What Is The Meaning Of Coincidence?

coincidence meaning - meaning of coincidence

Hamza and David explore the wonderful world of coincidence. Does everything happen for a reason or not? Do we really control our destiny? We discuss experiences both pro and con on the subject from a homies’ perspective…

Video Transcript

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] finally good roll Harry are back what’s up everybody happy sunday to you yes I was something everyone this is hamza this is david and welcome back to our second installation of intrinsic motivation a whole new perspective yes so thanks for everybody that followed us if you’re following us on periscope we’re on periscope right now we also have a youtube channel we also have a Facebook page as well so all three are under intrinsic motivation offense of homies perspective and last week we talked about the power of napping got some really good feedback on that would you think about that first session I think it went well mmmmmm did get some good feedback yeah really good feedback and so this week we want to keep it going I talked about it a little bit last week we I was highlighting this book when god winks and in fucking car he’s a he’s well the biggest comedian in the universe is the creator in my opinion and so that’s why I wanted to highlight this book it’s by Squire rush now it’s an old book it’s been written it was written back in 2002 and so it talks about all the coincidences coincidences in a person’s life if they have any meaning or not or is every are we just on a ball and we’re just going around around the earth with no meaning at all some people think that some people think that we’re all connected some people think that there are no accidents people think that there’s no such thing as a coincidence either so I think before getting started let’s talk about your definition of a coincidence well I’d say my definition is events things happening that maybe at first on outset you would not think have anything to do with each other but as the experience moves forward you you see some kind of connection to it and at first you might be like oh you know it’s just just happened to be that way but you know like I believe there’s no accidents so for me that’s kind of what a coincidence is extra experiment experience happening that seems that on the outset is not related but is related okay right not you I I would think the same thing I think that when we look back at our first episode we talked about when the door opened and one thing that kind of started why we should even do what God links for this episode was was there one significant moment in our lives or were there a bunch of significant moments throughout our life that we were unaware of and one that was so huge that you could not ignore it and all of them were coincidences but once stood out more so than the other yeah that’s a good point things that that you weren’t aware ever maybe they were quote-unquote coincidence or god winks and then later in life you might look back and say wow you know that happened and I think that’s what that was yeah and you kind of mentioned earlier you know God being the the best comedian in the universe and you have to have to have a lot of sense of humor if you’re going to create all that there is but um I think he it really depends on how he winks at you the space that you’re in at a time so he’s not going to sit there and give you a wink and if you’re in a lot of pain or something serious he’s going to give you to you in a level as you can handle I think if you have a tremendous amount of maybe human amusement in your life you’re going to do something really funny so I don’t think he does it he does it according to where you’re at at that time okay so it is nice well I think to give direction to this i would like to break that in half fright so we’re going to be on it for about 50 minutes or so so you put your seatbelt on and for the first 30 minutes I’d actually like to talk about the positive things right because life is perception then we want to talk about the god winks that you’re like oh my goodness of course that happened it’s not an accident right and then in the second one week we could be a little subdued I don’t know how far we’ll go with that right since we’re pretty upbeat people but life is perception so if we can start out with some good things if you want to start out with what is this go ahead question I’d like to start out I’ll start out first right though if we talk about what’s a god wink like to me the earliest i can think of is and she’s watching us now she’s over in my orca now so people are in my orca watching this which is pretty awesome but my first God wink would have to be my twin sister okay so when I chose to incarnate then you know I had this grandiose idea plans like most people do right but I wasn’t really sure I think I needed some kind of backup and so my twin sister she came with me right but see were living minutes difference I’m 11 minutes older than her so I was rub that into kinda hate that I hate it even watching this right right I’m like yeah I’m living its odor it’s really funny like even today she’ll call me and then I’ll call her 11 minutes later like we know our birth records and such so they’re always just late it’s always fun well I didn’t think she was coming right because 11 minutes was a long time for baby right and so we’re talking in the 70s a hurry up already so I that was a god weekend ourselves like she’s playing how to seek like I’m not going to come or I am going to come and so since you did come with me I consider it out a huge God wink because she has helped me in every aspect of my life girlfriend problems nope oh why is this girl doing this all i have to do is look at my god wink look at my twin sister and she’ll tell me oh girls doing this because of that right so like nobody’s got nothing over me period I think that’s funny i think that’s of my first Godwin so let me ask you this God wink and divine intervention is that same thing is they’re divine intervention or are we living free will or we live in the heart are they cousins the divine links and God we’re all cousin man we’re all cousin so it is it is kind of the same thing i would i would say so alright because there’s always that there is an argument that if you’re free wills only before you incarnate okay right so before you’re in car date obviously you’re an after all and you’re thinking hey you have all these grandiose plans and ideals before you come to this quicksand or slower third dimension yeah well you’re like I’m going to do everything I’m going to be the president while eating ice cream ma chewing bubble gum you know all this and then you get here on the earth plane you’re like why am I here life is so it’s a struggle I’m not having fun right so there is an argument of freewill versus destiny and I think that’s where if the Creator doesn’t talk to us