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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivation so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good evening good afternoon wherever you are in podcast land hello everyone this is intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective I am Hamza hold I am David and today we have the wonderful Vincent Jena he is a world-renowned psychic and medium he has been on show that David and I have been listened to a long time coast to coast he’s been on the Hallmark Channel a CBS CBS NBC everywhere that you’ve been looking for the most important psychic and medium in the world and we have them on our podcast today welcome to the podcast that’s it well thank you for inviting me it’s really thrilling to be here in a privilege yeah I’m happy that we got you today I know we were trying to get you before for Halloween I know you were doing a big promotion about Halloween but it were happy I during the holiday season anyway yeah absolutely and in all honesty there’s more ghosts during the holiday in the Christmas season then there is even during the Halloween season I was going to ask you that because I was thinking you know people begrudgingly go home and they’re there with Aunt Alice who brought fruitcake one more year in a row and it was very happy to see her anyway – I love fruitcake Oh probably the only one in the world when we meet a person I need to shake your hand because yes I do not know oh I knew you were going to laugh at me oh thank you funny quote we were reluctantly wanting to run into odd Gladys during the holidays but she has transitioned many years ago and you said that they’re around more so during the Christmas season so that means that we need to set a plate for her are you saying that I am actually I am but for a very different reason than most people really think and it’s for the Z the highest vibrational time of the year the highest energy the highest consciousness the most love shall we say and the most positive time of the year believe it or not is during the holiday time at the end of the year between Christmas between Hanukkah between all of the celebrations they’re all celebrations for the same reason what a great time to leave the physical plane to go to the spiritual plane and and why most people do it during the Christmas season I know now to us saying goodbye would seem really bad and negative and oh my gosh you’ve ruined Christmas on me my lover is died is gone I’ve had friends just recently that did pass and it is sad but if you think about it if I’m going to choose a time which is going to be helpful for you to be able to deal with it in cope Here I am choosing the time and we do choose believe it or not statistically and scientifically we do unconsciously choose when we’re going to die even how we’re going to die most of the time I was a hospice social worker for several years and I’ve seen this over and over and over again like people waiting until loved ones come to visit them before they transition or waiting until people leave them alone so that they don’t have to transition in front of loved ones so there is a choice here and what a time period because yes you’ll grieve but eventually the joy of the season will come back and you’ll remember me during the joy of the season and the grief won’t be so hard to ruin that love that holiday season that giving especially if you have other loved ones in your life mmm okay that’s either a grunt of I don’t like that or I don’t believe what tell me explain the grunt no grunt I was like oh I agree with you oh okay good alright good I like that I like that nothing one thing that I was thinking of is during this time of year you know there’s a lot of television shows and movies like Frosty the Snowman or my favorite Charlie Brown Christmas and one of the biggest stories is what is it the Christmas story Chris Minnie our a Christmas carol thank you and were your visited by you know you in the past and you get to see yourself in the future if you stay the way you are do you feel that if keeping with the theme of that movie that people make that transition when they look at what they’ve done in their lives up into that point and then they’re just like you know what I think I’m good for this incarnation it it would seem like that’s possible but in actuality people don’t start assessing until they’re actually in the transitioning process so up until then they could be fearful but they could be in pain they can be uncomfortable and remember as a hospice social worker I’m dealing with clients that they’re if they’re transitioning process isn’t Pleasant okay my friend who is 42 years old and an ex-professional football player was out just the day before Thanksgiving with his kids at a junk tone and fell to his knees and dropped dead of his heart just stopping right there and there was no pain and it was quick and he was 42 now sad for the family unbelievably say for the family but Thanksgiving was a very important holiday to him because it represented being with the family now all of this that I’m talking about I’m not talking about conscious choices here okay 95 to 98% of the human mind is in unconscious awareness only two to five percent is conscious okay so that means there’s so much going on under the surface that we’re unaware of not to mention besides the human mind there’s the soul’s mind that’s attached to us and the soul has an