What Are The Benefits Of Napping?

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everybody this is hamza and david and we are doing our entry show or entering level show to introduce us to the wonderful world wide web we are going to talk about the intrinsic motivation and we’re giving a brother’s perspective on it so homies a homeless perspective for why a homies perspective fuck what happened hey there everybody this is hamza and david and we’re here we’re doing our first show so we’re saying hello to everybody what’s up what’s up and we are the as you see on the channel its intrinsic motivation a homies perspective and why are we calling it a homies perspective yeah why are we calling it that I thought that we would call it a homies perspective because we’re both fans of the personal development space the metaphysical space the gross pay spiritual space but you don’t see a lot of people that look like us and I think the the principles are universal but I think that we need to reach a bigger audience that may be missing out on that just because they’re not getting a certain active on it so that was my initial thoughts more control for contributing to the masses out there that’s what but all are welcome all oh absolutely all are welcome so I mean we are universal that’s right and but I think for not just click bait I know we’re going to get some people ultimately let’s say you know this is more of a click bait title just to get people out there but I think that you can get knowledge from all walks of life and it just might reach somebody that otherwise wouldn’t have look towards this so it’s not so much freaking to the choir I think that’s a done deal but if we can always spread the word i think that’s beneficial yes I agree so well said thank you thank you so go ahead and get started why are we doing it who are we would you like to introduce yourself while my name is David currently we’re doing this podcast and I residing here in marietta but originally I’m from the west coast the bay area specifically and I’ve been in marietta or Georgia for about a year a little over a year you’re going to have almost a year and a half decided to be a little close to the family spent about 20 years in albuquerque new mexico that was an adventure and so now i’m here now i’m here is out here yeah well there’s no accidents and i think that you and i were talking earlier off-camera about the book when god winks and all of the synchronicities that happen in life that many people overlook and so i think also from a homies perspective that’s not a usual type of conversation that homies have right but you know just the tongue-in-cheek own words in just a little introduction on me I’ve actually been here i’m actually a boomerang in atlanta i finish school the boomerang and i am i’m a total blank there’s a lot of boomerangs in atlanta actively it’s funny it’s like a big group of where you’re like oh I lived in the land and they’re like well how long were you gone again great another care two years three years five years and I used to be a heavy travel salesman about eighty percent of the time and so I love the direct flights from atlanta and there is a state here in Atlanta that if you die and you go to hell there’s a layover in Atlanta I’ve never heard that really excellent it is so you know adding some humor to that commander airport as Atlanta has been awesome Atlanta’s been really good to me I’ve been here for the Super Bowl I was here for the Olympics I was here for the choke now we had a couple of weeks ago with the Atlanta Falcons so I seen both good and bad and it was and so okay so they know a little bit about us what about pedigree first of all we’re going to talk about this episode is going to be about the power of napping and in the power of sleep and for you know for qualifications we do not have the credentials of a medical practitioner so if you’re having any issues with dealing with insomnia and the like please speak with your general practitioner before and this is just for educational purposes only there I think we got the legalese out of my way and our own personal experiences will be talking about that absolutely so before we go into the power napping we were talking about our awakening moment or what was the door opening moment or what was the trigger or what was the four-by-four or what was the litany of things that people go through in life that is a defining moment that will put them in potentially in a different direction than they originally had planned you want to start you want me to start a new bio me okay well for me had a lot to do with my mother she is uh she’s a psychic a clairvoyant the hill or a teacher but all that for her started way back in the late 70s early 80s and at the time she was learning how to do healing she’s taking meditation classes and whatnot do doing readings but I really had no idea that she was doing that I just did she was doing these classes in the evening and I was a teenager at the time so this was like yeah the early 80s and one day she came home and she periodically should ask me if I’d like a alright healing but I was like nah leave me alone with all that jump so one day she came home and I was just hanging out with my girlfriend and she asked my girlfriend my girlfriend at the time if she would like to healing is he was like sure so she SAT her down in a chair and was standing next to her kind of waving her hands around her and she was talking about what she was doing in regards to you know what she was seen in her aura some of the stuff pictures the stuff she was seen and moving the energy out this and that and when she was done she left the room and my girlfriend is I we were just blown away because she was talking about all kinds of stuff that my girlfriend had been telling me earlier in the day you know about what was going on and you know her life and whatever and she was we just couldn’t believe it was just like wow so she ended up my girlfriend ended up telling her sister about what happened and she was like tell me what I wanted to give me a reading so about a week later my mom gave her sister reading her sister and her sisters boyfriend and I was like wow I didn’t know my mom could do all this stuff I was totally blown away so besides that there was a lot of other experiences but that was the main thing that kind of turned things for me that was like wow there’s a whole nother kind of world out there that I had no clue about and that’s when the door kind of opened for me spiritually from that point moving forward I would say I was that’s probably about 1982 so I was like 17 about 17 years old now awesome awesome and I was not a similar story but you’re the similarity is with your mother and that i think i’ve always been attracted to this type of work this type of knowledge