TruthSeekah: Esoteric – Spiritual Hip Hop Artist

TruthSeekah: Esoteric – Spiritual Hip Hop Artist
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good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land you are in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is hamza and today we actually have our homie guest who is a fellow musician he’s in the in the hip hop game i have to give a salutation to him as well he’s in the podcast game as well we’re on 1:15 and he is over 200 so we’re gonna keep drinking milk so we can catch up to him and he’s right up our alley talks everything with regards to hip hop with spirituality and being your best self and living your best life you’ve interviewed and guests such as jordan maxwell and others a wonderful channel if you get a chance to definitely check them out without further ado like to welcome truth seeker to the podcast welcome hey guys thanks for having me yeah absolutely thanks for being here and to those listening tonight when I post this happy Eve to the laziest day tomorrow in the United States so everyone out there happy March Madness go Gators and all that good stuff before we get started are you in the sports game the true Sica I like to I like to shoot basketball but um as far as keeping up with a lot of it I don’t anymore I used to when I was younger you know okay I don’t I try to roll tide oh are you an Alabama okay alright we don’t usually hear that after January so that’s where kind of threw me for a loop yeah yeah no worries no worries well let’s go ahead and get started so to think of one thing that I wanted to talk to you about it and we can cover the whole gamut but a of spiritual hip hop and hip hop as a whole I think that for my homies perspective we I always like looking at what somebody’s foundation was what got them into the genre what type of music they listen to now has it changed so on and so forth so I like for you to talk a little bit about yourself but then I want to spend some time to go over your hip-hop acumen yeah definitely as far as influences are concerned I grew up listening to everything from early gangster rap and then and kind of got into like okay No Limit Records and stuff like that huge No Limit fan as a teenager and then listening to heavy metal as well so listening to Metallica Nirvana getting a little bit heavier into corn and Marilyn Manson and stuff like that so I was influenced by all that stuff and I think it’s like an eclectic style that I bring because I still try to use a lot of that stuff in my music and so the kind of the influences from genres that people in the USA in the hip-hop game heaven listen to Marilyn Manson in depth or cold chamber or some some of the different rock bands and so some of the different techniques and stuff that they would do I was influenced by and I just had a kind of chant blend them together a little bit there end up forming this unique style that I have not I love that and so you know that actually echoes to the origin of hip-hop because you know the sampled pretty much every genre you know I think we’re a little older than you but in the 70s and 80s they’re say there was no hip-hop so right so you were sampling all the different genres because at that time radio stations played everything they didn’t just play one type of music so you had influence with disco rock-and-roll punk rock you know from where the Beastie Boys come from so it’s good that you’re keeping that tradition with the mashups oh yeah nice it’s just a ok eclectic you know it’s just outside the box want to do something different too you know yeah what said so the other good thing is that the what a bad thing that happened I want to say was the mid 80s is that they started compartmentalizing hip hop and that hip-hop was it had to be a certain way and so if you weren’t gangster at one point you weren’t considered hip-hop or if you weren’t a backpacker you weren’t considered a hip-hop and so some of those others other groups that were playing like heavy metal or punk rock and what-have-you they were on the fringes and you know sometimes that’s a badge of honor but I think as time goes on you want more of our universal appeal what is what has your audience been like when you first started versus now well when I first started I was doing gospel rap so I started out doing doing music in the church so started out doing that so as far as the music’s changing it’s still about my spirituality as always been about my spiritual walk and stuff like that but I’ve never done actually like recording gangsta rap or anything like that even though it was like influenced by that stuff it was always like early on instead of like killing people we were killing the devil or killing demons or whatever right so when I started out back in like 2003 of doing music and released my first album –n o 6 you know she used to used to travel churches and perform at youth groups and travel doing that kind of stuff and as far as my spirituality as far as like that evolving the center lyrical content evolved this well stylistically I got better as an artist and this life experiences and everything and so it just opened up to where I am now from being and maybe a smaller bubble of like Christian music and only can rap about these couple of subjects now I can rap about you know everything within spirituality in general and I have all these other terms and all these other names and things like that that I can use so it’s definitely evolved over the years for me mmm the other fact is your year in hell are you originally from Alabama I’m actually from New Orleans so I but I’ve been here since like 2004 good so okay and reason why I’m asking I’m originally from New Jersey David’s from cardinally from California and there’s greater latitude as far expression so that could be from lifestyle that could be from socialization overall versus the Bible Belt and so I was just wondering when you start out with gospel rap oh yeah he’s great for Jesus second bid and then some of the other stuff when you go to your site they’re like well this doesn’t sound like Jesus record mark yes open your third eye and line up the chakras and stuff like that yeah oh man it was hard it was really hard transitioning over like very hard actually because I was like a prominent member I was a Christian evangelist and I churches would have me out and you know I was kind of a big name locally in the Christian realm or whatever and I had a lot of people under me I raised up a lot of gospel artists and evangelists and sent them out kind of doing the same thing as well and so when I started having those other encounters and my personal life and spiritual walk and you know finding some other texts that I was getting into and stuff like that and then sorry to have experiences and you know just to be honest it’s kind of put that stuff in my music and it was slowly but surely but even like to start with I was still using the Bible and Christian terms and things like that and I’m still trying to play it safe a little bit you know but eventually is this like it was you know say it was it’s pretty hard um because it you know have all this this whole world man this whole realm of people that embrace you and you looked up to you essentially and now they don’t want nothing to do with you and they’re warning their kids and people to stay away from you because you’re you know into you don’t you in devil worship or whatever they want to call it you know anything that has to do with magic or the occult or chakras or meditation or yoga or anything like that because I am in the Bible Belt and it’s really crazy there’s a church on every corner