Who’s My Guardian Angel? How Many Guarding Angels Do We Have?

Who’s My Guardian Angel? How Many Guarding Angels Do We Have?

Who’s My Guardian Angel? 

Wondering who is my guardian angel? Are there really angels out there that help us on our path to wholeness? The Bible tells us they are there and that they are there to help us in times of trouble, and some people think it means there are people in this world that do not know what the Word of God teaches.

Some people think that only those who believe in God are in danger. That is true to some extent, but if we live according to God’s word then there are others that have the same problems and we can help them as well. It’s important for us to know who is my guardian angel and when we start talking about this then the person gets closer to us. Let’s take a look at this question and learn more about it.

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Is There A Guardian Angel For Me?

So, who is my guardian angel or guardian spirit? This is a question that has been asked many times over the years and many people have different answers for it.

When people think about it, and they think about a guardian angel that comes along with them then they may not understand it. When they think about angels, they probably don’t think of someone that helps them get through life’s difficulties and hurdles. But, once they realize that there are people that have been through the same things as they have and that they have come out stronger, then they will begin to see that there is hope.

We all know that there are guardian angels that help us out of situations that may be rough on us and sometimes we find ourselves having to overcome something that we wouldn’t usually have to do. It is our job to get the word out that there are people like us that can help people get through their own problems and have a better quality of life.

Help From The Other Side

If you believe there are guardian angels around that help us through difficult times then you will need to understand how God helps you get through your life’s journey with a little help from those that are around you. There are other things that God does that is good with and we should make sure that we have them all around us that are helpful for our spiritual growth.

It’s important for us to find a way to communicate with God so that we can receive His help and guidance. God knows how to help and He just wants to share that with everyone that we can.

We can get to know who is my guardian angel by learning more about the Word of God and understanding the concept of guardian angels.

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Here For Our Guidance?

It is easy to find information about God because God wants us to find Him. When we learn more about God and how He helped our ancestors, we will find that God is here for our guidance, healing, love, peace, prosperity, health, peace, abundance, wisdom and everything else that we need. He wants us to get to know God and the people that are around us to help us get through the hard times that we have to face.

When you begin to ask yourself who’s my guardian angel, it will become clearer and you will understand that He is a very important part of your life. If you want to know what guardian angels do then you have to know that we are all part of a team of guardians that are working to protect you and guide you through all of the difficult times that we will face.

Once you learn to trust and accept Him for all that He is, He will show you what He has to offer and you can become a better person in your life and in all areas of your life. That way, we can give each other the strength to get through the difficult times and be successful and happy.

How Do I Find My Guardian Angel?

You might ask yourself, “How do I find my guardian angel?” If you are searching for that special invisible individual that is in your life, the answer may be a little more difficult than you would like.

Many individuals believe that guardian angels exist and will help them in times of need. It has been recorded that thousands of people have had different experiences where they have felt their presence and that is one way that they may be able to see your favorite spiritual being.

A lot of individuals think that they will be able to find their guardian angels through using a mental image to understand signs and symbols. This could happen, but it is not likely. It is far more likely that individuals will just be able to get an indication when  they are in a situation in which their guardian angel is present.

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Developing Instinctive Abilities

Sometimes you might be able to sense the presence of someone that you know, or that a person you know knows about. There are some people who have an instinctive ability to know when their guardian angel will be there for them. When this happens you can be sure that your friend or family member will be able to communicate to you and will let you know if they are there or not. It can be quite difficult to communicate this way.

You can also find guardian angels by searching online for them. This can help, but you should be aware that most of these websites are not accurate. They will only give you a general idea of who your guardian angel may be.

The main way that you can find out if you will ever meet your guardian angels is to keep a journal or diary. This will allow you to keep track of the experiences that you have had with these beings. It is also important for you to keep a list of all of the encounters that you have had with them.

Using A Journal After Your Meetings

You will want to write down what is happening on your journal and pray to God about it. You should not worry if you will meet your guardian angel. If you are having bad days, then it may not be that time, but you should make an appointment and pray anyway. This is one of the best ways that you can help prepare for that special day when you will meet the person that is your guardian angel.

How do I find my guardian angel? The answer to this question is something that you will have to learn for yourself. There are many guides out there to help you with your quest and there are so many different things that you can learn and experience with this special person.

One thing that you need to know about when you are looking for a guardian angel is that he is not always just a person that you see on the street. There are different angels that are around for a variety of different reasons and you can only meet your own guardian angel in the right situation. The more you know about your guardian angel, the more you will understand his purpose for being.

There are different things that they can do to help you with your problems. Some of the angels may want to help you in the spiritual world while others can help you with your physical issues. You should be able to identify the right situation that your guardian angel can help you with before you begin to ask the question “how do I find my guardian angel?”

