Who The Holy Spirit Is In 2021? What Is The Holy Spirit? | Holy Spirit Explained | Holy Ghost’s Role

Who The Holy Spirit Is In 2021? What Is The Holy Spirit? | Holy Spirit Explained | Holy Ghost’s Role

How Does the Relationship Between Jesus and the Spirit of God Relate to Christians?

Who The Holy Spirit Is? What is the relationship between Jesus and the Holy Spirit? How is the spirit connected to the human body? What role does the Holy Spirit play in the life of Jesus? This article will shed some light on how Jesus was able to perform miracles with the help of his Holy Spirit.

In the Old Testament, there are several references to Jesus and the spirit of God. We have a very interesting passage from the book of Daniel where Daniel tells his wife that he will "live with the spirit of God" in heaven. The word translated as "spirit" is "Jehovah." Many scholars interpret this to mean that the dead Lord Jesus lived in the spirit world until the day of his resurrection after dying on the cross. If we look into the life of Jesus and his own words about the spirit of God, we will see that this concept of eternal life fits perfectly.

How Does The Holy Spirit Change You?  We Wanna Know...
How Does The Holy Spirit Change You?

In the New Testament, there are several references to Jesus and the holy trinity. For example, we read in the book of Acts about the miracles that Jesus performed. He was using the spirit of God. Many other references speak about the relationship between Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In addition to those mentioned here, there are numerous other references to the relationship of Jesus and the spirit of God throughout the entire New Testament period. Therefore, if you want to know how Jesus was able to perform miracles with the help of the spirit of God, then you must pay close attention to the teachings found in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.

Who The Holy Spirit Is? How Does The Holy Spirit Change You?

The Book of Hebrews gives us an insight into the relationship between Jesus and the spirit of God. This book emphasizes the need for us to focus on the presence of God. Jesus came into the world to save people from sin. Many people are sinfully living. Therefore, it is necessary for the Messiah to be your advocate and walk in the spirit of God to be able to bring the gift of salvation to all people.

Besides, we can look at the book of Hebrews for other examples of the relationship of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Holy Spirit. For instance, in the book of Hebrews, it states that if someone is saved with the spiritual gift, they will sit at the right hand of God in His Kingdom with constant companionship.

It also states that the person who is saved is godly and is not against God. The person is saved in the presence of God the Comforter and is godly. It also states that when a distinct person is saved, he is not under the wrath of God. Finally, it states that he will see The Giver at his right hand and know the place of his rest.

What Are The 7 Characteristics Of The Holy Spirit?
What Are The 7 Characteristics Of The Holy Spirit?

These are some great examples of how the Savior and the spirit of God have been linked in the New Testament. To become a true follower of Jesus, you should learn more about the relationship between Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

What Are the Seven Character Traits of the Holy Spirit?

What are the 7 Characteristics of the Holy Spirit? These characteristics describe the personality traits of the Spirit, the personification or embodiment of God’s will for humanity, and the personification of God’s goodness in this earthly world. The seven character traits of the Holy Spirit include compassion, humility, hope, love, wisdom, and faith.

The seven-person characteristics of The Sanctifier are represented by seven attributes: mercy, truth, justice, knowledge, wisdom, and fear. These characteristics are important aspects of God’s character.

What Are The 7 Ministries Of The Holy Spirit
What Are The 7 Ministries Of The Holy Spirit?

Compassion is the essence of God as He is a God of compassion. When we see the suffering of others, it is obvious to see the compassion of God in this life. He cares about every person inspiring believers all over this earth. But as He looks after those that suffer in His name, we are also touched and healed by His compassion. Our compassion towards our fellow man increases and so does our Stoic compassion for others. We become compassionate by changing ourselves towards the holy path to be more like God.

Do Unbelievers Have The Holy Spirit?

Another aspect of God’s mercy is wisdom. When we see someone in pain, we can only feel the wisdom of God at work within us. As a result, we can help them by applying our wisdom to their situation. We learn to love and heal by loving and healing others. We are also taught to understand the deeper aspects of God’s will.

Wisdom is God’s understanding of things. There is no greater gift than the gift of understanding. We can apply our wisdom to help others. We become wiser and understand more about what the Divine Essence has to say.

What Is The Difference Between The Holy Spirit And The Holy Ghost
What Is The Difference Between The Holy Spirit And The Holy Ghost?

Another of the Seven characteristics of the Holy Spirit is hope. The hope in the Lord is not just something we have to have; it is something we have to live by. Hope comes from seeing things from His perspective. He knows that all things do not end in suffering; even His own heart cannot be broken. He knows that we can and will overcome sin with patience and perseverance, things can be changed and God can redeem us from our sins.

Is Love A Gift Of The Holy Spirit?

We can find hope in God because He promises that He will save us and bring us out of sin. We can expect good things. We can expect to see a better world. And when we do see this world, we can expect that God is there to help us and to give us His blessings. He can be our greatest teacher.

Because God is a God of mercy, we can expect that He will help us in times of need. He said that He will deliver us from evil, and He will provide for us. 

What Is The Power Of The Holy Spirit? Who Knows?
What Is The Power Of The Holy Spirit?

In this way, we can be better people than we are now. We can grow into better persons. We can experience the power and beauty of God’s presence.

Where Did the Holy Spirit Come From?

This supplemental article discusses the historical development of Trinity concepts. While early Christian theological scholars speculated in a wide variety of ways on who was God, none was completely and clearly declared the doctrine of Trinity as presented in the first three books of the Bible, namely the Book of Moses, the Book of Prophets, and the book of Acts. Some of these early Christians could agree on only the Father and Son, while others were more expansive and included the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary. But even as the Bible is clear on who God is, it is also silent as to what the Father is like, or who the Son is like, or what the Holy Spirit is like, or how the Three are related to each other.

Many of these three writers took a different approach to the Father, such as Origen, whose teachings are known as orthodox in that they adhere to Biblical teaching and believe that there are three Persons of God. His writings are known as unorthodox or orthodoxy because of their exegetical style that attempts to clarify the Bible through logic and argumentation. These unorthodox views resulted in his excommunication by the Church and his death, however, since he was never officially declared a heretic by the Roman Catholic Church, Origen has been canonized as a saint by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Where Did The Holy Spirit Come From?  From Where?
Where Did The Holy Spirit Come From?

Tertullian was another of these three orthodox writers who wrote against Origen’s unorthodox views. He was one of the first prominent proponents of monotheism, a belief that all Christians are made equal in the eyes of God and have one divine nature. His writings are recognized as unorthodox by the Roman Catholic Church, but his writings are respected in the Protestant churches as well, as Tertullian is considered a precursor of Martin Luther.