you know yeah so let me ask you to see come so has your spirituality is that something you’ve been in a Leah where your the entire life or did you at some point have an experience that tipped you off into that direction like for example some people have like a near-death experience when that puts them off into a spiritual path they start you know investigating and checking that out and that which leads to one thing another to another so how I look for you that’s pretty much it man I can you know go back and kind of comb over my life and and see those those near-death experiences and those paranormal experiences you know but um you know for me it actually like um saying the first one I had was when I was a little kid I was like four years old and I remember it just being pinned down to my bed by those shadow beings those those entities in the middle of the night so having something like that happened to me at a young age I wanted answers growing up asking friends and cousins Haag Oliver had this happen and at parties and sleepovers and people looking at you kind of crazy but then somebody’s like yeah I’ve heard of those those are actually called witches and they’re here to help you they’re angels said I bad you know you hear all this different lore and stuff about that but it lit a fire within me from an early age from you don’t I’m saying so that kind of drew me into you know horror movies and science fiction and stuff and eventually into a cult you know books and things like that getting into the Satanic Bible in his hand get my hands on really and so yeah like because I was on a path and seeking those type of encounters and wanting answers hence the name true seeker you know so I you know started having you know different encounters that when I was a kid and then having other paranormal experiences with shadow beans and elementals and stuff and getting involved in that and so it I can pretty much come back and from like each supernatural encounter that really changed me you know it lit something within me to know that there was something real on the other side and it really just kind of drew me in yeah I’m also thinking with New Orleans you do have a safer environment to actually kind of explore some of that I mean there’s a lot of history there and when you talk about witches or you talk about Salem I know that part of the we caught when they were escaping Salem in the the trials and tribulations a lot of them headed to New Orleans so there’s a lot of ancestral energy in New Orleans were you able to or do you still reach out to your comrades in New Orleans that can give you or give you a safer place or space to be yourself really you know in New Orleans represents to me like the dark times of my my life i mean i was a-sayin misguided team getting into this stuff too early on so we would go to New Orleans you know not to drink not to party we will go as teenagers to go to the witchcraft shops on Bourbon Street Marie Laveau’s yesteryears these different stores that they have all down there with all they got altars in there and just tons of books and wands and all types of crazy stuff so we would travel to New Orleans to go there but how we would actually steal books out of there and uh and stuff so we would steal stuff from it so I was into a lot of dark stuff man and so when I was into that kind of stuff I mean at like getting in over my head with the occult and witchcraft and making pacts with entities unknowingly and I ended up getting possessed man demonically possessed and had it had to start going to church I needed prayer and got my girlfriend having to pray for me we ended up going into phone books calling all these churches asking you know for a pastor to pray with me because I was just being pulled in and out of trances during the day I couldn’t control it seeing spirits and entities that colors and shapes would pull me in and out of trances and try to talk to me but they wasn’t speaking English and it was just more than I can handle as a teenager opening up portals to the other side and so I needed prayer and eventually we call it all these churches and one pastor called me back and ended up coming to the house to play with me and started picking this up bringing this back and forth to church and so that was in a September of 2000 that uh you know that whole experience happened but I was in over my head so that was kind of like my transition from like I’m saying the negative side of spirituality or Satanism occultism whatever I can get my really to more of a positive side and it started off in the church and that’s when I became the gospel rapper and minister you know in verses to I am today that whole journey I’m glad you actually highlighted that because one I didn’t want to laugh but if you go to steal you don’t steal from us like except because you don’t know where I go see the energy that’s associated with pillowcases but the only thing that Bond’s up and everything to their sign that says you know that spirits are attached all their belongings we’ve done rituals so don’t think you’re gonna get away they have signs letting you know you know the whole the whole thing with me that really you know stuck out was I had a friend of mine who was like a mentor years ago and he was a warlock and he was a lot older than us and he would teach us different rituals and and you know teach us about the occult and stuff and I stole something from him and he was so powerful within his craft like he was able to summon an elemental spirit that actually manifested in the physical realm to get his belongings back and I kind of haunted us for I don’t know much maybe even years later and yeah that was a mistake stealing from a warlock as well so yeah you definitely don’t want to mess with people who deal with those type of arts you know it’s people off anyway yeah I don’t want to laugh but it’s it’s you know you learned your lesson so I think that’s the important part but the reason why I asked that question and reason why I wanted to stay here for a second is you know once upon a time you had to either go to this like a shop or find a school or like I’ve had training David David’s head training and the difference is today you can kind of go on YouTube and get some hints and such and then people are just getting themselves in so much trouble just because they don’t have a foundation so initially they may kind of say yeah I’m going to steal this book I’m going to watch this 20 minute YouTube video and I’m going to start doing this and then they just get themselves in a whole world of trouble yep yeah that’s exactly what happened I started doing all of them just because I knew the other side was real like I had enough experiences to know that evil demons are real spirits are real you know that something is over there then if I got good enough like that warlock then I could actually summon a physical entity you know what I’m saying to have a protection spell of my belongings or whatever I wanted to get like that and they started doing all of these different rituals like back-to-back I don’t even care like if one did work I’d do the next one and I’d lay on the bed and do these different chants and rituals trying to open up my mind just for something to come through and then ladies almost like a portal opened up and they all came through at one time and it was way too much to handle so Dave you want to talk a little bit about you may be psychic or crazy you hurry well that that was you might be psyched o´clock crazy was a kind of a it was a lecture that a teacher way back in the day used to do least call you might be psychic not crazy because people would be