What is Opioid Crisis – Interview With Janet Colbert of STOPP Now

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land you are in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and we have a really interesting guest today we had a guest a few months ago and she had we were talking about anxiety and post-traumatic stress and Beverly certainly for those that listen to the podcast she is in Australia and she was mentioning that in Australia you have more suicides associated with addiction and just the after-effects of war then you had people that actually died in war in Australia and on the other side of that the guest that we have today miss Janet Coulter she is the author of stop now stop the organised pill pushers and brief story she’s like myself she’s a transplant from tri-state and moved to Florida like half of that state and while working and living in Broward County as a nurse she noticed that there is a huge hopefully opioid epidemic happening there so much so in 2016 there been more overdose death in the u.s. than during the entire Vietnam War without further ado I like to welcome Janet over to the podcast local Janet thank you very much Hamza and thank you David as well yes thanks for being here yeah um you know it’s I want to get your as a side note there’s a lot of comedy relief or comic relief for the state of Florida it seems like in that state so much goes on and so much is observed by the rest of the country like this could never happen anywhere what is your take on that I know and you know we used to be known for our beautiful beaches which they’re still there but this opiate epidemic is really at the epicenter for the United States is in Broward County Florida and Florida should be very ashamed of that that distinction for our state and I started out I was a neonatal nurse taking care of drug-addicted babies and we had no idea why on our unit we had so many babies all of a sudden and you know so I started writing letters to politicians and telling them about this and at the same time my friend lost her son Lane to this and before he died he did have an overdose he went down he went to the hospital a hospital called her and he told her then all about the pill mills that were in Broward County Florida we had no idea 150 just in Broward County more than McDonald’s more than Starbucks so I started writing letters to politicians and I thought as soon as I let them know about this these babies they’ll do something and they haven’t you know the drug addicted babies has gone up a thousand percent in Florida so just this year I am very proud to say we are getting legislation that’s going to begin July 1st in Florida the three day limit on opiate prescribing during acute phase and doctor education and mandate that they check the prescription drug monitoring program which is the database before writing a prescription and so I hope that that helps because like you say the deaths or every year they escalate more and more there’s no end in sight now when when you have events well I mean especially the be at the forefront of this happening when you were neo in the neonatal nurse when did you first start observe it and like what time frame was this that you noticed that something is not right I started the organization in 2010 and it was I’d say you know maybe six months prior to that we kept saying what’s what’s going on why do we have so many babies on our units that are addicted to drugs and there’s you know and when I was calling the politicians and asking them to do something about this and not getting response I wanted you know then I would write back and I’d be like you know if you don’t care about these babies lives think about you could end the national debt I mean our babies are in this hospital sometimes months and months now this is the intensive care unit and they’re using all the disciplines so physical therapy speech therapy the farm deeds the neonatologist nurses you know the the bill is astronomical versus a normal two day in and out delivery so you know even that it’s taken all these years for us to get legislation in Florida and but see the drug companies they have a lot of power a lot of money they’re they own everything I mean there are no tentacles are everywhere no Broward County that’s South Florida yeah first thing I would think of that’s a little off kilter is Miami Vice and Miami Vice was popular because they were actually highlighting all of the trafficking that was synonymous with Miami you know there is one saying that the the the Belmont or the skyline was built on on on Portland non-pharmaceutical drugs and with with Broward County being right outside that hub is it fallout or just over overflow from what’s happening in Miami well no actually Broward County had was much greater affected by the opioid epidemic than even date I mean it’s everywhere it’s in every state in the United States and every city but Broward County was the worst but what you’re talking about is drugs coming in and of course we’re a peninsula so there’s ocean from every side and there that but you know and I’ve often said I think Trump does need to put a wall around Mexico but it puts needs to put one around Big Pharma first because made on it yeah eight out of ten heroin users start with that not so innocent prescription pain pill and if we could I know they’re not going to stop production of the opiate like they did with the quaaludes in nineteen four because there was too many deaths and of course it’s as far as to pass that but if we could stop that influx and that you know that prevalence of pills everywhere we could stop the demand for heroin and there wouldn’t be that much of a you know we would end that problem mm-hmm what now politically you mention we don’t usually talk about politics on our show but yeah there was a huge position on a wall around Mexico and