What Is Greater Than God – Channel Mary Bell Nyman (Interview)

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[Music] hey there everybody and welcome to another session with intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Hamza and I’m David and today we have the wonderful guest marybelle Neyman and Mary Bell is the director at the boulder psychic Institute in Boulder Colorado and she has a very long history both with David and David’s mother Joanne that we all know from horizons here in Atlanta but she has a wonderful story and I’m very happy to have her on our call today so welcome there you go well thank you nice to be here yes I’m really excited because David actually let me see some of the early advertising and magazines and these letters from Berkeley psychic Institute in the 80s I don’t isn’t that great come a long way oh yes yes indeed so I kind of jumped way far ahead but to get started with people that don’t know you Mary if you’d like to talk a little bit about yourself and your hello we always interview people and talk about their hello and how they got into this realm if you will and I just finish watching your spiritual woman leaders so we didn’t really have a gap like most people have so I like I think your story is very unique if you could tell the audience about your background well I was one of five children and when my mother died in a car accident and so there were five of us kids under six I was three right in the middle and you know that was a tremendous track for the family so my grandmother an aunt came to take care of us and you know they’d say oh honey your mom’s in heaven and all of us kids would go no she’s right there and we can see her as a spirit so you know we were sad that her body wasn’t there but we all saw her spirit and every one of us went into a spiritual path this lifetime so I really feel like you know at three you don’t get it totally what a gift it is because death always brings a tremendous gift but you know as you grow up you really see wow her leaving although that was a tragedy on one level was also the best gift because it kept all of our spiritual awareness intact for all of us so I think you know if that hadn’t happened and there hadn’t been so many of us that’s all the same thing we might have lost it like most kids do but it did keep it alive and well and so for me being psychic is always just been like breathing it’s just there and it’s very comforting I’ve worked a lot in in hospice helping people die works a lot in birth welcoming a new spirit into a body and caught handicapped kids I mean there’s so many different ways you can communicate with spirit so it’s been a great adventure and I must say I’ve missed my mother at many junctures in my life but she’s always right there a spirit so it’s easy to connect with her no no it’s cool quick Mary you said that you and your siblings were you know very aware of your mom as scary you don’t know there she is right there what not how was that with was your father the same was he wherever and how did he take to to you children being aware of her I think my dad my dad had been having an affair with his nurse with the doctor and so I think he was so guilty that he really just he became an atheist after her death was a young doctor he couldn’t save her right before seatbelts and so she broke her neck she died very you know instantly yeah and so I think you know he was so in his own grief bubble he really didn’t give much credence to stuff I in the spirits in the room as a kid and I can remember him saying oh there’s nothing there and you know you could 22 it and see the little spirit float by yeah I think kids pretty quickly learn you know if adults can have that or not know we just learned to stop talking about it hmm well I’ll let you what that happening in such a experience I’ve got the young age and being able to see your mother were you anyone else in your family did they have to get before you well do you think it’s right you know I don’t know so a triggers I think it with Marsha a trigger like my siblings I had two older than I my sister and a brother and we’re all very gentle spirits we all share a great sense of humor and a passion for life and they might I’m sure you know all kids are spiritually aware really when they go to school is when it gets turned off so I would say it’s such a strong trigger that all of us kept it intact and we do it different ways one’s a Sufi tour Buddhist one’s a yogi s lama a Swami so we all use or express it differently but we’re very open to each other’s paths then I have two brothers from a second marriage one’s a born-again Baptist and one’s a Catholic so you got the whole gambit there are you yeah yeah so yeah it’s um but we all dearly love each other and support each other on the you know each person’s path so it works I’m sure is very interesting on plenty dinner went like definitely yeah some of the spouses have gotten you know real education yeah yeah yeah but we are are really good friends half of them are politically one camp and the other camp so that’s about the only thing we don’t there’s too much heated discussion so that’s about the only thing we don’t talk about it family dinners it’s politics so that makes it easy yeah oh yeah now I referenced the magazines and the newsletters with perky berkeley psychic institute and you have mentioned that it never really turned off from you your psychic awareness at three years old so what was it like