and some of it i got my first introduction through hip-hop music actually i originally grew up in New Jersey and so I was great i am absolutely hip-hop has been phenomenal so i have to say hip hop in conjunction with with my family so my uncle’s i think i was talking before about my uncle’s you still always put me in a headlock you know i’m walking around you can’t tell me anything I mean school right and at the time I’m listening to like eric b and rakim Public Enemy Karis one and my uncle’s will pull me to the side put me in a headlock and say you know they’re sampling this and that and so it kind of opened the world that what’s on the surface there’s so much more beneath that much more beyond that and you know that kind of just opened the door to a lot of knowledge little did I know at the time it was around 1987 which was the cosmic convergence and so universally there was a lot of change happening and so I was a part of it I just didn’t know more about it and if time went on then I became more educated about it where your mother comes into play is in twenty two thousand nine and I think up to that point I did a lot of Education a lot of from a logical standpoint you know with the blokes going the seminars those type of things going to I can do at conferences and looks awesome though that yeah its electoral standpoint but in 2009 I was introduced to two people I was introduced to Jim self and Jim self was one of the one of the well-known teachers at the Berkeley psychic Institute and little did I know at the time that my friends that I had met at that conference they said well since you live here in Atlanta you might want to go to the horizon center of a toilet of awareness it’s right next to Phoenix and dragon I was familiar with Phoenix and dragon and that was my introduction to your mom and in that school so in that school you know we learned about our space we learned about reading and it was just really interesting it was a really good transformation for me because it was all the intellectual knowledge that i had but now is really applying and those the rubber hits the road for me so i think when i say the door open i think it’s always open and for the book that we were talking about when god winks when i look back everything kind of led up to that point so i think you and i and people that we hang around always say that there are no accidents you just have to be aware of what’s happening instead of being reactive to it to exactly awareness mmmmmm so the topic of this subject is you know to get right into it we’re talking about mapping in the reason why again you know David and I were talking about putting together a podcast putting like a homies perspective on it because for people that know me has to do my little salutations right now so I’ve always been a big fan of the genre so Abraham you know Esther jerry hicks Jane Roberts with Seth Wayne Dyer Wayne Dyer the whole I can do it staff when we say Bashar all of those channels I’m very active in on youtube in across the web I go to the conferences and on the other side Bobby hemmitt brother panic there’s a conference today with dr. Phil Valentine you know so I’ve always been really interested in it and most recently to get back to the point I was listening to the Abraham speech right and so Abraham was talking about this person comes to for those that don’t know Abraham Abraham is a channel being from esther hicks have you ever seen them life i have not seen them all I have not maybe it Tony is everyone knows I haven’t seen them yet okay yeah maybe 2017 maybe 2018 because they have a lot of a lot of cruisers and net worth and I’m used to going on all the different towards I just haven’t gone to a specific one with Abraham okay so I look forward to that but at any rate the eighth you know people go to Abraham and you know ask questions something that it could be ongoing issues that they need to address or something that’s just cut tech come up recently or presently and the person was really stressed out at the moment and Abraham kept telling the person to relax or you know take a map if you take a map then the resistance goes away and I kind of laughed and that was the impetus in my opinion for a homies perspective because the the quagmire of being a person of pigmentation if you talk about resting or taking naps you’re seeing as big or historically you were seen as being lazy and so here that you have that historical standpoint at least in the United States and here we have the being that’s saying well you can actually get some inspiration by doing so and so I found a lot of join a lot of amusement into that and if I’m inspired about taking naps and so that’s that’s what we want to talk about today so do you want to give any stories about your benefits from or how you benefited from napping oh man so many mostly I would say and I think most people would agree for the most part it’s a very rejuvenating for me especially those you know there’s a 20-minute the 45-minute 90-minute but for me if I can nap anywhere from 20 to probably an hour seems about perfect now it’s not always easy for me because I’m not one of those kind of people that can just I pit my head hits the pillow and I’m just out sometimes it takes me awhile to fall asleep that’s kind of the thing and if I have the time but when I can it’s great and it’s always the same thing you just it’s like a short stint short brief stint and when you wake up your clarity how you feel is just I don’t know it’s fun come on beyond words sometimes you just feel so refreshed so you know it’s like a refresh button you like on your computer you just that’s how I don’t know how else to explain it I just feel like you know born again so to speak yeah yeah well my intro to napping and again how we always talk about there’s no accidents I have to go back to childhood and as a child it’s really funny because kids if they feel like it’s punishment to take a nap right it’s a oh go take a nap and I’m not tired and you have to deal with that but one thing that really strikes a chord for me was the jeffersons and like most people we watched The Jeffersons different world different strokes and all that early 80s late 70s and one thing that I always remember that George always said and his business meetings was let me sleep on that and when he said that at the time and you know I just took it as let me sleep on it what does it mean and then as an adult it really helped me tremendously both personally and professionally when I look at something if there’s something that I’ve challenged with or something that I need to overcome and I really can’t put my finger on how to actually overcome that or handle that if I walk away from it or take a map and let go that solution is actually revealed to me when I wake up and so I found tremendous