Viewpoints About the Trinity Concept

Though no precise answers were offered in either the Book of Moses or the Book of Prophets concerning the relationship between the three Persons of God, the Trinity concept was already widely accepted. The Father is God’s only-begotten Son and the Holy Spirit is God’s eternal substantial partner. This is the basis for the Catholic Christian faith and its practice of baptismal regeneration; since the Father and the Son are God’s only-begotten Son, these persons become inseparable by virtue of their sharing in the Divine Nature.

Though there are many theories about the nature and relationship of the Father and the Son, there is still no agreement among Christian scholars on the exact nature and location of this relationship between the Father and the Son. Some view the Father as being the creator of everything, whereas others claim that He is the creator of Jesus and the Son, but the latter’s existence can be inferred from His incarnation. The Father and the Son are believed to be one entity in the sense that they coexisted before the world was created, which they were always there as the divine principle.

Others maintain that the Father and the Son are distinct beings as the Godhead, in contrast to the belief of some Christians that the Father is the Godhead and the Son is the personification of divinity. These differing views on the Trinity are based on how much time the Father has existed before the Son; some Christian denominations believe that the Father was the Godhead before Christ’s incarnation while others believe that He was with Him for only a short period of time.

One of the most controversial aspects of this debate is the relation between the Father and the Son, as described in the Book of Moses. Though the Book of Moses does not state exactly who the Father is, it indicates that the Father is God Almighty, while the Son is the one to whom He revealed His glory and His Fatherly nature, thus, a similar position to that held by the Holy Father is implied. Furthermore, the Book of Moses describes the Son as the one who sent the Son to redeem men, whereas the Father sent the Son in the person of Jesus Christ. Since there are no specific statements in the Bible about the Father and the Son, some scholars believe that the Father may have been considered to be the creator of all things, while others consider him to be the father of Jesus Christ and the Son.

What Is The Power Of The Holy Spirit?

For most Christian denominations, The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity, the God-bearer, represented by God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a person in charge, a representative of God’s love who aids us with our prayers, gifts, and works through the Bible, the Church, and the Holy People of God. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ is credited with the gift of prophecy, which is arguably the most important and powerful gift that the Holy Spirit has, as this is used to influence and communicate with the human race in many ways.

Who Was The First Person To Receive The Holy Spirit?
Who Was The First Person To Receive The Holy Spirit?

A question that many Christians ask when seeking answers to what is the power of the Holy Spirit is; is there a direct line between the Holy Spirit and Christianity? This is not always the case, but there is a great deal of overlap between Christianity and the gifts of the Spirit. The Bible and Christianity both teach that we are accountable to God for our deeds, even when we do not understand or believe that we are. Therefore, we have a spiritual bond between us and God, whether we know it or not.

Christianity has long held that the Father of all things, God, was in charge of every aspect of human life from creation to redemption, from sin to salvation. The Holy Spirit is an extension of God’s work in our lives, and He is also responsible for our prayer and gifts. Although this is not a direct link between the three persons of the Godhead, it is a very strong one. As Christians, we are taught that we need to be actively involved in God’s work, so that we can help Him achieve His purpose through us.

What Is The Difference Between The Holy Spirit And The Holy Ghost?

The question that many Christian’s ask is "What is the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost?". For those who have not been in a Christian church, the distinction between the two can be confusing. The difference is not as important as some might think. However, there are some fundamental differences between the two that all Christians should know.

In Christianity, God is completely one with the Father. In order for a person to become a Christian, God must first be in the person. The Holy Spirit cannot enter into a person’s heart unless the person accepts Christ. Once a person accepts Christ, the Holy Spirit is in the person and helps the person to fulfill the promises of God. When someone claims that the Holy Spirit works through the Holy Spirit, the person needs to be very close to God to be able to claim that he or she has received a part of Christ and that the Holy Spirit will work through them.

Another thing to note about the Holy Spirit is that he does not have a body. He is just a spirit. When we say that the Holy Spirit is in someone, we are saying that the person has accepted Christ into their lives and that the Holy Spirit is inside them. Many people mistakenly believe that the Holy Spirit has a physical presence because they see Him walking around. However, the Holy Spirit is still in the person that He has chosen to be with them.

The Holy Conspiracy – Kristi Saare Duarte [Interview]

The Work Of The Holy Spirit In Salvation – Pneumatology | The Work Of The Holy Spirit In Salvation

The Work Of The Holy Spirit In Salvation – Pneumatology The Work Of The Holy Spirit In Salvation The Work of the Holy Spirit in Salvation It is commonly accepted that the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation is through the Gift of God given to us in Christ. Christ died for all our sins and there is an end to sin and the pain of sin. In order to attain salvation the Holy Spirit is required for all people to know the truth about Christ, to believe in him and to believe in Christ through the Word of God. He does this by the Gift of God. Christ died for everyone and therefore he is also the final sacrifice for the redemption of all people. If we do not have a faith that Christ died for us and are not saved then we cannot expect the Gift of God that Christ has provided. Therefore, Christ is the only way to salvation from the Word of God. The Gift of God to mankind is Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit is the life of Christ. In addition to this, the Gift of God also includes the life of Christ through the Holy Spirit. This means that in Christ there is life and the life of Christ includes the Gift of God to us. Therefore, if we want to have life, then we must have Christ. In fact, it is the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation that gives us life. We also have Christ, but we are not saved, and we do not belong to Christ. We are part of the body of Christ and the Holy Spirit works through us in redemption. Christ has been the one who saves us through the Gift of God, so we must continue to be part of the body of Christ so that we can receive the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation through Christ. We cannot be saved through Christ alone, but we can be saved through Christ and the Gift of God through the Holy Spirit. All Christians are saved, and we need to be part of Christ in order to get the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation. What Is the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? The first part of the question, “What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?” was written to answer an anonymous article that asked, “what is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?” The writer then went on to describe the sin of blasphemy and what is the penalty for it. He explained what the curse and wrath of God are like, how God hates blasphemy but rewards those who keep his commandments, how the Holy Ghost keeps man from committing acts of blasphemy and how the person we call the Holy Spirit speaks through the scriptures and gives us an insight into his personality. This part of the article also discussed death and resurrection. Death is the end of our existence in this world and the body can be restored to life if we follow the ways of the scriptures. When a person dies there is nothing left over that is not from God. Our soul goes to God when we die. So, we are not doomed to die again unless the person we call the Holy Spirit makes us so and gives us another chance. Understanding the Old Testament The eternal nature of the soul and our place in the eternities was also explained. We have no beginning and no end. The scriptures give us many ways to understand this. We need not fear death and do anything we want to do, except we are warned not to give in to the devil and the world. If we follow the instructions given in scripture it is not hard to live according to the Word of God. The Old Testament shows eternal security for those who understand the teachings of the Bible. Most of those passages show that people are given an unrealistic fear of roller coasters. People of our time and generation love flying, especially in a plane. Flying is not a big problem. Eternal security in the Old Testament also is shown through the Law of Moses. Many verses show that God has provided a way to have everlasting life in Christ. If you understand the way the Lord wants you to live, then you will not be afraid when you fly in a plane. The Law of Moses shows that flying is not a sin. In fact, flying on the airplane is one of the best things that you can do for the Lord Jesus Christ. You have many options to choose from with your eternal life. However, the Old Testament teaches us about eternal life. We are not saved just for this life. When we die we go to heaven with our heavenly Father. If we follow Christ, we will be saved for eternity. The Old Testament does show us that there is an eternal life in Christ. The Work Of The Holy Spirit In Salvation – Pneumatology The Work Of The Holy Spirit In Salvation https://www.intrinsicmotivation.life/