getting introduced to that group did you live at berkeley at the time did you move there as a teenager or college which are beginnings with the berkeley such identity I went through college in Kentucky and then I moved down to Florida and taught handicapped children’s birth to three and in the back of my mind I always was looking for my people you know where were other people I could connect with because I just knew there had to be other psychics um you know in the world inside narrowed it down to two places Berkeley in Boston and Boston just seem like stuck up and Berkeley seemed mellow and no more a little flower child myself so I drove in search of psychics I quit my job in Florida and I’ve never driven more than six or seven hours I don’t think at a time but I drove in search of psychics and got a reading at the Berkley psychic Institute and that was it I was home and so I sold an old classic jag I had and moved to Burke and you’ve started well you know that that was 1979 79 okay now 79 78 or 79 windows but that’s when I started and then within a year I was teaching at the ying-yang seminary you know for psychic kids so we had five kids and my boss soon and said well I want to hire you but you know we need to get more kids so I said all the kids down in meditation and said okay let’s call in all your friends and about 11 women in our community turned up pregnant and I went I thought they already have bodies but yeah so that was kind of a hoot you and kids will do that to you they have they’re just amazing at their ability this one little girl I can remember coming home at the gate you know and she said oh my mom’s pregnant that’s a boy and his name’s Jason I found it’s great Christian so when that mom came I said congratulations on the new baby and she goes I’m not pregnant and the next morning she comes in and she goes I’m pregnant what did you know and you know how the story goes it was a boy and they named him Jason they’re just amazing yeah yeah and they’re not trying they’re just playing they don’t know there’s everything oh it was a great experience so exactly I asked you working with children as an aside I I got my masters in early childhood I taught second grade I’m in the Big Brother Big Sister program you know so I love that but my question for you is you know you’ve had disability at 3 years old and you never turned it off but right I mean what is it like when you see the children leave that no limitation and then make it to adolescence and they pretty let’s lose it to be cool well you know it’s interesting the body is a powerful thing and when those hormones turn on around 12:00 somewhere between 12 and 13 you forget the world of spirit you go into the world of the body because the sexual hormones are so strong in both the male and the females that the body kind of takes them over and then so psyche it goes on the back seat and then it in the 20s it comes back it’s like you start to master some of that sexual energy and tension in the teenage years and then in the 20s you’ll see people starting to press their intuition again I think a lot of kids go through that cycle they had the answer what they want to fit in I personally you know I was so into spirit as a kid and I didn’t care what group I belong to I fit in any of them I never felt ostracized but I never cared about being in the in-crowd so I was kind of floated through things I think I was a kind child and very I had a lot of laughter I was accepted by people but um yeah I never really went through giving it up to fit in it just was always there and to me it’s not like common sense kind of we just had more empathy you can see where someone was coming from I used to play a game with in my mind it like if I met say David and his brother and moms and five minutes I could tell you that the you know the family agreement between them so it’s kind of a game I played as a kid reading each kid in their family and just noticing how each family was so different me and you know I didn’t take anything out but it was just normal to me yeah so looking at their agreements you were like well you’ll be back and I know when you’ll be back so have fun yeah yeah and you know just like oh you picked that mom because you know you’re creative and she has so much permission to have creativity or she’s working on her power and you want to learn about power of this lifetime so if you know what kind of agreement you made because there’s a soul you pick your parents more than they take you that’s a comforting thought well if you feel like you had a few shots of tequila before you went through the parents choosing line somebody always says I didn’t pick them I do yeah yeah yeah they’re cute so when you said that so within a year and after you started taking classes one that you started doing with the in Yang and oxley I mean for full disclosure I’ve known Mary for bottle know how long with 30 years I think at least more than that and yeah more than she was well you know my first clever boy a teacher the woman that taught me how to read and but I know you’ve taught a lot of other classes so what are the some of the other when you after starting with the yin-yang what were some of the other classes that you taught in the early days when you’re at BPI well I got meditation and the clément class like how to read and everybody’s clairvoyant it’s like everybody’s an artist and some of us on the stick-figure level and some of us are you know go towards more on