power in it and I found even getting older that it’s even more pertinent because there’s so much on our plate I think with electronics and such we try to Pat myself on speaking more so for myself that try to fill up every waking moment from eight you know 18 hours a day of trying to do work or spend time socially with your friends and family but in the back of your mind there’s always some type of business thing going on yeah so but I found that when I take that nap I feel rejuvenated and I get more done and conversely if I don’t take the map and I try to like physically with Forrest try to work through it it’s a wasted our so we wait for 30 minutes I don’t get I don’t accomplish my desired goal yeah yeah yeah it’s definitely i’ve definitely known people now whether it’s a nap or just sleeping in general who are super creative and they like to sleep they like to take naps but once they come back into the body man they’re just like full force so they do a lot of Korean outside of the body and that’s something that we will talk about probably more detail and further shows being out of the body and whatnot but anyway we should actually stay there for a second okay because if we’re talking intrinsic motivation I think the preacher should acquire people would understand what you’re talking about but from a homies perspective they may not so just kind of give them a hint of what you mean by outside the body okay so what I’m talking about outside of the body I’m talking about like every night when you go to sleep right or anytime whether it’s napping or you’re going to sleep for the night for your age 6 8 10 hours whatever it is as spirit you’re getting physically out of the body and going to what is known as the astral plane so some you know your body when you’re in it it’s you’re experiencing whatever looks you’re experiencing throughout the course you today maybe it’s stressful you know maybe there’s a lot of pain in your daily experience so getting out of the body to some degree as a relief some people have so much energy that it’s easy they’re easier for them to create when they’re outside of the body it’s like they have more room so to speak so they’ll create all this stuff and then once they come into the body then they can put it all into action so it just depends I think on the person but some some people are super creative when so napping and or sleeping is just a part of their whole makeup and as far as their creative process I remember you know when a fire of course the song that’s the way of the world that’s probably like the signature song and they have a such a lot of great songs but Maurice White wrote that song and I remember she seen him an interview talking about and he said I wrote it came to me in a dream you know when he was out of the body he woke up it was like so powerful as you just started writing it down and whatnot and that’s where that came from a lot of people get inspired when they’re on their dreams in the on the astral rather or dreaming it’s a place where there’s no you can have all the constrictions of the body so there’s just a lot more room so depending on your awareness awareness level when you’re on the Astro will depend on when you bring that information into the body and how you use it so okay so I need just a little bit more clarification because I’m a little confused now okay because now you’re talking that there’s something outside of just what we’ve seen right in front of us right and so if I look at listen to a Michael Jackson song that’s been in the back of my head for about a week and a half is you are not alone and when you’re in your body you may have that feeling of separation and you’re saying when you are sleep you may not you may actually have access to other up you have insurmountable power or access to power that you may not feel when you are in the awakened state what would you say to something like that yeah you know we get so attached to our bodies and I think most people’s awareness and reality is physical and what they’re physically experiencing so someone like me I’ve been you know learned how to meditate over 30 years ago probably mid 80s and been doing it ever since so the more i would say spirit or Bing body awareness you have we’ll kind of heightened the whole experience of when you’re out the more where you are your essence which is basically a spiritual being occupying a body like the body is a temple something that you have you not you are not a body a body is something that you have with you are spirit and your inner body so the more awareness you have of that then it’s the more questions I guess you’re really going to ask in regard to that and over time as you start to get those answers all that kind of starts to come to play for your understanding what it is to be out of the body and what that experience is and coming back into the body it’s two different experiences so maybe I’m getting I might be confusing some I don’t know the other way to clarify it let’s see well I think I can lead you on okay so you know I think that’s also the bonus of having like two people do this yeah it said you’re not in a vacuum right you’re not separate and so as you were talking I was thinking about us as little children and one of the first songs got you here as a little child is row your boat yeah and so merrily down the stream right life is but a dream and we’re saying that and some level that it is an illusion that you’re going through it’s an illusion that you potentially do need sleep even though I don’t think so because if you look medically of people that don’t get sleep there’s a lot of mania associated with their lack of rest but there’s so much that we have access to that a lot of people aren’t leveraging so I think does that help as far as a greater clarification yeah yeah I would say that yeah i mean we could sit here and pontificate with it and just talk with it for hours but to keep it simple yeah okay yeah so do you want to give another example of the power of napping that has happened to you personally let’s see a good example would be and this might be a little bit having to do with whether they call that when you’ve seen the future and is that called so anyway I had one time I was napping and my actual the experience that I haven’t was having on the Astro once I got back into the body it had to do with work being at work and some things that were going on at work in the dream once I got back into the body and actually went to work everything played out exactly how it had so in essence it was like it was it happened before it actually physically happened so you had access to prophecy I guess if you want to call it that the prophecy somewhere in the timeline I had the experience being at work and having this interaction with one of my managers and her telling