agenda and the soul can help us and and if it’s in the person’s story contract best interest whatever it may be that it moves on its choosing those time periods that still are best in that person’s life the second highest day of transitioning or birthdays yeah so birthdays and Christmas now think about birthdays here you come into life and you’re leaving on the exact same day now coincidental absolutely not meant to be something special absolutely you see we still and that’s primarily United States Americans don’t have a culture of discussing death okay they hide it they don’t want to talk about it because of the concept of you can’t take it with you other cultures around the world honor death and they talk about it all the time and they’ll sit there at the dinner table and they’ll say you know mom and dad you’re in your 60s now what’s the plan what do you want to do when you die and you move on what do you know they honor it because it is a continuation of life over in England and part of what I honor about mediumship is one of the reasons why it’s so revered in England is because it’s become a religion their spiritualist churches will have mediums in the services give connections and readings to the congregation members that are there during the service because they’re constantly wanting to reinforce the continuation of life it doesn’t end but we look at it so dark and dismal and and not to mention it’s because of all the stress and the pressure of life we’re actually not leaving the way we should be leaving ok it should be when we’re done it should be less painful less suffering less grief okay but it’s not unfortunately but that doesn’t mean that it’s not special and holy and sacred and so why not pick those holy and sacred days right well that makes a lot of sense it’s hardly numb right now the interesting thing is that’s one of the other reasons why ghost stories have come about during the winter and Christmas season is because people are dying anyway and also adults really like scaring the bejesus out of kids you know and show it it started that way and it started out of from the history of ghost telling ghost stories is really a very fun history which is pretty amazing it was all about entertaining believe it or not oh yes it started before Charles Dickens but it did start in England okay that’s where it really began and stories were told because during the winter months and they were confined to their homes it was cold right outside there was no TV no radio so families and friends gathered and especially during the holiday season and they sat around and they played games and they entertained each other and one of the games that they played is who can tell the scariest ghost story oh okay so there are actually a couple of famous stories I can’t remember offhand that were written prior to Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol but then of course that’s where Charles Dickens went into it and it was always a scary story in the middle and some monstrous ghost was going to come out and eat you and eat your food and all of this stuff but in the end everybody survived and lived and changed their lives and lived happily ever after so it always changed but they certainly wanted to do that spooky scaring and it was so funny and it also is based on paganism and they used all of that and some religious stories that they used to tell ghost stories but really is a very fascinating history of you know it’s even in the song you know in one of the songs that that we sing at Christmastime so it’s unbelievable how history and tradition went down through the generations and is still going on till today well made me think of there’s like a joke and made me think of every year they show a commercial with Santa Claus and and M&Ms; you know I love it the real right yes and they both pass out at the same time yes so this would be like where we would interject where there would be an apparition eating a cookie or like their real likable – that’s right but let me tell you something I mean Jacob Marley the ghost of Jacob Marley I consent him to many people that he could wake up boy let me tell you something and talk about the the chains and how long they’re going to be when these people move on especially today we need to send some ghosts to people’s houses you know what I mean right let me ask you something about that with Jake the Jacob Marley story because a few years ago I was with a mediumship group and it was around Halloween and we had gone to a house and we were just learning you know just getting our feet wet with with the modality and so we had gone through and obviously there were things going on in the house and one thing that I remember or was this lady she was the mother of the house and she was telling the group like get out like we’re invading her space right it’s a we were kind of like okay and we left and everyone in the group remembered that night that she kind of came to us like how do you like how that feels like she was invading our stake out there you know so they’re somewhat territorial in some cases they they very much are especially if it was their house or land okay and those and now we need to define the difference between regular entities and spirits and how you and I most likely will transition how all of us will transition versus ghosts okay ghosts are not the average entity they’re the ones well let’s put it this way you’ve always heard the