experiencing all kinds of things that they couldn’t explain and Mike were general population might failure that person is crazy but really it was a spiritual problem that they were having and because of his clairvoyant abilities he could see that and so he was able to help a lot of people that you know the doctors and others weren’t able to help because he recognized that spiritual problem so he could you know put them back into the body kick all those spirits out and then he would teach them how to be senior in the body be senior trouble there’s spirits so they can have their space back so he would tie he titled the lectures you might be psychic not crazy and those are back in that like 70s and 80s when he was doing these lectures yeah yeah that’s it I mean that’s a huge inspiration about what I’m doing with the podcast you know of me going through that those experience of needing somebody to talk to then not having everyone you know and I would call in the podcast I’d listen to interviews like this one and I will try to call in and I would just listen to hours and hours just trying to make sense of what was going on you know in the in the gym set in the whole realm of the spirit or whatever and so that’s kind of what motivates me what they’re saying the whole scrutiny and ridicule that I got from the church and all that it’s all been worth it because I’ve been able to help people who they’ve kind of combed over or kind of looked over you don’t understand as far as being a little bit out there or you know schizophrenic or whatever it’s a it’s really hard though because I get a lot of those people been and I say to myself like I might like you don’t saying all the messages in my inbox are hard to a lot of them are hard to fathom you know because there’s this people this all over the place and want to come on the podcast and they’re the greatest miracle worker of them all and they were ready for an audience and I’m like you know it’s you get a lot of weirdos and people who want to meet you in the astral realms tonight when we go to sleep or said it they’ve been trying to visit you at night and in the spirit and you get you really do get a lot of people who are you know mentally ill and it’s a it’s a fine line there though and it’s really hard to call it all the time cuz it’s like I make it’s kind of you know you got to kind of laugh at some of this stuff sometimes it is serious though but it’s like what if these people are telling the truth you know I get people hitting me up saying that they are you know the Archangel Michael reincarnated and they are Jesus or Thomas from the Bible all of these weird grandiose ideas or whatever one lady tells me she’s my mother from a past life and I was I was like I don’t I don’t think you are she’s like you don’t believe me you always stubborn in in the past life Derek and I’m here to guide you I’m look I I’m sorry I don’t I just don’t believe it you gotta have to like prove it or something she’s like Derek you know you don’t have to make fun of me so if I’m sorry and she said something okay mom I’m sorry you know what if we get to the other side you know what if we get to the other side and we see God face to face and it’s like you know we at you we talked over sale you know I sent the Archangel Michael to you and you turn you turned him away I sent your mother the guide you you sent her away you know you’re having all these people it gets it gets overwhelming man it really does and I’ll try to make sense out of it um it’s hard it really is I don’t know how I really don’t know how it’s overwhelming if I was to try to get to the bottom of every one of these people and stuff you know but uh I don’t know gob had to deal with a lot of that at all but it gets when you when your name gets out there definitely gets overwhelming one thing that I think about it and David you share your two cents but you know that that was some of the the training that we got as far as like protection and just keeping certain energies out of your space because like you’re saying the the dark is attracted to the light and so once you start doing something and in third dimension there’s a lot of I mean there’s nothing but contrast so if you were someone that wasn’t like that anymore and you want to change and then you know all that’s kind of showing up at one time so there’s ways that you can actually control some of you can’t control all of it right because we don’t eat that control of ego but there are some ways that you can kind of limit all types of highway energy and just make it like a one lane highway for you you can slow some of it damn I’m pretty good as far as that balance in my own energies and having my own encounters and making sure everything is good but it’s usually like it’s like the other people like the energies that they have you know I’m saying and and them coming through and China you know they’re they’re you know looking for somebody to talk to and then they hear somebody talking about DNA activation and third eye and they’re into that and they try to you know I don’t know I’ve got it suck it could be dangerous to man we’ve had to go like um put out restraining orders on people and stuff like that like that’s one woman was hitting me up and calling me and said that I was the god Odin reincarnated and she was supposed to be sent here to be my queen and and I’m happily married with a family and everything and uh yes you just like she’s contacting everybody on my friends list everybody who lives on my podcast and Wow really and she was like saying that my wife is you know on dangerous ground and God is gonna kill my wife and all kind of just crazy like okay yeah I don’t think I don’t it just got really weird man you know and uh you know I think I think it comes with the territory though you know I don’t think it’s nothing about me personally but I think that you can look up any of these uh anybody who has a platform especially talking about anything really when it comes to religion or spirituality because I dealt with these type of people in the churches as well so there’s like a breeding ground but they instead of all themselves so if they put God taught me this or you know God told me that or Jesus told me this you just told me you were my husband you know those how that stuff goes on in the churches to it it’s just like the spirit of spiritual spirituality or like really open it becomes a breeding ground for a lot of these different people to kind of find it acceptance or whatever you know I’m coming and I’m glad you made the distinction too so let me play devil’s advocate for a second so with with this space there’s a lot of of Oh shadow government and you know they’re the cult they’re keeping things from us now going through some of your experiences and obviously this isn’t the end of the road for either one of us that’s why we’re talking so we’re going to continue on this path but it’s also your experience do you think they have a point as to slowly releasing some of this information because when people are drinking from a firehose you get the experiences that you’re encountering um so just trying to see what you’re trying to say like like almost like targeted individuals or something like that is that kind of no I’m saying that oh did you hear what just happened and this is the this is the symbolism of this and that right and so they’re keeping this information from us I mean on some level there is some level control I’m not saying they don’t exist but I’m saying when people access the internet and they don’t have any foundation I mean look at the experiences you’re getting and others are like you are getting yeah I don’t I