specifically like was highlighted in the book the best way that you can have that communication with the Creator is to acknowledge your god winks okay because when I read the book a lot of great stories in the book and i’m sure i’ve had some similar experiences I’ve had like so many in my lifetime I can’t remember all of them but I have a lot of stories I guess you could say that i would call divine intervention so I was kind of struggling a little bit by reading the book i’m like well there’s a god wink or is this that I decided Walt it’s all it’s all gone so yeah absolutely and well yeah I think that that is a distinction that’s a really good sting shin because if it’s the angel you know whether it’s got sent hate God created the Angels so it’s all absolutely yeah you’re breaking through the illusion you know I think what most people do in what you kind of did just now is we have a tendency to separate everything and so with this being Sunday right typically especially in the first world we look at the three religions ray we’re looking at oh well you can’t be on my team if you’re not in my religion right so there’s a lot of separation and exact right so when you have that separation you’re looking at hey those aren’t god winks because you’re taking yourself out of the equation the biggest thing is we have we most people should and myself it took some time right I didn’t do this way that right out the wound either I’m just like everyone else I have I’m not perfect right so I looked at ways that distance myself all right I’m originally from New Jersey and when I move down south it was like they’re so different or well you know and then I went to a school where people were from California and they were so different you know what I mean and it was like we had more in common than we had that would separate us yeah so you know if we look to unify them I think you get more out of it and when you look at it from a unification standpoint I think that’s where the greater god winks come in yeah so would you like to share any any god winks that you can specifically think of right now that comes to mind well I would say the earliest one that I can remember and it kind of freaked me out because I was pretty young I was probably about maybe four or five years old and went to bed I was sleeping and had that some point in time woke up because someone was calling my name mm-hmm and I remember sitting up in bed and thinking who was calling my name i’m looking around my room it was a really soft voice it was a woman’s voice and she just kept saying David things like that and I I know what was going on I remember going over to my window looking out the window seeing well who’s there there nothing so ultimately I went into my parents room told my mom to hate him on someone you know so she made my dad get up a look around the house and I think that wasn’t that was my first experience with spirit and for whatever reason they didn’t return any time soon after that maybe they like well we kind of freaked him out maybe he was just a little too young yourself but to this day I remember like it was yesterday mm-hmm and obviously things kicked in when I got older but I think that was my first experience with what i would call any kind of anything related to a god link was that sure and you actually bring up a really good point you know so since we know segundo your mom since I know your mom or a horizon center horizon center forward to it of awareness here in Atlanta Georgia what is was really interesting was her grandchildren and so I remember specifically there was a holiday event for Christmas let’s just say Christmas Kwanzaa whatever you good Hanukkah you know whether all those holidays cember so it was around that time so we have this big potluck there and we were playing what we’re playing this game and it was so easy for the grandchildren to excess source right they were nine ten and it was it was really a challenge for the adults even the belts that were going through these spiky development classes at the time right and so it was more we had to read learn with Kingsville naturally Selena and its really funny today in 2017 these children these two grandchildren that I’m speaking on specifically are what 19 18 17 18 19 years old and they really want some level don’t want anything to do with this and so it’s really interesting of our lives of you know when we choose the Incarnate here you have this relationship like I think we’ve mentioned this last week once a man twice a child right and you have that childlike awareness and Wonder and want to know more things whereas when you’re past adolescent so maybe your early 30s when as you mentioned that maybe that one door opening really happened again before then you’re just so focused on what’s happening in in the illusion in your day-to-day life in snow or delusion right so you’re not really paying attention to the god winks at that time and that’s where that door opening may potentially come in as we did see a horizon I was one of those people right in mid to late thirties come in like what’s going on in my life I need some answers right I have these everything written down on paper as to how it’s supposed to go it wasn’t allowing the comedian or I was allowing the comedian to get the belly laugh because of a hair like well let you think you can do these things on your own power but you know there is a greater power outside of yourself you know that kind of goes back to your free will versus destiny yeah I think sometimes two people you know you have to watch what you ask for and sometimes you can forget there could have been a time when you said I need you know I need some answers and then whatever so your likes going along and then you start getting all these links and you might have forgot when that you asked for something like that you know people all the time will say sup this and a half something happens and they’ll remember you know remember when I was you know thinking about that and maybe it was a month ago but you just forgot you know something like that so they can kind of kick in you know at the right time seems like they say the teacher shows up at the right time that’s a really good point that actually kind of goes into our and Kendra’s group because when we first started out the internist grew we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the the Marietta Georgia present one year the other we stayin will be junior year and so what’s interesting is what when the group’s first started we were looking at future right and then dr. Blaylock I have to give her a shout out because she passed out a little gratitude gratitude journal and it was more of future based right or at least that’s how I interpreted my own interpretation but then when I revisited this god winks book it was like well no if you write down everything that you’re grateful for even in the past or in the president right it’ll bring