a lot of people in the states we had a couple of people Arizona’s another hard-hit state like I was talking about opioid abuse there and they were saying well are you going to build a wall around your local CVS and and so I noticed when you when we watch the commercials and they’re talking about prescription drugs and they have you know the big disclaimer and they speak really fast at the end of the commercial in you’re talking about a lot of people start on the epidemics because they’re on a guess for lack of a better term and Gateway what’s a better approach to a one get relief so that this never so this doesn’t even happen well limited opiate prescribing will help they were after an injury or sometimes a tooth extraction some people got addicted from a trip to the dentist off there’s something that should not cause you to be in rehab centers so you know they were giving a 30-day supply many times after a simple operation or like I say a sports injury something like that so the three-day limit will help there they’re saying that there’s such a high risk after taking it for five days addiction so if we can limit to three days that will help there’s also I mean there’s so much corruption agreed with this you know I’m sure you heard about all the lawsuits and everything against the pharmaceutical companies I mean they were paying doctors to write books about the under treatment of pain in America and that this that when they first marketed they were saying it is not addictive and of course none of that is true so many I mean if there is a doctor now that doesn’t know how addictive this pill is he must be living under a rock but I mean the avenue of the pill mills and that they’re still over prescribing doctors in florida they’re just not as blatant as they used to be there was a 10-page ads in this little magazine called New Times that was you know free on the beach and in various places and they would advertise all the pill mills in there and they were you know doctor so-and-so is gone no more questions asked no Florida license required you know they were given free ten visits and one and then your offices it’s free there was a taxicab that was driving all through town with the banner on top Roxie’s three dollars offices it’s two hundred and fifty dollars oh yeah they were so blocking about what they were doing but see it’s legal these are legal drugs and most of the owners of the pain clinics were already convicted felons but they had to have a doctor in there so they advertised on Craigslist and headhunters and they got a doctor in there I paid him a half a million dollars just just signed his name to a prescription pad and all day long every patient that walked in there got the same thing oxycodone xanax and Selma in exorbitant amount yeah why why do you think this was such as I mean you said that all you know all the states have some problem to some degree why was Florida such as my stronghold for all this I guess our lacks laws and it took a while to start to put some laws in effect and when I first I you know I started holding protests in front of these pain clinics doctors are killing people and you know things like that and then I was in the newspaper and parents came out to join me that had lost their child to this I mean they didn’t all start out on the joyride so I’m the course some of them did but they didn’t all start out that way and but it’s a very deadly mistake that if they took a half a pill from a friend or whatever and then they could just walk into the pill mills at any age there was no you know I mean public she couldn’t walk in and get a beer but someone under 18 can walk into a pill mill and get all those pills so you know it was legal like I say it was illegal and there was no consequences at all to the doctors or to the pain clinic owners when we were out there protesting and dad has started to change you do see matter of fact in the back of the book I do have where a doctor was charged with first-degree murder I went to his murder trial every day I tend to back aside I wanted to be there so you know that they are getting sent to jail now yeah so Jennifer for those that don’t know what exactly is a pill mill they just wrote prescriptions and exorbitant amounts and there was really no diagnosis there was no health issue they would just the lines were wrapped around the building and and nobody really knew what was going on I mean when I’d speak at PTA meetings and civil organizations they would go oh we saw and we thought they were wow they’re really doing something about Arthur right I should stuff you know and I’m like no no that’s all they are you know and then and then different stores would call us they were they were in these storefronts with you know a laundromat and a psych thing and I mean all different businesses were in this strip mall and sometimes the business would call us and say hey can you come out here in protest these people are you know coming there they’re affecting our business by being here so when either that or you know people would call us from the neighborhoods and things like that and we’d go out and protest in front of them and bring attention to it what they were doing now what’s your what’s your take on on the pill mill in the fact that the way I imagine but I the year to expert on this I just want to get more of a historical viewpoint about ten years ago there were you know a lot of news stories about people going to Canada because they couldn’t pay for their prescription here in the States do you think that the pill mill proliferation is because the response to that where they can get they can get what they need at a cheaper cost they look going the traditional route that that’s like a completely separate issue the pill mill the only thing they prescribed was oxycodone xanax and Soma they want high blood pressure and you know