When you begin to pray and ask about this, it is important that you remember that it is not just a person sitting on a couch. Someone that is on the other side of this life does not always look like the person that you see on the street. Some of the angel can be made of beautiful things, but some can appear more than animals.

When you ask how do I find my guardian angel, you should not feel that you are asking something out of pity, but rather, you are searching for guidance on what is important. Ask how he can guide you to what it is that you need. It can be a great way to prepare for meeting your guardian angel by going through the angelic hierarchy.

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What Are Guardian Angels Doing When We Sleep?

What do guardian angels do when we sleep? Most people have heard about the angelic beings who watch over us and protect us at night and on the days that we do not know. They are also said to be the ones who carry messages between the soul and the body for those people who need to understand them. However, it is also possible for us to have conversations with the angels, if we are given the chance to do so, and even get to hear their voices.

The concept of guardian angels originated from the religions of the Old Testament and even from Christianity in the early years of its history. People then believed that angels were sent to help mankind and would appear before them at night when they should sleep. There are different beliefs about what angels do and what they are, but it is important to note that they are still considered to be divine beings.

When we are sleeping, the guardian angels are said to watch over us, and make sure that everything goes smoothly. They are said to protect the soul, and are usually assigned to protect certain individuals. If everybody was given guardian angels when they were first born, this makes sense.

Can We Get Mixed Messages?

However, there are some differences when it comes to how a guardian angel is supposed to act. Most guardian angels are said to be silent during the night, but sometimes, some of them may be too loud. It is possible for someone to get a message from the guardian angels, but sometimes, a message may just be misinterpreted by a person because of other things that may be happening in the room. This makes it possible for someone to get a bad message from the angels, which can cause problems later on.

In order to receive messages from a special angel, it is recommended that we read the Bible as much as possible. In particular, the books of Job and the Book of Enoch are recommended for this purpose. We can also learn from our personal experiences, especially our own problems. If we can relate these stories to our lives, then we can start to connect with the angelic beings that we have chosen to protect us.

Another way that we can connect with the guardian angels is through meditation. We should always keep in mind that our guardians are not people who can simply speak to us. When we sleep, they should do the same things as they do when they are awake, just without any words. We should concentrate on listening to our guardian’s voices. When we are aware of the presence of our guardian angels, we can find peace and harmony in our lives.

Check Out The Interview With Monique DeCicco-Jones And Her Book: I Saw Angels Today

Who’s My Guardian Angel? | How Many Guarding Angels Do We Have? Interview with Monique DeCicco-Jones

https://www.intrinsicmotivation.life Who’s My Guardian Angel? | How Many Guarding Angels Do We Have?I Saw Some Angels Today – Monique DeCicco-Jones “This is a true account of an apparition appearing to the author on the early morning of July 4, 2020. While designed for children, this book encourages the reading of listed Bible verses on angels’ appearances in the Bible and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.”Monique’s Website(s): https://www.amazon.com/I-Saw-Some-Angels-Today/dp/1735713422 #guardianangels #guardianangeltarot #guardianangels #YourGuardianAngel #doeseveryonehaveaguardianangel Subscribe YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxCy8t2zrzeXly9vC527QhQ How Many Guardian Angels Do We Have? If you are in this line of work then you already know the answer to the question, “How many Guardian Angels do we have?” But, how many angels are there and where are they? They are an essential part of our life force or Spirit. They protect us from danger, heal us, and guide us through the times that make us feel overwhelmed. There are two main groups of guardian angels. The first is the angelic forces that surround God. Some of them may be angels who are part of his personal army such as Jesus, Michael, and Gabriel. Others may be angels who are assigned to assist individuals in our earthly life by providing the energy needed to help us through the difficult times. When we ask the question, “How many guardian angels do we have,” we are really asking ourselves questions about our faith and trust in our spiritual connection to God. They are the angels who protect our homes, the ones that give us peace during the times when we feel threatened, and those who can help us to grow spiritually as well as financially. There are also angels that are assigned to protect specific people or locations. The Angel of the House is one example of these. Another example would be the angels protecting your children from strangers and predators. Or maybe you have a guardian angel that is in charge of keeping your family safe during the times when you are unable to care for them. This angel will work with you in order to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure in your home. Another aspect of guardian angels is that they often do not come from the physical world but are part of the spirit realm. The angel that protects you during difficult times is often referred to as your Spirit Guide. Spirit Guides assists you and your family in navigating your way through the difficult times that occur in our lives. They also help guide you through the dark days when the darkness of despair and sorrow overtake us. These spirits guide you through the times when you are feeling lost and alone. When you ask the question, “How many guardian angels do we have,” you are also trying to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship to your own spirit. When you are able to understand that there are guardian angels who protect you and the ones that guide you are those who are a part of your spirit world. your own energy field. We know from the Bible that there are 12 heavenly hosts or angels assigned to protect and watch over all of God’s children and help those that need it most. If we ask God how many angels do we have in our life, he will explain to us that these guardians are assigned to each person. In other words, they are our own personal angels assigned to work for us on our behalf so that we will always have protection in our lives. It is important to remember that God has no favorites, that all of us are made in God’s image. If someone is hurting and you don’t think that you are worthy of that person, God doesn’t want that person in his life anyway. Many people say that there are two types of guardian angels. There is the angel who will be around to take care of your children, especially if you don’t live in a very busy area. There are also angels that will be placed on your behalf so that you can be around when your loved one has an illness, such as a terminal disease, accident, or is in some kind of turmoil or crisis. Some people are concerned that their guardian angel may not be as helpful as they should be because they have not asked for the angel to work for them. and so they feel that they are in no need of the help and therefore that it is not working for them. This could cause more conflict and hurt feelings between you and the angel. This video is about who’s my guardian angel,name for guardian angel,guardian angel names,guardian angel in the bible,guardian angel bible verse,who’s your guardian angel, and guardian angel signs


Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, everybody out there in podcast land, you are in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homie’s perspective. This is Hamza. And I’m really excited about our guest today, or should I say guess 2020 has been full of surprises and those in the numbers game? No, it is a master number. And so speaking of which, there’s a lot of things coming to the surface that’s been hidden. The veil is getting thinner and thinner. And I actually have a family member who’s going to share her story she has just recently, along with her illustrator daughter, Angelina, they have written a book called I Saw Some Angels Today, and it is a true account of an apparition appearing to the author that we’re going to speak with and the early morning of July 4. Those again that play the numbers know the numbers, know the significance of July 4, we’ll go into that. It is a children’s book, but it’s great reading for children and adults alike. And without further ado, I’d like to welcome Monique de Chico Jones and her illustrator and Angelina DeCicco Jones. Welcome to the podcast.


Thank you. Hello.


Yes, yes, yes. Thanks for making the podcast today. And yeah, how do you feel about 2020 as a whole, there’s been a lot of upheaval, but there’s been a lot of clarification this year. And I think you’re right in the middle of that with this new book. So what if you can kind of give us an overview of 20 21st before we dive in?


Well, you know, 2020 has been filled with much surprise Coronavirus, and you know, who would expect the pandemic in our lifetime where you know, Your sell to them plays you have this fear of going out and if you go out you have to stand far away from everybody with a mask on. But for me cope 2020 has been eventful, and it actually has allowed me more time to pursue a lot of my other interests being that I’m not going out. I’ve had to adapt. And it’s allowed me to do what I love, and even my work, you know, at home so I’m generally a I’m a full time nurse practitioner. But with the pandemic, I’ve had to curtail my, my nursing practice to telemedicine. So now I’m seeing patients online through a computer screen, asking them pretty much all the same questions I would if I had seen them, you know, in person, but so that has changed and that had has added a new dimension to help care for me. Additionally, you know, with all the protesting and things like that, that have been happening, it’s relatively safe, it’s a good time to say. So, you know, so things, you know, has, you know, impacted all of our lives. Children no longer go to school, they go remotely to school. So while I’m working, My children are in school, sometimes they have to stop working to help them you know, sometimes you lose Internet with everyone else, working remotely and being home using the internet for school. So, you know, we’ve had to have the, even the, the cable company can’t keep up with all the networking going on, you know, they’ve had to adapt to they’ve had to adapt also, you know, but um, for the most part, I haven’t had any issues. immediate family members, nor any of my patients have had the coronavirus, but I’ve heard of others who have. And, you know, it’s a deeply upsetting situation for some to know that, you know, if it wasn’t for this occurrence, you know, they would have those loved ones with them. And, you know, it is what it is, you know, but it’s a frightful year for so and, you know,


and it’s not even over. We’re all in the middle of September.


Definitely make for a great New Year’s Eve celebration, if we make it through it,


you know, Oh, my goodness. Yes. Well, I love the meme. There is a popular meme that’s going around where it’s December 31 2020. And everyone says calibrating when the clock strikes 12 and then at 1201, they see on the calendar that it’s December 32nd. So we’re actually stuck in 2020.


Yeah. Wow.


Well, you know, some people think it’s the year of the Rapture. I’ve heard people say that they’re expecting the coming of Christ to return and I’ve heard all kinds of things, you know, with all kinds of with our government system and, you know, our our president and his involvement with the Israel light. They see that as a sign of rapture, you know?