story of the tunnel of light that people that have had near-death experiences always describe I saw a tunnel and light and I went through it and on the other side there was peace there with people people I knew you know yada yada yada Jesus everybody you know Buddha you know whoever and that tunnel of light actually does exist there are many dimensions to life and the earth the physical earth is in the first second and third dimension and there are other earthly dimensions the fourth fifth sixth and possibly the seventh and the eighth which is closest to the physical plane is where other dimensions exist a matter of fact the black hole in space is actually a connection between dimensions okay so now when we normally we go through whatever death that we go through we go through that tunnel of life it’s like an express train to bypass the earthly dimensions to get us to the heavenly dimension okay that’s what’s normally supposed to happen however if you’re an extremely negative person if you are so materialistic and and so determined to hold on to this earth if you are an evil and/or bad person a real bad criminal or a fearful person a child who is fearful and lost and had or had a treacherous death of any kind you can actually miss the train you can actually see the light and not go through it because of fear because of shock because you don’t know what’s going on if that occurs you are now without a body but still an energy and that energy can only hover in the earthly dimensions those are ghosts now all different ghosts just like all different people who are alive could have different attitudes right so just think about hanging around this earth plane nobody sees you all your friends and family they can’t see you they can’t talk to you you can’t communicate with them and you’re stuck so you can get pretty frustrated pretty angry and if you were angry and negative to start with you can get pretty evil acting okay there are no demons and there are no Devils okay they’re only us and the worst side of us and so you’ve got these people stuck here and so they can hold on they can take hold of a home they can take hold of an area and then they can come and they can kind of spook you that’s the idea poltergeist however they actually cannot hurt you any more then your belief gives them power – yes okay so they can’t possess you they can’t enter you not unless you give just like on earth when you’re living nobody can manipulate you unless you let them right you right so it’s the same thing with goats so that’s the difference between ghosts and entities let me ask you something real quick visit would you it would be the same thing in regards to like voodoo that you can’t really be affected by it unless you like your you know and fear of what you know what they’re saying they’re going to do and this and that yes let me let me give you a metaphor okay and it’s it’s based on this question that has been asked of many many people so it’s interesting to see what your answer will be if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no human around to hear it does it make a noise noise are there what do you think I would know because our awareness isn’t there yeah yeah a little bit better than that you’re right it is no because it makes a vibration it requires a human ear and brain to translate the vibration into a sound a matter of fact all of the creatures experience that vibration completely different than we do so that’s the same thing in order for voodoo in order for witchcraft in order for possession to work you need a human there who’s going to believe it otherwise it’s nonsense more okay but we are so capable I’m not going to say everybody is of being manipulated I mean look look in life and look at even just the United States today and look at how manipulated people are in the way that they’re thinking okay the fear the negativity and all of that nonsense that’s going on in our country today because they’re being influenced okay those are the type of people just like the Nazis who were influenced by the leaders all the German soldiers who were influenced by the leaders and all the people to hate the Jews that is a manipulation of weak mind so it’s very easy to curse somebody I mean even intelligent person if I turn around and I say to them you know what you’re going to have a terrible day today I know it and they think of that at all and or they don’t turn around and say oh no I’m not I’m in control of my own life I’ll be fine I’m going to have a great day they will actually manifest bad things happening to them so that’s how fudou works and witchcraft and witchcraft you need to have a sucker on the other end to believe it yeah let me ask you Vince said the the other day David and I we were talking about walking and Oh in the you know we we were saying more so the phenomena was more in the 80s we didn’t hear any stories or I’m not aware of any walking stories that happened currently and like you were saying you have to be aware but with the walk in that usually happens to someone’s in an accident or they had some type of trauma where spirit may come into their body what’s your take on that yes there was i I’m very familiar with educators material on walk ins and you’re right it came about during the 80s that’s actually when I had my spiritual awakening it became popular during the 80s when metaphysics and the New Age was more acceptable okay that people started admitting it