the Lisa but most of us fall in the middle yeah everybody has spiritual ability if you’re alive you’re psychic it’s just you don’t think of it that way like we constantly read people you sit at the airport at a restaurant and you start to make up this story about that family across from you and what you know what’s happening in your even think of it you’re just you know your minds just playing and yeah most of the time if you went up and said oh by the way we’re just curious sure what is blah blah blah you would find that your button about right 90% of the time it’s really hard to make something up so I think the car Point class was my favorite and it’s just so there for anybody it’s just learning to play with it and that’s what I got from the kids is the reason they’re so capable is they’re playing you know adults we get really serious so if you’re having fun you see twice as much it really increases your awareness so that was a great gift they gave me was really being able to see more and more look that so that’s where kind of that theme is that theme of amusement and then Suzy Acton kind of comes from when teaching is because when you’re in that space you could you know everything’s is that no effort space right yeah or somebody or something you want to control someone you got you give them serious yeah because nothing can change when it’s serious but the minute you can get mildly amused about any facet of it you raise the vibration and you you don’t you’re not stuck anymore yeah if you’re stuck in this job you hate you just resist it and resist it there’s no motion you’re just it’s hideous it’s such a hard feeling you can at least be amused that you hate your job and you’re still there yeah it gives you just an ounce of energy to say okay I’m going to start looking for something else yeah you know making change yeah yeah yeah or just what’s change happen now talking about change in being in the flow it seems like on some level the way the more things change the more they stay the same and you had mentioned you are at the University of Kentucky you were working in Florida you’re like need to be around your Google and it’s really interesting here in Atlanta where people that were coming to Verizon the farther out they were the more outside of the city the more they felt ostracized and it was just really good to be inside we call it inside the perimeter so inside the bubble is where you can be more so around your people but overall it still seems like California may be the Northeast more so than the southeast the far as awareness or not the ability to be yourself right I would agree with that there are certain pockets that have a certain vibration like I moved to Boulder Colorado sight-unseen it had the right vibration and so for me it was like California was getting too polluted there was too much traffic took you an hour to drive across Berkeley it was just so many people and I’d been there 17 years and I was ready for a change and I just read the whole United States and I picked two places Boulder Colorado or the Blue Mountains of Australia and Australia’s a little far harder to visit people that you know that’s all right I’ll start in Boulder and so I just packed my car and move sight unseen I had a lady I’d read hope who I’d read her cup for a couple of years by phone and never met her she said oh you’re coming out you can stay with us that’s all right I’ll stay there a week until I find something and they had just built out us and a downstairs basement apartment and I came fourth of July it was like 104 degrees an unusual hot spell and that basement was so cool I’m like great I’ll take it so I moved in and hope and she was a massage therapist two of her friends wanted to learn how to protect themselves while they did body work so I started a little class and then they wanted more and I taught him how to read and then we started doing readings in the public and it’s just I never intended to do it I was going to work with kids and the center just started and 23 years old now and so it’s just there it went wow like a runaway train yeah you know we go ahead and never spent I thought yeah I hope I thought when you went to Boulder that was wish you went there for was to go open the center I didn’t know that you originally that wasn’t the plan Wow yeah never was the plan well okay and then we we went out a once a month for five years to Vermont and then down to Atlanta yeah and you know taught there and then Joanne was such a natural for running that Center because we didn’t have any desire to you know to run a center in Atlanta we just were helping everybody ready and then you know she was such a shoo-in we were so lucky to have her and same with Vermont we taught them and they couldn’t quite get it together in the same way Joanne strands an old soul and they were a little bit more competitive in Vermont but they did actually form a couple of little centers later so we just felt like you know it was the right thing to go and help wherever we could and we’ve done the same in Chicago yeah yeah one who Devine yes so how was it decided that I don’t know Atlanta even come up how to do decide to even come here was there someone already here or Jim about whittle down there okay just okay and I worked with Jim he and I knew each other from BPI and so he invited me to come down there and teach and it just clicked and so then he moved on and we just kept going okay yeah and then kind of he came back and we left