don’t know man it’s um I mean there’s a lot of stuff out there man there’s a lot of you know fear-based us there’s a lot of you know you need to have you need to have someone to show you how to do it you know in the whole thing with me I’ve always you kind of have to you know give the warnings and stuff like that because messing with this type of information can definitely be dangerous it’s all not like light and love you know but but at the same time you don’t want to stifle exploration in the spirit realm you know or tell people just to I’m saying stay away from it because someone so had bad luck you know with it and that’s what I was doing in the Christian realm don’t mess with candles don’t mess with incident don’t mess with meditation in that you’ll see those videos and those people who are saying that now on YouTube and they’ve had bad experiences with anything spiritual UFO paranormal or whatever you know what I’m saying so they just base everything off of those experience experiences so um in it it really does come down to the individual because just like that like I can any one of us could do a video about coming out of the church and how bad bad it was and pedophiles in the church and money scandals going on in the pastor sleeping around we could do videos on different you know saying doctrines and denominations and then someone else can go to church and have a beautiful encounter you know same thing with it with Kundalini Yoga you’re going to see videos people say they got possessed doing Kundalini Yoga other people say they’ve seen the face of God and found spiritual freedom doing Kundalini including in yoga so I think it’s just it’s different for the individual like it really is it comes down to saying you having your own encounters and your own experiences that’s why I just wanted to play though I agree with you I just wanted to play devil’s advocate there because there is some point of contention with letting all that out and sometimes I mean everyone can’t drink out we look at our you know the secrets of the Masons in the way they protect and all these other you know secret organizations they kept this stuff hidden for a reason you know just like the Book of Eli or whatever like whoever has the knowledge of the book and whoever find out how to use it they can use it you know to their own gain or to their own detriment or whatever and uh but I don’t you know I don’t know it’s pretty much like if you if you sink it you’ll find it and it’s not about externalizing even even for me like I tried it’s not like I’m trying to convince some anybody of anything if I hey this is my story this is what’s happened to me and you know and in as long as you just kind of be an open open with it sharing it you’re gonna find those people I’m saying that it resonates with and it’s not like proselytize anymore like that’s what I did in Christianity I try to you know convince people and hey this is the right way and this is it or whatever and like you know we’re just trying to make sense of everything you know and as people who come from all walks of life and they’ve got their piece of the puzzle and try to put it together and see what it makes you know absolutely so I wanted to change gears a little bit I didn’t listen to some of your tracks I I really enjoyed inner reaches of outer space yeah so yeah is it yeah cuz I wanted you to talk a little bit about what was what made you write that and what was the inspiration a couple things really you know the sample at the beginning is it’s from a lecture from Joseph Campbell who you know really goes into detail about the hero’s journey and things like that and meditation in the dream state as symbolism of stuff so we used him for the intro and outro the lyrics so a lot of my stuff is still kind of God or in it or God centered so even like the course itself almost sounds like a worship song even you know and I have a bunch of my stuff like that because it’s still the expression towards God encountering the divine and being protected by the hand of God the Father the mother whatever aspect but just being connected with the prime creator that source right so there’s like the level of adoration so definitely the course embodies that but as far as the verses and stuff my friend watchman is on the first verse and I’m on the course in second verse and my friends even the worst cook is on the the pre-course and so that song is almost like a it’s like a monument almost from a psilocybin mushroom encounter that we had on a men’s retreat which was phenomenal and pretty much changed our lives so when we did the video we tried to embody some of that stuff in the video as well some of those experiences and in my verses I’m kind of just dropping some Nuggets here and there about you know Amanita and seeing spirits and stuff like that so it talks about a lot I’m mentioning almost everything in there Kundalini you know I’m saying and so it’s just it’s just a little bit of everything but that song is like a monument because it was right after the the psilocybin encounter so it really means a lot to us and did you hear about Oregon they’re actually in the process of legislating the decriminalized psilocybin in in the state of Oregon yeah yeah I did it’s gonna be awesome man I just found out recently I didn’t know this but supposedly everything I found online sources said yes but supposedly uh it’s it’s legal to buy and ship Amanita muscaria in the u.s. like that particular strain are you sad about that one dude everything I found online all the yeah I’ve had I actually have some friends of mine some time ago when I was getting um say first getting into this and they would send me websites where they bought their stuff I’m like hell no I’m not buy I’m not ordering this I’ve been sketching one off the internet you know hell no all right but anyway he sent me that years ago and then I was looking up soma trying to see what it you know saying what was soma that the I’m saying via the arm the Hindus and the Yogi’s would would with drink and darkness and it’s come to find out that that you know most sources are saying that it it’s a blend of like some type of tea whether it be chamomile and M&E; the muscaria so I was kind of seeing where I can get it looking it up and everything I was finding online man was saying that it was legal in the you allow the Asian to look yeah we’re going to put an asterisk in the description to missus and for people listening and look at a little bit to it yes or let me ask you I’ve never done it and I’ve always heard about meeting the lady so does that have resonate with you at all some of my friends have have had that experience with the with the lady uh mom was coined it the you know the whole term and send the golden teachers we got a song called the golden teachers as well that was the strain so Simon that we did and and you definitely being guided especially if you go into it with intention of like doing that inner work their inner healing looking for the next phase in life needing some directions or whatever going in like we were doing chanting and we were fasting and all that kind of stuff but we did it and we definitely led by a higher power and it it was you know there’s like leading us guiding us we it was all timed it was synced like we would come in and out together and see similar things and it was like a roller coaster of waves that would come and it was really interesting it was life-changing but it was definitely being led by something higher that was communicating with you about your life and about your stuff that you’re that you have going on like if whatever you’re dealing with you’re trying to