more into the future I think that’s where the multitude of god winks comes in because of your gratitude you’re expressing gratitude like I know for girls right when I first started dating or guys can probably relate to this right you first start dating you’re doing everything they’re showing a lot of gratitude to towards you but later in the relationship you may not be as gracious to them right you can grant it right and then your nose argument never and those arguments but I think that’s a god wink to it’s like what you know what have you done for me lately what are you doing to keep this relationship going so I thought I always say you know female relationships because that’s where most of my experience is however I’ve also used that to translate over into the business world I found that as well with with clients that I had four five six years right it’s always ongoing it’s always this is the latest thing that I can do for you I can bring you more business and such and they reciprocate right they tell other people they refer new business to me so I think that it’s always that grat it’s always grounded in that foundation of gratitude that you start seeing more God wings in my opinion so you said that for you the gratitude journal is for future that’s how I looked at it with when I first started with the intenders group the intenders group for those that don’t know yeah it’s a weekly meeting and we get together at different locations we talk about what our intentions are for the future so in my opinion at the time when I make an intention that’s something that is future based right and so when I look at car totally or some even this conversation we’re talking about god winks everything happens in the present right even the future is being manifest based off of what you are currently configuring in your mind in the present right so if you take advantage of it that way then if you’re using the gratitude journal as well you can actually look back and see wow okay i remember i set this intention at this time I let it go I didn’t question universe it happened it manifest and now i’m showing gratitude so I can kick it to the next level Yeah Yeah right I try not to be as linear I just think in third dimension that does happen and me being a business owner I have a tendency to do that and so that’s always incorporated but when I look back at it from a spiritual standpoint then I can see though God wings happening and I appreciate it and I think that even my ancestors are showing that gratitude as well I think that grad we were talking off-camera about ancestors coming through or you even said this even as a child that they didn’t come back and you’re like well how come they didn’t come back hook ameno is here and it may have been hey it’s just not that time or you’re just not open to it yet and they’re just biding their time because there’s no time out by the third dimension yeah alright so you know you kind of look at it from both aspects yeah well it’s interesting because for me the gratitude journal was always a present time thing I guess I never saw it as something in regards to the future now setting my intentions that was stuff that I wanted to manifest obviously at a future time if it wasn’t already manifesting but i always for me the gratitude was grateful for what’s happening right now been going on in my life so there’s not a be no good or bad or better worse that’s just simply got what for me please okay but it sounds a little bit like the separation right and I think I’m trying to merge the two okay so I think you’re we all have a tendency to compartmentalize right so you’re saying I have a gratitude and then i’m going to set my intention and what I’m saying is they probably go together and I think that there’s greater manifestation based off of your gratitude okay she’s you’re saying yeah yeah okay right yeah you know k well yeah but like I could be grateful for something that I didn’t necessarily intend in my intentions but I’m just happy I mean I’m grateful for you know the great weather that we’re having things we have today or whatever so that would necessarily have been an intention when we talk about what our intentions were for that day or you know what we want to have I for me I could just sit there and say I’m grateful that I have a great family you know a great mother you know job whatever it is and that could be its separate from something that I some intentions that I put out there I don’t have to put an X same time those are my have to be in the competition with each other you can just be hey I’m just grateful for this I’m grateful that you know I feel good every day when I wake up I’m grateful that I’m healthy well I see what you’re saying okay right because we’re thought if we’re talking god winks yeah then it’s totally unexpected yeah right like even though we expect to wake up every day at some point there’s going to be a time where all wake up right now and so there’s going to be times where you have every intention perfect example is that I can pick up as far as a guide link right is so there was a time that it was spring break right and so i remember in orlando we had dillards and so dillard’s at this time had like a sixty-six percent off sale type of deal right and so we I’ve look at awake in that morning with my friends like five o’clock we all ran for like two hours had that runner’s high took the shower like yo now we’re gonna go to the barber shop like we had to hold a plan right I don’t go to the barber shop after that then we gonna go to the mall get some food check out the girls and it was like damn right it was amazing it was like and we were going along that path right so we’ve all read them all we did eat right and then we’re walking over to dylan’s and I was like I just start bending over and I was like pause right I was but I my stomach was hurting okay so I was like why my stomach hurt oh my goodness then I was just like it could have had to be something that I ate so I was like excuse me you know i went to the restroom and so I was like okay cool well maybe that was just indigestion let me get over back to dillards because my boys like then I got away for me to go to the bathroom they like you don’t we how are not the girls at the mall we call Johnny you know we tell him and I was like all been so yeah so we get i get aren’t you know i’m catching up to them and I it’s like now I’m not just like bending over at the waist like actually am laying on the floor at dillards right and I was like yeah like no I have my hand on this shirt like y’all got a weird weird if they caught a beach for Spring Break right and i can’t wait you don’t say and i’m on the floor so can you imagine how silly that looks like even today like that but and that’s not even the god when you get so the god week was there like yo you okay and I was like I’ll know so then I go outside right you have go back out to the mall common area and