Morning. Good evening. Good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land you are in tune to another episode of Intrinsic Motivation from a Homie’s Perspective. This is Hamza and really interested in speaking with our guest today I’d like to go over her bio a little, so I don’t miss anything because she has a very extensive background that I’m sure you guys will love over the next 60 minutes. So the author’s name is Kristi Duarte, and she’s an award-winning author of spiritual mothers to trans migrants. In her current book The Holy Conspiracy, she developed her expertise on Hey Soos or Jesus or Yeshua, and the disciples by studying ancient scrolls and historical scriptures, including the Naga Hamadi library, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and her thesis hopes the deepest Flavius is antiquities of the Jews. A true cosmopolitan and modern day Nomad, Kristi grew up in Sweden, she was raised by Estonian refugee parent and has lived in six countries across three continents. For the last 22 years, she has made New York City her home, but as always ready to move somewhere else. And when she’s not working, she has already visited nearly 80 countries across the world. Now her life changed forever in 1994, when her parents died in a fire in a ferry accident. This triggered her spiritual development in search for her true self. A few years later, in New York, she met a renowned spiritual channel, Alex Murray, who taught her about channeling, and she later studies Reiki healing and Akashic Record reading, which has also greatly influenced her writing. Without further ado, I’d like to welcome Kristi Duerte to the podcast. Welcome, Kristi.


Thank you so much, Hamza.


Yeah, it’s good to have you. Good to have you on because of that varied background. I love speaking with, with people that weren’t born and raised in one place and never left. And for someone that’s traveled as extensively as you, it gives you a wealth of experience from those that are around you. So you’re definitely a breath of fresh air. If you haven’t heard that enough.




Sure, sure. So well, first, please accept my condolences to your parents. Whenever that happens, no matter how long it is it, you know, time seems to stand still, especially for our loved ones.


Yeah, I think when your parents die, I mean, I was fairly young at the time, I was 26. And it’s like the, it’s like the rug gets pulled from under your teeth. Somehow you think your parents are always going to be there. And I read somewhere long, long time ago, when I was a kid that parents are like furniture, like they just are right, like it takes you. I mean, it’s terrible to say, but I mean, I love my parents dearly, and they were wonderful people, but I never, like I never got to know them as people because they were always my parents. And I, I, I wish So, so dearly that I could have gotten to know them and, and better, but now I just know them as past parents, and also, I guess, spirits, you know, because I know them on a different level now.


Now, since that was so some time ago, and it is your immediate environment with your parents, as you said, and you said that were you were used to living a certain life, there was a certain certainty. And it sounds a lot like the theme for this year, were at the beginning of the year, or go back one more day for New Year’s Eve. Everyone had these great expectations of normalcy and increased, like we do for every year. And here we are 10 months later, which is like no one could imagine. So a part of us has transitioned as well. Are you seeing any parallels?


Yeah, for sure. I mean, it’s like, if you is we had known if we had known that 2020 would be like that, you know that we had a year, maybe a year and a half or two years ahead of us that would have been, you know where we couldn’t go to the theater, or we couldn’t go to see a band live band or see our loved ones or as a few months in earlier discussion today. You know, we would have like, done that much more and enjoyed it more and appreciated more. And that’s the same thing when somebody dies, you know, you’re in like innocence. Hindsight, you think like, Oh, I could have asked these questions I could have, you know, I could have told somebody I loved them. And I know a lot of people too, and like this year have lost loved ones to COVID-19 and to other, you know, diseases too. And it’s kind of like, yeah, like, I mean, it’s 2020 hindsight. 2020 is the year of hindsight, I guess.


Hmm. And what’s also interesting is, we’re usually kicking and screaming, in different environments where we would say or argue, I didn’t sign up for this. But before we were incarnated, we actually did, it’s just the veil of forgetfulness, and you forgot that you wanted to be here at that moment. And I know some of that sounds a little woowoo. But I’m thinking over 20 plus years of you being in the spiritual world, that it doesn’t sound as woowoo to you, I.


Was just going to say, this is someone who at all, actually, like when my, when my parents died, it was like the biggest peacetime accident in Europe. So it was a ferry between my two home countries Estonian Sweden, and like, 900 people died, you know, so it’s a huge, huge, like, everyone knows about it in Europe. So I remember and of course, it was like a huge shock. And like, it took, like, it took a month for us to find out that my parents had their bodies had been found. And, you know, so I remember being I think it must have been after their bodies had found, and we had actually buried them. So we’re lucky in that sense, because, like, 800 people, they’ve a hundred bodies are still in the bottom of the sea, and their, their relatives couldn’t bury them. And I mean, there’s that’s the process in that. But what I was coming to was, because it was such a huge thing. There were like, all these psych, you know, radio interviews and stuff like that. And I remember being interviewed by Finnish radio. And they had me they interviewed me, and they interviewed other people at the same time, or we were in the same room or something like that. And they and I heard other people say, why, why did this happen? Why did it happen? Why did they have to die? And I thought, I know why my parents had to die because they chose to die at that point, because that’s as long as they their day on the soul level, as you said, before you’re born you choose your life, and the lessons you’re going to learn and the like, whatever you want to teach others and the family you get born into, and that and everything like that. So I know that however painful it was to lose my parents, and believe me, I still cry. Like, still today. 28 years later. 28 is a turning 26 years later, I still cry. But I I’m certain that I had done as parents, those sorts of parents, that they chose to die at that point that they chose that their bodies were recovered. I know that’s for sure. And, and I’ve always known that for sure. And one of the funny things and this is gonna sound so silly, but like when my or were my, when we got home to my parents house, I have two sisters. So we all flew back. None of us was living in my parents were living in Sweden at the time. We all flew back to Sweden, and we went to the big house where we had grown up. And we were like, Oh my god, like the washing machine. Like we had like this small room with a washing machine and the dryer and all that. The washing machine was like, so clean, so mom must have cleaned it before she left. So I was like, you know, it’s kind of like, can you like oh, I’m not going to come back. I better community mean, things like that.


