, it’s gonna be over and a half an hour an hour, right? And we’re a year into it. How do you how do you keep the positive mind state Hmm, that’s difficult because I don’t know, I think it’s not going to end next week. I mean, tomorrow the enemy, it’s not going to end. And it’s frozen to continue for a while. And I don’t know how long it’s gonna continue on but I don’t know year two we never know right. But I mean these things, viruses test


can we have these kinds of things we’ll have


hundreds and hundreds of years and, and because we are so highly scientifically happy high technology in high Kino medicine, medicine technology, we will to create vaccine sooner than 300 years ago, of course. So this is something not uncommon if we have always experienced this in the past, to human human race. So we it by Right where it came back to us again. But I think, from what I’m looking at it you can either look at really negatively and positively. If you look at very negatively you can say, all the evil spirits are coming out from the hell and tables are taking over the world. That’s why this is happening. Maybe it’s true, maybe not, but I don’t have you know, how I would like to look at it is like, maybe God, okay. Or something good is, is doing this intentionally because this is something that we missing as human beings. That’s how I’m trying to look at it. So what are we missing? No, I think we did too arrogant that we think we are like the creator of the universe. But yeah, God’s probably saying no, no, no, no. Somebody Okay, you guys. You know what happened to the gratitude. Have you been thanking You friend, you know your neighbors? Why are you guys fighting so much? You know, and not just in around the world, but within us is always fighting going on now it’s getting worse and worse and cause for the same, this is what I’m talking about what happened to Titanic, What changes is to thank you to the people next to you. Because if everybody said to say thank you to the next people next thing, you know, things like this will never happen.


So I think God’s


telling us, you know, this is something we need to learn is to, to go back to, you know, having faith again, go to faith, or being more for being too arrogant. You need the humbleness of, you know, taking care about the people and giving love and giving gratitude to the people, not just people but to also to the higher existence God. Can Buddha. So, you know, that’s how There’s a lesson that we need to learn


from the stage princes that we are going to.


That might take a little longer. But hopefully we all realize it. Sure, then that that is one other thing that I feel about the real Exorcist. So someone says, oh, it doesn’t apply to me. There are multiple stories in there that you can draw from. So it’s not like, like a compilation of stories. And it is coming to the state. So is it going going to be a national release or in select cities,


it’s going to be just selected cities.


For now, as a theater


is difficult, we’re still trying to figure out which services can be opened in which day.


It seems like it’s being delayed and delayed in


delay. Currently, we’re targeting August 21. For New York, Los Angeles, Orange County artists Cold Florida, Atlanta, Hawaii, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto and Brits like that. But we also coming out with VOD and DVD on September 1, which is a really early release of the Pico and again this could be almost like a same day series because we thought it’s very important to push this message out as much as possible not just in this limited release because only only handful people don’t watch this movie, but without for you the DVD to be more people who don’t watch this movie. So we’re hoping to combine the theater ladies in them. DVD and beauty together within this year. That’s it I saw it and subtitles are going to be in subtitles or is it going going to be dumped?


We have both. Yeah,


so most of the movie theaters Gonna do


up version I think, but


we have subtitles. So if you go VOD DVD, of course DVD has switch, you can either watch a filter to dog version. And that version actually came up really, really well we were happy with the outcome. So people who just not too familiar or not too fond of reading the subtitle


and listening to Japanese


and kind of get confusing, you can just go with the depth version. But if you want to feel like the original energy, original culture, cultural


feel you can go with subtitles now.


Both are pretty good. I think.


I definitely agree. definitely agree. So Yoshi again, Arigato. Yes, and the name of the movie is the real Exorcist. Is there any websites social media where Start with your


website is www dot


real Exorcist real Texas shows website is linked to the Instagram and Facebook and post almost every day now now Instagram so she interested please follow up follow us in Instagram and Facebook as well. We can give you the information. Awesome. Well you have just been tuned to a another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective. This is Hamza Yossi It was a pleasure. Please stay in touch with your future movies as well. Jeff, thank you so much for having me today. appreciate very much. All right.

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