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hey there everybody today is Wednesday September 13 and this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and today I am really excited I know I say that all the time but I’m really excited about the people that we get to speak with on a weekly or bi-weekly basis it’s just we cover so much and today is no different today we have Deborah Scott who is an instructor at our sister facility at the boulder psychic horizons Institute out in Boulder Colorado and I’m really excited to speak with Deborah today because in third dimension we always talk about a lot of polarities and we talk about hot or cold black/white right or wrong on and on and on and many people are in two different camps they may say I’m not religious but on spiritual or I’m spiritual and I’m not religious and with Deborah Deborah actually is merging the two worlds together as I mentioned she’s an instructor at the boulder psychic horizons but she is also a doctoral candidate for theology studies and without further ado I’d like to introduce and welcome you to our podcast ever stop well thank you thank you for inviting me this is a really great opportunity absolutely and so when we talk about separating everything and merging together especially a topic as heavy as religion versus spirituality how is it that you can merge the two worlds where many people cannot clean that’s a loaded question well so when I was assigned to administers training at psyche horizon way back and the Bible classes lit me up so much unlike you cannot teach this out of context you can’t take anything Old Testament New Testament and not understand who wrote it when why and what every every single thing in the Bible Old Testament New Testament has two opinions has at least two sides and one side one over the other and that’s what we got today so my light ups I’m going I got to learn more about this so I did go back and I’m in a traditional school of theology and learning learning it’s like putting it in context helps me really understand kind of the truth it’s like reading the Bible psychically or [Music] understanding that going behind the screen The Wizard of Oz and seeing what’s going on and it’s really cool it’s real you know some of my discoveries in my research I just I love it I bet told you yesterday it’s mine candy for me and my dissertation is on Matthew 4:11 I’m sorry mark 4:11 which is or Jesus says to the disciples unto you is given secret knowledge of God’s kingdom I have to talk to everybody else in parables so my research is what did that mean what what is the secret knowledge is God’s kingdom and I find the more I learn the more I’m fascinated by what was really going on it’s much different I say at least it’s much different than what we were taught it’s much different than the version that came forward to time yeah Wow once one thing that we always like to highlight with anyone that we speak with is their awakening moment or their hello moment where in many cases they were living one life and then there was a defining moment which led them to where they are today so if you can give us a little bit of your background before Boulder psychic origins because I think that’s really interesting as well if you could share that that’d be great oh well if one of those lifetimes where it’s been several lifetimes but I didn’t die I just went on to the next so I was raised Missouri Synod Lutheran very fundamentalist Lutheran in rural Minnesota but early on I was having visions and sort of esoteric experiences are allowed in my church so and I always had I always so we saw a lot of time in nature walking in nature with a very young girl and I always experienced God is love I never experienced him as his harsh disciplinarian that I learned about in Sunday school and catechism so I really spent my whole life searching for what’s going on down here what is this and subsequently have had other visions and kind of extrasensory experiences I my trade is I’m a nursing administrator and for many years for 10 years I worked internationally so I worked other than Micronesia for for eight years and I’ll call the Northern Mariana Islands and I studied with traditional healers there and shamans I’ve done volunteer work in Africa and I lived I lived for a while in a fundamentalist Bedouin farming community in Saudi Arabia and while I was in Micronesia I got to travel a lot so it you know got to go to Tibet and India and Indonesia and Bali and everywhere I went I was looking for what’s going on down here I got to spend some time in Scotland at the Abbey of Iona studying spirituality and sexuality I spent four years in Maui studying to be a traditional Hawaiian healer and I’ve also in India was six addition ISM with the guru so it’s been a series of my whole life trying to understand and never doubting that there was a purpose and that I would I would come to it and then about five years ago kind of a personal meltdown crisis time I ended up in Boulder again found psychic horizons and it was home I mean because I always was psychic but couldn’t you know it never was in a world where that was acceptable or where I really understood it or was encouraged to develop it so I’ve been to everything there I would have taken every class I possibly can and I’m in the TM program now learning to channel but I’m also now teaching and teaching we’re starting a new way of mastery seminar on November 5th oh and I’m also going to start a new Bible study class which I probably have to find another name for that it doesn’t sound very interesting but we’re going to start that again I think in January so