So were you living in New York? No, you were still overseas. So what would go ahead?


You were living in Finland?


No, I was living in Estonia. So my parents as you read in the intro, my parents came to Sweden and as children as refugees during the Second World War, and then they could never go back because it just targets occupation. So I was born in Sweden, I grew up there. But then when Estonia became independence in 1991, I moved back. So I lived in Estonia for six years. Ambassador during that time, then my parents passed away. And because the ferry sank in international waters, then Finland was involved because it was in the like, it was right between Sweden, Estonia and Finland.


So it makes sense. Okay. Thanks for that clarification. And I was already pushing you Oh, you’re like, take your time. Take your time. I wanted to know, what led you to leave that area of the world to come to New York?


Well, it was I was in bad.


How can I say this, I was in a bad relationship.


So I mean, unhappy.


More than bad. Like, they’re they bad, but I was very unhappy. And like I was, I was married, I was very unhappily married. It was completely wrong for me. And Estonia never felt really like home for me. Like it was something I guess it was because the people there had just come out of like, Soviet repression, right. I mean, even though it was amazingly, like interesting to live in a country where, like, at the time, when they create everything, they create the laws, like new passports, the new money. Now, you could say, I was there when, when they allowed imports for the first time. So we went, like one day of nothing, having nothing in the stores, to the next day, having like bananas and oranges, and, you know, it, I went through tons when there was no toilet paper, and you would like, walk down the streets. And somebody would say, hey, there’s toilet paper in the store, and everyone would like run to get toilet paper. I mean, it’s kind of like here.


In the beginning of COVID-19.


Anyway, so like, you think about like pizza, like growing up in that kind of environment, where, where nothing is available, and where you’re not allowed to, to, you know, sing your own songs, or they like they, you’re a second class citizen in your own country. And, and, you know, you’re not allowed to raise your own flag or celebrate Christmas, or go to church, or, like, you’re so repressed. And then me who had already lived in like Sweden, and already traveled to like, you know, I don’t know if that time maybe 30 countries and, and lived in England already. And I was a very free spirit. And I, I could never completely connect to the people there even though they were like, by blood, my people. So anyway, so what How did I end up in New York. So I had, my parents died. I split up from this relationship. I knew at that point that I didn’t want to live in Estonia. I didn’t want to live in Sweden, because I never felt at home there either. I had already lived in England, I didn’t want to live in England at that point again. So I saw this chord and in advertising, and it was six months in Sweden, and six months in New York. So I thought, you know, that sounds interesting. And I had liked I had run a business. And it’s done in Estonia, and had studied art in London. So I thought, Oh, you know those two together? You know, that, like, advertising is like a natural next step. So I came to New York, and I knew even before coming, I had decided that I was going to stay for two years. And I did get a job straight away. And I had like a work permit and all that. I’ve always been here legally in case somebody wonders, but I always had a work permit. And then I met my husband, and he’s his proven American. And I fell in love. I mean, it was like my soulmate. So it took a while to figure things out. But I stayed because of him. His whole family’s here.


Mm, hmm. No, I love it. Like you said 2020 of the year reflection. And when we’re going through this day to day experience, it doesn’t make sense, or we can’t really connect the dots. But when you look back, you’re like, Okay, on a soul level. Yes. There’s my first partner, we were going to have our experience, but then it was going to end which would lead me to my new love.


Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s so easy in hindsight to take. And if you believe in, like the So, souls come to this life with a purpose, it’s so easy to see the pattern, like, Oh, I wouldn’t, if I hadn’t done that, if I hadn’t been in a bad relationship, I wouldn’t be afraid of having like going into a serious relationship, which would have meant that I wouldn’t have the patience to wait for my now husband to come to the same place. You know. So everything, everything has, has a meaning. And, and I think this year, what’s so interesting about 2020 if you’re lucky enough to be healthy, and have a job and, and not have any more than one of your loved, loved one’s suffering. What’s so interesting about this year, is that you can step back and just observe and a lot of people have found like themselves again, like we’re kind of off the rat race. And now we can do as much any longer. I mean, at this time, we haven’t kind of stop and go ahead.


Are you saying that we were human doings in the past, and now we’re,


At least I was. I’m sure not everyone was. But like, for me, it’s been like, I’m lucky enough to have a job, right. So I work but I’m like, every morning, I go out for a walk. So since March, like March 13, I think was the first time press day I worked at home. I go out for a walk in the park, I have a beautiful park next door. Like I go there I breathe the fresh air, I look at the squirrels and look at the flowers and look at like, I am amazed how, you know whoever commented the park like how they did it so that every week there’s something new to look at an experience I look at the squirrels who throw down acorns from the trees and how they like it. There’s so much that I see this year that I never saw before because I was always rushing. Like I’m you know, as you said in my intro, right. I, I work full time I travel I write book, like I there, like I was always doing something. And now I’m like, okay, I can do something all the time, I have time to actually stop.


So to say smell the roses.


Sure. I love it. And that’s why I want to do to share that story. Because it’s all perception we can it depends on how we’re looking at something, and we can talk about arm’s length and things, Ally’s going wrong, but you can use that other arm and say what’s going right. And now is the time when you can actually take a deep breath and do that. Yeah, yeah. And it made me also think of, as you were talking about your background about you being an author, you write books, but you don’t just write advertising books that you went to school for you, you write the holy conspiracy, and in a lot of the historical Jesus or Yeshua, or the religious text, and I wanted to know, instead of just going into advertising, which would make sense on a linear level, what was the what was the drive what would be attraction to right in the, the semi religious area.