suppress it you can like you’re going to have to deal with it it’s a good thing though you know so but if I was meeting a woman I there was no like figures or whatever where you’re definitely being guided by something you know something beautiful too it wasn’t wasn’t negative at all absolutely well I think at one point that you mentioned and I’m a little bit out of my depth since I haven’t done it so I can’t share the experience with you but I’m thinking it’s all around the intention so if you’re like I don’t know what’s going to happen I might get scared out of me I did a bad trip right yep yep I had a friend of mine he he wanted to do it again like in the following week and there was like no way this was going to take me months to really unpack all this information and apply it to my life and do the Yoram sent the inner work that I got from this one of the guys he went out next week with some different friends at a party and he tried to do the same thing and they had the he’s in like a like a subdivision house with some people they had the door propped wide open playing like really loud rock metal music he was in a bathroom freaking out having a bad encounter like it set in setting is huge when it comes to there that’s why when you look at all the different you know ayahuasca retreats and stuff like that you have a shaman someone there who who’s there to actually guide you through it and make sure you’re comfortable make it making sure everybody’s okay versus just going to a party and dropping acid watching crazy movies and stuff like that on TV you know absolutely along those lines let me ask you with with fifth and sixth and the higher dimensions the density is a lot freer it’s not as heavy as the third dimension and as you mentioned it’s different if you’re trying to trip and you’re listening to like heavy metal and such so what is your take on hip hop as a whole and metal music when you come down because it is lower density music it just depends I listen to a little bit of everything man I really do I listen to everything from beautiful like acoustic worship gospel music all the way to like Manson so I still listen to that and there’s different moods in different times so this into around that kind of stuff all the time and I try not to listen to too much you know saying derogatory stuff or negative stuff there’s a lot of a lot of this stuff as legalizations coming up and then the internet and all this kind of stuff is just all in the fourth line there’s a lot of artists who are starting to do music and put a lot of the stuff in their music whether it be hip hop or metal um so you have people who even like I got a lot of my fans who kind of say hey you remind me of so-and-so one of the groups they mentioned as a group called the underachievers and they’re talking about getting lifted smoking weed opening up the third eye aligning the chakras we are the gods of Egypt and a drop in knowledge and stuff but then in the same breath they’re talking about having sex with multiple groupies and beating people up and it’s what’s in it it’s popular though it’s way popular than what units and what I’m doing it appeals to the masses and the beats are different it’s more of a Club feel but there’s so much use of the ancient knowledge and stuff but they’re just throwing it out there and people just say I love you I listen to you and then I like hold on don’t get it twisted I don’t like I don’t condone all of that stuff right so there’s a mixture there you know what I’m saying as far as that goes so I don’t even like I don’t even like that some people say well you at least start getting this stuff out there at least you know new people are hearing about the third eye whatever and this cut me you know they call it the indigo movement or whatever and so you actually speaking on the the Vice indigo documentary that came out the starseeds and all that kind of stuff but um I even though I listen to a lot a lot of different stuff as far as like if I’m going to listen to my spiritual music I wanted to be spiritual I don’t want to be you know trying to uplift myself and do work on my spirit or put me in a good mood or whatever then they’re talking about having sex and gang fights and stuff in the same in the same breath you know I was just wondering just and I think David did you had something you were chomping at the bit so I don’t want to if we want to stay right here for a second it’s fine no no no I was just going to ask you so where where’s you know you grew up in the you know in the church when you’re really young but what’s wing in regards to your media family where is everyone at now with what you’re doing the kind of work you’re doing now are they comfortable with it or are you an outcast no like when I I mean when I turn my life around a guy in the church they like wow I know my mom my grandmother they’re all happy for me and there were like a some take credit for it you know yeah I took him to church I let him stay with me you know and I come I come from a really you know same broken family or whatever and a lot of people addicted and in prison and things like that working in bar rooms and stuff so you know that was one day they were all proud of me everybody was proud and we go to the family reunion at you know we come from you know yes I did I didn’t grow up in the church I mean I was a teenager our teenager when I got in to the stuff I was like 16 when I really made that that uh decision or whatever and everybody was happy you know I was happy and then even though the weird thing you know even though I’m into as far as like the spirituality has evolved or whatever over the years there I mean they’re still pretty much there just because like I’m holding it down you know I’m you know I’m yeah I guess I guess I feel it I’m a good person or whatever and they they all have those bigger questions and stuff too you know they’ve all seen UFOs and seen demons in the Sun and I just talk about it openly freely you know so um you know I’m saying even though I’m into a lot of stuff like my faith and my foundation really doesn’t like change much as far as like through Christ because I understand I that’s what got me really into like you um said my spirituality that’s my anchor and it allows me to kind of have this foundation there to be able to explore to be into other things or whatever the case is but still be connected to like the ultimate source in my mind you know so uh it kind of worked it worked for me so even though within my music like I said even though we’re talking about all this stuff I’m approaching a lot of it from Christian mystic perspective so a lot of the stuff still comes back to the Bible and you know like the Apostle Paul and Jesus and the disciples were going in and out of trances and by location and astral traveling and healing people Reiki you don’t send all this kind of stuff so all of that is still with him on music and stuff and I’m still into it but for me the way my mom works it all goes back to the Bible because that’s like were you know that’s what I study like that’s the book I can quote like crazy you know so everything still kind of stems back to that for me I guess you could always say that you know Jesus was when he went out into the wilderness so when he was visiting those mystery schools he did learn more than when he left yes yeah yeah it’s when he came back I mean when we see him in the scriptures and he was easier 12 or 13 I can’t remember but when he came back he was teaching he was teaching all the priests and the elders he was blowing their mind with wisdom and knowledge and you know before that they took him to Egypt so he hidden