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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivation so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land you are intend to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I am David and today is a blast from the past we actually spoke with this guest about a year ago and today just based off before we had gotten on we were talking about we were trying to get together for Halloween because we wanted to talk about paranormal things that usually happen after the veil gets lifted around Hallows Eve and we’re happy to have her on today because I still think it’s apropos we hear more and more about family members that have transitioned or people that we may have have relationships with and during the holidays especially you know Thanksgiving just past Christmas is right around the corner you know the ghost of Christmas past and all that good stuff so I think we’re going to have a really good show today and with that we are bringing on the Ghost Whisperer dr. Suzan chumsky welcome to the podcast Susan oh I’m so glad to be here with you today yeah absolutely so I was thinking Susan that for uh you know as you we were talking before that you know people pass all the time but it seems like right after Halloween you know you get into the holiday season and it seems like there’s more against more contact if you will with those on the other side of the veil and wanted to talk a little bit about that with you because without knowing I think some people are scared about the subject matter and there’s nothing really to be scared about would you agree I agree this absolutely thing to fear when it comes to paranormal experiences when it comes to the other side when it comes to communication with beings on the other side anything having to do with ghosts and spirits and especially this holiday season this most spiritual time of the year there’s nothing to fear say that in the after the fall and winter you know that’s when we’re going through the seasonal changes of slowing down and during that time it’s usually the time of reflection you’re looking at the end of the year how was the previous year and because you are not necessarily slowing down but the fact that you are taking a moment out to be reflective your your your communication antenna is slightly higher where you can pick up information I think so people become more self reflective during the holidays people consider their lives they take their lives a little more seriously maybe think about making some changes in their lives and also for some people it can be a very lonely time especially if they’re not with their loved ones so it’s a time when we go with in shall we say we go we may even go very deep within into meditation or something like that and the other thing based on my understanding is no one will contact you if you don’t want to be contacted so they’re more so looking for any type of sign that you’re open to communication unless it was something where it was emergency where you fear for your life or something there may be some type of interference what’s your take on actual communication that if people aren’t familiar with the subject matter well yeah I mean if you’re communicating with for example loved ones on the other side yeah they may try to make contact with you if you’re dealing with malevolent entities they may even be more forceful or bully bully ish but in fact divine beings we’ll never communicate with anyone unless they are requested to your loved ones they may try to get your attentions maybe giving you some kind of a sign perhaps a smell or a sound or something like that that you’ll notice and recognize so that can happen Susan can just for listen what’s the definition of a ghost what exactly is it ghost yeah a ghost is really the soul of the person that that continues after death so a ghost is is your subtle body so we say we have this gross physical body but then you also have several other layers of subtle bodies that that you inhabit and in this incarnation then when your physical body drops off the subtle body continues for example your mind which is your mental body that continues your ego intellect body that continues so you continue to inhabit these subtle bodies even though your gross physical body is no longer operating so really subjectively not a whole lot happens when you die I mean you still have the same mind you still can experience the same world through your senses and you’re still basically alive you people don’t think you are because their body is gone but your body is only one part of you the rest of you you may call it the ghost or you may call it spirit or whatever you want to call it but it is what’s left over after the body passes over I always kind of well not just want to stop just upon reading and whatnot where the ghosts are always those spirits that have you know transitioned on or people have died but they just like they don’t realize that they’re dead yet so they’re just kind of still hanging out as I recall yeah I bet you’re right I would call those earthbound spirits early bound spirits those are spirits who for one reason or another they did not go into the light after death I’m sure you’ve heard about the near-death experience and just about everybody who’s had the near-death experience they describe a beautiful brilliant light and then they go into that light and they have some kind of conversation with a divine being and various things happen as possible they might have a life review and other things take place but there are some beings some spirits some Souls shall we say who do not go into the light for various reasons and so they get stuck or stranded in what we might call limbo or the astral world so those I knows as earthbound spirits now along the lines of earthbound spirits Susan there’s a growing community online where there is a school of thought of not following the light when you transition there’s a with that line of thinking that is if you follow that light you’re not so much doomed but you are certain to reincarnate and if you don’t go to the light and go to the