so it was always there the concepts were always there but they weren’t talked about today those aren’t as necessary because now between the New Age movement there is the new thought movement and the new thought movement attempted to take the woowoo okay the crazy stuff out of metaphysics however it doesn’t mean that it’s not doesn’t happen it just doesn’t mean that we’re focusing on it as much anymore nowadays we’re listening to trance spirits right abraham-hicks very famous trance spirit before him it egg Casey and that was quieter more gentle now everything is about Abraham he’s got all these books outside and everybody wants to see Abraham Tran so who cares about the walk-ins at this point but they are arrangement they can have such a terrible life your soul is like had contracts with all of these people and it’s just wanting out well the the two things that are going on yes you can make an arrangement and that can happen while you’re unconscious you’re in a coma whatever the case may be and you’re completely unaware of it and somebody comes along however what’s happening now more than walk-ins are escape clauses okay and that’s the reason why you see so many people dying today the past couple of years actually had the highest number of deaths in the history of the world and that was in the ratio a comparable ratio with the population so it wasn’t as if well the population is what caused the spike no the ratio is correct the number of deaths spiked and the number and the age range spiked the reason being is now this is what’s happening in the past past lives we would come down on earth and we’d live here what and before they medical science became so technological and capable people were dying at 49 50 years old 55 whatever now they’re living until the 80s and then 90s right well who wants to go anymore 80 90 years having created horrible karma for yourself that you have to fix later on okay so instead you build in out clauses so you’ll say something like this by twenty five years old if I’m not on the path that I need to be on I’m gonna come down I’m going to either get sick I’m gonna something’s going to happen and I want out real quick I’m gonna leave okay my friend did that he was 33 years old he was about ready to make the biggest mistake of his life because he was on a spiritual path and he started with me I was the one who taught him the wife that he had sweet wonderful and on the path with him but wasn’t as into it as he was well he met a co-worker who is very spiritually versed the two of them had an affair he was about ready to tell his wife and two children I’m leaving you okay the day before he was about to tell them he was rushed to a hospital with acute leukemia and died in six weeks well he never told them he never had the chance to make that big mistake I’ve spoken with him he’s come to me many many many many times and he had an alcohol and what you see today people are tired they don’t like what’s going on in the world and unfortunately you’ll get some gurus and spiritual teachers who will tell you things are getting better they’re not they’re not getting better they can get better we always have the option but right now they’re not a matter of fact we’re taking some step backwards rather than forwards I mean think about it we’re still fighting things like equality today that’s ridiculous we should be way beyond that at this point in the history where 11,000 years old and we’re still worried about where a guy is going to pee okay it’s the most ridiculous thing so we’re stepping backwards and we’re blaming all of these people for all the things that are going wrong when it’s ourselves and we’re not healing ourselves so people are leaving their left and right all over the place and they’re leaving from aneurysms my daughter-in-law was at a work conference with colleagues the colleagues were only 27 to 35 years old they went to dinner Friday night Saturday morning they had a meeting they all arrived except one guy 27 years old he was left in his room to be dead he had brain swelling nothing was wrong with him brain swelling he’s gone he left for whatever reason we don’t need to walk around being fearful that that’s going to happen but we certainly can open up our eyes and start taking more positive steps in our lives to stop that from happening hmm Wow well then say you mentioned that in the 80s is when you had your spiritual awakening can cup a little bit about that what was that like oh my gosh yeah with like a tidal wave it was definitely a Steven Spielberg and sessile B DeMille epic movie that happened to me I had a completely tormented life as as a kid until I was 17 years old the kids in school used to pick on me beat me up shove me in Locker is flush my head in the toilet throw me in dumpsters stripped me and throw me in assemblies spit on me pee on me then I got home and because mom had been sexually molested by a relative who lived with her she had mental pathologies so I used to get beaten by my father through through her orders humiliated and emotionally abused from her and then a relative who babysat me all the time sexually molested me until I was 13 years old and then the parish priest who came by to help Mom out he molested me as well until I was 13 years old so I had a really bad childhood in that there was one guy in my school who was the jock and he instigated much of my abuse at my ten-year high school reunion I went to it I had just