what you’re talking about there’s people that need medications for you know various illnesses we only Gintama illnesses this is nothing like that you know it was legal drug dealing I mean even our Attorney General was calling them doctors drug dealers and white coats and I’d be writing why aren’t you doing something about it then you know yeah well with all the money involved Janet I mean I imagine at times it has to feel like a pill battle because you know work there’s a lot of money involved is that you just go away anytime yeah well one time at work I somebody asked me how is your project College and I was like oh god it’s like David fighting Goliath and he’s like but you never won that one right so yeah we’re still at it but it does get very very disheartening and I mean all this homeless definitely effect of that and now there’s the sober homes that are all over mostly Delray Beach more so than Broward County but that’s like pill mill chapter to anybody and they’re just starting to get laws for that anybody could open up a sober home and there was one man that was arrested in the sober home so they were charging overcharging for urine drug screens and part of recovery can be relapsed but the man that was arrested was giving the people in the home heroin and then testing them and they’re they’re not clean again so they need about 30 days and I mean there was such horribleness going on so we’ve got that problem now – just to add another change and the Florida farmer there yeah well I haven’t I have a david-and-goliath question for you Janet because earlier this year they have that parkland shooting and you know when that happened that the high school kids galvanized got together and they wound up you know making national news and some of the backlash from a Goliath standpoint some of the least stations I remember they were taunting that that one high school student that was I guess quote-unquote the leader because he didn’t get into one you know one of these prestigious schools that he applied for and she put his business out there and so as a result he got on social media and galvanized people again and so much so that the advertisers of this popular TV show had withdrawn their advertising dollars and and other companies that also advertise during the show also pulled their money so the the speaker you know the the head of that show had to publicly apologize but the damage was already done are you doing any part any type of electronic or digital outreach so people know like where these craigslist ads are or letting people know on Twitter you know they’ve moved across the street type of deal well we were out there holding protest signs in front of them but and bringing attention to them but I know that part of them what a tragedy what a tragedy that was and and like you say money talks so if they the advertisers pull from that and then things begin to change and and the fact that the drug companies have so much money and and the politicians are taking so much money from them if if I’m telling them I need you to do something to save lives but they’re at the back door they’re handing them their their next campaign you know and then they were all going that way but like I say this year I have seen a change I mean I was not able to get for so many years on the 3-day limit on opiate prescribing and I wanted to mandate that the physicians must use the PDMP before they place an order for a prescription and I couldn’t get it but this year I I mean I saw it all change right in front of my eyes it was like unbelievable governor’s got declared a state of emergency and then all of these same politicians that I would call and say I need you to sponsor a bill for this then they go Oh unless you get the approval from the FMA the Florida Medical Association I can’t do that and I’m like well why are you in office you know why are you there and this year they all did it and every and I watching the committee hearings and every one of them passed unanimously and there’d be doctors testifying that we’re saying oh no three days we might need more and this could happen that could happen and I could see they they were like we’re voting for this this year this is going to happen and it was amazing to see so it was ten oh well you know it wasn’t just me believe me it wasn’t just me but I mean I was wonderful to see and this is what we need across our you know on a national level to I don’t know if you saw that sixty minutes interview that they did with a DEA whistleblower no months ago okay they brought out a story about Moreno he he sponsored a bill that and this is in Washington he sponsored a bill that tied the hands of the DEA so I I had and this story is in my book I had been to Marsha Blackburn office in 2014 in Washington DC because she did co-sponsor that bill and I gave her the court documents I had from DEA versus Walgreens and I mean you should see the atrocities that these but and I said this is what’s flying off our shelves down here you know don’t sponsor this bill and of course she did anyway but now she’s trying to run for the Senate and she’s saying how she is against the opiate epidemic and she said that bill when questioned about it she said that bill had unintended consequences well there’s a bill now out there it’s House bill 408 for in Senate bill 1962 repeal that amendment and give the power back to the DEA so they can go in and take care of these rogue pharmacies she hasn’t signed it and I called her office I emailed her legal assistant and I’m like if she wants to undo this unintended consequence that she caused why hasn’t she signed this bill and she still hasn’t signed it I just checked yesterday so you know actions speak louder than words and on my website my website is stopped now calm and that’s sto P P stands for stop the organized pill pushers now so stop now calm under