I I can’t go any further so I lay on the bench right and people are just passing me and I was like wow is this how it gives bum off the bed yeah I was like wow I feel invisible it’s just how homeless people feel like I fucked this at like 18 or something right and I was like wow people kept passing me by like oh you know the who’s who’s Guylaine I at an upscale mall and then this lady came from out of the blue I didn’t know her from Adam and she was like yo you’re like she knew my mom but I never knew her she was like yeah I seen your like your baby pictures are something somewhere right and today I’ve never seen her ever again ever again but she came there she called the ambulance she called my mom they rushed me to the hospital that had to get my pendant stick it out the appendix they were like if you didn’t go if you were there like an hour later your appendix with a burst oh my god right so that’s why I’m sayin like that’s where the god wing comes in because you have every intention of human during the day of this is what’s going to happen and God wakes is like oh okay you think you would control everything but the universe is in control of everything well you know that’s an interesting story so let me tell one so this was sometime in the 80s late 80s and I started with started on a tuesday and i started experiencing the pain in the middle of my back okay no big deal by wednesday a certain a lot more by thursday i was in deep doo-doo just serious pain I don’t even know how to explain it I could hardly move my back was you know spasming and stuff like that and I think up by on Thursday I started getting something started coming to me in regards to getting on my knees kneeling down crossing my arms and just kind of lunging myself over okay the ground but just like whatever just whatever crazy thought by Saturday I couldn’t even walk right I was laying I remember waking up Saturday and the first movement I just made laying on my bed it just might back to seize them and I started crying I was in so much pain I literally crawled out on my bed right into the main room and I called a friend of mine and we were talking he was like hey man how’s it going to man you know you want to know how bad my back was hurting so as we’re talking it kept coming to me to do exactly what I told you get up on my knees cross my arms and lunge over so strong that I told my friend so you know let me call you back he’s like alright whatever so hang up the phone i’m looking at that image you know doing that so finally I’m like all right I’m just going to do it what’s going to happen it’s either going to get worse it’s going to get better or nothing’s going to happen so I did that I crossed my arms lunged over and I just laid there for a few seconds waiting for word just to on SWAT opinion no pain and I slowly kind of started the unwind nothing no pain no pain eventually I got up to my knees then I stood up moving more and more no pain no pain I started dancing right here it is I woke up that morning can only crawl now I’m going down the soul train line I mean no pain gone just like that and I had got that a few days before something was telling me to do that but I was just wasn’t paying attention to the night of them mmm that was it yeah penguin from 10 20 that’s really that’s interesting I remind me of there was this Jesus story right and so you know it’s Sunday so anyway therapist there’s this conversation and the person was complaining it was like Jesus you never talk to me he’s ever talking to reduce great end of the day at like a really terrible day right in the guy and no you just had several bills other guys the guys you know calling out at the end of the day like these where you been like this day is so hard and all this happened right if you like you never even talk to me right like in the morning you may say thanks Jesus I will go today but then you put me in your back pocket to like the next hot work or only if something happens yeah yeah something major happened yeah yeah now you will be mommy right now you call me call you know right yeah so you know I think that that’s where I think the Creator is very comedic right because you know I lose in my opinion that illusion of that free will kind of you can go as far as you can kind of like what we were talking about last weekend when we talk about astral travel and you can’t really escape from the cord like the cord is keeping you grounded so but the how far how long is that leash so you go out as far as you can but you’re always going to get brought back to in this case reality so when you see that there’s something outside of you something even bigger then I think that’s where the inroads can be made and you can start having an impact and you can also start being a beacon potentially for other people and I say beacon has an heir clothes right I’m not going to do their quotes but as Abraham always says it’s a perfect world right and so I think growing older when I was younger you know as you start learning some of these things and it’s like Christmas you want to share your tools you want to share your toys with everyone else like Christmas morning right you riding around with new bike oh you can ride my new bike type of deal and there’s people that are receptive to and there are people that are not but people learn on their own time as I just mentioned in the god winks right the Creator our guides our ancestors they let us go as far as we can on our own power and then we get brought back to reality okay okay I need some help right I’m not here I’m not I’m not the only person I’m not an island and I can’t do it by myself no I completely agree did you have we ask you this did you have in the book do you have a favorite story my favorite story always starts at the beginning and so what’s really been interesting is it’s been two weeks now that I think I talked about last week how of this book even had come about again I mean it was on myself collecting dust and something I told me I think it was after or our intention meeting two weeks ago and one of the members that potentially will be a guest on one of our future shows had mentioned something oh there was something that we’re talking about ancestor were ancestor worship and she had mentioned that she felt alone and when she felt that like I felt really bad for I got back into my music I got into my own space that stayed out of her space but it was a reminder of times that I think we all feel that way from time to time and usually you know that probably is a really good segue until the next 20 minutes or so about you know we covered some of the positive things but what are the other like god winks that on the surface at that time potentially looks like something really bad or detrimental or wise is happening to me in that time but when you take a step back that’s where the hindsight’s twenty-twenty oh wow if this had not happened then I wouldn’t be in the