Egypt and we hear him you know being a teenager back at the temple blowing everybody’s mind and so yeah he knew something well you know all the prophets would take take those pilgrimages to Egypt you know and they were they were all chained on on the knowledge and wisdom of Egypt so we got to look into that and see what was going on there absolutely one thing also is that they started forming relationships and so I wanted to know your relationships where initially you go from you know taking books and things you shouldn’t have out of psychic bookstores to having relationships with either ancestral beings or spirit guides or other beings are you able to sustain relationships now or are you still in the dating phase so you saw about with like higher intelligences and stuff and the beans on yes yeah man um yeah so everything still comes back to God in Christ the Holy Spirit the Trinity or whatever so that’s like a foundation but in and out of that I believe in that there’s spirits that that aid us and actually got us on the other side so I’ve made connection with the you know what we call the Elohim which is the essentially the angels or the UM send the watchers or whatever the UFOs and so I’ve made connection with them when I go out and in stargaze and pray I’ve been able to feed in them and them show up and do all types of aerial insane phenomenon and different different stuff in the night sky that have been able to see and that’s really what took me to the next level with all this stuff as a as a Christian as I I got to really get into this cuz I started to have all these encounters with UFOs and they would show up on command and things like that I would pray they’re in pray in the night sky late or I say nights guys really the morning sky like 4:00 in the morning and you would see all all types of stuff and I really just took my research in the scriptures even deeper but then again listening to other lectures and other interviews and things like that with people outside of the church around so that that was really big right and that and then there’s you know there’s other I don’t I’m still on the fence about channeling you know I had this um I put out a little I don’t know if you call a documentary but a youtube video about channeling and they’re in the different personas that people are able to kind of tap into when they channel mmm I think that a lot of people can do that without channeling it I think the channel and the other entity or whatever is kind of like a scapegoat so that they can say how they really feel and it’s just a different way for them to kind of place the blame on something else but when I when I really go in deep in prayer you know we talked about speaking in tongues in the church and stuff like that so there’s that kind of thing that comes but there’s another level to it to where when I go in really deep I’m able to speak an angelic tongue that sounds like an old Native American and usually when that comes out is when we’re dealing with deliverance people who are possessed with demons people who are dealing with like really dark pornography addictions and alcoholism and that crystal meth addiction so we would be in prayer and I would go in and this old Indian would begin to chant and come out of me and when I would do like people would just hit the floor that person who had that spirit within them they would they would call fit up and there was been other times like during that same type of experience experience where like the guy and if you remember in the movie or the Green Mile where the big guy pulled the spit that pretty much that unclean spirit out of Tom Hanks and he kind of he he took in a deep breath and sucked it out of them and then was able to kind of exhale it and a little bit showed it like little bugs or flies or whatever the case is and so we’ve been able to do stuff like that with the breath as well to be able to suck it out of person just look just pretty much with my hand on them breathing in really deep and then exhaling it out or coughing it out and then that person find freedom and so I know I can’t just say yeah that’s my great-grandfather I don’t really know who or what that is but it’s definitely like an old Native American type chief and I know that when when it does come out in that that experience happens that there it changes the whole atmosphere and vibration of the room and anything that are trying to show some resistance maybe something that I can’t handle myself um they definitely pay attention when that when that experience happens I don’t know who or what that is I don’t know if that’s a prayer language that we all have deep within I don’t know if it’s my ancestors praying through me I really I can’t you know write a book on it you know well the other thing to think about is you know with your wife before you met her you asked her some questions and some questions the answer if she felt you could take it or not you can have those type of relationships to where they kind of go back and forth so I don’t know how extensive you tried that but you can get you can build you can continue to grow your relationship it’s more so what do you want out of it so yeah I mean what would you what would you suggest oh like this you know even though I’m open to exploration I still have to be careful you know what I’m saying with like hey whatever spirits are out there let’s come you know come say hello you know I’m saying because I did that already you know I used to use the pendulum you know I would have a spirits moving the pendulum and and doing all kind of stuff like that but uh but I got I were like I really I got possessed man it wasn’t good like I was going to super schizophrenic and hearing voices and seeing shadow beans and and I couldn’t look nobody in the face you know I’m saying so even though I’m open there’s you have to have that that that healthy you don’t say in fear or reverence because it’s nothing to play with you know like I said it’s people coming in and they’re playing with it and they’re getting possessed or they’re going schizophrenic or delusional or whatever the case is and they’re all over you know all over the place doing absolutely and will two things in I’ll let David jump in because I’m sure he has some other approaches but might the two things that I would that I would highlight is if you remember when you were a kid if you played any sports at first you know your muscles at mature and then they were like well you need to buy these sneakers and then you need to do this and you do that it was like steps that you took to become like the best athlete and so like the first step would be potentially looking at historically that land that you’re on it could be an old burial ground like you don’t know until you kind of look up the history the court records what have you and then if you do then spirit will probably put you in two different directions they may actually lead you to the person that you are that you’re in contact right now and then the second one is you know since you have your grounding and you know your protection that before you go to bed you make an intention that you want to increase that communication with that person or that entity because I think the problem with most people that did not that just happened to you but most people are taking their seniority away and so they’re saying oh because it’s the spirit world they’re more powerful than me and what-have-you whereas you should be seen as an equal so if you go in like a girl and she thinks you can walk all over you of course she’s going to do that and so if an energy is like well this person’s going to worship me or