Wow just real quick and asked who’s teaching the TM class there hope you didn’t mostly okay okay cool how long how long on the program is it it’s four years four years okay yeah and I’m two years into it so I started my PhD in p.m. at the same time okay I get the academic and the psychic part of Joshua and and also part of I think the psychic horizons is actually understanding what you know there’s so much negativity about the Bible and Jesus all of the just punishment that went with that in and not really killing anybody that doesn’t agree with you and to really find that Christ force vibration and that love oh that’s that’s coming home for me so I’m just really to be a teacher of things Christ first and things is Joshua yeah wow that sounds great you didn’t um well you probably did have you ever heard of the name David upon Adel no okay way back in the day he was uh he was in BP I used to do some could use a great sermons on Sunday I think your party even he passed away unfortunately a few years ago I think he really would have loved them because he had a great way of you know kind of translating the Bible from a psychic point of view it was really incredible one of the nicest guys to and every time like when I’m when I first was listening to lie you had those glasses you know he kept coming to mind on my time Deborah were probably left and they could just talk shop all day because he had a lot of Bible information too I was pretty good yeah when looking back Deborah you mentioned going to Boulder about five years ago and you’re saying that there was a change that was going on in your life we looking back would you attribute it to be that to everything else I was happening universally for the year 2012 oh yes it was a certifiable dark night at a soul and it forced me really to awaken psychically and develop you know raise my own vibration and really this you know this is real and it’s time to get real about it so what it what did the other so much does that led you to walking through the psychic courageous doors are very very first time I was working with another shaman in Boulder who’s an old friend I’ve lived in Boulder before and I left there and went to a coffee shop and there was a psychic horizons newsletter and I read it that’s it that’s right along and I I called help and she helped us soon and she did a reading like the next day I think and after that I just started taking every class I possibly could I started I I started spending as much time as I could there because in the energy and the vibration I was dealing with the only ways I felt I felt safe safe Ken Auletta familiar story you guys have named experiences you’re one of the people that that I met a few people that I know that are have their feet in both worlds if you will with the psychic arises which is considered air energy and the shaman world which considered it’s considered earth energy and usually there’s usually a good mismatch or complimentary the complimentary ways that they go about things as far as modality DC similarities versus differences and how are you able to use both oh good question well I tend to use so mostly use a really excellent shaman she studied and through that Peruvian tradition for my energy Jax there’s more invocation of the spirits I think there’s more I guess that’s right it’s more the Earth’s energy comes in and I find it very powerful such as horizons is more where am i you know that when I do an energy check there it’s more where am I at was my head at what’s you know what am I ready to release out of my own aura the healing happens but it’s on a more subtle level I think yeah I don’t I never thought about it being different but it is it’s a different energy absolutely everyone that I know that has familiarity with both modality would compare the two I mean there’s obviously some differences but they found a way to kind of juggle juggle them both and you sound like a lot of us that in our path we come across so many different modalities some stay with us some kind of you go go away but it makes us who we are in the present moment exactly yeah and I think we’re led to what we need so it changes as our past changes and our consciousness changes so you definitely were giving a Mary Belle and Apple you are one of us one of those dwell nosing students that like you mentioned you with every class and so on and so forth yeah you’re good I wasn’t well I so I hope most of it but in in Mary Belle’s class her ministers class I was I was the bad boy I was always lit up very laughable we laugh about it now but you know I’m kind of like the accidental minister Wow but I hung in there and then I realized I realized what was missing for me and that’s when I started going to Scala G school I love it I love it and so you know if you think you’ve gone from being a student there to teaching classes so if you can explain briefly with the three class you had that Bible class but it looks like you’re going to change the name for that but for your previous classes you had three they’re about three hours each if you can give a little bit of detail about each class so this first class and we’re probably going to change the format because it’s too much information in each class but the first class was really about the Old Testament then the historical next to that and particularly who was God when we looked at Abraham and Moses in those stories because there were different names of God and there was different functions so and and the purpose and that was really to is that is is the Iron Age animal sacrifice God named Yahweh still the God you that had lots of rules and lots of punishment is