current projects I do have what I’m currently working on and that’s that is a bill that if everyone would call their representatives and Senators and ask them to make sure they sign on to that bill because we need the DEA and we DEA law enforcement as all as we have had for a very long time we haven’t had legislators until like I say this year what I saw in Florida was a complete change oh yeah I’m thinking that guy did it I’m gonna say Janet you know besides all the devastation that the obvious devastation of this epidemic and this might sound like kind of like a funny question but is there any gain from them I mean not just from selling all these and that kind of problem but from and I guess what I’m talking about is like creating a problem and hey lo and behold here’s a solution to it so is there any gain from creating this so they’re selling gaining on some kind of level of creating this problem knowing that this is what’s going to happen it in a we’re going to come with some kind of solution or something some angle besides a lot of you know the the drug companies are making billions and billions from this but and also now to answer your question they’re writing in on their white horse and they have what’s called m80 medically assisted treatment that at blocks the opiates site so now they’re also making billions on providing medically assisted treatment for this vivitrol and i don’t know if you’ve heard of that but the thing is there’s there’s a group it’s called addiction Policy Forum now the founder of that was a drug lobbyists and the pharmaceutical companies are paying her her her organization is funded by big pharma she was standing in front of Congress telling them how to allocate the billions of done that they were just given for you know to end this opiate epidemic and it’s all going well a lot of it is going to the drug companies for this m80 yeah and I’m like well how about fewer pills how about cutting production by half and let’s see what happens instead of you know oh that’s I mean they that’s what I’m saying their tentacles are everywhere yeah cuz like I even brought that up because it just reminds me of you know you know you can be watching TV and an advertisement will come up for some and I I knew you know some kind of new disorder as you never heard or before and and they have a magic pill for this disorder and I kind of jokingly say to you know whoever’s in the room I’m like well you know I’m not interested in sorter I’ll wait till a couple months when they come up with a new one now be interesting that one are just are just not taking anything I needed so and in my appendix a and my bath I have the CDC guidelines they should be instituted into law that would help and then I have an appendix B I have the letter that was sent from the US Surgeon General to every physician in the United States saying we are partly responsible for this and let’s see what we can do to end it no I’m thinking Jen and I’m thinking about the Vietnam War since you’re you know you’re talking you made reference to it and you know and I wasn’t born then but just you know just my dad was in Vietnam and in disarming other people there there was discussion that there was so much backlash for that war because for the first time but before the first time a majority of Americans had televisions so they could actually see what was happening you know they had a visual and you had first come upon this back in 2010 and you know you’re seeing these babies I’m just wondering what type of if there is a documentary in the works of you know this is eight years later this child was eight to ten years old and this is the time they have to deal with is there any discussion about just looking at how much damage has already been done they I think that it’s almost too early to have the research on it what happens to them but I what I’ve heard was some ADHD problems things like that but the bigger bigger problem far greater problem is we’re running out of foster care beds our DCF which is department of children and family services are completely overwhelmed there are way too many cases and I had a doctor write me when I was out there protesting and he saw me in the newspaper and he wrote to me that two-thirds of the cases that they go out are called out on one or two of the caregivers or both substance abuse and there’s so many deaths from children in these homes due to neglect or sometimes torture so that is that is such a horrible problem such you know and and it won’t end until we can do something about this epidemic this opiate epidemic we’ve got to get I mean half our society well I don’t know that’s that’s just are usually a very factual so half our society I can’t say is on drugs but but it seems like it and like I say the homeless situation and a lot of them are on drugs it’s caused from the drugs and alcohol and you know and like I say these children’s situation and are being raised in these homes it’s really sad question to that so the first part I was thinking about was you know many moons ago I was a teacher and Colin I talked like in grade and when I taught some of the students at the time were going through the crack epidemic so you know there was a lot of disruption with those kids and it was a it was a middle-class school – it wasn’t a lower-class school and so my first part is are you see are you eight there enough research that can segment portions of the population and based off of income and the second part of that question is when you mentioned homelessness you know a lot of vets are homeless so yeah there been any research as to what percentage of the population are actually vets they are the Veterans Administration there was a few articles on that regarding how many of them are addicted and there was a case where the parents were telling the doctor don’t give him anymore he’s he’s addicted