left so to speak then you can break your your karmic cycle if you will are you familiar with any of that I’m familiar with the concept of not reincarnating or reincarnating and the pathway for the average individual is to go into the light and then have a life review meet some divine beings who help you to design your next incarnation and then at some point you reincarnate now no one is going to reincarnate unless they still have issues and still they have they still have what’s called samskaras sanskaras are the impressions that lead to seeds of desire samskaara is actually literally mean seeds of desire and the seeds of desire is what makes you reincarnate whether you go this way or that way you still get there reincarnate as you go left right up or down you’re still going to reincarnate and unless you are spiritually enlightened before you die before you die you have to become spiritually enlightened in order for this to be your last incarnation you can’t just make a decision oh now I’m dead now I’m not going to reincarnate it doesn’t work like that I’m sorry to have to inform you folks let’s let’s data for a second let’s have some fun with it Susan if you don’t mind so right because once we leave the third dimension there’s no such thing as and so their stories of let’s say people that were evil beings and a life you know and when they transition are like oh my goodness I see not the instance of a spiritual key I left my key so where I got to go back and get it and so they’re more apt to want to incarnate immediately versus someone that you know may have had a fulfilling life and they transition and they said yeah you know I still have seeds of desire but I’m not going to incarnate for some time period is there a scorecard that we can kind of look at or consider to say hey I want to reincarnate immediately or you know what I’ll wait a couple of hundred or a thousand years ok well that’s an interesting question so the thing is that when you pass over you still have these seeds of desire and that’s what makes you reincarnate as far as the length of time that it takes you to reincarnate the the beings who take the longest to reincarnate are those who don’t go into the light people who are stuck or stranded in the astral world they can be stuck there for hundreds even thousands of years they can haunt a house or haunt a place haunted theater haunt their on to person haunt their loved ones they can continue to hang around for a very very very long time the ones who go into the light who not most people average you know almost everybody goes into the light they’re a reincarnation takes place according to natural course of events and and also the desire of their soul their souls desire their heart’s desire but like I said those who get stuck who didn’t go into the light those are the ones who gives can get stuck for a very long time you bring a really good point I was thinking about a I know that you’re listed as a resource on James Van Praagh site and I believe is one of his other books where they had run into a sea captain or something and he thought he was still trying to save the ship and over 200 years had passed so it totally speaks to what you’re saying as far as being stuck in limbo right I mean yeah I think of a The Sixth Sense for example the movie The Sixth Sense where the guy didn’t even know he was dead he’s wandering about on the earth as though he were alive wondering why nobody’s answering his a certain one who talks to them but still you know continuing to just hang around and this can happen and especially if you’ve had a traumatic death like the sea captain or whatever could be continuing to try to save the ship for hundreds of years and then then maybe somebody comes along and says hey time for you to go into the light and then just speak lovingly to that being and and and tell them that they’re filled and surrounded with divine love and divine light and help them to move on and go go into the light okay so that’s what I was going to ask that was yes how do those stuck spirits eventually you know get to the point where they you know finally go into light so they get us some kind of assistance right I’m not on their own that they realize they need to go into the light if they pray if they think of God then the light will appear and they can go into the light if they don’t then they won’t and unless somebody comes along to try and help them and I think a way for people to to really relate to this is that show called Ghost Whisperer where Jennifer Love Hewitt played a character who actually helped Souls to move on into the light that was her main thing she was a Ghostbuster you know she helped the spirits to move on into the light yeah I mean I know the show’s called Ghost Whisperer but she was basically Ghostbuster she helped them to move into the light yeah and I know so a group that back in the 80s they did a pilgrimage to the to Egypt and the pyramids and stuff and they were telling me that when they got into some of these certain areas where they had you know they had the teens and stuff they could see some of the spirits still hanging out the mummified bodies and it’s like they’ve just been there that whole time and you know as spiritual healers and readers and whatnot they would just simply say hello to them as a spirit and say you know if you want you could you could just go ahead and move on and they said they just would like Wow okay and they would just take off and they’re like it was that that was all they needed was just someone to kind of acknowledge them and say hey you know you can you can move on if you want you don’t have to be hanging out here yeah that’s right very true and Rangeley of those tombs kind of kept him stuck there because along with the king or whoever it was they were buried with all these accoutrements and since all their possessions were there that kind of possessed they were possessed by their possessions they continued to hang on and hang on and hang on because there they were and all their luxury and their gold and all these things and so they didn’t move on well isn’t it more so not a I mean isn’t