that still the God you only just do and and is that your choice or is there another more updated version and I also love well I don’t want to get into because so many people get lit up but Abraham was in the land of her which is Iraq which was the capital the Sumerian capital of the Anunnaki when three dudes walk up to him and he identifies them as God and so we got to talk and he mixed him a big lunch so um just comparing you know looking at the history of that and where it came from where that story originated to me is really fascinating and effect I was just reviewing today one of the really cool things about Genesis is that a lot of it was written in code there’s a Bible code in Genesis and it was discovered at the Hebrew University in Israel in the mathematics department and Greg brain was written a book called the God code you know he’s an engineer yeah and he he’s identified it as the code he’s equated it to DNA code so my theory not anybody else’s theory just me is that the ancients were trying to give us information about our DNA and how to update it and enhance it that’s what I think so that that was the first session was and we spent staring out of time on Moses and look that God that really harsh God that you know supported and led the army and mass genocide and was all about the real estate deal putting that in historical context and releasing number one judgment about it and number two any lingering you know judeo-christian formats and ethics and paradigms pretty much got hammered into a lot of us two different lifetimes an understanding where that came from and it are we ready to release it what you know who wrote it what what’s it about is it current is at present time and updating it so I think that’s valuable particularly if you’ve had a strong religious background the next class was about the mysteries the mystery schools in the Old Testament especially and then we talked about the Essenes also which are when the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered we learned a lot about a Jewish group that approached their religion in an esoteric way and a sort in a psychic way so they wanted the highlights I said I don’t know if I covered it but so Elijah is one of the early prophet and he was performing miracles he was healing people raising the dead he had a school called the school of prophets where he was teaching these skills to other people and this is about I’m not sure when Kings was written but Elijah lived probably 900 BCE thereabouts and he ascended directly into heaven he didn’t die and his mantle fell to Elijah and Malachi the book of Malachi said that Elijah will come back as the messenger the harbinger of the Messiah and then of course the New Testament believes that Elijah reincarnated into John the Baptist and he was the announcer of the Messiah but there was you know that long ago there was an ancient mystery school and also the Temple of Solomon was built about 10,000 give or take and Solomon was reported to be a wise man but also there’s quite a bit of information about him being able to command the animals and heal and you know keep release spells and cast out demons and the early 1st temple had a tradition of being a mystery school and there’s lots of texts that describe what that was one of the really interesting things to me is that in the Holy of Holies in the first temple actually a second temple to this symbol was to care of them having sex Wow and it wasn’t it they don’t explain it so like only the high priest could go in and Holy of Holies but this I think I really think they were teaching Tantra back in the old days I mean what else would that be and then Isaiah the Book of Isaiah we talked about that is a lot of Merkava our Merkava literature and I say and I say is probably one of the older books of the Bible and it starts it’s it starts training people on unoffensive and it’s Makabe Haeckel at its chariot palaces literature so the palaces had seven levels that you offended – and it took very specialized training and then of course recover practices the problem literature survived there became more prominent into the Dead Sea Scrolls and with the Essenes and then eventually it was passed on it is the Kabbalah that Pete Benton became the Kabbalah practices literature so and then you see a lot for like a glass so now we talked about the Essenes so and that’s that’s just totally awesome – absolutely we’re going to spend some time with the second class so I do when I spend more time on that and then you know maybe we’ll have you back and talk about the first and third classes you didn’t even touch the third class Oh third class was about Jesus and disciples in the Gnostic that’s all I’ll say the first two were like five-minute dissertations with a burden is this limpid you don’t know where so okay so of course of course of course it moves a most bit more kind of we’ll have you back on and talk about the other classes but let’s stay with the second class for a little while and let’s talk about the Essenes and the mystery schools and before getting into it I have a question for you with mystery schools in times past there were always more of a right of passage or you had to earn your way through the protocol if you will and right and now there’s more there’s more information than ever in 2017 but there isn’t that structure for folks so I wanted to get your opinion as to do you have an opinion of what what is better do you think that if you are in a more structured environment you could and what you’re getting because a lot of people are drinking from the fire hose and really are not really processing what’s what they’re