me to do this that and the other and and then once I got in the body I can without even thinking you know just another dream with to work and everything kind of played out like that house like wow we were dreaming about this for it you know and so if i prophesy I don’t mean right we’re talking semantics here so I don’t want anyone to say that you’re a prophet I am NOT a process nor do we claim to be right but what’s really interesting is the third dimension the illusion of time so we always look at things linearly and so you know with people like Brian Weiss and I’m thinking what’s the guy that have written the power of now Eckhart Tolle XL talks about the power of now right so when you’re having that dream you’re having it in that moment and so it could seem prophetic right or and that’s where people talk about déjà vu door like I feel like this is happening before and then when it happens in third dimension you’re like yes I just had a dream about that that is so weird and there was a lot you know you do plenty of people that have stories of like 911 there was people that had dreamt about 911 you know weeks before it happened and all of something happened in like wow I remember having a dream about something like this or the day before or whatnot so that’s not necessarily steps some will say that you create you created it on the astral first and then is physically manifested and to some degree I you know that was one experience I know I have known people that had those experiences there conscious of the in the body experience and their asshole awareness and they’re very good at going on to the Astro creating something or experiences and coming back into the body and then had that happen and so yeah and they’re very aware consciously doing that absolutely and I think the other day you and I were talking for my personal experience I have to actually give another shout out to a Trevor Noah because Trevor Noah for those that don’t know he’s the host of the tomato or what is it the daily show on him on Comedy Central and he’s the first person as a celebrity that I had actually seen on a public on a public platform talk about the power of napping or the power of sleep and what he was talking about and he do it on the show or not doing on the show he was it was just on one an interviewer okay and not a watch this over religiously so you know I like your comedy dude but you know I have other things going on i’m not watching the show so but anyway you know I have a lot of respect for him and it applies to this moment so in this moment he was taught he he grew up in South Africa he’s a child of a mixed mixed marriage right as his biracial his mother with African and his father’s German and so based on you know check out Trevor Noah you’ll hear a story he more eloquently can explain his life story so but where this point expand is he speaks multiple languages and what he found is that he would play CDs or mp3s of different languages in his ear buds while he went to bed while he went to sleep he was able to retain that much more fun and I had to give them a salutation for that because for years I was taught to do that if there was like a school lesson back in school you know that could have been on my mouth cassette tape right or fast-forward on my mp3 player where if it’s music that I want to listen to or more more importantly if it’s 528 Hertz vibration music that I listen to or if there is for not to Bashar if I want to go on the gamma level and access a future self with me I would listen to those type of meditations while I’m asleep and then I would find that I’ve been a big proponent of lucid dreaming as well so what I would do is is I would set my alarm about an hour to once i started to sleep I’ve wake up and then i would go immediately back to sleep and then I found that I was able to retain my dreams because I run across people from a homies perspective that say they don’t dream at all or if they do dream they never can remember whatever happened and you know that’s unfortunate for a lot of people because there are lessons that our collective family and guides or angels or whatever you want to call them they’re reaching out to you and you feel like you’re alone in the world again because you are not accessing or you’re not allowing yourself to listen to those messages that are coming to you in many cases they come when you are asleep yeah and a lot of the reason why people don’t remember or recall their out-of-body experiences because they’re not aware that all you’re out of body experiences information is stored in your in your solar plexus and your third chakra not appear in your head it’s down here when you leave that core so anyway knowing that and with a little bit of practice you can start recalling your dreams let’s not for one second because if you talk about chakra we’re going to go out again out to the choir that already knows this if you can step back a second and explain what is the chakra about our chakra yeah okay good so you you know you’ve probably heard the term shocker before maybe you know it is maybe you don’t but chakras or energy centers that you have in your body and you have seven major ones and you have a bunch of little smaller ones but anyway the seven major ones and starting at the base of your spine and that was the one at the base your spine is known as your first chakra chauffeur it’s your energy center that has to do with survival taking care of your body and it has information in it and its small around and it kind of opens and closes as it needs information you see each of your chakras do so for example we’re just sitting here talking this is a pretty grounded space nice and relaxed so our chakras probably fairly closed there’s no but let’s say you’re crossing the street and a bus we’re about the you look up and here comes as bus and it’s about to hit tube like oh man I got to get out of the way so that chakras is going to open wide open all the information that tells you to get the hell out of the way save that body that’s where that information is so anyway you have seven major ones you have your first your second which is a couple inches below your navel your third which is right here in your solar plexus your fourth which is also kind of as a heart chakra right up here and your chit right up here kind of your chest you have your fifth which is in your throat your sixth which is in the center of your head and your seventh which is at the top you had your crown so the third chakra has to do with energy distribution how you distribute energy throughout your space as spirit it’s also where you at spirit get out of your body you know something you might have heard that term silver cord well yes there is a silver cord so when you leave your body at any point in time you leaving it through