it like a human condition I mean they wanted to make Egypt great if you can say that yes yeah I mean any gypped was great it was a great civilization and it’s you know everyone says that when they get older like oh man you don’t you guys don’t remember the good old days or you know that’s what I was doing kind of a tongue-in-cheek like Oh merica was great once upon a time and we want to go back to that period at some level we are you know we can look at oh that was Egypt but I mean it’s apropos today yeah it’s yeah it’s part of it’s just human nature it’s just the way human beings are they look fondly at times when they maybe it wasn’t as great as their vision of it is but certainly I have to say that the 20th century was not the greatest century there was 71 million people killed in world war ii and 41 million people killed in World War one so I’d say that yeah a little better now it was in the 20th century bloodbath so I wouldn’t really think that of those is a good old days let me ask you something along those lines isn’t the best example that I that I can think of right now is over Seoul 7 by Jane Roberts and in the book you know the person who there are multiple stories are intertwined but the overall premise was you know like you said it was a bloodbath in the 20th century and I wanted to I was build my turnit and carnate again and since there’s no time on the other end the other dimensions that if we were linear you’re thinking I’m going to reincarnate maybe in the 21st or 22nd century will some spirits will reincarnating but they were incarnated and like the 16th or 15 or 14th centuries saying that you know since it’s all since we’re all connected that there’s no such thing as linear time and everything’s happening at the same time well that’s an interesting concept I thought you know who knows I’m going to maybe scientist could answer that better than me but I I don’t really see people reincarnating going back in time but it’s an interesting idea I think it’s a it’s a fascinating thing to think about absolutely absolutely and are you familiar what on the other side of that question is what’s his name he channels Bashar and David Anka and he is channeling his future self 300 years in the future so he may be incarnated 300 years in the future and he’s tapping into that energy to bring back information today anything is possible we love it so if you watch if you referenced the Ghost Whisperer and are you watching any current TV shows that have similar themes I’m loving this the show loving 2 shows right now God friended me that’s a good one is real cute God Frank this is about a guy who gives text from God text messages of God to go and help people save people and another one that I like right now it’s called manifest which is not people who listen to inner voices and get messages and those messages help people so the reason I like these is because they’re very similar to my life my life my life is hearing messages from God and then acting upon messages that I get so I can definitely relate to those characters in those shows what that show manifest and yeah it’s a good show Oh David you’re not caught up I wanted to actually get into it and if you haven’t seen them I’m gonna do a lot of spoiler alerts okay but before we get into that I do have to do like a tongue-in-cheek thing because we talked about god friended me we’re like it’s God friended you on Facebook and as my little who 16 says only old people are on Facebook so yeah it always changes at first I would say Instagram but then they’re like no mr. Davis you got they don’t want they won’t tell us because once the older people get on then it’s not cool anymore [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] but I do I won’t give too many spoiler alerts and David had seen and all but I’m assuming that you’ve seen the winter finale the other night for manifest uh last night I listened I watched it um yeah wash it on the computer but I watched last night it was at the finale I don’t know yeah yeah yeah I thought it was good okay perfect so I’m not going to go in the details but as it relates to this this conversation with ghosts that five years has passed and people have moved on and you may not have and so you’re kind of stuck in that limbo and you want things to go back to the way they were but people have moved on it’s it’s really a challenge so I’m glad that you know even as a subject matter that they bring it up in the show yeah that is interesting yeah that is it’s a fascinating show it kind of reminds me of lost show lost on if you watch that I’m familiar with it I know with another cult classic yeah I sure hope this one’s better than lost oh yes Michael lost but I didn’t like the end because it was like oh yeah well that’s what I thought 25 seasons ago why did you have to have so many seasons for me to come to the same conclusion well you know what so I’m gonna I have to tell you this woman so alright you’re not watching American Horror Story no I don’t want you I don’t usually see stuff like that No okay good I wanted to bring it up because right now there’s there’s been in the media somewhat of a public outcry because they’re saying this is the first time since the late 60s early 70s that you have so many shows that are talking about paranormal but it’s more malevolent spirit so you know demon worship or what-have-you and there’s a lot of interpretations about demons and spirits anyway but you know you’re having a lot of shows that are centered around that and just that you haven’t seen it or don’t plan to see it was like at the ending people were kind of sadly we did all this for the show this is the first episode that can be a little disappointing if the writers haven’t really sought out the whole thing you know if there’s a sort of writing as they go along it doesn’t always necessarily end well in the 20th but from that aspect I do want to play devil pit devil’s advocate I want to play devil’s advocate because at the end since you don’t plan to watch it the it was you know the traditional battle good against evil got a versus eight into what have you and then they they