it was kind of interesting it’s been back and forth yeah yeah and here’s another great news normally he was likely my hello and oh nine I was more of a late book yeah I was wonderful person I could you know read a book and no one front the back but it became more experienced on in nine with Jim and what was interesting is he had one of those weekend’s you know introductory weekend and then I think he’s gone a mount shaft or something afterwards and there was a group here that was going with him and I was going to go to you and they had said we might not want to go and I’m like what do you mean and they said before you do that there’s someone here would like to introduce you to and they introduced me to Joanne and I would say the rest is history but I always loved that or you know there’s no accidents like you were saying it goes in the flow because they’re really interesting just sitting with Joanne on multiple occasions and you have different psychics that come in capable or not even known they were capable and they didn’t hold their space and because they weren’t able to hold their space they had so much upheaval in their lives so learning the basic tools in my opinion I think everyone should know the fundamentals before moving forward oh yeah and if you’re hard that in school you know like the kids we have it’s like ground you don’t really find your head find the center of your head and we called it their concentration space it was like you know how you’re thinking space you’re your bubble inside your head so it makes taking a test or learning really easy as a psychic teacher you learn how to teach to the child I don’t know like they might see the equation two plus two equals four in a straight line or they might see two over two with a line under it is four or they might see for you know four objects so it’s like teaching to each method the way each child learns if kind of a fun challenge is a psychic teacher how do you hold that space for each child to learn their own way and still get the material some kids are very tactful some are very mathematical so you know it’s really kind of a fun challenge the work was like it is before we had gotten on with you David and I were talking about the time where horizon had visited year since the Cape and I was you know a little jealous because before my time but you know when I was there we did our local little trips to different places and unknown war I’ve heard that was your Center you guys go to Brazil every year to John of God I’d love for you to talk about that a lot of people go down to Abidjan yeah and when I first met John of gonn it was actually in Atlanta the first came to Atlanta he only came to Atlanta once and you know we had heard of him as a healer I’d never met him yet so I said to a group let’s go down and we’ll just hold space for him and so they you know in trade they let us you know be there and we just ran what they call the current room where you just ran the vibration of love I didn’t go down even for a healing it was just you know to hold that space so that he could steal people that needed it and we all did get healing but it really wasn’t why we went to me running love for eight hours a day if you can’t get healed doing that you’re dead I mean the energy was just um using and people would hit that door and they’d walk in with all this crap all the problems all the pain and they’d hit this pure vibration of a hundred of us just holding the energy of love and I mean they just start bawling before they ever got their healing they’re walking through this vibration and it was just amazing one it was really impressive and then they went from the room we were in the current room into the healing room so that was the next phase of it and that’s where the physical healing took place and I’ve experienced psychic surgery on many different levels so physically where they go inside the body and you know if someone’s hands in your stomach going Cardinal could you can smell the copper sense of the blood and it’s a very real feeling so he does some of those kinds of healings and some invisible healings so I next met him in New York at Omega Institute and that’s where he goes to now is to Omega Institute and I think they don’t do the same kind of n body healing like the Philippine Healing healers do from the Philippines yeah so it’s a little bit different model but down in Brazil there’s a lot more of that so yeah it’s just a really special place and there’s something about when you go down there and everything around you is surrounded by love you start to remember who you are because as a soul that’s all we are is love and all these problems are issues that we work on really is just a cry for help to return to that state of love and that’s what he does as far as helping you find that now there’s a lot of controversy over jhana God is he you know if yet plaque is he you know powerful yet on and one thing you want to remember is he’s a medium so he channels many different beings that come through that do healing because he’s an open channel to so many sometimes the dark one can slip in there as well as the beings of light I think for the most part I would say he does a really good job I do think sometimes he can get pulled off track by a sweet young thing if any man can and you know he might have made some mistakes I haven’t experienced that with him I really enjoyed my experience with him but I have heard you know those stories too so it’s just