to this and the guy had an overdose and died like there on the facility so the Veterans Administration has done a complete turnaround and you know the thing is that you can’t just cut them off and not give them any anymore after years and years and years you have thrown pills at them I mean it’s not a good treatment option but to do that for yours and then just cut them off isn’t good either so it’s a real it’s a real dilemma but I think if we start to prescribe differently to not anyone walks in and they throw pills at them to have a different and physical therapy I understand only part of it is covers so then the people are out of pocket quite a bit so there needs to be a whole change in how we’re treating patients that are in pain there’s also you know the elderly it’s it’s not just this age group in their 20s and they’re junkies and and that was like a big bonus to the drug companies that well of course they’re dying they’re drug addicts and nobody was blaming the drug companies they were blaming the person that is dead on the street but they are the ones that got them addicted you know it’s very highly addictive so that’s my stance on that they they shouldn’t be you know supporting this and marketing this is the best thing since sliced bread because it isn’t it’s killing people it’s killing a lot of people yeah too much spending on your socio-economic question these are kids that are from good homes for the most part were raised well you know sometimes upper-middle class type family because the pills were and then once they’re addicted then they can buy a bag heroin for five dollars and you know stealing and that kind of nature it was going on but some of these kids like I say they became addicted from a football injury or you know but once they’re addicted them then they’ll do anything to get it and then that’s where you see the junkie but prior to that this was a good kid from a good home and wasn’t the type of kid where you would say I don’t want you hanging out with him that wasn’t the case yeah well can it obviously you know you’re well aware what’s going on here in the state are there what are the countries that you know are kind of having the same problems I understand the drug companies they’re trying to move this overseas now because they’re starting to get you know for so long it was accepted and now it’s starting not to be even our politicians if you you know hear them campaigning now they’re all against the open academic for so long they were doing nothing but there to like I say the talk is bigger than talk is nothing if you won’t do anything about it but somewhat and that’s what I was talking to this gentleman in Australia James Moore can he did a podcast from Australia with me and he was saying that you know it sounds like something that would happen in a third world country that you have this little shop in a strip mall and they’re handing out oxycodone on xanax you know he said I can’t believe this is happening in the United States we all look up to the United States to see what they’re doing about something you know and this is going on there and I’m like yeah yeah it is I don’t think I think this is a statistics we’re 5% of the world’s population we have 100% of the hydric hydrocodone and it’s like 87% something like that of the oxycodone so are we and really that much more pain than the whole rest of the world yeah I think that’s why it’s been easy Janet for it for for it to creep up one on the country because we have always for the past 20 30 years have had this acceptance of prescription drugs so right from the Ritalin when you were a kid to whatever you’re as an elderly person you know so come to its head but it it’s probably you know 20 or 30 years in the making right and I think that that also had an effect on why some of these kids did take it from a friend took a pill from a friend because if it came from a doctor every prescription originally came from a doctor there was way over prescribing so you know and it so it seemed more trustable none of those none of those that died let’s say 60,000 died in our country last year I think was the statistic and the heroin overdose is when when this first started like the anoxic Odonis first started reporting the deaths here in Florida heroin was almost minuscule there was no heroin here but now you know that number is over the oxycodone even but these kids would have never started on heroin many of them what never went out bought heroin but once they took that pill and got that seemed innocent comes from a doctor it was in their mother’s medicine cabinet and that’s what they used to blame they used to blame your parents medicine cabinet but when I wanted legislation get it out of the medicine cabinet at many you know I couldn’t get it but you know so that’s that’s part of the problem it came from a doctor so it seemed okay mm-hmm no popular culture really memoride mimics what’s happening in real life and so you know over the years we’ve had the war on drugs and drug movies that were popular or you saw a drug King a drug kingpins downfall are there any popular movies today that people should be aware of that you know to the on one level I think I think that’s the other thing that happens is to hold an indie thing it’s not in my backyard so I don’t know what you’re talking about and is there anything now where they could look at a movie or somewhere you could direct people to in addition to reading your book he said not only is your book really fantastic that it really is dr. Andrew Chladni I don’t know if you know of him but he’s a researcher and he has an organization physician for Responsible opioid prescribing and I do have I did use some of his research in my book but he said this one he said to me he said your book is a historical document and 40 years from now when they’re wondering about that plague of