kill Satan at the end and then the witches that that kind of saved that the planet wanted to go back to lay when things were great they want to make America great again like you know and then so she was stuck there she was in limbo because none of her friends died and all that so she was in a blissful place and then in if you were going linearly in 2020 2030 or something like that it wasn’t the same devil but it was the same energy so they were kind of talking about polarities you know good versus bad and people that were unfamiliar they were just upset on Twitter and all like man just ruined like eight weeks I didn’t need to watch the show you know maybe we shall never get back of my life right exactly so I’m bringing it up because I wanted to talk about this podcast that I really like it’s called family ghost are you familiar with that podcast it’s a really cool podcast on iTunes and what they do is they talk about your family lineage and I bring it up because it’s holiday season and a good friend of mine she’s older and her friends her family were in for Thanksgiving and she wind up giving away a lot of the pictures that were really important to her because she felt that no one in their immediate environment didn’t you know they don’t have it they don’t associate any importance to those photos and so and family goes it’s kind of the same deal where you have these family stories that are hidden or buried and their subject matter that people really don’t want to talk about but then you have these rascally kids the grandkids or you know nieces and nephews that come pulling all that stuff up and so you know the older folks don’t really want to talk about it and I bring it up because it seems like some level where your ancestors are getting maybe a peace of mind or they’re connecting with the younger generations through that it’s kind of like you’re keeping yourself alive through the family by bringing them up and talking about them and I wanted to get your take on lineage from an ancestor point of view yeah well you know human beings are very they hold on they’re very clingy they hold on to the past and they don’t want to let go and also I mean this is the reason why people have kids and how grandkids they want to create immortality for themselves when they don’t realize that there is a way that they are in fact already immortal first of all everyone is immortal no one dies ever and secondly they there’s that fear of death and the fear of death is often the impetus for people to breed and to have kids grandkids and continue their lineage if they don’t want to die they don’t want to be erased and you know the ultimate fear Humanity is the fear of death so people are trying to perpetuate themselves one way or another and the usual way is to have kids have grandkids and all that but the reality is we are immortal and in fact when you are talking about people that controversial site where people are saying go to the left don’t come to light and all that kind stuff I mean yes there is there is a way for human human beings to realize their true self to realize who they really are and thereby never incarnate again but most people they’re rare that people want that is very rare number of people who want to actually for this to be their last life so they don’t even think about they don’t even aspire to that it’s very rare for a human being to aspire to that but it is possible for human beings to reach that goal that goal of spiritual awakening spiritual enlightenment whereby they can choose to reincarnate or not and most and basically don’t reincarnate if they don’t want to so it is possible but you have to be enlightened in or you have to know who you really are you have to be on that different state of consciousness at different level of consciousness in order to have that choices in the first place and then that different level of consciousness they kind of in as my understanding they incarnate anyway in that not that they incarnate but they’re helping people through the through a realm of being like a spirit guide or what have you and when you have communication with them they may say oh I either I didn’t incarnated all in the third dimension or I did it but it was thousands of years ago and you know I don’t have any desire to to incarnate again in the flesh yeah I mean there are various choices the soul can make once they reach virtual enlightenment is possible for them to become an ascended master it’s possible for them to assist humanity as possible for them to to just live in the celestial world and never have any association with the third dimension at all and it’s entirely possible for them to just be of service in various ways but it’s also possible to just dissolve dissolve into the absolute into such chit Ananda into absolute bliss consciousness and in that case there’s nothing left of you you did you have just you have merged with unity you’ve merged with that oneness that wholeness that bliss consciousness absolutely and you had talked about the fear of death and for those that have for some that have gone through a near-death experience they actually face that fear and in many respects they come back with that sixth sense and they have greater communication than a layman would what’s your experience how did you become a medium and did you have to go and face your fear death in order to access that consciousness I actually did have a near-death experience but I don’t remember any of it and I don’t know if it has any relationship to my wanting to study and become spiritually awakened but everything that I have done in my life all the clairvoyant clairsentient clairaudient abilities that I have I learned I actually studied and learned and developed so I developed step by step I’m not one of these people who was psychic at birth or who became you know suddenly what got struck by lightning now I’m psychic I never had anything I actually learned step by step and because I learned step by step I can teach step by step I can teach others how to develop their super sensory abilities and also I can help people to listen to that inner voice and also to