So it’s kind of long story. So I’m going to try to make it like not too long. But when I came to you, well, let me start by saying like, I’m not a religious, so I write about Jesus, but I don’t believe in religion, I believe in God. But you know, I’m not religious, if that makes sense. So when I came to when I came to New York, I, some It started with like, one go into medium trying to communicate with my parents. So I ended up in this group in Manhattan, a channel called Alex Murray, who Christos channels, but he was, he was like, super successful, I guess at one point it was could channel for the UN in a session for the UN. And he was like, super They’re amazing and kind and amazing they can your channel anyway. So I ended up in this by coincidence as it is, or as we call it coincidence in a group where he channeled every Tuesday, and he brought in spirits into his body, and they communicated through him. So, I loved it because it was like kind of my church, you know, you go and hear the spirits talk about what’s going on in the world. And then you get like, you know, a short message or something at the end, or sometimes you didn’t get a message. Or sometimes you just got a short message and stuff like that. So I, at some point, he started teaching, also channeling, so I was in a group, like that said, like, yeah, I want to learn this. And I had already been like, I think all my life pretty much in contact with spirits, even though I didn’t really know how to hone it. Like I, I could ask questions, and I got answers, but I didn’t really know how to do it. Like how to do it purposely, I guess. So I started with him. And nerd kenneling. And then one day, this man in my group, who was also a student, he said, Oh, why don’t you come out to the Rockaways? You know, we’re getting together a group of people, you know, I would love for you to come to channel. So I went there, like, he picked me up, he drove me out there. And then, you know, I thought, like, we were all going to channel like we did in this group where we were learning, but, you know, we sit down, and they said, okay, Christina, you channel and I’m like, wha? I thought we were going to practice together. I so I was put on the spot. And I started, you know, and I go, Okay, so I was like, okay, the dude is second doing in class, like when we’re when we’re studying. And it went very well. So it ended up being something I did for about a year, year and a half with this group of people every Sunday. So they would come to my house, and I would channel for a whole afternoon, pretty much. And anyways, so with that, like getting to know spirit in a different way. I also started thinking about, you know, religion, because a lot of people who are Christian, I mean, specifically about Christianity, but a lot of people who are Christians, they say, Oh, Jesus, you know, you can only Jesus would only love you, if you believe in Jesus. And if you don’t believe in Jesus, you go to hell. And you know, there’s so many people who like, walk through the subways in New York, and they say, like, oh, the time the end times are near, and you have to believe Jesus, or you’re going, you know, you’re going to burn forever. And I was like, if Jesus is of God, like cupidon faith that he would be like, Oh, let me save everyone. You know, because that’s what a religious person would do. And like, also the thing about like, you know, gays, and like, oh, no gays, it’s like, it’s wrong to be homosexual. Why wouldn’t you love everyone? Like, what does it matter? Like, you who they love or whatever.


So I have like, it kind of started percolating in my mind, like all these talks about Jesus and, and stuff and then one, but it was like, in the back of my mind, because I was doing other things. So I moved to Spain to study Spanish because things with my husband wasn’t weren’t working out my now husband, which was then my boyfriend wasn’t working out. So I was like, you know, I’m going to go to Spain, I’m going to learn Spanish, whatever. So I kept like, thinking about it and doing other things. And then I got back with my husband. And we traveled to India and then one day in India, I’m walking down the streets of Calcutta, Calcutta. And I see this book, Jesus in India. And I said, Jesus in India, that’s like, fascinating because like, you know, like you’re in India, you’re looking at all the like Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries and stuff like that, which are so interesting. And, and I thought, Jesus in India, that sounds fascinating. For some reason, I didn’t pick up this book, but then a few years later, but let me see like, yeah, like a few years later, this book Kind of ends up on my Kindle. I have no recollection of buying it. This book called The Secret Life of Christ, written by this Russian Explorer, Nicholas Milkovich. ADmitrovichveled to India, Northern India in or through India in the 1880s. And he ended up in a Buddhist monastery in Ladakh in Kashmir. And it was a Tibetan monastery, and he broke his leg. And then he, he, that one day that one of the Tibetan monk said, Oh, do you know your Jesus was here. And this monk then showed this Russian Explorer, that scrolls where it was, like, written how Jesus traveled through Asia ended up in India and Nepal, and how he studied Hinduism and Buddhism and how he brought that back to the palace. So I thought that was really intefascinating thought, wow, that, you know, makes a lot of sense, you know, based on what I know.


Window because the noise outside.


So I thought that was fascinating. And I started an SF point we moved to, we moved to Peru for a while. And, so I had more time, I wasn’t working full time, and I still do leading up. And I started with reading the New Testament and going through it and looking at, like, what feels as if it’s from God, and what does it what feels like, it’s not from God, like what resonates with me as being inclusive and what, what sounds like, it’s more like, Oh, I’m going to, you know, like, dunk my guess, you know, Mm hmm. I started writing it. So this ended up being my first novel, the transparent. So that’s about Jesus in India. So then, while I was researching for, for the trans migrant, and I read through the New Testament, for the first time that I’m like, there was something in this book that I had never seen in the New Testament that I had never heard of before. And it was so clearly right there. That’s Jesus, his brother, James, or, as I call him in the holy conspiracy, yeah, call. Because I’ve been using them that are Americans. James, was the leader of the church and the church, the first church after Jesus’s death. And the church was in Jerusalem. And Paul, St. Paul, or the Apostle Paul, and he came, he did not get along with James and other disciples. And it’s right there in the Bible in that in the impulse letter, it’s actually, and so I got really, really interested in that. And I started reading up on it. And then after I finished the transcribers, and, you know, I did the research for the holy conspiracy. And that’s, and that’s what I just published, like a month ago now, on September 16. So anyways, why I write about religion is because I think that it’s important or why I write about Jesus specifically, I think it’s so important that we pick and then how do I say this? So we pick the parts of religions, and their religions, like whether it’s Islam, or Buddhism, or Hinduism or Christianity. We don’t have to follow all the rules, because all the rules are man made. God doesn’t say that, oh, you, you know, you should go to church on Sunday. Or, you know, you should be mean to your, your neighbor, who’s gay or, you know, for the Jewish people that, you know, God doesn’t say that, Oh, no, you’re Kathy Milliken. And meet together or you know, that you have to be circumcised or, you know, for the women to have their hair covered. God, like why would God create people with hair if it has to be covered? Right. So, I the, my kind of message is that, that I think is in all religions I believe all religions are the same. The current or the root of all religions are the same. And all religions are about loving each other. And being one with God. We’re all one with a god. We’re all creators. We’re all co creators.


So where have you been? So?


Where have you been? It sounds like you solve all the world’s problems used to be on the news.


Right? Yeah.