the opiate epidemic I hope they find your book and I wrote back to them I’m like 40 years from now but you know I do have bookmarks and matter of fact on my website under I think it’s under the media I do have there was this I don’t know if you saw it the Ohio police department came upon this car with two passengers a male and a female in the front seat and a baby in the back seat and they were passed out and they took sure that oh you saw that okay yeah so they they actually had a little film of that and it I do have it on under media and rest on now.com where they they have that whole scenario what happened and that was the grandmother in the front seat so Wow you know I don’t know what’s a mother story was that the baby was with the grandmother but they were overdosed and they came back from that but two weeks later the man died overdosed again and died but so this is happening to everyone and that is how it affects everyone because that car was driving down the street and they could be next to your family of six you know my friend carries narcan in her glove compartment because she did pass a car and the girl at the traffic light was passed out you know yeah so this is no longer the witch on you can no longer say if everybody in their grandmother yes yeah yeah it is yeah that’s sad but true yeah yeah I didn’t mean to make make light of that you have been on the forefront you’ve been at the grassroots level you’ve written a book so much so that last year you’re recognized in your own community 100 most outstanding women in Broward County can you tell us about what how that came up well someone nominated me and they have this function oh yeah that that’s true that did happen you know and it was it was very nice to be recognized like that but you know I’d rather be recognized for stopping the opiate epidemic I mean there’s it’s just such a tragedy for our country and and it’s not ending I mean it’s as I say my name is stopped now but now has taken a very long time so as they start to you know try to get maybe some control and through legislation and legislation and whatnot Janet is there like a underground market that’s developing at all for this they have like I was saying before every single pill that was out on that Street was put there by a physician whether it was in the wrong hands or not but Canada now has made some type of a apparatus that they can make pills and they look I saw they looked very similar to a xanax they call them tombstones because you know how it sanics is kind of shaped like a coffin and side by side an expert might be able to tell the difference but you know so they are selling these and that is there and of course I guess I don’t know where you are you having a bad sensual problem – having a bad way fentanyl mmm here they are and fentanyl and you might have heard a car fentanyl I think that was used over in Russia where they were killed so many people in the theater or spraying it or something that’s yeah that was used as an elephant tranquilizer it’s not like the fentanyl patch that people wear for medical reasons it’s synthetic Lee made and it’s a lot of the heroin now and xanax they’re lacing it with fentanyl and it’s that’s why the deaths have really escalated on that track too because they don’t know what they’re buying and sometimes the person they’re buying it from doesn’t know either except it’s much much cheaper and that’s being manufactured in China and it’s coming in through Mexico hmm I think that’s what and I might be wrong no more than that would Prince over those times it yes yes you’re right about that that is what Prince overdosed on and here too he he came about that addiction honestly I mean he fell off the stage and had hip problems and yeah because he was very against all drugs all drinking but he got addicted from that injury yeah and then and then that’s all you care about is I have to have it you know yeah kind of give and I think part of it too was just from what I had heard and or read being a Jehovah Witness he was against getting any kind of surgery or blood transplant or transfusions or something like that so they do believe in that yeah so probably worse yes yeah yeah so consequently he’s you know had to deal with all this pain and so I guess that was part yeah part of it yeah physical therapy non-inflammatory he’d still be alive and happy but you know and and they are trying part of what I’ve heard from Washington and looking at some of these town hall meetings that they’re having they are trying to come up with a non boy boy opiate pain reliever so we need some research going on that and that would be a wonderful thing but you know the drug companies now originally what the opiate was for was for cancer patients end of life stage and and that kind of thing and of course it doesn’t matter if that person’s addicted to it they’re you know they’re in bone cancer or something like that and stream amount of pain and that’s all that matters just palliative care to keep them comfortable but then the drug companies realize they can make so much more money just giving it to everybody for any reason and that’s what they’ve done to our country and people need to know this yes I think that was the scary part about about Prince’s death was the fact that he had counterfeit fentanyl so you know even that may be a precursor of people getting around this three-day limit because it like you said it if it’s so addictive right and now I’m used to getting it for 30 days and now I’m taking down the 3 a’s it opens up a black market do you think well on the three day limit its during the acute things of an illness so this would be let’s say I’m perfectly fine but tomorrow I’m running and I twist my ankle now when I went to the doctor in the past he would give me let’s say 26 day supply of pills or something now he can say I can give you three days