experience higher states of consciousness because I learned it I can teach it and and I teach most of it through my books I mean you can learn just about everything that I have to teach you can learn by reading my books I have fourteen books in print so if you want to learn how to develop your psychic abilities if you want to learn how to become spiritually awakened and enlightened it’s all there it’s all laid out in my books this isn’t can you talk a little bit about I mean I want to know personally for you what is your when you astral travel do you usually recall your experiences when you’re on the astral and how can someone what can someone do to you know we call those experiences because most people like I remember my dreams that are let you know just little bits and pieces if that well if you want to be good at remembering your dreams then you should have a pad of paper next to your bed and before you really get very wide awake immediately grab that pad of paper and just jot down whatever you remember from your dreams and the other thing you can do about your dreams if you want to remember is right before you go to bed just pray to remember your dreams or pray for a specific kind of dream you can say spirit please give me a dream that will help me solve this particular problem or give me a dream that will give me insight about this particular subject if you ask and you pray then you can you can actually channel your awareness in such a way that you might may have dreams that will solve that problem it you’ll get what you asked for regarding astral traveling I don’t do that I don’t recommend it it’s not a safe practice and and you don’t need it you don’t need to astral travel in order to experience subtle realms spiritual realms all you need to do is just open your third eye and learn how to how to tap into other realms it just is not safe to do astral traveling how do mmm why is your nothing because you’re leaving your body if you’re actually astral traveling you’re no longer in your body you’re actually traveling around in places that you should probably not even be in especially if you’re traveling around the astral plane that is not safe and leaving your body behind is not a good idea unless somebody’s actually guarding you when making sure that making sure that you’re not going to get into trouble good when you go to bed and you leave your body isn’t is that a form of asshole traveling or as a difference it can be but mostly it’s just dreaming but sometimes you may leave your body and wandering around in dream state but that is completely safe it’s safe to do that and it’s a perfectly natural thing to do okay sorry you’re also saying Susan that it’s not safe to go to the big city like you might pick up hitchhikers uh well yeah the trouble is if you’re if you are flying around out out of your body is much easier for hitchhikers to climb into your body because you’re not guarding it you’re elsewhere so something else can move into your body and you don’t want that to happen is this more so the case could take over your body while you’re while you’re wandering about in the asteroid right it is that where you’re saying earlier we were talking about earthbound spirits and they’re stuck here and they may not know that they are dead but there are some that know they are and they’re actually hitchhikers just waiting for you to go out and after exactly absolutely there are malevolent beings who want to take over the bodies of human beings so the best way let’s just say because you see I see this in I’m sure you do too and your day to day comings and goings that there are a lot of people that are getting into this this sphere of consciousness and there’s so much information that they can access now you know just feet electronically so on social media or what-have-you and so they’re picking up pieces here and pieces there aren’t aren’t they in some ways making themselves vulnerable because they don’t have a foundation where they are unknown unwittingly picking up hitchhikers I hit the nail on the head there yeah if you open up here or energy field if you open up your aura indiscriminately and let anyone or anything jump in you are asking for a lot of trouble and people do that they can get they can get possessed and get oppressed I I went through all of that by the way when I was young and naive and didn’t know how to close off my aura and yeah I got possessed and it’s not fun definitely not fun to be possessed he definitely opened up Pandora’s box they’re a few and I want to ask you that I do I mean I’ll be inquiring minds want to know because when it happens it’s is it like where people are thinking it’s just big scary event and now I’m taking over or in many cases I would believe that that malevolent spirits coming in as its not representing itself that way it’s representing itself as oh you’re channeling a higher B and they’re telling you what you want to hear where you’re opening yourself up even more yeah those are what I call the faker spirits and those are really very manipulative and and they they’re really deadly because they pretend to be something that they’re not I got possessed when I got possessed they weren’t it wasn’t beings that were really trying to be malevolent or anything I just got they were just in pain and they wanted to use a body or they didn’t know what they were doing and they were confused and all kinds of things but um yeah the really scary ones are the ones that you’re describing yes because it’s so easy for people to be deceived to these mediums and psychics they think oh this is some kind of high being when it’s not yeah again duped so what’s a good way Susan to make that distinction between a faker spirit and your actual spirit guide that’s trying to talk to you yeah use my 10 test system I have a 10 test system that you can test as to whether the message is your getting from the spiritual world or from the astral world or from your wishful thinking or from your mind or where the hexose messages are coming from so use my 10 test system which is in my books such as awaken your divine intuition and divine revelation