they want to worship someone it’s actually that law of attraction that’s actually happening and you know one thing I was I do have a a background in the Native American I’m actually Creek Indian so and I used to live on the reservation and what we went and did the the men’s meeting of the the treat on satisfied and we were actually on the Indian ground where we did that so there was definitely that there hey you’re on sacred ground this is uh you know there’s been a lot of people who have done the same coming-of-age which it will but before you and you’re justyou’re from a long line of people who have done this and it was just beautiful just to be on that same ground and you start seeing you know having visions of the people who were there before you doing that as well it was awesome absolutely now which more cultures did that where they actually budding you know that’s kind of a lost art outside of some major religions where you do have that rite of passage College and hazing now yeah you know whatever fraternity and all that kind of stuff is here you know going through those rituals I guess Greek or its promise Greek stuff right yes yes yes yes yes indeed yes indeed oh and all that yes I did listen to one of your other podcasts a recent one where you were talking about law of attraction with I think James coy yes and so you guys are talking about setting intention for you know I want a million dollars what have you and we’re thinkin about to come out there’s this new version of it’s not called the secret but I think it’s the thing people around to burn that did the secret and they were showing how 2006 that came out of course it was a world phenomena and then all these years you know people couldn’t really make that happen and so a lot of people are kind of you know what does love checks and mean to me does it work and I wanted to get your take on the law of attraction yeah I definitely believe those principles work just as far as just making a goal and keeping it you know I try not to I try not to do it for little petty stuff I’m sure you can do it for everything like you watch the you know you want if you watch The Seeker they’re like highlighting the fact that I always get my parking spot right up front you know and stuff like that the weird thing is is when I when I watch that is when I was I was coming out of the church and so there was a part of the prosperity movement and in the church which which is called the Word of Faith Movement and I was to naming and claiming it’s a prosperity and money cometh now you might have seen some of the the amenities and stuff that are out there on that but it was really weird to watch the secret because a lot of the stuff they were talking about I had learned in the church and a lot of those movements and stuff years before so it’s really weird about you know who came up with it first or who embraced at first you know which I understand that those are ancient principles anyways so I kind of look at them that’s like um saying universal law and uh you know the doom saying the power of the thought the power power of the spoken word the power of intention to make stuff happen like I mean this shit at the same time with we’re looking at it something that’s I’m saying woowoo and spiritual and as you think it you create it we can get really deep on that but then again I think I think all that self comes down to being being pretty practical as well why your goes down look at them every day we speak them out remind yourself tell other people make those connections you know do something taking that step towards that goal that million dollars you know like what are you going to do to earn the million dollars what are you going to do you know before you get to a million you got to get to ten dollars how are you gonna get to ten dollars are you gonna balance that invest it or whatever so a lot of it even though it’s deep spiritual retraining the mind and those type of things I believe it comes down to being really practical and so I’ve been able to to do music now and podcasting full-time and I have a wife and daughter and I’m the I mean I’m the major breadwinner for my family of something that looked like it would never happen of you know like I was getting too old or my dreams have gone you’re gonna be a 35 year old rapper and all of this kind of stuff you know and so just believing in it and seeing it and it’s been consistent with it not giving up as most creatives do you have this goal have this vision you start on it then you put it down and try new one because it didn’t work as fast so just the power of consistency so I believe in it man I believe in it this power and the spoken word the power and intention and you know practical power but at the same time I think I think everything is supernatural everything is spiritual too so you know just kind of um sentry training the mind we change retraining you know thinking that you’re worthy to receive them million dollars you know I mean a lot of people ain’t worthy you know they’re they’re content they don’t want nothing more everybody is in a different different spot but I do see a lot more people pursuing their dreams and kind of writing those goals down and kind of bringing them into your sector wishing and I’ve done that on the psilocybin encounters like though that’s that was the intention you know I have this dream burning within you but it looks like it’s so far away there’s no way I can freakin replace my paycheck by staying at home podcasting or doing music I did the money doesn’t add up you know so I really found ways to make it happen and to stay on I stay consistent with it and create it you know that’s awesome and the other reason why I brought it up is because Joe vitality was was on a secret and now he’s talking a lot about oh nope oh no I didn’t know if you’re familiar with that yeah so check him check it out Oh nope oh no and what he’s saying is that yes like you’re just saying Law of Attraction it definitely works but and I’m only bringing it up because it’s kind of piggybacking on your talk with James goy so those that are listen to the puck has definitely check out to seekers podcast and check out his Law of Attraction podcast a couple I think it was March 7th so we even want to bring it yeah yeah yeah what was homo pono it’s saying that yes you have a relationship with the universe but sometimes in third dimension you only see what’s in front of you and so your higher self in the universe at large if you have a relationship with them they see so much more than you do you’re actually limiting yourself for some of the things that you want and so through hope oh no nope oh no they are more so it’s like a four sentence mantra and it’s opening yourself up to the universe to the greatest good so you may say oh yes Hawaiian yes yeah and he got it from this yeah a dr. Charles I forgot a doctor way I believe his name is he’s the one that Joe was introduced to that did it like in the 80s or whatever and it was just the next phase as far as everyone has a story of you know in again a piggybacking off your podcast where you have 20 hindsight 20/20 so if you’re like I’m open to what’s going to happen things are going to be so much better whereas you’re like I got fired and Bowman it’s the end of the world it’s like no you just got that setback was a setup for you to get to your next stage life definitely yeah it looks like if you haven’t a lot to do with forgiveness is what I another wirelessly popping up here is it dr. Hugh Lynn is that yes yes yes yeah the phrases I love you will they it’s shortened but the way I remember it is I love you I’m sorry please forgive