you know if he’s the right healer for you you’ll be attracted yeah it’s a great thing if you can go down and spend you know two weeks it’s very reasonable I think the airfares the the big cost but I have you know friends of mine that take people down and act as their guides and so it works really well so yeah I I like him I’ve had a great healing coming yeah David and I were looking at two scenarios Myrna and Ann intenders group that meets weekly and the intenders group they want to go down with John of God in the near future I think next month or so but at a giant birthday party in May there was an interest in going to Peru for our local retreat so we’re trying to compare the two have you had experience in going to quarry law well I haven’t but I have a good friend who did and she liked the experience she didn’t physically like the ayahuasca for her it was too strong but she loved the whole you know like Vision Quest mmm and so you know I think it’s really individual it’s kind of like Chinese medicine some people really resonate with it I like the acupuncture that’s much more my style than like the herbs the earth and I don’t resonate with them but I like the echo puncture points with the meridians where it opens the line you know channels yeah and I think it’s similar it’s like really listen to what your truth is your body will tell you yeah and so you know that neither of them are better than the other they’re just tools to help you find yourself and the thing that struck me so much about Donna God was when I got the healing I saw where I was stuck on a picture from like 12 years ago by the time I went I was like oh I was holding energy where I hadn’t forgiven myself or another person for a disagreement and I was like wow that’s what’s causing pain in my body isn’t that amazing yeah crystal clear and so in two minutes I could forgive myself in that person and the pain disappeared yeah Wow so yeah you know I think you can get insight from anything it’s just really listening to where you feel drawn and responding absolutely I was just thinking about holding the space when you said you guys go every year it just reminded me initially of people that go to you know a psychic fair every month right where they’re giving seniority to the reader as opposed to being empowered to coming using their own pool to find out on their own so I was just thinking when people go every year that more so for his benefit or for their benefit and you know I think you know what I experience is I don’t see like any of my students the same ones going every here okay I see the ones that go yearly or more the ones that are group leaders and they take other people down a Kate Goes Down I think three or four times a year and she’ll take a group of 20 and help them through the process and yes she does get healings when she’s down there it’s just kind of part of you can’t be there and not get a healing again it’s like walking into that room and it’s so saturated with the vibration of love you can’t help that get healed yeah so you know it’s like breathing but I see people you know that have got terminal things that go down you know that to me is more a reason if you want but not just chase of a particular psychic because they’re you know famous you’re not see I’m doing that yeah is there a particular time of year that you guys ago no I would say the group usually goes down in the spring we’re my nightly you know again they’re like yeah there’s four times that they tend to go or with you know Kate takes four groups down so I think it’s a matter of you know how booked the Casa is and when they can get the that time you know for a group so yeah it just kind of depends on you know life I was thinking more of a look at collaboration where you know like a whole lot the horizon floats from Atlanta will deal with the boulder people ah that would be fun wouldn’t it absolutely here once you get psychic surgery down there there’s no drinking or having sex for 30 days oh yeah because your body done a whole different vibration you know just get a healing and walk out it goes on for a long time yeah so yeah you got to do your partying way before I will say this you’re welcome to come up anytime you want to the center whether you come by yourself or you come together or you bring a group doesn’t matter to me we’ll find you someplace to stay and yeah well undeveloped before we came on air I was telling them about that trip when Joanne had brought you know her right you know a bunch of the students over and I think I drove up from Albuquerque and I was kind of Hans I said yeah we had a I think we ended up going to Michael’s lecture that weekend Mike said that you had a house full of people and you were letting people crash there you know because people were coming in from out of town and stuff and the spending on the hotel so we just have people every will be room and just couches and yeah but it was great man we had a great great time it really was fun yeah we have a big house seven now we’re older and so we you know pared down yeah but when we have the big house it was really fun because if we just have it people visiting all the time we just loved it yeah what am I did yeah good yes I solo become visit so I see there’s a lot of people there cuz you know house full of psychics it was just you couldn’t help but have a good thing so everything is fun you’re just laughing and it’s just so much fun it’s a you know they have kindred souls and really