right right yeah that’s really true so the Essenes probably were the ones that described it the best they had a three-year training three different levels and the fourth here you became kind of like a master that’s what you really that’s when you really became full they called it metanoia which was fully in white consciousness but yeah there was you started out your first year just sort of hanging out well also in early Christianity there was also mystery schools and we still have evidence of those and there were three levels of training in those mystery school early Christian mystery schools the first level was really it’s what the church that the church took the lowest common denominator and I hope I don’t offend anybody by saying that but it was for anybody that walked in the door it was how to lead a moral life it was you know some some service how you functioned in the family and the community kind of the 10 commandments sort of thing so it was just becoming part of a community and leading a moral ethical life and serving others was the first level and once you mastered that the second level was more of an inner journey into releasing those feel like your anxieties or fears or phobias your addictions really working on yourself a lot of the work that we do in psychic arises I’m sure you do in Atlanta too the inner work of clearing yourself is that bad programming past life stuff so that you clear yourself out and then the third and early Christianity it could take however long it took in the early mystery school and the third level with enlightenment and you really started bringing the Christ force in full on into your body and walking in the light holding that vibration 24/7 and that’s where you learn to heal and you know perform miracles and the the two the second and third levels were eliminated basically by the church yeah so I think there would be value in having a mystery school that with a very spiritual focus then add those three levels read from some stepwise preparation yeah so why I have asked this is the question I’ve had kind of you know most of my life or at least from maybe my teens on but why in all your studies and whatnot why did you why did Jesus like he said he talked to I’ll talk to you you know to give you the mysteries but I have to talk to everyone else in parables why was that why do you think that was well so so we know scholars don’t know but we know because Mary Bell tells Jesus and we have the way of mastery where he says he was in the seat so the twelve disciples and there were more than twelve there were a lot of people that want to Jesus were probably also a scenes or affiliated Jewish baptizing sects that had separate SE C T that had that training that enter training those different levels of initiation and in fact when John the Baptist baptized people you got full metanoia you were dropped picked through the goalposts and enlightenment you woke up and in this bowl new world a whole new consciousness called metanoia and there were lots of people historically that John the Baptist baptized that were walking around performing miracles and preaching and doing what Jesus was doing there were other messianic contenders that had been baptized by John the Baptist so there was a question of initiations and studying and and we know that Jesus studied since he was a very token since he was a very young man in the Essene mystery schools and in fact he says he this is a really cute story he says in the way of mastery one of the recordings that wanted his the scene masters gave him the assignment when he was 14 that before he went to bed he had to remember every instant every holy instant which means every time he brought the price force to another person and Jesus said you know when I was 14 and they’d asked I go yeah no I forgot again yeah I didn’t get to it today but he said by the time he was 16 it was what he lives for so we know that Jesus studied and we know that the disciples particularly John the Baptist and Jesus and probably Andrew and Peter studied in the Essene mystery schools and were prepared from a very young age they were talking to people that didn’t have that training and then didn’t didn’t have that level of initiation or awareness or even maybe that value that that was important so he came up with you know brilliant parables that were were of their world of farming and seeds and one fishing and things that they would understand does that answer your question yeah yeah I’ve always because actually River does a lot younger I’m like why is Jesus just come down and just however break it down everyone just tell anyone else yeah but you know he was healing the MPM and disciples were healing people as he was teaching so he was opening them up they were getting an initiation and just they didn’t maybe understand it on that level yeah so when I when we started the podcast I was talking about the polarities and in his time there was no different I guess the counterparts of the themes were the Pharisees and could you explain a little bit about their commonalities and differences between the Athenian authorities oh wow how much how much time do I have here one person please no because there’s some really cool history that has gotten lost about how this emerged how the judge is always trash-talking the Pharisees or he he may not have done that he’s represented to authors of the New Testament represented doing that but real quick because this is so cool I got to tell you second temple Judaism was a time where there were how can I tell this real quickly so the Greeks took over and there was this really crazy Greek ruler called Epiphanius