me thank you like if you keep using that mantra it covers so much and a lot of that would be clearing out forgiveness for yourself and others yeah something something powerful about that especially when you look into you know the 12-step program I had a friend of mine who actually went through that and the kind of insane kind of work that and I was watching him go through it and then going through my own you know spirituality and stuff as well and just seeing how it like taught them to sentry train the pine to pretty much retrain the way you think and some of the tenets was going and kind of combing over your life to see you know I’m saying if you’ve ever wronged anyone or stolen or whatever and kind of going and actually making amends to those people asking for forgiveness and things like that if you can if you can do it if you can help it and it’s funny because we’re talking about you know me stealing from those woods craft stores and stuff I went back in 2012 we went to and did a float tank encounter there everybody but in myself and we did ourselves happen as well but I went back to the store that I stole books from and I went up to the cashier and just handed him a bunch of money he said what’s this for I said man when I was 13 I took a bunch of books from here you know I just want to make it right you know and it’s it been here almost 20 years or so Wow I don’t know so I just want to pass them kind of right thing home man yeah definitely so I mean kind of based on this past hour the the podcast and listening to you and kind of where you’re at and stuff just wanted to share something with you I just recently started and maybe you heard this book maybe you have it I just recently started reading a book called the way of mastery ever heard of that I’m not sure but I mean sounds familiar but I’m not okay anyway there’s something called a way of mastery by the Santi crystal foundation you can just look that up Google you know I don’t think of something that you might like but anyway I just thought I’d pass that on I just started reading it as a friend turned me onto even spinning it’s great great book so far have y’all read The Alchemist I have yeah yeah I was a book that did it for me – man so psilocybin and The Alchemist together is like a UH you can’t you can’t hold it in you know – I did a lot of fire with him you know have you thought about every write in any book sir you got a book in you oh no actually um actually wrote a book um and it was like full of these these stories when I was a Christian or whatever coming out of the occult you know so I talked to in one in detail about the whole the whole elemental spirit that I encountered and then even some of the childhood stuff there’s a lot of dark stories in there and then it talks about me you know getting born again and that whole thing and having demons cast out I mean so I wrote a little book called um the testimony of an ex which I did a short run on them and I’ll put it out there it’s on it’s on Amazon if anybody wants to check it out at least the the PDF and stuff is but I actually I quit promoting it and quit pushing here man because there was a lot of deep stuff in there and I wrote it years ago and just had it published in 2014 actually and went on vacation with my mom my family and my mom and her husband were there and I wanted my mom to read it it talks about rekindling our relationship and things like that and getting demons cast out I mean that were from I just demonic a person that was from our relationship like thinking that my mom telling me she hates me and telling me that which I were never born told me I was an accident all of these things and it kind of built up this weird um set mindset within me which led to demonic oppression and so I go into detail in the book about it but I was a little bit too candid about some things or whatever and my mom we were on we were on vacation in the mountains and my mom started reading it on vacation with us and she had a panic attack like that’s the whole thing with this asking for forgiveness and on the spiritual special path you find out a lot of people suppress their their feelings their hurt their guilt they try to act like it didn’t happen but it’s still there and and so all those things like over the years I got healing from that stuff you know when I was in church and doing we went through deliverance sessions and regression and forgiving them letting them go like all of these different phases that we went through you know with these classes my mom and they’ve never been through that so when you look at it she would read the book and like that stuff just hit her like a ton of bricks I had a panic attack up in the mountains hyperventilating couldn’t breathe and crying and uh you know she was just I felt I felt really felt like crap you know that uh that I did that tore up there and I was like after that I was like man cuz they talk about her having multiple guys come in the house and it would be on the couch passed out naked with Randa I think I took they make it part out the but when I did ahead of it but you know I put some candid stuff in there that I guess I wasn’t thinking I put stuff about my brother and drug use and you know is one of those things you know you see all especially right now I’m seeing a lot of stuff on Netflix all a lot of movies coming out and there’s always that person in the family who wrote a book about their paranormal encounters and everybody’s pissed at the person who wrote it in the you know in the show there’s a couple shows that just came out I’m seeing this meme and so it it was kind of hard man so uh I did I wrote that book and I don’t really promote it anymore because of that you know sure that make sense words have power I forgot the name of that TV show that you’re talking about it just came out there a superhero family took a deal and they ever get to run so that’s what we’re watching now is the Umbrella Academy yeah that’s what I was thinking about Appling and the hill house haunting the haunting at Hill House yes yes yeah yeah I saw some of it it didn’t really grab me but I’m going to check out them umbrella yeah you got to bro yeah especially dealing with the paranormal and spirits and the other side like there’s some good stuff in there healing so yeah really good stuff yeah I feel that you know we were on a lot of the same wavelengths we could have multiple conversations but for this one we are at the top of the hour and since you’re not going to promote that book obviously I want to give you some time to talk about your podcast are you doing any tour dates for your for your hip hop let our listeners know about that right now that’s great yeah we have it coming up in may May the third and fourth third and fourth I’ll be in Memphis Tennessee we’re going to be doing our two-day weekend they’re doing a concert and a healing retreat so that all that information will be up on my website to stay calm that’s the only thing on the books right now for us traveling goes but uh yep that and all my my music and my podcast and all that kind of stuff is found at the website as well true sticker calm awesome awesome you’ve just been in tend to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Honda and I’m very truth seeker it was a pleasure man let’s stay in touch hey man thank you guys for having me on and I’d like to return the favor man maybe get you guys on my show hey let me know and let us know man yeah sure link we’ll make it happen before you go I gotta say go Gators roll damn tide g7 all right man oh you guys are we going now you too bye Oh you

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