situation that I am into a and so in the book the thing that I really liked was his beginning because this man is middle age when he ever in this book and so I guess by by mathematics and numbers we would be considered middle-aged at this point eight matches conversation right and so at that time where you’re at that middle phase you got the next 40 50 years life on Earth you review the previous and you’re like well what can I take that work for me up into this point what can I discard we’re always looking at what should we keep in what should we get do away with maybe we’ve outgrown it and not even heard and some of my experiences not out how to herd of my experiences but it’s my estimation that even your guides change right your guide that was there’s some guys that are always with you and then there’s guys that are there with the range of the stages about your legs actually and so at the beginning his thing that I really liked was he’s very corporate I think that really resonated with me being super corporate being a director going on the ownership track and that the only difference was I was moreso married to the to the to the game if you will and that i eschewed everything else just to get what i thought that’s what i really wanted you know and even that’s a godly right because all the time has passed and i’m like wow and i look and i’ll be at the park or something i’ll see little kids and i love my grandkids grandkids i love my nieces and nephews and all and but i look at what if this happened and i went down a different tangent and i had a wife and kids will my life be like that day right it’s just something that I think most people evaluate right I think people with kids look at me like man I wish I could have traveled the world and done all these other things it’s like the grass is always greener right and so I think what also happens is we look at our life and we may look at checklist to I don’t want to say bucket list but you’re like ok these are the things that I didn’t do and that is the reason why reincarnation happens right because there are some things you feel that’s unfulfilled some people say karmic it could be a number of things up hey well I didn’t get to accomplish it this time let me try this next life and I think that’s where another in car another god willing comes in because maybe you are black in this life and the next live you aren’t ya so you think as a person with pigmentation or a different side of the world or different side of a planet or it could be a number of things God wink is just on earth right so yeah a different angle different experience absolutely so when you’re free for you reincarnate before you incarnated you’re putting together your your contract so to speak right you did you okay yeah I’m good did you go through that the veil of forgetting forgive what is this veil afore getness where you forget everything that you have written out and now you’re sitting here crying and have no idea what’s going on why am I here yeah or two maybe you just had a good timing like me that was fun I’m gonna come back do it again Oh latter blast i’m gonna come back and have another blast yeah absolutely yeah because you know there’s a saying that this is one of the hardest schools right and there’s others that’s like why am I here why am I even going to this this is the one I signed up for then you didn’t see the fine print like yeah you did join up with the fine print look at the fine print so I’d like to start out with one at the time it seemed like it was a really big challenge but ultimately right it turned into a god wing and then as I as time went on it really showed us out to be a god link so there was a time where I did mention corporate wise where you know I’m climbing that the ladder and what was really interesting is as as a black American those that travel around the globe know that blacks in America are seen as black Americans that african-american it’s a whole nother conversation but I will always say as a black American because that’s how the world sees you so anyway I’m traveling I’m going all these great places and what was really cool as I became attractive because of that so in my opinion like I attracted a different type of woman because of that right growth has their checklist this is what they want from a man type of deal right and so which is fine right I think it’s on some level we we do everything for women anyway so if it wasn’t on some level yeah man do what you talk about what we’re talking about with is women anything then we win I mean we live in a cardboard box and we play xbox all day right but you know women like some of the trapping so it’s the job the car at a house right on some level the level we are all right it’s on some level that’s part of the mating process so anyway I was involved with a young lady and I was getting older and you know I was picking women on trips just for like business trips right like a conferences and we go on cruises it really fun stuff right I’m trying to downplay it so anyway I’m thinking okay this is great I get to take different girls that he’s cruises and stuff and my boss at the time I love her to death and she’s you know she’s like you can’t keep taking these girls to be trip and I’m like why I write and she’s like well look around you so you’re talking to all these business owners and such and we’re getting large scale projects again I’m trying to play this down so we’re getting these large-scale projects these guys have wise kids they’re more of a stable life style yeah right and you have a stable life style Hamza you know you’ve worked with us for a number of years and all that however the perception is you’re bringing all these different women around and that’s not a sign of stability so at some level and luckily we had a good relationship because the conversation that we’re having would raise HR flag for people that are listening right those are these are the issues that is your right you would get grounded for a discrimination potentially yeah and so anyway I took that the mine and I was like yeah I’m getting older on paper why not right I’m a guy so I said on paper because guys can we have a little bit more leeway great because we could still have to later in the right right so anyway um yeah I’m in a relationship and you know it wasn’t it now I could say it wasn’t the ideal relationship but based on the pressures I work and such I was going to marry this girl and I had met a family law attorney at the time and I was looking to do business with him and so we had done lunch and you know we’re talking I didn’t know her from Adam she didn’t know me so we’re getting to know each other at lunch and you know ultimately I was like yeah later this year I’m gonna get married and it’s matthew she said haha hey look too excited oh oh you get older than who want to get married to a guy that’s like was you know getting older ray like that’s something is