everybody has it so when you get that connection it’s like you don’t even have to explain everything you’re just in the right sync in other what just flows and yeah I have a funny question for you Mary so with regards to partying if you will have you seen the difference when you’ve worked both up with birth and you worked in the hospice have you signed it would use the analogy of a party that it’s the same like there’s so much excitement for being able to incarnate again and do you see the same as I’m excited because I’m going back home oh yeah it is so similar and you know they’re both so sweet I love death that sounds so strange but it’s such an honor to sit you know what somebody as bad as they’re dying and just you know hold that space so that they’re safe and it’s just such a sweetness you’re going back into nothing but love and the only judgement is what you hold against yourself there’s no judgement on the other side it isn’t about right and wrong how we’ve been kind of programmed it’s more about what did you learn so if you make a mistake it’s like great what are you learning from it and how does that change you as a person as a soul if you think about it you know these bodies we have them for a lifetime and release them and then we take another one and you’re learning like what do you want to be for eternity you want to be everlasting peace continuous comprehension undying love wouldn’t you want to be as a soul for eternity and so you’re starting to create that through all the learnings of these bodies and it expands you as a spirit so you start to encompass more and more and wherever you die you take that information with you so on the other side you still have it in the next lifetime you pick a higher you know a different kind of life using that information it’s really interesting I said my dad became an atheist and you know all of us kids are spiritual so we’re like Oh dad it’s going to be so great you’re going to be so excited he’s like I am what yeah that is awesome and he’s like okay so time he actually got down to like the last two days he would start to say now I know it’s going to happen to me I’m gonna die and I’ll be cremated and wanting to be buried in his rose garden and he’d say but what about those guys up there what kind of happened to them we started to see spirit and so we were able to touch to him about that and his biggest anguish was he was a brilliant man he’d done medical school and you know learned all these things and he wanted to give his brain to someone he said it’s just criminals that all that information dies when I die it should go to someone so that they could take it the next leg of the journey and it’s like you get to take it with you it’s not going to end and he just could hardly fathom that so he was very excited when he got to the other side took him a little while and he’s like you’re right this is pretty cool yeah fun to see that shift because this fears like reading a book when you first start you don’t know much about the characters but by the end of the book you feel like you know you’ve known them a long time if it’s a really good book and you see the whole picture and it’s the same when you die it’s like oh I finally was right here in here but wow I was way off but this I got you know this I really learned a lot about so it’s kind of fun and it’s the same with birth with these babies coming in and these ones that came in you know so Aware’s I was just amazing working with them and they’d open their eyes and there was that spirit you’ve been talking to you for nine months eyes open you know hello big as you please right they’re just amazing and it look around if you like oh my god I know we could just divide at your total hole oh I know exactly what you’re talking about here yeah a David I would tell a story on you David David we used to call the gentle giant casitas he lived in one of the houses and when the kids came to school in the daytime David would been way down and they hold onto his little finger and totter across the floor and I don’t know who was more in love those babies are David it was just sweet auditioning I was yeah it was just incredible so look here I was I was a trawler to hearing the stories anyway it comes to babies matter whatever it was never a big deal to you I know you were around it all the time but for me it was and just real quick I’ll tell one when I guess you guys are going on a field trip me one day and the day before I remember you were telling one of the little kids it was a boy and he had like he had chickenpox sir or what’s the other one measles or something one of those q and you were telling him that he has to heal with a self up or he can’t go to the field trip and boy he came the next day and he didn’t have a mark on his face yeah if anything blew me away and you just like as well could really do this also I couldn’t believe it I really would look like and then thank you baby was like fine see like oh yeah how they were amazing they really are yeah and it’s just a purist love you know it just really they’re straight from source all that love it no cure yeah yeah just love you there’s no judgment yeah yeah now when you have a question as far as compatibility because just going back you were talking about Kentucky Florida and you went to Berkley and over Boston and you wanted to be around your people so and you’ve been married for considerable amount of time did you meet with your husband in this space also