finished doing the movie Grease I was a professional actor before I was a psychic medium and I did movies and I did television I was a singer and dancer in the movie Grease the original one with John Travolta and Olivia newton-john so we know how famous that became and it became famous really quick and so I felt really confident going to my reunion and the guy who was my greatest antagonize er he embraced me and befriended me and from that point on became one of my dearest friends his life was falling apart at the same time nobody knew it he wouldn’t tell anybody something inside of me was telling me BS every time he said oh my career’s going great oh my got the love of my life my wife from childhood I got three kids they were all wonderful and I kept hearing BSB SBS every time he spoke but I didn’t know how to help him so one day after spending a weekend with him in Connecticut my wife and I I’m on my way home driving and I’m crying I am crying because my heart is breaking I’m feeling his heart and it’s breaking and I’m crying out to God please you got to give me a way to be able to help him in hindsight I thought it was very weird of me to not pray for him and for God to help him I was asking God to help me help him I don’t know why I did that now I do I didn’t then and within a week of asking vak that’s when everything happened and I’m talking being introduced to psychics that I’ve never had even cared about before nor I ever wanted to visit or go to and now the psychic is telling me that I’m going to be a spiritual teacher and that all of this stuff started happening and apparitions started to appear I started getting down loads of information into my head like it was going to explode thank God my wife had been with me since I was 17 years old and she knew I didn’t know anything about the metaphysics or spirituality or anything I only knew about Catholicism right and Judaism because she was Jewish but meanwhile I started speaking and spewing out knowledge I was trancing like Abraham I was trancing my Higher Self and and speaking all of these words of wisdom and knowledge and and what people were saying and then I became psychic then I started seeing dead people and so this happened to me over a course of a few months and and that’s how it wind up coming to me but I still it took me a while before I ever wanted to use it I didn’t want to be a psychic they were crazy people you know what was I supposed to do put a palm outside my you know my house and say brother Vinny you know I was cousin Vinnie I wasn’t brother Vinnie you know a big Ulis so I hit it and I never said anything to anybody but then I I felt urged and I started studying because I wanted to know what was going on with me so I studied all the education material I was taking classes I went to seminars I just did as much research as I could and started understanding what was happening and that I was I was awakening who we all really are and but I was awakening a new mission a new purpose that I didn’t realize I had and so eventually I started doing it part-time and doing readings part-time it wasn’t supplying enough of an income I had two kids and I didn’t know how to make it a full-time job until the universe God in life changed that for me and gave me the opportunity gave me the opportunity to return to school I figured let me go for a degree in psychology and get my MSW in clinical social work that way I have more credibility than just being a psychic and I did that and then a car accident actually took me out of that job back in 2008 and left me jobless with double vision I had brain stem injury I couldn’t drive I couldn’t be a social worker anymore and what fell into my lap is people were calling me for readings and people were asking me to speak in different places around the country and it literally turned into a full-time job all by itself and I accepted it and I said and now I understand my entire past and that that was the contract and the path and blueprint I created to get here it’s pretty amazing for everybody if you are allow it to happen and you believe in it and you take that road I’m nobody special but I definitely hooked onto things that I know are important and our ability and with that I help people believe in themselves now I know what it’s like not to believe in yourself and to feel tormented and to feel worthless and useless so that’s my primary goal is to change that and transform people’s lives that way so that they can believe in themselves that’s how it happened wonderful story in a nutshell in a nutshell and an interesting if he’ll throw you interesting it’s Christmas time right and oh I was in England one of the things that I do as a psychic in the medium is the same thing I did when I was a psychotherapist I had to take continuing education credits in order to keep advancing my skills as a psychotherapist while I wanted to do the same thing as a psychic medium so I went to one of the most famous and best colleges it’s a college in the UK in England actually where they’re tea tutors from all over the world in an country teaching and tutoring you in advanced psychic and medium ship skills because they revere it so much so I studied there and while we were there during one exercise and I was supposed to also in my life write a book and so one day during an exercise a meditation we had to allow instead of just speaking with the spirit to feel the spirit and let the spirit enter us