and the Maccabees were the southern kingdom they were like veterans they rebelled against this crazy Greek side and kicked him out and so the Jews for the first time in a really long time ruled todaya or Judah and everybody thought that they would put the high priest back in power once the crazy Greek was gone and they didn’t they put their cousin Jonathan as a high priest and he did not have the training or the knowledge the secret knowledge or the initiations that the hyper of the old temple food apat so the high priest who would have been put back in power left and went to Egypt and created another temple there were two temples at Jesus time there was a template lien topless in Egypt where the traditional priests that took the priests with all the mysteries and the initiations and become the sons of zadok and close by there was a school called it therapeutic I don’t have you ever heard of that there are another it was a there were healers and they taught healing and magic but basically they took the mystery the Jewish mystery schools and they took it Egypt and out of that tradition in Egypt the Essenes developed as a separate set and two hundred years before Jesus that there was an Essene teacher of righteousness and the Bedouin the really fundamentalist people that took over in Jerusalem killed him they martyred him and so the Essenes became they called themselves the sons of light and they called what became the Pharisees but breakers but the Covenant because of that so bad blood happened ever since then long 200 year history of the Pharisees and the Essenes fussing and fighting the difference is the Pharisees were they became rabbinic Judaism they were normative Judaism they were trying to keep you know keep society going and cope with everything that was going on and there is their more superficial you know sort of kind of like our I don’t know kind of like hedge funds managers or something you know trying to make money and status and and and the Essenes felt that they and the the Temple in Egypt thought that they had the true old wisdom they had the true mysteries and the true knowledge of of God sorry that was long but that’s such a cool part of history that people don’t know no I went along it all thought that was perfectly explained you know that’s one of the cool things that once you start understanding what was really happening back then yeah it’s like it’s a completely different story it’s different than what we got yeah imagine once you start kind of separating the shoes from the lies and so yeah it’s a completely different story kind of looking with your own eyes now with a marybelle channeling Jesus and you going through theology do you have you asked during the channel where you were energetically at that time or have you done any path life regression to go back to that time period yeah Jesus said I walked with him so I was a man I walked with him oh so you’re one of their one of the disciples yeah I was cool all right I know what was it like what was what like what was it like lived with Mary Bell channeling Jesus was it more of the thought of but you’re you’re uncovering so much of what we perceive to be the reality then and you turned it on its ear and with Mary Bell channeling you know you’re getting a little bit of his personality so it’s easier for a thought of teryan that many people would think or other oh my oh my gosh he’s a rascal yeah he cracks himself up yeah when I first know and you know the beautiful thing about being able also concurrently to study with Jesus in persons as it were until if you get the vibration every time you just get this unbelievable healing Christ verse energy that he brings with them is really a distinctive love it really think this healing energy some but no he’s funny yeah so when I first started my PhD and I was really struggling with what’s in my dissertation be about I asked him whatever what today I want to study what you were really teaching what what should I focus on and he goes well I think you should study the effect of amusement on a religion sure I go think that’s my advice is really gonna love that one one another time I asked him what was it like before the fall you know what before we fell into density what was it like and what happened why did we fall and he said before the fall there was conscious creation so if you’ve got Apple you could hold out your hand and materialize an apple yeah and because and why did you smile I guess like to me he’s talking to me well you fell because chocolate doesn’t taste the same on site as it does and I love chocolates though so he’s always teasing me about any place joke oh my gosh I love it I almost every channel he cracked some jokes or teases somebody some way yeah I it’s very loving teasing but nonetheless he’s a rascal hey he’s light-hearted oh he’s extraordinary that’s what I’m sorry about that I couldn’t resort ordinarily light-hearted so now we have us a really good question of another contrast right you’re talking about pre and post fall right and so now you had mentioned Gregg Braden and you have mentioned a DNA activation in touch with the Merkabah and clutch how and there’s a lot of I’m sure that’s a whole nother conversation but is there an easy way to get to the that everyone wants or should we just we have light-hearted as our teacher while you ask easy questions don’t you so so we’re all on our own pads and I think we’re all the earth is ascending right now so we’re all on the Ascension path and it’s not easy I mean anybody who’s studying right now knows the Energy’s intense I liken it to surfing the big waves sometimes I feel like I’m not