Obviously, I’m not the only one who thinks like this. Or, I mean, they’re psych, you know, millions of other people. But I put it into when I write, write about this, I put it into fiction. So it’s not as dry to read, too. It’s like an interesting story. And I mean, I do it because I love fiction. So I like a good story. And I read a lot. And it’s just a way to spread my message to whoever is open to it.


Sure, and I have some questions about the book. But since you mentioned that you lived in Peru, I do want to spend some time there because you were so close to all the shaman and Matt community out there. I wanted to know if you part is you partook in any of the Iosco retreats out there.


You know, what’s so funny, it’s not funny at all, like when we were living in Peru, or living in Lima. And we were, so we got so busy with real estate transactions, that we never got time to travel. And iOS is one of the things that I really want to do, because I just want to see the AI the bad, it’s not necessarily the bad, but I want to see like all sides of me. And I want to do it for real like with a real shame. And I don’t want to do it. Like in Cusco, where most people do it. You have to go into the jungle to do it. Or, or something. Right. But but happened in Lima, that was interesting, is that wasn’t working at the time, as I mentioned, but I made a lot of money because I put up an ad for in the Express crew, I think


Community board.


I put up an ad for a Reiki lesson. I mean, Reiki sessions and readings, channeled readings. And, and people came, you know, so it’s true that they say like, if you provided them people will come or at least if you come from a good place. But yeah, no, unfortunately, no shamans like that.


Yeah, I was wondering if What is there were going to be a connection? And of course, everyone’s experience is different. But from someone that has been channeling, and have relationships with the other realm. It’d be interesting to see what that was like after imbibing in the fluids of the Alaska.


Yeah, for sure. No, no. Do it. And then I’m going to come back and then it’s going to be our next.


There you go. There you go. So I was connecting the dots again, as you were talking. And when you had mentioned, well, first, I have to ask how you left Spain, because I have two sisters, one that still lives there and one that’s transition, but they don’t see anything whatsoever, pulling them away from that oasis. And I’m just interested of why you ask.


I left because I was doing a course. And when the course was over. I went actually I came back to Sweden for a while and then I got and then I was just going to visit New York for a bit and then I somehow my ex-boyfriend has no my husband signed up but I was there, and then we got together and then I stayed so that’s the like but you know I’m I’m dreaming of going back to Spain like that’s, that’s all I that’s all I talk about and I’m so happy you said like your sisters love it because I like it. Spain is amazing. I mean, all countries have good and bad like let’s not you know pretend that that Anywhere is perfect, but we don’t perfect.


I don’t want to get the automotive good to have a tangent for that one.


There are things that I really like about the United States, for example, what I’ve discovered during now during COVID outbreak and during the pandemic is, there are a lot of national parks that you can just go and I love that I love in New York, I love the diversity like that. I think my favorite part, I don’t think I would live anywhere but New York, because I love that there are people from all over the world. And we have parties here, like we have a small apartment, but we have the terrorists and private terrorists. We have parties here with maybe like 30 people from 20 different countries. So it’s, that’s the best thing about the United States.


Sure, sure.


I haven’t been many local friends, too. But you know,


I want to go back for a second because you were traveling to India, or how did I have the timeline? You were traveling to India? Oh, yes. You were traveling to India, and you found the book, Jesus in India. And while it sounds intriguing, you didn’t pick it up. And then all these years later, it was on your Kindle. And so my question is, or I want to know if you’ve ever asked spirit, how many times that they try to get our or in this case, your attention it for you to finally pick up your soul path. And I don’t know how many years past when you’re from India, and then when it was on your Kindle, but I’m just wondering how many times that we call them spiritual four by fours where you don’t pay attention to some of the messages until they’re screaming at you.


Yeah, I was listening to one of your other podcast other day and you said something like, or no, it was actually was in New York, it was the Abraham, Abraham Hicks once where they said that the Spirit laughs at you? Yes. What? Because she, like missed the exit all the time or miss entrance? Like they’re not laughing like, you know, asked you, but they’re laughing because they’re like, Oh, she misses again. Interesting question. I have never asked her as that. But I think it was, it has to be at the right time in my life, for me to really delve into, because when I’m working, I’m, I work really hard. Whatever I do. So if I have if I’m in a day job, then that eats up all my time. So I wouldn’t have had time to, to read up on it and really delve into it the way I did when I was living in Peru. So I think the time was right. It couldn’t have happened sooner. And at that point, also, because I went I’m trying to think like I went to India the first time.


And 2006, I think. And in 2008 I started studying Reiki. So I think I needed to study Reiki before I could write about Jesus because of the healing, because I wouldn’t have understood it. Otherwise, if I hadn’t studied Reiki.


Gotcha, gotcha. Well, okay, that makes sense. And so now, it’s just really late weaving. I mean, obviously, we can look back now, and it makes sense. But from a global perspective, it seems like 2020 again, everyone our human doing has been put on hold. And you know, some people are still dealing with weapons of massive mass distraction. So their social medias and what have you, but others are taking the time to appreciate the silence. And like you said, smell the roses. So it seems like a global agreement for 20 were not to make a chasm, but it may be the perfect time, right there would there would never be another time when everyone pretty much had to halt everything. They were Doing to rre-examinehow their lives were going.


I think it’s fascinating that this is happening to the whole world at the same time. I mean, what could be more symbolic? And, you know, we’re everywhere in the world, we’re going through the same thing, even though like, yeah, in different parts, we’re doing it as a like, like more, we have a more serious issue than other people. And you were saying, like, in Atlanta there, you know, it’s, it’s never closed down completely. Whereas in New York, did in Sweden, where my, my, one of my sisters living lives in Sweden right now. You know, they’re, they never close down completely, either. But there again, almost everyone has been sick with COVID-19. You know? So and are like, talking about that. I mean, it’s interesting that they’re, like, the way I looked at it from the beginning, was like, wow, this is like, such a,




I’m struggling enough to say great, because I know that a lot of people have suffered, and a lot of people have died. I don’t mean it. Like, I mean, it’s from a spiritual place. That it’s, it’s been a great opportunity for us as the human race to change. Because look at what we’re doing to Mother Nature, I mean, look at what we’re, like, all the pollution and everything, like, we’ve been so focused on making money, and buying things. And, you know, like, as I said, like, I would complete in the rat race, like working like getting to work at 8am getting home at seven, you know, eating, you know, working out a little go into bed. I mean, I had no life and writing a book. I had no life. And right now, yeah, so, but, but maybe most of all, like for, for Mother Nature, I think it’s been a gift. Because of Mother Nature that we had to stop and just press the pause button for a while and see, like, what really matters? And what can we do better? What’s the best me?