that cord and you’re going to the astral and that’s how you find your body when you’re ready to come back to come back through your cord so all you’re out of body experiences the memory or the information of it is in your solar plexus or the third shock or that third energy center so knowing that with that information moving forward if you you know who meditation and going internal and stuff knowing that it’s easier to recall and get that information knowing that if you go up here for its going to use nigga I don’t remember anything I remember then yes of course you’re dumb because that’s not where the information that absolutely yeah that’s and its end of your solar plexus your third chakra that’s all you’re out of body experiences so I think that’s a good takeaway because if a lot of people aren’t able to access cleanly then they’re going about it the wrong way it’s just the wrong approach it’s just a lack of education yeah yeah exactly exactly perfect and the best way to remember your chakras as I did was I think it was Brian Weiss and you know you had the different colors that day just highlighted for the chakras in the best way if you look at acronyms is roy g biv so your first root chakra how can go Roy yeah yeah you’re well that’s why we tagged ahead o homies perspective right so if you look at the root chakra it would be read write your first chakra and then Arn jello G would be green which is in your heart right and then your throat chakra G bib which would be blue I indigo and then violet which would be your seventh shot so just a little tidbit of knowing your chakras and how you can actually leverage that to retain your dreams as we’re talking about in this subject yeah yeah and just you know we popped a little bit about who we were in the beginning just for a second I’m going to just go a little bit further so you might understand how I know some of this stuff or so after I had those experiences with my mother probably mid 80s 1980s tarted took a spiritual healing class and changed my life just as justice for short I can really go into that forever but it was incredible took another class after that and in 1987 this was at the Berkeley psychic Institute in 1987 I joined a clear warning training program I was a year and a half long graduated from that in late 88 and then I was at BPI for another till cata nine another three or four years doing postgraduate tight classes during readings so anyway so in the course of all that you know you learn how to do readings know how to do healings meditation all kinds of stuff in the mid early mid 90s I moved to Albuquerque New Mexico and started within a few years started doing classes there myself with a couple other friends doing healing classes tation actually locum i think was doing a little bit of maybe some female stuff she’s innocent we’re kind of busy working out of this one wellness center so for a number of years there was doing readings doing classes and whatnot so kind of been in this game so to speak and plus my mother was the director of horizon healing center here and what was the Sandy Springs is where sandy springs yes and she tired last year but she was running that Center for ammo a dozen years 13 years 13 so kind of been in the game so to speak as they say for since about nineteen eighty-five so going on thirty-two years so you know read a lot of psychic fairs been a lot of guns a lot of lectures retreats the whole gamut of metaphysical type stuff yeah so going back to sleep and I know we were talking about listening to dr. oz and some other authorities about it and have you found that you’ve gotten more out of your sleep if you slept for 10 minutes versus maybe 60 minutes or some people some argument people make is if they take a nap during the day then they are unable to sleep at night if you ever come across anything like that yes it depends on how long actually for like maximum time reads so let’s write at 30 minutes and nobody cryptid what time is it 104 you want to do the other 30 minutes or would you have another closer yeah muscle with her okay so we’re back to part two so thanks for those that are sticking all the way through a fool and i boring you too much that you want to go ahead and start taking your nap now if you’re watching us time maybe that’s we should have just woke up to part 2 of both losses map it snappy so we had a thing that we’ve reached a the time limit of course it’s a new account but you were before we were cut off you were saying we were talking about we were talking about the different time frames of sleep you have photos that are saying that they cannot they don’t have time in a day right they don’t have a second in a day I know some of us know a lot of people like that like every waking moment is Phil doing something right so they’re like how am I going to fit this next of them what do you guys talking about now to the person that may want to sleep two hours a day right so you had the extreme on both ends of the spectrum have you found that there’s been an optimal and your personal experience an optimal time moment yeah I’m asleep for you so the previous job that I have but I’m doing new mexico i have really early hours i was up at 2am but I was getting home about I about 11 so 11am so but i would go to bed and evening about seven so i was always getting like a power nap from about noon to about two now sometimes it go longer because i’d be like uh little good but if I got if I did for about two hours that’d be perfect and then I could get to sleep at seven eight o’clock when I normally would go to bit if it went longer it was definitely affect and affect me and when I had a really hard time going back to sleep mmm yeah so I had to really keep it right on track and if I did that then I could take that you know anywhere from an hour hour to two hour nap in the early afternoon and no problems getting the sleep that night it was any longer than I was gonna going to be tough to get to sleep gotcha yeah and my personal experience has always been about 45 minutes to an hour anything less than that I think we were watching some other videos and they’re saying take a 20-minute map or ten minute naps at a timer but to some of us we can’t go to sleep back quickly right it takes time for your mind to slow down inside relax I do I still set it up at 45 minutes to 60 and I have a sleep app which is fantastic and what it does it does a it does what’s called whispering so what happens I think also yeah which bird whispers to me I love the whisper but it was / sleep whisperer you know what it’s all so it kind of goes back to what you’re saying about you know not retaining because you’re looking in the seventh chakra trying to retain stuff and when you’re in a deep sleep and you get awakened by in a jolt from an alarm it’s very difficult