riding away and I’m getting pounded by the ways so the easy answer is if you want to ascend right now just bring bring just love and bring bring the Christ force fully into your physical body and nothing else that’s all it takes okay however it’s not that easy to do that so because we’ve all got a lot of junk programming and childhood stuff and past life stuff and society around us we react to it the earth what’s going on and especially this country right now we respond emotionally to it and that takes us out of the Christ force out of that pure love and we we we met we start matching other things so it takes some effort in studying and some you know a consciousness some awareness of what we’re thinking and feeling and a purposeful courses study to improve your vibration and improve your inner world and tenuously but it’s it’s loving yourself and loving others I don’t know that’s that’s kind of a short answer now one thing that you said I liked in your classes is that those classes are three hours and you know for me I was okay with it you know could I listen everything in two times being which is fine but one of the highlights that you kept driving home in your in your presentations were for everyone to get out of their own space and get out of the intellectual space of trying to uncover what was happening in the past intellectually and more so looking at it for how we can apply it to today’s today’s life and this is my first time doing this but per your request we were before offline we were talking about you know you kind of hand it to where we are in the states today in the United States and you wanted to satisfy some time to do a meditation and I wanted to give you that time to do that if you still want to yeah it’s great let me get myself grounded and centered real quick and this foot so what kind of so the audience what kind of tools would they have it’s across the board we do have some former students from Horizon Center here in Atlanta and some other we have Mary Bell on I would say it’s across the board okay all right so let’s go inside go into your beautiful self and just start by taking some deep breath and three can you hear me breathe out breathe out longer than your breathing in I take another deep breath and one more and as you’re breathing become aware that you’re breathing oxygen which is a gift from Mother Earth it comes from the plants and the trees and the water and you’re also breathing in lifeforce you’re breathing in prana which is the gift of life and this is your intimate connection to God the source and the gaia so as you breathe again become aware of that and bring that life force into every part of your body every cell your toes top your head and become aware that you are being breathed that this life force prana this energy comes into you your priest whether you’re asleep you were unconscious for some reason you would still be breathed this gift of life would still be coming in and out and animating yourself giving you the gift of life and be aware that you can consciously bring in more of that life force as you breathe it can set your intention to have more prana more life more gift of breath of life bring it any and raise your vibration next let’s ground picture a beam of light from your first or your second chakra whatever feels right why did you hit straight down into the crystalline core of Mother Earth and as you connect with that crystalline core you start to resonate the mother earth all of your elements come from mother as your physical body start to resonate and just send a Hello send a gratitude down to mother earth for all that she’s given us for all that you support them and then next bring down a beam of light from the core crystal of the central Sun of the galaxy or source bring it down through your crown chakra to all of your chakras down through the bottom of your aura and if you want you can send a little bit of that source energy down to another earth and now you’re in a vertical connection to the crystalline core of mother and the crystal and chorus our source and just put some rose this picture arose out in front of you and pull out any energy of anything you’re trying to fix anything you’re working on anything that you think is not okay right now in present time and you don’t don’t have to no effort I have to think about it just pull out that energy send that rose to the edge of the universe exploded put up another rose and be whatever color feels right to you and pull out any energy where you’re judging others where things you’re judging whatever the country somebody you’re mad at is pull out any energy of judgment especially judgment of yourself or you’re not good enough or you make yourself wrong pull out all judgment energy and when that Rose is full send it off to the edge of the universe and exploded one more Rose a lot anything that keeps you from having your highest self anything that keeps you from the highest version of you just set your intention don’t have to know what that is just pull it out no effort and when that Rose is full send it off to the edge of the universe and exposure now about two feet above your head top of your aura picture a really really brilliant gold white light a ball and that ball is fill it with Christ force unconditional love but also that bright light that ball of bright gold light is your source code your crystalline source of code that is uniquely you it’s the part of you that exists still and in every life the source and when that is big and bright bring your crystalline source code your Christ force down into your heart chakra and open your heart chakra and let that beautiful