as much as we can and so I did and I saw this gentleman with white hair white beard white moustache white coat everything was white even his hat and he kind of like sat in me even though I saw him he’s like said in me and I’m like oh wow okay who is this and he said well I’m your favorite author and I was like favorite author I I never really read a lot I listened to a lot of books on tape when I did all of my search right and I don’t remember authors none of them and there was so many books that I read and I’m like I’m not don’t know what he’s talking about and I said what my favorite author which one and he said well I wrote your most favorite story and I’m like now I’m immediately thinking my most favorite story is a Christmas Carol well I actually did a musical here in Raleigh that’s a Christmas carol and so I’m like are you kidding me no wait a minute he said I also wrote me starts listing these books I had no idea that Charles Dickens wrote those book thank goodness there was an English teacher in our group of students and after the meditation I went up and I said who wrote A Tale of Two Cities who wrote and I went on and on and she said Charles Dickens Charles Dickens I said are you kidding me so literally I was able to he said I can call upon him at any time when I have trouble writing my book and he wants to help me well sure enough I wrote my book and every time I had brain freeze and block I would call upon Charles I know it sounds crazy but I’d say hey Charles you said you would help me come along I need a word I need a sentence I need a paragraph well how do I say this here and my head is like frozen and all of a sudden it just popped in and so I was able to complete my book that way so Charles and I have a really good relationship and I was so excited when they came out with a new movie about him this year this season you’ve got to see the man who invented Christmas it’s incredible huh I’m ready they not went down yes there’s my story of Charles Dickens he was an amazing person and of course the story I absolutely loved and it was so moving and and it changed history in England and in the world he impacted with that one ghost story millions of people after he wrote that story all over the world right yeah yeah pretty amazing so that know what happened to me you know kind of like I walk down the street boom I their time I didn’t know where to direct since oh I know let me tell you I wish I was one of those guys I’m envious of other psychics and mediums who said oh I had it all my life when I was five years old I walked into my bedroom and there was an angel sitting on the edge of my bed I’m like God I walked into my bedroom and my mother was sitting on the edge of the bed with the belt because I did something stupid I don’t know you know there ain’t no angel there oh let me ask you who was there it was who was Charles Dickens Muse wait ask that again who was child Dickens what news right if he’s your muse who gave him inspiration oh that’s a great question you know what I never asked him that I don’t know if he did if he turned to anybody himself a lot of times we do but but some of these luminaries well most of the luminaries okay and including us why it’s so important to honor your inspirations your visions your thoughts your flashes of dreams your imagination because before you came here you put everything into place so in some dimension are your dreams Plato knew that the the philosopher Plato he said and he theorized he philosophize I guess that the only reason why humans can create something like say a chair a table a house no matter what is because the form of it exists somewhere already in the mind of God they say okay Carl Jung called it the mind of God and the collective unconscious he called it forms what it really is is in another dimension you put everything there already your job then is while you’re here in the physical is to manifest what you have in the ethereal cosmos into physical reality but because if freewill it’s all by your choice so in other words every single one of us start out with a blueprint and if you know anything about contractors or building homes you’ll know that the blueprint may be the starting guide but it never ends up the home never ends up exactly the way the blueprint is it’s constantly being changed right yeah right but if we stick to the blueprint as much as possible even if we go off track even if we have some alterations life is going to be easier for us we’re going to be able to bring in those and manifest into the physical reality what we’ve already placed there so inspiration so all those luminaries all those authors already created every single story Wilbur Wright Henry Ford Thomas Edison they all talked about that matter of fact Wilbur Wright woke up one morning and went to his brother he said you know what we have to start working on this machine because I had a vision that people was sitting in something while they was going across the sky like a bird and and Orville said you crazy that’s your imagination we can’t come up with anything like that only birds can fly and Wilbur said write to him he said no if I imagined it that means it must be real Henry Ford said the same thing Thomas Edison said the same thing they all said the same thing if I imagined it it’s got to be real already so inspirations mean they’re already there we only have to believe that they’re there in order to bring them into reality and