because you’re snapping to the present moment you now you’re automatically back in first first chakra you’re thinking not survival but what do I need to do what do I you have you go back to your you know your regular life like I need my laundry listings of things done whereas with with this sleeper app that I’m using what it does is if I set a timer for an hour or even if at night if I set it for six seven however long I need to sleep it’ll start whispering so to speak 30 minutes prior so it gradually wakes you up as opposed to me getting a jolt and so that way what I found been comparing the two if I were to use like 4x you know sometimes the phone may die or something so I would use if it’s a business meeting the next day or something I would set my regular alarm clock and use the app and what I found is that if the alarm clock goes off I get jolted up right and then it’s kind of like not so much panic mode but it feels that way like it’s not relaxed at all versus using the app and where I’m gradually awakened I still refresh I can remember my dreams and I’m just a more productive person throughout the day mm-hmm so when I imagine that being said that when you lay down and take a nap or probably you can just whenever you go to sleep at all you’re out immediately pretty much written large pretty quick and it could be just my expectation I think that we’re we’re in intenders group so even before that I think the really good thing especially going back to esther and jerry they had a book several years ago called the power of intention and so if we’re in charge of our destiny then you set intentions of what you want to accomplish and so if i set the intention and this is some of the education from you know the spiritual world but also from like not layman but in the third dimension from doctors and such and statistically many people people fall to sleep seven to nine minutes after they hit their head to the pillow so if I have that in my mind then that’s my expectation and what I found is that yeah I’m usually out and what I’ve also found in 2017 that is fantastic is you have I have it all right now I have a Fitbit there’s a new super band that’s coming out we’ll probably talk about on future podcast but it tracks your sleep as well so you can see how how well your sleep was you can see if you toss and turn all night you can see if you’ve had deep sleep or REM sleep for the quality of it yeah the quality is so important there’s some people that can sleep 16 hours and wake up and they still feel really tired adding that well rest right they’re not well-rested and the other thing is what’s called a sleep deficit so again talk to your doctor about all this but I’m just speaking from personal perspective that if I was traveling when I was traveling for work all the time always on the plane I can get sleep whenever I get it you know but I was I was really really amassing a huge deficit of sleep and I can see that my performance was affected negatively because of it so if you’re not getting a traditional seven to nine hours a night that is something you need to check on and this could believe you to actually make some time to get this napping because you’re actually building back up in lessening that deficit veteran from sleep deprivation mmm so on a daily basis what time do you generally get up every day so it usually depends because that’s a really good question what I found is and this is probably as I get older right so what I found in the business world is if I want to meet with decision-makers who are sea level execs they are at seven o’clock meetings they are at six-thirty meetings because they’re up at four o’clock in the morning they get a lot done right Thursday is done it like two or three o’clock in the afternoon so I found two ways from from the from our regular demint third dimension linear way I found that getting up at like five thirty six o’clock in the morning pathak from a spiritual standpoint i found and i always call this to got our between like a two or three o’clock and when i’ll start getting like the little knocks and so it’ll get a not like you know grandma might come through or you know a great great great aunt that has a message for me you know potentially and i found that especially at that time especially i think everyone make it after i say this you may see this in your own life but that time is when the earth is really quiet depending on where you are on earth right so two o’clock our time there’s not a lot going on there’s no TVs on there’s no dogs barking in the background there’s no traffic it’s very quiet and so when it’s quiet you are not you’re in a receptive mode yourself your subconscious was not sabotaging you so you have more access to your highest good in my opinion so another thing that I’d like to add and game check with your doctor is I had been practicing with choline I’ve been practicing both with choline and I’ve been practicing with magnesium and so I found that if it was hard for me to go to sleep it was because I had a lack of magnesium in my diet that day so if I took a 250 milligrams supplement of magnesium combined with choline not only would it enhance my lucid dreaming but it would ensure that i would sleep more restfully throughout the night wow so you notice a difference in the days that you didn’t take that supplement as opposed as you did in your sleep absolute look at the combination or get enough sleep absolutely and i just have a combination because especially in 2017 and as time goes on right you we can leverage so much education and technology that was not available generations before and so i have a client and he was being serious to me he said that his his band i think he had a jawbone or something so we’re not sponsored by any of these folks right so i’ll throw out a ton of brands so he had a competitor Brent a band and he said it seems as marriage right and so me for those that know me they know I do comedy on the side and not always find the humor and a lot of things right and so even though the Creator is the biggest comedian I’m reading out there blast the community in all seriousness he said that his tractor helped save his life and so when we when we delved into the conversation further he mentioned that he noticed because not only does the these trackers track your sleep they track your steps they track how much you eat what do you would take during the day and he found that if he was drinking coffee at any time after two o’clock then he wasn’t getting a restful sleep and as a result he was irritable always irritable to his wife and so on and so forth but but using his tracking and finding out as he’s tossing and turning at night and all this was attributed to what he had at his diet during that dang and so since he was able to actually physically track that he