married yeah I didn’t lose everything I love to do ok married like women trust me having a twin sister already knew this I’m just saying it’s for the podcast right I know that’s not the thing to say so anyway I had I have a marketing background so I have spreadsheets and power points in this lunch meeting right of course I’m joking but I’m talking about all the reasons why here in my 5-point reasons won’t get Mara great hearts to God and is a good run he’s laughing at me because he’s just like okay that’s great i understand here a marketing guy but I’m a family law attorney so while you talk about marketing all day I deal with relationships all day and have you thought of this and have you thought of that and have you thought of it she just kept smacking me up to be honest you know Maggie me like I was totally unprepared right and here I was going on his path but in my own free will of this is what I’m going to do and today I can say that both parties both the girls dating or engaged to and I would have been a statistic right we would have been either in a bad marriage where we just resent each other or we would be a statistic where we’d be divorced and so that chance meeting that coincidence that however you want to look at it on the surface was a god wink it was showing hey this direction that you’re thinking about you might want to think twice about and this lady i sent her so much but she she’s embarrassed right she says I embarrass her because I’m always like this woman saved my life and you know I just kind of go on and on and no another thing so a couple of years later of a friend of mine he’s out yo go gators he’s a gator too and he was getting divorce unfortunately and so you know he’s like man he’s bummed and so I always ask I’ve called man now right do you have any representation and don’t wait until you’re going through the incident to have representation you should just know what you’re getting into so anyway I asked him and he said no and I said I know the perfect person you say hi life blah blah blah blah blah blah he has an office announced from reddit he has an office in marietta and i was letting on about a few other things and he goes oh shit and I was like what’s the matter he was like I think she’s representing my wife oh and I was like dude just getting ticket to the cleaners because she’s a pit bull then so sorry sure she knows her job and to use that thorough but it what God week at the time that now I have a resource and I am more prepared for the next level as to when I do get married and settle down like I would approach it so much differently as opposed to well this is what society dictates that I should do this at that time and I attributed that to a god wink so there was a story in the book that I read about who was that the girl who’s I don’t know her her father or her mother her mother remarried and I’ll know that her father had died or they were parents just got divorced and her mom remarried but she was looking through some old photos with her her her mother’s new husband and I guess you could say okay and she found a photo when she was really young when they were on a trip in the Bahamas and then she noticed that this man that her mom had married he was sitting in the background of the photo and he’s like hey what year was that and was he goes yeah I was in the Bahamas that year so like 19 years before you know here there is her father in that background now the reason I mentioned that when i read that there was a story on i guess was a good morning america and i had this couple and they had photos and he had got married and for the wedding they were going to put out some photos of themselves when they were children ok so the groom was looking through some photos and that’s that his mother-in-law had given him a photo album and he found the photo when his wife-to-be was at Disneyland or Disney World ok yeah his wife-to-be was about maybe five years old and she was taking a picture with sneezy one of those seven drawers so I can’t remember which one yeah okay and in the background well as the photo was taken you see a man pushing a stroller and the guy was like hey that’s my father right there in that show and who was it that was him in the stroller yeah this was like 19 years before they ever even met yeah his father pushing the stroller was in the background of the photo of his wife taking with you know one of the seven tours sure yeah yeah well you know what that’s really funny because while I said I’ve revisited this book in two weeks you know in the past two weeks I actually has this book back in like 2004-2005 like it came out in 2002 right and so I was using the basis of this book at the time for the girl and the story that i just mentioned because what was interesting was i lived in dominican republic she did you at the same time unless she I’m not going to tell you where she’s wrong to you know people compete this together but we were in Dominican Republic at the same time like I’m showing pictures of different places and she’s like oh my god I was there that night no type of thing oh my god right and then like we would go to different restaurants whatever and she would be there right and didn’t know where so at the time I’m like these are all god winks this is the one I should marry right like we even had dated and had separated for like three years right dated other people in at that time she came back into my life so I’m like this is a God way gray or two part two you have to pay attention like right and so I’m using the combination of the Godwin from using a combination of my twin sister like amusement every Power that I can reach right and ultimately it wasn’t it was just like I’ve even we’ve even done past life regressions on it too and so we looked at it as oh we didn’t carnate in previous lives and you know we took care of each other and everything and so we were actually reliving that in this life of karma that we had completed yet right so we didn’t necessarily need to be married but we had to be together to fulfill that karma at the time yeah right so it was like it would still god winks yes yes there was fulfillment that needed to be done yet where their contracts that needed to be completed yes all the above but did we need to be married to be married today in that you know the 2.5 kids and the dog and the white picket fence no yeah yeah it’s almost like a timeline is just different timelines and maybe that we choose for whatever reason but you always feel that there could be another timeline well here’s the other thing so you know since you know we in the previous episode we were talking about the different psychic phenomenon such as so I remember our good friend Yvonne had gone to see her and Yvonne for those and on about Yvonne O’Brien as a world-renowned medium from from Ireland Ireland yeah comes from a big family of psychic so we even met her mom who’s a huge psychic as well so anyway