crystal involved light you your cries for is your Christ being which is in vertical connection with a crystalline core of gaia and the crystalline core of source let that radiate out this beautiful healing white gold energy and it goes to every cell in your body especially anywhere that needs healing anywhere that needs a special hello and your own being it activates as it travels through your body it activates full twelve strand DNA and you don’t have to understand that just contend that it did but it does and then let that gold light light once your body’s full emanate out into your aura so you just conclude your Despain and this energy of bright white light beautiful gold loving Christ first light that’s actually you your higher self then picture that beautiful white light from your open-heart going out to everybody in your towel no matter what town you’re in just picture that that white light is going on everyone and then picture that light going out everyone in your state no effort just intended so and then picture that beautiful gold white Christ for for size going out to the entire country and especially to those places that need extra help right now Florida and texted Northwest with the friars anyplace else you’d like to send special hello and then picture that beautiful girl white light going out to the entire planet everyone in the world and you can also send some of it to the earth to the land and the water the atmosphere some healing energy and once again breathe breathe in that beautiful prana and realize as we’re doing this in unity that we’re breathing the same air we’re breathing the same life force energy we’re all made up of the same components of gaia and that in unity in our unity this Christ 4 strengthens our individual source codes are mingling and we’re working together to heal the planet to heal those who need it and realize it this is our highest self coming down to help hold the space for earth transition then when you’re ready bring your awareness back into your body your physical body your aura and put out another one more rose and we’re going to put in this rose any worry any concern any fear you have for the future of this planet or the future of this country any anxiety you have about the future pull that out silver rose send it to the center of the universe and explode it and then come back to the crystalline core in your heart your source code the crystal that’s you unique crystal being that you are the Christ verse being and just let yourself be aware that there’s nothing on earth right now that’s not in harmony with virtus ascension and our job is to hold this space hold this vibration of love and Christ’s force of our highest self or the ground crew and that get the Masters and source the counsel of light there on top of what’s happening on earth there’s nothing out of alignment there’s nothing wrong in your life nothing wrong on earth just the time of recalibration and purification and just be confident in that be neutral in that that things are as they should be and that you are unconditional love that you have unlimited source energy in your crystalline source code now picture a huge growth Sun above your head call back all your energy all your wisdom all your knowledge from anywhere you might have left it any lifetime anyplace person fill in with your higher wisdom and love of yourself gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful being that you are the opportunity to be on earth at this time and do this work any colors that you think would feel good right now and some amusement and pop that both Sun and fill it in bring it into your head your face your neck shoulders arms and your torso but you bet the chair your legs your feet fill it out into your aura and then set your crown color a comfortable color for you in present time that white roll might be a little high for your body so reset your crown chakra and when you’re ready stretch that’s your fate make it real bring it into the body and come back when you’re ready oh great Deborah yeah we are at the top of the hour so if you the good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to be in Boulder to take your classes so if you can let us know really quickly about your upcoming classes and how they can get in touch with you to sign up for those classes even if they’re not in Boulder that’d be great well the next class will be November 5th at the Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00 mountain time at psychic horizons and it’s a way of mastery seminar and study group a lot of meditations in that one and the way a mastery is a channel just channeled that book so it says lesson through the same teaching and then end of January there will be another secret knowledge of God’s King there would be another Bible class so anymore so just sake choruses org and you can sign up for the way of mastery fantastic fantastic rectly planning we were speaking with Mary Bell about potentially doing a trip out to Boulder and January and we’ll see how that goes because I know it’s the coldest time of the year for us down yeah well it could be called it could be warp deucey that’s true that’s true and again thanks we had a this was wonderful podcast with the Deborah Scott we had a wonderful meditation at the end first time doing that and I know I’m on cloud nine from that and hopefully everyone enjoyed that this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective it’s a hamsa and I’m David and thanks again Deborah for your time thank you for inviting me this was awesome and we’ll talk to you okay [Music]

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