stopped drinking caught up it was past two o’clock and he was tired or something maybe he could take a nap attend minute nap or such instead of I need that caffeine a lot of people especially office workers from two to four they get that low from two to four and what that is is it also salute to dr. axe so if you guys aren’t watching dr. axe on youtube I highly recommend that but a lot of it is attributed to low magnesium at that time and so that’s where your experience in the law your body is process too fast processed food you probably had at lunch that you scarfs down to get back at work and so you all this is going on and if then set it’s affecting you and if you’re not tracking it you have no idea I don’t know why on Monday I feel this way I don’t write people have the mondays of their manager and a lot of it is associated to sleep in rushed yeah yeah so let me ask you this question how early so use you so generally you set your alarm clock for what time well it again it depends because yes because you have to set it though oh absolutely okay yeah yes well not so much because you know traditionally on the weekends as this is a Sunday well saturday and sunday I used to not set my alarm but I take on such a regimen that i wake up at that time anyway yeah and it reminds me of rest in peace rest and power Wayne Dyer so Wayne had a lecture years ago obviously and he was talking about what if we didn’t have access to time and in this lecture there was a gentleman that had gone to I don’t know where he went let’s just say for the conversation he was in the cave right and so he was in a cave and it was always dark he had no access to any outside light right and so since he didn’t he had no concept of time and he found that he did not need that eight seven eight nine hours and sweet he was sleeping for five hours of sleep and he was still productive throughout the day and so it’s really it’s all about the mind the mind is so powerful right and in older people when you talk to them they hardly ever sleep seven eight nine hours a night right they’re always up in the middle of the night and they clean throughout the day and they take nap it’s funny once it’s uh there’s a saying that once a man twice a child so as a child you have that type of pattern where you sleep different times throughout the day and as you age you go back to back to that yeah like I say I’m gonna chow you coming through the world wearing diapers and you go out what I was it the diapers that would make total sense because you think about it you know our lives are kind of constructed you know you wake up you have records you go to work for 82 how many ever hours to come home you cook dinner you do that so everything is based on time but if you kind of take that away you know like this what you’re saying about being that k when you just from a mental task boy take that away yeah how interesting things would being was just changed our daily experience when there’s like no no thoughts of having to be on some kind of timeframe but getting your eight hours sleep or whatever just sleep when you’re ready to do it the reason I asked you about did you use alarm clocks because for me I got to a point where because I was getting up so early that I don’t I would always set my alarm clock as I was getting up about 2 a.m. but I always woke up about five minutes before it would go off whoo yeah I never so having to get up like that five or six seven in the morning and I’ll I wrap you in luck i can just wake up oh absolutely yeah I agree I agree with you wholeheartedly and I think that again it’s your mind it’s your setting that intention yeah so if you’re setting that intention your body on some level already knows right this is going to happen yeah and then though since this is on YouTube it will have some type of global reach as far as we continue putting out good content that people like and hopefully won’t sleep we won’t just continue talking about napping obviously but I have to give a shout out to Michael Moore because I had just recently watched who sure we bomb next and i highly recommend it for people that hadn’t seen it and so some of the conversation that we’re talking about we live here in the united states so the quality of life throughout the world is a lot different than our and so one of the takeaways from his problems personal problem not even so much first world problems because even in documentary he went to other first world countries right and so throughout europe they were having a higher quality of life they were taking siestas they were spending more time with their family they were taking that they were doing a lot of things that we’re talking about and they had a general overall well-being well out a strong outlook on life whereas in the states there is more of a there’s a an illusion that it’s the best and it’s great trust me I’m not you know I’m not trying to leave however I have more flexibility than a lot of my peers and so if they feel that they have to they have to answer to someone else then that person is dictating their time and as a result are you as productive because you spend every waking moment doing something or you might listen to something like this and reflect and find out how you can be empowered to become more productive by just taking some time out of your rigid schedule to take a nap and you might find solutions to your ongoing issues yeah yeah and I’ll series everyone’s schedules is different and you have to kind of find the time and now I know that we people used to you know I think before the Industrial Revolution and the so eight the five being kind of kicked in way back when people used to just commonly take naps i think in the early afternoon was a standard thing but now if you know tomorrow work work work you know money money money type situation we forget to and you’re right I know this one I went to Europe they were much more you know take some time off stop and smell the roses vacation is very important you know and way more than this here in 96 96 were just like work work work and you know the dollar the Almighty and it just had more awareness of just rest and relaxation and taking time off and enjoying life stopping and smelling the roses I noticed that’s my experience absolutely i wholeheartedly agree I have two sisters live in Europe and i’ll be there for like a month later later to summer so you know hopefully you know I get to meet some people that it i love the web I’ve been on the web forever and I know people across the globe so you know hopefully we can meet in person type of deal but as you were talking and made me think of and this is something of a god wink so I keep bringing it up and it came out of 2002 and it’s on amazon for like five dollars or something so you know check it out it’s a quick read it’s