I had gone to see lon at an event and she you know she’s a medium so one of my ancestors had come through and long story short I was still with the girl at the time and I was I was I was sharing concern that this may not be the direction that I want to go right as far as moving forward with with the young lady and the ant ancestor said three von well of that as your wish then that doesn’t have to happen in this lifetime either so that kind of gave me confirmation outside of we’ve met with counselors and all that before deciding not to get married right so I kind of covered both gamuts i covered the third dimension of let’s look at this from a pragmatic standpoint but i also use my my spiritual tools in the spiritual community to help make that come to cut come to that conclusion and i use all of those god winks because not at its really it’s sad in my opinion there’s people that you see that I’ve seen that are very talented but they don’t use their talent and that could be psychically that can be physically that can be they’re great in sports but they don’t work out or something like that and they can build to the next level but they choose not to or they don’t see it yeah and so that’s where we’re not supposed to metal either and that’s why it’s a perfect world because you kind of it back an amusement of hey I have my own life to live there not in my they’re not infringing on myspace of what I need to do so why would I do that to them and that could be their own personal God week where they would come back later on in life like hey maybe I blown an opportunity and now i’m going to make sure my kids don’t blow an opportunity to potentially yeah yeah none that makes sense complete sense I wish I could just for the purpose of this particular podcast and it just came to me as we’re doing all this talking it was a really good one maybe I’ll we’ll revisit it and bring it up another time but just real quickly it was in did you ever see Schindler’s List no no okay and that’s a Jerry Seinfeld episode where every tues well yeah yeah he wasn’t broken up give me endeavors I’m sorry ready go that is he was like Nick and I went to make out an ammonia so there’s an actor wring Ralph’s for ray finds whatever plays one of the Nazi guys who you know in real life was someone in real life and there’s a documentary actually on this deck that that particular could not say he had a daughter and that daughter had a daughter when she was really young and the father was black right and she gave it up for adoption and it’s just a real quick story about how that particular daughter found out who her grandfather was who is this Nazi and ironically she was a person that he would want to kill get rid of simply because she was black right but I I’m not going to go into exact cameraman the entire story but literally she was in a bookstore or library or something in this book literally fell off the shelf you know peg Dean she picked it up and thumbing through it is how it all started for her so that was that’s really a great wing story and like I said it just came to me now as we were start talking but it would have been good I have to find out the full story again because she’s you know she’s on YouTube and she talks about it into a video all of what happened and when you when you hear you’re just like wow what are the chances that would ever happen whether it is yeah yeah what are the chances yet exactly that makes me think of another I mean I could do Godwin I have all day but it makes me think of you know god bless my grandfather he passed in 2014 and are easy with the patriarch right so his name his name is capers so our lineage is capers and I remember watching fresh prince of bel-air you know when it was out and the grandmother on the first Prince of bel-air her name was Virginia in real life Virginia capers and so when credits roll I remember you know hearing my mom asked my grandfather like Oh what if she was our cut what if she was related to us right and then they were like oh you know we kind of laughed it off and then you went on about your business and so one thing that we respected his wishes he especially for black Americans it’s such a robust history to put it plainly that there are a lot of skeletons to that other generations really do not want to uncover yeah just because of pain right we may do a podcast about pain body and such so long story short we did a genealogy report and it turns out yes Virginia was we were way too late are and then what was really interesting I said I said it was bittersweet because come to find out she was on her side getting all the capers together for years and so she was able to go back historically back to the 1600s of the capers name and such and so we were able to pull even slave records sale you know going through the changes of slavery and sale and buying and selling and all that and excuse me understandably you can see how there’s a lot of pain with different family members of that may have lived through that or for right after that so they were always reminded of that so but it was really cool because in 27 2016 we were able to reach out to so many people on Facebook and such and we have such a robust family that we have contact with right and so it was really interesting because right before we were doing this I was going to do this report I was visiting my mother in Orlando and it was Sunday so on Sunday we would we do brunch and so we were always checking out these new places and so you know i do a google search and it was in an area we were unfamiliar with right and so we were we were driving to this place to go get brunch and the gps took us on this weird exit right and i like what’s going on and then i go there’s no and then I’m like wait a minute this looks familiar it took us right pastor funeral home where my grandfather where we had a funeral for my grandfather right and so in my opinion that was his god wake up I didn’t want you guys to do this while alive but i’m ok with you guys doing it now yeah right and then after i got that guy like we got the report and then everything is peachy as i just mentioned but it was more of hey he just checked in like hey it’s okay it’s we’re on the right you’re on the right path that yeah and I needed that weight because I didn’t want to feel like we went behind his back to do this and waited until he passed away wow yeah wow so we’re kind of getting close to time here but I want to I want to tell one quick story now this is I guess it could be a god wink and a divine / divine intervention but I just have to tell I’m not going to mention any names because I don’t you know I don’t want anyone bothering her about the story but a friend of mine told me this story so her grandmother and her younger brother I think they lived in Poland this is doing the whole Nazi rain when they were gathering people up putting it in ghettos she had already lost her I think her mother and her