life would be so much easier everybody is struggle because they don’t believe anything is there and that’s because of our stories you know our youth and everything like that so so maybe Charles did and didn’t have some guides to get him that inspiration like I had the book I just needed some help here there but Charles didn’t give me the book the book I already created he maybe have reminded me he may have even taken my words to give to me right but he came to me as him as an author an author I would love because I would accept that easier than if I saw my own soul come to me and say here this is what you want to say you know what I mean I’d rather take it from Charles right there Wow there there are a couple of stories when you said that that was that was huge that what you just said as far as the air awareness or being open to receiving a message and it reminds me of Oversoul 7 I’m a big fan of another Abraham but I’m also a big fan of Seth and all the jean-robert stuff oh my god yes love that stuff and you know they have countless stories where if another entity had come in and you weren’t accepting of that person you wouldn’t have taken that message but if it came through is you know Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer then you would have accepted it I had a question when you had mentioned early on about the unconscious awareness that many people are transitioning just because they’re kind of fed up and it’s seen what’s your take on of a theme of a broken record like people are continuing to incarnate because they’re not completing what they set out to do when they did in Kearney oh wow that what an excellent question it’s it’s not just some people it’s all of us which is one of the reasons why we’re not moving forward all right there are two words that are very important in our lives the word is restitution and retribution okay we are normal loving caring with all the God qualities beings that’s how we were created that’s who we really are also what the force created from the beginning and put into motion which is a forward motion we now naturally always want to move forward Carl Rogers was a contemporary psychologist and he theorized and came up with humanist psychology which is the concept that all human beings would advance and move forward if you just remove the environmental constraints that were imposed upon them so those are the beliefs those are the old stories those are all the experiences you remove that we’re going to naturally move forward we always want to advance we always want to advance however what winds up happening is because we’re good beings and then we come on this earth we start getting caught up with those two words restitution and retribution so in an end and the way we’re raised we’re raised being told with sinners we’re raised being told we’re bad you make bad decisions you’re stupid you’re ignorant you don’t listen to so much negative criticism that comes upon us okay we feel bad and we take on blame especially in the beginning with very egocentric as children and we think the world revolves around us so we take on blame that’s the only answer that the mind can come up with is it must be my fault okay well we hold that attitude and because of our of our punishing system or punitive system we’re constantly right being punished being like the criminal system and the judicial system it’s all about punishment so is the difference now restitution is the concept of knowing that if you made a lower choice you know and feel bad for it and are able to say I’m not going to make a choice like that again and move forward retribution is the concept of an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth so here we are we go through life we get all of this pre-programming all of this nonsense all this negativity and now we transition and kind of like there is a review on the other side there is a million in one wonderful movies about that and there’s even stories about you know the book of life and Judaism it gets looked at and reviewed when you get up there to the other side there’s Peter at the gate who’s going to make judgments as to whether you can enter or not there’s a whole bunch of stories like that but it’s actually true there’s a review that goes on and whoever is there may be your highest guide maybe maybe God maybe somebody else maybe Jesus it doesn’t make a difference who it is but it’s a higher being that turns around and asks you well how’d if you feel about the life you just led and the person turns around one person goes well you know what I did you know I did think it did really well yeah there were a couple of times I did some stupid things I felt bad about that I shouldn’t have done that I know I’m never going to do that again but I feel really great Oh fabulous okay go ahead you do what you want go on you know you want to go back there again fine I don’t think I’ll go back there right now I’m going to enjoy myself here now another person comes along well how did you feel about life oh man it was terrible I was terrible I was terrible I I got drunk I got in a car I killed an entire family go Wow okay well do you do you know that that was a lower choice oh yeah I do now but I can’t go okay are you able to let go with that no no I feel so guilty I feel so terrible well you know you need to do something about that you can’t just walk around feeling guilty and terrible yeah I know it I know what I know it you