You know, that was, that was the great, the greatest thing to me. And March, late March, early April, and just watching social media and even around where I live, just seeing the animals come back out. You know, they were like, Oh, good, you know, they start smoking cigarettes, like, oh, the humans are gone, we can relax again. You know? Yeah, it is really cool to see. And with you living in all these different countries, I wanted to get your take, because this is the first time that I can remember where here in. In the US, we were so used to traveling everywhere. I’m used to getting my passport stamped. And a lot of these countries won’t let us into their country based on how we responded to COVID-19. And I bring it up because in the holy conspiracy, Jesus has died. And people are trying to make some semblance of life after that. And with COVID-19, there are a lot of there is a segment of the population. They’re leaving the big cities, New York, California, but others are looking to leave the country and places that they thought they can go to they’re not allowed to or there’s a lot of red tape because of how the US has responded to COVID-19. So I wanted to get your take on that current environment if people are talking about that in New York, or what about you? Are you planning to stay there once this once the is over? What’s on your mind right now?


In general, yeah, like here in New York, like a lot of people went out of the city, you know, during the summer, and a lot of people are coming back. So I think there’s like there’s definitely like a migration out of the city. But I also think it’s there are people who belong in New York City, and there are people who don’t belong here, like people who just came here for work to make money. And there are the people that are the people who are, you know, the CIO of New York, which is like the artists from musicians and you know,


Restaurateurs, I guess


You know, so I think that newt for New York, this is my belief. I mean, I, you know, I just, this is what I believe, but I believe New York is going to be better off for it, because you’re going to get rid of some plastic people. For the like that we can travel and stuff like that. I think it’s, I mean, again, it’s like you’re put in a situation where you can do what you usually do. Like for me, and my husband, for example, we bought a car. We’ve gone like places nearby that we’ve never been to. And it’s like, I’ve always been like, Oh, you know, I want to move back to Spain. But then I’m like, if I were, if I could never leave, then is now I realized that I can make the best of it. Like I can see, instead of always, like looking like the grass is greener somewhere else. You can also realize what’s great about your own country, your own place. So that’s kind of where I am with it.


No, I like that


Round round about way to get to the point. But yeah,


No, I think it speaks to so many areas of life. As you mentioned, going through these challenges makes us stronger, and puts us it perfectly positions us for our next phase of life. Right. Like you said, you couldn’t travel into you learned Reiki and to understand healing after that. And so there’s in the news, a lot of a lot of divorces a lot of domestic violence, what have you, but and there will be a lot of breakups. But for the couples and the families that are stronger because of us, then it’s kind of like well, have we made it through a pandemic? We can make it through anything? Yeah.


And I think I mean, God, I am so terrified of people who are going through domestic violence, violence, because I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be shut in with somebody who’s Yeah, who hits you, you know, I mean, it’s it must be hell, right? Sure. On this so level, or not so level, maybe this is that the last drunk and to get out of it? Maybe, because I believe a lot of the time the universe gives you or you choose as a soul.


I’m stirred by you choose as a soul the hardest way? Right? To learn something? From it, you think like, how would anyone choose to live with a spouse that beats them up. But if you as a soul, can learn from it and come out better on the other side, maybe you’ve chosen. Maybe you’re chosen. And a lot of the time I think the universe gives you like, like, kind of like you said before about like finding entrances or exits of the highway, like the universe, not just you’re like, oh, here’s the exit, here’s exit here, exit, and you keep on driving down there, down the highway, I’m missing all of that. And sometimes you just have to go to the darkest place in order to, to make changes to realize like, this is unbearable, like I thought I could do it, but I can’t I have to change my ways. And changing your ways, is what the universe forms? Or what to add a soul level one, right? I mean, I, I’ve been through things like that, where it’s like, you know, I try and I’m like, if I try harder, if I like do better, if I like work, instead of working 12 hours, I work 18 hours, like then you know, then they will work. But it was like as long as you’re doing the same thing. You’re not going to fix it like you’re not like nothing’s going to change. Sometimes you have to just go to how to be able to just see the way out of there.


Well, that’s what’s so comforting, even though it’s fiction, of reading about the holy conspiracy. Because, you know, right now in 2020, we could think oh, my goodness, how can I get worse than this? 2000 years ago, and the things that they had to live through, and it puts it in perspective. And at that time, it seemed really dark, right? Jesus just died. You know, can we just bury our heads, so we don’t get found out. So we stay in the same space, like the universe continues to move us, even kicking and screaming sometimes, and sometimes willingly. But it’s always to our highest good. And, so I think that’s, again, thanking you for creating something like the holy conspiracy, because I can see those parallels of any life in my life and others of stagnation. And then comfort and comfort could be bad for you, right? Because you’re not willing to go, you’re in your comfort zone, you don’t want to break out of that. And you cover a lot of those topics in the holy conspiracy.


Yeah, I think that it, I am glad that it makes sense to you and that it resonates with you, and that you see the parallels for 2020. I was just going to say, I, I think change is always scary in the beginning. Sometimes it’s exhilarating, but it’s always scary. So sometimes we just need to make changes. But yeah, like when, like, just to kind of explain to the listeners, like when in the holy conspiracy, like when Jesus died, he didn’t come back. He didn’t come back three days later, because that’s something that the Apostle Paul, he was the one who mentioned that story of Jesus risen after three days, because it made sense to his congregation, and it made him kind of look good. But what I believe happened, and of course, I don’t know for sure, and nobody doesn’t know for sure. And in the end, it doesn’t really matter, either. But then the holy conspiracy. Jesus dies, and then he’s dead. So in spirit, he talks to Mary Magdalene, but he doesn’t come back and eat with them and go fishing with them and stuff like that, that they always show in the movies. Because that’s not the story of the disciple status. That’s the story that comes from x, which was written by followers of Paul, who had never Paul had never met, Jesus and his followers hadn’t met Jesus either. So this is just stories.


But I think that’s


But but then the disciples’ day wants to spread even though they’re afraid for their lives, they want to spread the message of we are all one with God, because that’s essentially what Jesus died for. Becausehee, at that point, like the Romans now I’m getting like really back in to the backstory, but the Romans, they want to control that people and do they at the moment, because Israel left the country and even Palestine, they didn’t really exist in those days. It was different areas like Jews, a Galilei Somalia. So the Romans tried to control the Jewish people. And the way they could do it was with the help of that the high priest. So thwhy believe Jesus was killed. And there’s a fantastic book about it, and I don’t remember the name right now. But that what I believe is that Jesus, he washe wass crucified, kind of to show the people don’t mess with the Romans Don’t, don’t do disturbances, like kind of, kind of like the protest would be today. Like if we heard to totalitarian government, you know, or sometimes we do, like the army comes in and just shoots people down. It’s like, Don’t raise your voice. Don’t stand up. Don’t fight for your rights. Because that’s what that’s essentially what the Jewish people were starting to do in those days. And it took 30 years until, till ad 66 until they had them the right the Jewish uprising, and that second temple, the Haaretz temple, essentially, the Temple of the Jews got destroyed. But they had started the uprising and the Romans had to have to kind of eliminate the people who were disturbing the peace and Jesus was one of them.