supply for this and anti-inflammatories but really what they should a better Avenue would even be to say I’ll give you three oxycodone and take anti-inflammatory in between and by a couple of days you’ll be fine and I said you know lassies better but they were giving enough to you know choke a horse and then the person was becoming addicted so that’s what was happening but this what’s happening with the your time with a chronic pain patient that has been on it for years and years now their doctors are starting to get scared and saying yeah I don’t want to kill anybody I’m not then they just cut them off so they really need to come up with a source of treatment for that person not just say I’m not giving you this anymore because like you say then they’ve only got that other alternative since they’ve been on up for so many years they need to gradually wean them off and do something else – whether it’s acupuncture or chiropractor or something like that to you know help them with that pain so Janet when someone comes along and starts to mess with or attempt to maybe chop down some of those money trees that can you know that’s not going to make a lot of people happy have you ever had any concerns and regards for you know your own personal safety or anything like that people told me when I first started this you’re going to get killed doing this it’s organized-crime kind of yeah so when I chose my name stop the organized pill pushers that’s kind of how I chose that I I know what I wanted to do I wanted to stop this and so that’s but honestly I haven’t had any trouble at all they would come outside when I was out the pill mills and they would take my picture and that kind of thing and you know but no we didn’t really have any trouble amazingly so yeah yeah that’s good yeah yeah I think the one side where David David was it a lot of boogies well reasons that you know but no it’s so far absolutely nothing like that has happened yeah well that was my second part of that right because obviously you you want to make sure that you’re always in a safe environment I was just wondering the second part since it’s a political hot potato about a character assassination like they’re looking bigging into your background to discredit you I was just audited no way they just chose to audit you that’s that happened for you know I’m like well you’re only to prove that I really don’t know that I just sent in all I needed to send in and that’s you know I got nothing to hide so but I I do call a lot of people out yeah 2020 2018 I mean everything is out there so I’m wondering it have other states and other communities in the state of Florida reached out to you since you’ve benefited or witnessed some level of success in Broward County good cushion well this law means this like just happened this has not even gone into effect yet it goes into effect July 1st so it just happened last session there is a fed-up rally in Washington DC every year where all of the groups that we kind of know each other from Facebook and that we all go and meet each other and many of these people have lost their children and that’s why they started their organization and so it’s you know people are just very angry and want something done about this and they wanted to dress they wanted to end and you know because their and their their child’s already dead you know but they’re trying to save someone else’s child so you know nobody was asking to be part of this and but they found themselves there so you mentioned acupuncture and chiropractic medicine has that community part are they partnering together to address this as well and has there been any up-to-date research that’s showing the benefits of incorporating those alternative therapies I I just read literature that they’re looking for alternatives to just throwing pills and people saying I mean it’s you know besides the pill mills I mean those were really if I can say that word there was those were scumbag doctors there are you know other doctors that I mean healthcare right now is you know in bad shape it has been for years I remember when they first started managed care and they were like okay you know this person can only be on the floor for three days and it’s a getting infection around there longer that’s your dime not ours and and doctors are you know really out of their pocket practically you know it’s been very bad for doctors for a long long time legitimate doctors that are trying to really treat their patients and make a decent living but you know that’s that’s a situation in our country and they do need to come up with a better way than to just throw pills at them and say here take these and call me in the morning right you know because these are causing a lot of harm and it’s cost our country billions and billions of dollars to yeah now I think that’s where you have a leg to stand on what people would actually listen because if you talk about the economic impact in people with you know pay it’s a start paying attention I hope so I hope so because it’s is affecting us all I mean like I say and everybody’s making money I mean the hospitals are making money you know it’s all the overdose patients in there the morgue is making money the you know that I mean our medical examiner’s they don’t even have enough personnel to handle all the bodies they’re lined up I mean you know it’s like I say it really is and the opiate epidemic that was declared probably at least eight years ago and you know when a bola what not to make light of that but two people died from that and everyone in the country was all the money that’s poured into that and this is every day every day we’re losing I think it’s 46 people in the United States I know Florida when I first started holding protests it was seven a day and they were saying love dolphins or seven a day we’re swimming up on shore people would