and also I do have the 10 test in the book awaken your third eye as well so those are the main books that I have that teach the tests now are your books in linear order as well or would you is it okay to pick one or do you have to read is it a prerequisite to read the first one before you get to the final one no no there’s no prerequisites each book stands alone by itself and they’re all really great they’re great books so season for those who don’t know you spent like 20 years in India right I spent 22 years in an ashram it wasn’t in India I was acting it for part of the time I you know I spent quite a number of times I’ve been to India and the first time I went there I stayed for six months but most of the see I was for six years on Maharishi Mahesh showed these personal staff that was in Europe okay and also I spent another decade in Fairfield Iowa which is another ashram that my guru had Maharishi Mahesh Yogi so I was in various hot rods but they weren’t necessarily India okay so in those 20 years of being involved in the ashrams what impressed upon you the most would say the first of all number one is the spiritual experiences of deep meditation that were very profound and that that brought me into the higher states of consciousness and secondly the man who inspired me which was Maharishi whom I lived with was who I was on his staff for six years and that was an amazing experience to be around this enlightened being who was very enigmatic but also a great inspiration is he still alive today no he died in 2008 2008 okay do you know how old he was he was 90 when he died Wow long life all right yeah do you speak with him in the spirit I have spoken to him a few times in the spirit because I wrote this book Maharishi and me seeking enlightenment with the beetles guru and because of I because the fact that I wrote that book I did have a couple questions I wanted to ask him about the book and in fact yeah so I did communicate with him a bit and also I did have a profound experience before I left Fairfield Iowa right before I left of him visiting me and communicating with me so yeah I have communicated with him a little bit that’s great the other thing I wanted to ask I wanted to go back a second on possession because we’ve had a over this past year we’ve had a number of podcasts where we we’ve had guests on talking about varying levels of opioid addiction and addictions overall and I remember when I started when I had got into the intrinsic motivation space that I stopped going to bars and clubs because they were lower energies there and your we were talking about possession and faker spirits are you seeing that there’s an increase of activity in that realm because people aren’t they don’t have their their regular scruples or foundations around them because they’re because they are dealing with addiction well yeah I mean the trouble with drugs is that it opens you up to the lower astral realm or it opens you up which just basically opens you up and if you don’t have discernment and if you’re not spiritually connected then it opens the doorway to entities possessing you oppressing you screwing with you messing you up and you know I mean it’s bad enough to be addicted but now you have these entities that are that are taking over your body in mind I mean it’s really a bad situation so I would I really a very anti-drug anybody that is thinking of taking any drug please don’t please just stay clean this is not the way for you to get over your problems this is not an escape this is not going to help you this is not going to make you less sensitive it’ll actually even make you more sensitive so just don’t do it in and the other side of that is there are retreats to Peru where people are doing ayahuasca to help them overcome addiction but isn’t that in some cases there are people that are Pro ayahuasca and con because there’s an over reliant on something outside of yourself and I want to get your position on that yeah I do not recommend that anyone take ayahuasca or any other drug ayahuasca is just DMT that’s what it is made of dimethyl what every college I Sai Natha trip to me it’s just another psychedelic drug don’t do it don’t take it nice so no I thought I mean it’s great I figured you had an opinion on it and you know that’s coming it spits you do have different pockets and at least in the corporate world where they’re accessing some of these like ayahuasca or LSD for for accessing greater intelligence that will help them on their job and so you know some of these things are gateways we’re sounding like Nancy Reagan again but you know they’re starting out and it seems light and innocent and then that’s kind of a road to addiction is so bright just say no to drugs I mean listen I’m sounding like the Reagan’s to just say no don’t do it and I’m wondering um I actually have to get going I think I had thought this is been going to be about a half-hour conversation and I’m going to miss dinner if I don’t go right now actually unfortunately they only serving dinner here till 8 o’clock they say and 7:45 right now so yeah I think I’m going to have to get going well on that note that’s oh that’s fine we love talking to you and getting people ready for the holiday spirit in closing before you head out if you can leave a link to your site and where people can pick up your book in upcoming speaking engagements yeah absolutely so my site is dr. Susan or RG dr. Susan dot o-r-g and then I have another site Devine travels comm di VI n e TR AV e LS comm so I’ve got travels and tours conferences on the sea I’ve got online books so dr. Susan DRG Devine travels calm and yeah check it out and I suggest you get the books on Amazon it’s a lot less expensive and it takes a lot less time to get fantastic well you’ve just been in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective this is Hamza and I’m David Happy Holidays T dr. Susan some ski let’s stay in touch thank you and happy Holidays to you and I’d love to come back have a wonderful evening you too bye for now thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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