or totally opposite no totally opposite and you know when I first started day getting him with so much fun we just had a great time together but I kept thinking in the back of my mind well he’s not a psychic so you know I’m not going to end up with him for life so we date we were again just best friends and I’d say okay you know let’s do this relationship class because you know eventually we’re going to find different people and so we would we do these books on relationships and you know you’re telling each other your guts honesty because we both want we’d be with different people and so we broke up for a little while and then you know if we just kept being attracted back together like a little magnets cuz we just have so much fun we do a garden together and you know a couple weeks into it yeah you’re back in the sack again just you know having a grand time then they just kept going and it was like are we just going to be best friends are we you know it’s just going to really go anywhere and obviously it did I did with him 33 years but you know it just goes back and forth but we’re still just us friends we laugh we have the best time but we’re in totally different you know occupations he is what I would call a house healer either remodeler but he changes the energy when he does it so here’s this kind of quiet guy you know and he’s in the background and he’s remodeling somebody’s house and they go oh my god it feels so different and he doesn’t even he doesn’t now recognize what a healer he is but for many years you just say oh you know I just fix the color of the pie or whatever it was the tremendous little healer so you know he totally gives me space to do my thing and he remodels houses and we have it you know we just have a great time together to have fun to have that kind of relationship where you really know each other a person gets you good days are bad yeah it’s not setting a limitation like I’m only going to meet a psychic great if we’re all connected you’re not using any separation so when I was first met him I did have that picture and boy I really realized you know that was a mistake he didn’t have to be a psychic he just had to give me the space to you know let me do my thing and I let him through his so we agreed not to change each other and it worked perfect Wow lived out your high school yearbook don’t ever change yeah oh my goodness yeah only it’s a good thing we didn’t make nice but we would have really been in trouble I have mercy yeah so you mentioned you know what the things that you enjoy when you were teaching children and stuff what is it about the like wow we’re teaching when you’re working with adults I think it’s watching that light bulb go off in their head again most people come in and they’re in some stress they’re trying to figure out how to manage their life then you give them some energy tools that make it easier but you also really teach them that honey life is meant to be enjoyed there’s certain things like Anita Moorjani who’s dying to be me that often he wrote that books yeah he came back and she said you know in heaven it’s like you know when you hold that new baby and you’re looking out their eyes here you get that warmth in your heart or you look at you know your honey and you have this intense passion for each other and love those feelings you don’t have when you’re on the other side you have love but it’s in a whole different level so having a body is really a tremendous gift food is another one different pains and sensations so sometimes on the other spine they can be jealous not really jealous but and the us having these experiences that go hand in hand with having a body where when we’re down here we can look up there pop but you know and say you come down here and run a potty you know it’s too easy if your spirit yeah you know go through these growth periods that these bodies go through so I think helping adults find their joy like really love your life widget so you get up every day and you’re like we’re here I’m here it’s a brand new day like yesterday doesn’t even exist yeah you’re the sum total of everything you’ve learned but you can’t hold on to something that happened 30 years ago it’s a waste of your effort what you can do is take that wisdom and you know be present right where you are right now and then move forward I think teaching adults getting them back on track so that they really love living is my highest joy as a teacher mmm it’s really seeing them turn onto their own life yes and there’s life again yeah and even with their partner it’s like you can be married you know and never lose that spark because you don’t hold anything against each other it’s always fresh and you start over every day it’s like so yeah is that who are you then you get to know each other all over again in a different way so it builds on that relationship I think you know that sometimes what we miss as adults is that freedom and that awareness to move forward Oh a lot of wisdom in that answer that was a great answer Thanks I know Mary that you I think it’s once a month you do what is called I think the Gees Jesus channeling is that what it’s called that’s what it’s called okay and I wanted you to know I’ll just talk about that about how that gets all got started and how long you’ve been doing it for okay I went to one of my favorite teachers on the whole planet the Philip Burleigh and Phillips was in Arizona he’s now moved to California and his group is aim AI m adventures