know what I’m going to do I’m going to go back there I got to get the souls that are killed where are they okay and now you make an arrangement with the souls that are killed that you’re going to go back to earth and in order to make up for it so that you can feel better about yourself you’ll turn around you say you know what can we go back down to earth again and you’ll be a family again but I’ll tell you what I’ll be a burglar I’ll come into your house you have a gun and when I break into your house shoot me then I’ll feel better okay that may sound really stupid however think of this think of two guys that are horsing around their friends I’m talking living guys they’re horsing around their friends and one of them accidentally elbows his friend in the eye oh man I’m so sorry oh man I’m so sorry what’s one of the things that he turns around and says to his friend here do me a favor punch me punch me go ahead punch me in the face punch me in the arm it’ll make me feel better right that the problem we have with reincarnating we think in order to release it in order to feel better about ourselves we will allow ourselves to be hurt to be punished and I for an eye a tooth for a tooth to make up for it so we keep creating these circumstances to be hurt to be abused the problem with that is the more you allow yourself to be abused the further away you pull from your higher self and the god force within you and completely forget what your original plan was and who you really are there’s more anger that builds up so that’s why you keep repeating the same pattern over and over we need to end the concept of Karma karma is not a law it’s a principle where the one to choose to go through it or not we need to break that pattern and stop it because we’re constantly coming back to make up for the lower choices we made and we don’t have to do that all we have to do is remember restitution and mercy and forgive ourselves and let it go there I know that was a long story but it had to in order to explain truly and have people understand after your listeners understand why we do what we do know though that was actually a great way to put a pen in it I don’t even know where at the top of the hour and I wanted to give you some time I saw on your site you had an upcoming event tomorrow I wish we’re Raleigh to come to that but what else do you have going on in the coming week well I’m after tomorrow I’m kind of resting a bit but then I’m traveling again all over the country speaking at the International Association of near-death studies organizations that are throughout the United States I do a lot of on actually teleconference just like what we’re doing right now teleconference courses and I teach people how to open up their psychic and medium ship awarenesses now what’s important about the way I teach and what’s empowering about it I use those skills to help people unblock their lives period so in other words most of the work that we do isn’t just about becoming a psychic it’s about clearing the garbage out of your channels and life and closet so that your whole life is affected people’s lives have been completely transformed by the classes that they I’ve been giving and so that they’ll hear if they go on to my website at Vincent Janet calm and they register there I only send out emails when I’m doing a special event or I’m doing a class oh I don’t inundate people they’ll be able to find out when my next class is I’ll be holding one in January it’s usually four weeks it’s very inexpensive I make it very available and I keep the class limit down to about 10 to 12 people so I can give individualized attention to them and it is life transforming for anybody even if you have no experience in the metaphysics at all everybody is psychic everybody can communicate with anybody on the other side they just have to open up their awareness and channel and that’s what I help them with so so the other way of also of communicating with me is my Facebook page Vincent Jena MSW I do the first of the the first Wednesday of every month I do Facebook live events where I actually will make connections for anybody who’s there and that’s completely free I want to be able to help as many people as possible so there’s many ways of communicating with me so through my Facebook page social media and through my website and Jenna is GE in a so make sure when you guys check out the site that you spell that last name correctly so you can find out more about that I’m on your side right now for the class that comes up next month is that in your online store or under your services that’s under my services and and also under my it’ll be under my offence it may not be completely updated right now my person its updates every so often and I don’t know what they Qi is but it’ll be up there soon and people will be able to see everything that I’m doing fantastic fantastic it was a great hour spending with you Vincent did Jenna ladies and gentlemen this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Anza and I am Damian and thanks again it was it was wonderful I hope you have a wonderful and restful holiday season Vincent and same to the both of you and thank you so much for inviting me and asking such exciting questions I love interviews like this so thank you for letting me share I think we’re one oh okay bye now bye bye thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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