be up in arms every day another seven but these are people and no it’s up in arms you know and now that numbers 15 a day in Florida so it was doubled yeah are you still working as a registered nurse Janet no yeah I’m not a retired retired okay yeah what are some signs that you know the layman that is unaware and only sees the news headlines and we see the news headlines when it’s be in or anyone somebody actually died what are some some some signature I guess think a character characterization or are their body sores or something that we should be aware of that we see with our friends or loved one that may mean they’re a candidate and they need assistance you mean someone is under the influence yeah okay I mean I I don’t know to tell you the truth I don’t know because I never had thank God anyone in my home that was I think that you can kind of tell from their behavior but you know everyone’s different and I don’t really know the answer to that question other than to say I think they’ve said in school all of a sudden they start skipping school or you know the grades start to drop and this is again I’m talking about a younger person I just heard I went to this seminar a few weeks ago and one of the speakers who is very very good he was this young man that was that Columbine High School and he was in that library and he was hiding under the desk because when they heard it they thought it was they thought it was a car backfiring school shooting hadn’t happened prior to that and then they they realized it was a gun and the teacher stuck her head in the library door and said get under the desk and they all were sitting ducks under the desk and he came in and his best friend was killed right next to him and he didn’t know he had been shot but he had been shot twice and he said that day they took him to the ER and they gave him 30 day supply of pills and then his primary doctor gave him another 30 day supply of pills and he said you know our our family going back for generations no one had ever had an addiction to anything and he became addicted and he was on drugs for quite a few years and he finally became came off what do we have and now he goes around and gives these talks so I mean it can happen to anyone that’s very important that people realize that and it isn’t there’s such a stigma to it but it’s the pill that’s so highly addictive not the fault of the person taking it and he was saying was given a talk one time somewhere and he could see someone way in the back of the line with like a one of those dogs that you bring with you and that man waited for him and he talked to him afterwards and he said I want you to know that I was on the SWAT team that went into the library that day and he said there was six tene of us there’s only two of us still left alive the others have either committed suicide or died from drug overdose because of what they saw because of the SWAT guys wow yeah wow wow so I think that’s where it should really be not you know a big I mean you can’t wrap it up in a bow but if we highlight the all of the long-term ramifications you know yeah that survivor’s guilt contributes to a lot of a lot of that suicide and death afterwards like why am I still here when that happened it you know there is no it doesn’t sound like there’s an outlet where you know girls can get together and talk about it because we’re having so many violence we’re we’re I guess numb to it because we hear it so much it’s like right you know people may make a meme or something a social media then it goes away and then it happens again a couple of weeks later it’s a never-ending cycle right now that need to be broken and he said at that time it hadn’t happened before so there wasn’t help for them no one no one asked him you know how can I help you through this it was here’s some pills and he said and truthfully he said the pills helped me more for emotional than they did for the pain they helped me emotionally to get through that but then he was addicted to him yeah it’s it’s the same as heroin so that’s why they can get heroin so cheaply it’s cheaper once they’re addicted and they become heroin addicts yeah I think the bigger discussion that’s scary that we’re so used to pill like popping a pill like I’m gonna lose weight and I have a weight Lyle or I’m gonna write the microwave society so it’s probably a bigger conversation where that is not the one all end all end-all be-all solution right exactly that’s exactly right this has been very eye-opening very enlightening and it sounds like you’ve made some headway you’ve been at the forefront you’re seeing some change and it doesn’t sound like you’re stopping anytime soon so I will definitely you know honor you and congratulate you and let me keep up the great work and and keep us posted I’ll do some alerts some google alerts and things like that just to follow up with you maybe we’ll have you on you know in the future just to give us an update of what’s happening thank you thank you and please let everyone know about the book stop now they can get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or then go to my website stop now calm and awareness is what we need people you know there’s so many that they think like you said before this doesn’t affect me at somebody else and you can’t go into a room but more than 10 people and not know someone that lost someone or knows someone or the kid next door it’s just so prevalent now you know it’s just wait you know we really do need people to get involved and I have on my business card the same by Edmund Burke all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing and add a very true statement yeah that’s actually a good way to kind of put a pin in it at least for now we’ll stay we’ll definitely stay in touch with each anat it was a pleasure you’ve 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