and mastery and and then fell up up in Mount Shasta and there’s something about him it’s like being in the presence of a saint it’s like there’s this calm around him that you just don’t experience and the integrity he holds is just amazing and so we became very good friends and I just really love him like I do a brother and he’s happily married I’m happily married and none of that but it’s just it’s just this love connection and so he does readings and he channels ain’t germane and in my reading you get to ask like six or seven questions and st. Germain and I were having a great time talking and you said and by the way Jesus says it’s high time you start to channel him and I just kind of sat there for a minute going holy Toledo okay I really was kind of taken back and I’m like why me and he was like well he really likes your sense of humor you have a little bit of irreverence at times and he was really the same kind of teacher that you are and you know people have this picture of him that he’s very solemn or he’s very I don’t know serious and he really has a tremendous sense of humor and he would like to work with you because of your humor and your ability to you know Express truth your vibration is high enough I was like okay and I got off the phone and I called hope my partner and I said you will not believe what I got from home work we were having I’m like oh my god how am I going to do this because there’s a lot of pictures yeah price sat down and I meditated st. Germain’s suggested meditating at the same time every day and just working within they took about a year and they worked a lot on my crown chakra raising the vibration so that we could match energy and then I started you know and now it’s it’s a lot easier I always get a little nervous the night of it it’s like I didn’t come what if I’m not good enough space anyhow he laughs at me so hard it’s disgrace and the vibration again it’s like if you’re in the room and people do it on the phone as well you can just feel the energy in the room it’s so high and so strong and I always feel like when he’s done it’s like it takes me about a half an hour to feel totally solid again it’s almost like the body feels molecular and to just bring that energy down to just you know and I tease him all the time it’s like and you want to come through a female body are you crazy dude you know because women are you know we’re always worrying about some center you know getting something done and so he just laughs it’s just a really a fun relationship and I feel I feel that blessing to be part of it so you know it’s it’s getting out of the way and letting him speak and talk on whatever he’s going to talk on and I read the transcript because it you know a lot of it some of it I guess a lot of it I don’t so it’s really fun to read the transcript okay yeah I was just going to ask you do you remember do you recall the sessions or are they just some of it okay some of it more I recall the energy more than anything mmm but if you know again it’s so sweet there’s just so much love for us and nobody’s judging us it’s just it’s the opposite it’s like really love who you are you’re given this incredible opportunity to be in these bodies and just you know really celebrate your life man it’s like you know the wind playing through a flue this is like you know source move through us it’s like just show up be the love no matter what it is it’s easy with you know each other because we’re kind of in the same page but it’s really hard sometimes with people we don’t agree with can you love a terrorist can you love someone who’s a different political field can you love someone you’re afraid of and it’s just like holding that love 24/7 and you learn to step into that so I would say that’s what I’ve learned from him plus just you know it’s it’s so sweet this is an amazing experience yeah yeah that’s actually a great way to end the segment off of that I don’t know how we could top that but I know there would be an interest in finding out about when you do the channeling and I’m a digital marketer I must say that I love your website it’s very nice it’s very clean you have the social media the sign up for the newsletter everything is so simple to navigate through but for our audience if you can give your contact information so they can get more information sure our website is psychic horizons center.org you can email us at hello at psychic horizon Center our phone numbers three oh three four four oh seven one seven one and you’re always welcome to join us almost all of our classes you can do by phone as well as in-person if you’re ever up in Boulder come hang out we love companies families definitely Mary I definitely enjoyed our talk with you today David yeah any last words David I have so much from stayed where I don’t even know where to start but I know that’s why I was like we better cut it off now give us like eleven three hours later no I just want to say thank you so much for coming on and you know we have talked about interviewing you and finally we’re doing it and I feel like we can just we’re probably going to have to do a part two at some point in time because I know there’s so much more we like to talk about so sure I’ll be there yeah okay awesome thank you very merry yes go until until next time guys this is David and Hamza with intrinsic motivation and we’ll check you out at our next podcast god peace out Dave [Music]

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