like something you can read in one sitting if you dedicate the time the author’s Squire rush now it’s fantastic and so I bring it up because my god wink in relation to what Dave was talking about as far as you know our daily stressors is the fact that i was working within an industry and we worked eight to eight so what that meant was at five o’clock on the east coast some people went home but not at our office because we work nationally so we were still calling on california because the three hours behind us hence the eighth day and so i was doing really well you know financially and performing growing up growing up the ladder climbing that you know the corporate ladder and they were like that one of my bosses pulled me to the side and said honza we love what you’re doing for us be and at the time i was working like eight to ten right so I was you know bringing the red apple to the teacher hiding a total brown noser back there you know hey hey it’s my story right so anyway so my boss pulled me to the side and said it was friday we he had gone out for drinks or something and you’re right lets people and hibiscus go away a little bit so I get this when they felt they should tell me the story so they were like Hamza we’d love what you’re doing you are blowing it off the water to suspend tactic but I’m a little worried because this is all you’re focusing on you’re not doing you know you don’t have any pictures on your desk of family and none of this stuff right yeah they were like in a bad situation like if something were to happen to you and let’s just say a worst-case scenario you died on that Friday we’d be really sad we’d be sad to miss you but we would fill that seat up on Monday so you know there’s two things familiar I said he was grateful you know there’s Madame like goes next light goes on it so if you’re living you’re actually living someone else’s dream in some instance right and that in that instance i was i mean we’re talking about napping of living their dream has but it’s a true story and so is right it’s true if you think about it that way how important is your health because if your health is detrimental then you can’t even go to work you can’t perform and you might find yourself out of a job now that didn’t happen to me but it was a life lesson in a God wing for me as to you need to take care of yourself first and foremost yeah that way you can be there frozen something that way you could be there brother yeah yeah yeahs care yourself you’re not going to be able to give it for anyone absolutely so first absolutely so we’re at the 50 minute mark and we we’re actually going to look at doing our sessions so for those that stuck all the way through would greatly appreciate it which we had a parting prize but I did want to talk about some things that we have going on currently and so you and i are in and tenders group and do you want to talk a little bit about the intenders and what it entails well the intend use group is I guess was started by what Tony burrows and see the one that started yeah I don’t know 20 30 years ago whatever and basically it’s a group you get together as a group and so for the sole purpose of talking about things that you are grateful for in your life and setting your intentions for what you would like to have in your life and or create the manifest into your life so ever we get together once a week as Matt Beck will be leaving shortly heard going to our tenders meeting and just keep a shirt that’s kind of what it is you want to add something to that sure I think the beautiful thing about the intenders group is its global and as though I think you could check out the in tenders or is it just entender Shelton tendons or the highest good I think yeah do a google search for the intended as a high screen and you can put in your zip code and they can find out your zip code so if you are in atlanta then look us up yeah you can meet a setter and tender story of our group is actually growing and it’s just been phenomenal just when you’re in a group with other people and you see intentions that they said and they may have forgotten about it right i think the law of attraction is actually to release and let go instead of holding on to an attachment and when those people in you see that you remind them of remember that was an attention like a month or two ago and this has happened beyond your expectation it has been phenomenal and so i just wanted to spend a little bit of time to talk about that because I’ve gotten a lot out of the group I think there’s at least in atlanta area about half a dozen i think you go on the directory there’s you know there’s marietta there’s still mountain of the bunch there’s at least i think a half a dozen you know you know something that you’re interested you could probably find one near you yes and i think whether as a does it while there is a dozen the marietta group is the best because the headers that we are in is so we actually meet both the marietta and we meet in norcross we try to rotate that just based on our group size yeah and so at any rate if you’re interested come and check that out and stay tuned for feature for future episodes I think we have some pretty good subject matter it with regards to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective you know hopefully we share some information that you did know about potentially but maybe there was some nuggets that you uncovered here as well yes and we’re going to be having guests periodically that will be with this on our podcast here from different areas in the metaphysical world healer teachers life coaches everything everything runners could we know a lot of people yeah that’s an understanding getting things lined up subject matter we’re going to talk everything every week we’re going to try to bring to talk something else we look forward to hearing getting feedback and maybe you have a topic or to your Lecter you know we can add to our list and when that so absolutely today’s our inaugural episode and we’re looking for the enthusiastically to growing from here and just have a lot of fun in the process absolutely it’s just in closing yeah we talked about spirits about spirituality in touch but I think even some future guests may not potentially be in the quote-unquote spiritual world I think that the way we look at it is it’s all spirits right but there may be people that’s walking around and they don’t see it as such but they’re bringing such a perspective that it would apply to the group that we’re out there reaching exactly hence the homie perspective again so we’re going to trademark that how about back so thanks again guys thanks for enjoyed it I enjoyed I had a great time I’m Hamza I’m David and we’ll talk to you soon you [Music] [Music]


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