Yeah, I was wondering, you know, the, there’re two sides adds to the story of people asking, Where do we see 2021? When’s it going to get go back to normal? And then others that are saying that well, this is the new normal? And how do we adapt. And as I was saying, that statement, I was thinking, in the old world, you would actually take your book on the road around the country to share your story with the holy conspiracy. And it will be fascinating here, here in the state, because since you live all over, you see so many perspectives. And I’m just wondering, preparing for if you were in Middle America, who if they’ve never left,isnd they had this, they’re holding on to one belief and not even open to listening to other worldviews how you would respond to it.


How I respond to people like in Middle America, who


your New York is, New York is New York, Rome, New York and California, right. But outside of that, you don’t have the versity that those states have.


Yeah, I think I mean, that the thing is, like, you can change people’s minds. That’s something that I’ve learned, like, I cannot like, I can sow a seed in you, that you then will either accept or reject, like, I can change your mind. I’m, I mean, if you’re, if you’re short of what you believe, there’s no way I can change your mind. That’s why political discussions or arguments are so few to really acute, because you can’t like if somebody short company, you can’t change your mark. In middle America, if they is I went there with a holy conspiracy, you know, to talk about it, they probably would reject it. But there’s there are always people who, who are open-minded. And what’s really what I found interesting with my book books, is that I appeal a lot to people or my books, appeal a lot to people who have walked away from religion from the church, for some reason or another. Right. And they love Jesus, but they don’t love Christianity. They love Jesus, but they don’t love the church. So they have had to walk away from both. Because they don’t like I don’t know why. I mean, I’m not I’ve never been in that situation, but maybe they don’t like what the priest is saying, or the, you know, the church is against, you know, a kid bringing up case for some reason today, but you know, maybe they’re, they can relate to some of the churches believe, but when you show them a Jesus, that’s actually open minded, welcoming, inclusive, not exclusive, right? When you show them or portray the Jesus that’s loving and kind, and, and, and things like, yeah, like it’s based on love, like his message is based on love, not not hatred, or condemnation, I guess. Some people want that. Like, they like that. That’s like the Jesus day warrants. So like my books appeal to a lot of Christian. Actually,


while I was also thinking pre internet, right, if you’re in one of these small towns, you may be the only one that feels that way. But what’s the internet, right? There’s clusters of people that have the same mindsets and what have you. And as you said, You’re touching so many different people. But if they’d never heard of your book before, how could they get their hands on it?


Well, it’s available everywhere books are sold. So there it’s available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo Apple books. My website, you can go to the, the Holy conspiracy.com when you get into the book page to read more about it, if you want.


Nice, nice, nice. And that is what’s that your question? You’ve got one question. Yeah,


Did I misunderstand?


No, not at all. It was just to get it out there and to let more people know about it. And are you doing webinars or something? Speaking what’s in the future for Kristi as far as this book? And is this your last book doesn’t sound like it?


Now, so I’m planning a series of YouTube videos on this subject. I’m doing a few podcast interviews, someone video with some knock on video. And my next book is a good question because I have a few ideas. I’m really curious about St. Thomas, because the Gospel of Thomas is so popular. Mm hmm. And there’re the acts of Thomas is another book that just, I didn’t think I had, and this reader in Italy reached out to me, and he said, Oh, you have to read act, acts of Turner’s. And I said, Oh, that sounds interesting. I should buy it. And I went to Amazon. And they said, like, Oh, no, you already bought it. So I was like, oh, okay, because I’ve read like hundreds of books on the topic, like I’ve done really thorough research. So I’m interested about him because he founded the church in India. So, so that, for me would be interesting to write about. But I’m also thinking, I’m writing something more commercial for a change, just to for, but also, like, spiritual. I did look into because I, I did look into writing about Mary Magdalene, and Franz, because the holy conspiracy kind of lead is there without giving away too much. But I found after it’s not much of a story, so I’ve written the outline, but I don’t know if I’m going to go there. But yeah, definitely like one or two more books on the subject of Jesus and the disciples. And what really, what I tried to get to is what really happened if you take away all the, like, if you go to the most authentic sources, and try to figure out what really happened, I think I’m much closer to what it was really like, than what you would usually see in movies, even though I do always say as well, that it’s fiction, and we will never know. Hmm, yes, I can’t be proven right or wrong. I can’t, because we will never know there’s no button. Nobody was there in the life.


Right? No, and I love just the worldview that you have gives it its flair from a different perspective as well. And so yeah, please keep us in mind as those books come out as they manifest, because the holy conspiracy was a great read. And I think that anyone that’s introduced to your writing will be fervent and waiting for your new stuff to come out. So please keep us in mind and future.


Thank you so much. That’s so nice of you to say. Thanks. Sure.


And with that, you’ve just been in tuned to another episode of Intrinsic Motivation from a Homie’s Perspective. This is Hamza and Kristi Duarte It was a pleasure. Let’s stay in touch.


Thank you so much. And that was fun.


Yes, cheers.

The fruits of the Holy Spirit – The Catholic Spirit (thecatholicspirit.com)


  • A representation of the Holy Spirit in St. Louis, King of France, in downtown St. Paul shows a dove emanating nine rays representing the nine fruits.
  • In the reception of the sacrament of confirmation, the person receives the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, wisdom and understanding, counsel and strength (fortitude), knowledge and fear of the Lord (Is 11:2), and piety.
  • In his letter to the Galatians, St. Paul lists the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Gal 5:22-23).
  • These fruits emanate or proceed from the Holy Spirit and reveal what the Holy Spirit is like.

The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit: What Is Faithfulness? – Osprey Observer (ospreyobserver.com)


  • " You may have heard about the fruit of the Spirit and wondered what it is and how it relates to our Christian faith.
  • " Interestingly, the word ‘faithful’ comes from the same Hebrew root as the word ‘amen,’ which, as Christians, is a word we use frequently to show our belief in God.
  • As Christians, we know and see how faithful God is to us and that his Word stands true and that His promises won’t fail.
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