father and his sister so a family friend had taken in her grandmother and the grandmothers younger brother they were young and periodically the Nazis would come and do searches people’s house and see if they were hiding in when hiding him Jews ok she was Jewish and or sometimes people would rat him out say hey you know they’re hiding someone so that was always a threat or a fear that they had and one night that happened they got their house got raided so her her and her brother were in the bedroom the door was open and they’re laying in bed into the middle of the night and they’re like all that’s is our times up they’re going to catch us they’re going to come in here and whatever the not to search the entire house for whatever period of time and all they did was they kept walking up and down the hallway not one time did they come into the bedroom or even look in the room and she said she said we were just huddled together waiting for him to catch us she says they just they kept walking by as if there was no door there was just like a wall you know open door she say they never came in and they never looked and I can tell you this story now because she lived obviously told her granddaughter and who told me mm-hmm now I’m telling so that that’s like a thats i couldnt to me act like a divine intervention although that’s a wink i still think it’s a God link to that we know that if you think about that time there’s a lot of despair so you’re probably wondering how could this happen mm-hmm why is this happening to us why is this happening to me and you’re feeling really cut off right you’re feeling cut off from from from the universe from all the tools that we so eloquently lacked about or took for granted right and when that happens is she’s sharing that story in the magnitude like she didn’t know her grandma her granddaughter would tell you that story you know what I mean like how far-reaching it is where it seems so simple or this couldn’t have happened yeah right like how is it like I’m saying they’re the same thing between divine intervention and the guy link right it’s like yours not not that you personally you’re separating but I’m saying most people are where it would seem like it’s an accident okay right and so that probably gives hope to so many generations like an ad that’s why you’re sharing the story angst or now a quick follow-up and I wish I could have met this she died a few years ago in Florida eventually she did end up in one of the ghettos okay she was reading now then you know everyone knows the Nazis use does use slave labor a lot of times before they were sent to camps you know and she was reading gone with the wind one morning all right so it was the morning though they had to get up and go to work whatever and all the girls were saying hey what are you doing let’s go the guy to get the work she’s like I ain’t going I’m just going to sit here and read my book and like what are you crazy if they come back and find you know it’s going to happen I don’t care whatever happens happens that guy right so all those woman left that day except her she stayed back and was reading gone with the wind well no one ever came to check on her and at the end of the day a whole new group of women came in all those women had left that being never came back oh yeah yeah and absolutely yeah incredible an incredible story you know thank God she decided that so what’s the role the story read gone with the wind finish your book have you know what and I think that’s why why the podcast is so big right or the potential just because of reaching like-minded people and such and with other generations it was always oratory as far as passing these these accounts of what’s happened in the past right it was a tradition you know without all the technology people SAT around and within the grandmother and grandfather talked about you know the quote unquote good old days or they or antidotes of what to be aware of and you know it brought people back to to family one in the community to write like you had a sense of pride of that like look at what happened this is what happened there’s countless stories that people can share where they were supposed they were late for something and because they were late they avoided yeah something that was huge she’s right and so that’s kind of what you were saying it was i ten nine eleven a lot of what I mean 911 I mean you name it even even the terrorist attacks the past year across the world type of deal like that’s where I think that’s why I wanted to highlight and that’s why I like our podcast obviously because we’re doing it but I like that it’s always perception so I think the difference is a lot of people are reactionary and talking about the bad thing of what happened but we’re talking about things like God links weight and so on the surface that’s a pretty that could be a pretty sad story but how do we perceive in and what was the good that we got out of it yeah right so that’s why I wanted to take time to one acknowledged Squire rush Nell because you know we talked a little bit about you for two weeks and the power of coincidence and if everything’s an accident or not or do you take advantage in and be on the lookout I think that’s a homework assignment for people and myself included i think that if I ever fill down then I know like Abraham says you’re so you’re on a resistance right now you’re not even aware of all the god links that are happening around you and so I’ll i actually like to end on that note right i think that most people should not just look on the brighter side of things in be whoo whoo but i think that for the people that really feel disconnected that hopefully they’ll actually get access to listen to this and maybe take on this homework assignment because there are two sides to every story or three sides as attorney say and the way you perceive it is how you are actually going to potentially benefit from it or you’re going to just keep going in a downward spiral and so I think we’ve highlighted both good scenarios both on the surface will could be seen as bad scenarios but it seems like the common thread is the creator so the Creator is through boat on on both sides and so acknowledge that try that out for 30 days right 30 day challenge they say anything for a for hot a habit to happen you have to do it consistently for at least 30 days right so there you have it guys we’re actually going to head out to our attenders meeting and I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it yes I enjoyed it you never know be nice to everyone you come in contact with you never know i can remember meeting you i guess about a year and a half ago and who knew then that we’d be sitting here together doing applaud can do and all the things that led up to this point right now absolutely let me know so on that note thanks again guys I am Hamza i am david and we’ll see you next week p sides [Music] [Music] [Music]