Yeah, absolutely. It’s a it’s 2020 I don’t know if you’re familiar with numerology at all, are you?


Ah, very little. But tell me what what what it represents.


Sure, so it’s a master number indicates the master builder. So it’s a combination of improving your path to self mastery. And so you have to go, I mean, ideally, we would go through without any upheaval, and we get to self mastery and we go down the yellow brick road. And life, fortunately, or unfortunately, is not like that. It’s usually through turmoils. That’s when our strengths are, are developed. I would use the example of a mother in a child was trapped under a car or something, the mother gets this miraculous energy, that in a regular conversation, she would never ever conceive herself having that ability. But because of that circumstance, she’s now a stronger person. It brings a lot out of you. And with 2020 it’s going and moving forward, it’s going to continue to do so. So you know, I welcome it with open arms. And that’s why we have you on too, because on July 4, you had something that doesn’t usually happen to you in the morning.


Absolutely. I woke up in the middle of the night. I don’t even know why. And you know, I have a tendency, I don’t have any clocks in my bedroom because I use my cell phone as, as an alarm clock. So my cell phones plugged in on the other side of the room. So the most I could gather as is that it had to be around three o’clock in the morning, because it was still dark outside. Because when I woke there was there was these, these shapes. They were illuminated, but they were dimly they would dim and it was just like and I could see individual shapes, you know, moving around, and they were next to each other and they were over my bed. And I just I was shocked. I was I looked and I was like what is that? So I rub my eyes and I’m like it because I bought maybe maybe you know I’ve made the accent up, you know, generally I only wear glasses for reading reading glasses, you know, because as you get older, you can’t see small print I always say over the age of 40 times for the glasses, but um, you know, normally I see far away I could see fine without glasses, you know, just for reading. And I was like, well what is this? And I love and I looked into it was almost like and one of the I don’t even know what to call it. It looks like it looks like a I want to say like a glob. It looks like except it was transparent like you can see right through it translucent and it has like just a few lines going through like squiggly lines. It look kind of like a tadpole or jellyfish. You know. So it was it was it was amazing. It was amazing. And as I was fearing when I figured out there was nothing wrong my eyes then I just stared You know, and I wasn’t scared or anything because at first I just thought, what is that and I wasn’t sure what it was. And then I just looked at it. And then when I am when I when I, when I finally stopped, you know, thinking something’s wrong, my eyes literally stared at it. It was like it seemed to kind of move closer but it’s like it was like I could it was like that I could feel it but it wasn’t like I could feel anything special like, it wasn’t like it told me anything or, or it said anything or it didn’t have eyes. It didn’t look at me or anything like that. But it seemed to move closer to me. And and could tell that I had seen it. You know that I was seeing the images but only one move closer to me. And then it was like all of a sudden, that one realize that I was seeing it. And next thing I knew they all fade it right away. You know? So it was like I wasn’t supposed to say It, you know, it really was like I wasn’t supposed to see it. And it was like they were from the only thing I can think of because they have me worried all day, I immediately thought my older mother who lives with me was 78 years old. So maybe she’s in the other room and she died. And then, you know, when I went in and check on her, she’s alive. I caught my adult children, ones in New York, the other ones here in Georgia, they were both alive. My little children were both alive. So then it was like, well, then why did it come? Why did I see them? Maybe somebody somewhere that I know, you know, has died. I don’t know why you immediately thought because I saw them something must be wrong. You know it, but that was the immediate sense that I had that you don’t generally, you can’t generally see, you know, you know, I’ve always I, I when I heard about angels, I would think okay, you know, I never Really, I believe in God and I can’t see him, but I didn’t really put too much of an emphasis on angels and things like that. Just for no other reason, then I go if I could have to pray and go straight to the source, you know, but it just made me think that, you know,


that was the first thing I thought that it must be that. And then after I thought about that, I said, Well, you know, you know, as I thought about it all day long, I said, well, you’re not angels. Maybe they were aliens, you know, be but then you know, because people I don’t know. I don’t know. I just know it was something that was not human that was in my bedroom that you know, I’d never seen before. And so it caused me to to look up images of what people had seen as Angel and I did this internet search, I saw everything from distance. People have pictures of like illuminated things with wings and stuff like that. Well, what I saw I didn’t have wings. Yes, no, it was floating in there. But it didn’t have wings. There were no wings, you know, so, so I said, well, it couldn’t be aliens, because there’s no reason for them. Out of all the millions of people in the world, why would they come from out of space to me? You know what I’m saying? So. So, I, so I just, I just, and then I started, then I went to the Bible, I started thinking, Well, what do I know about angels, you know, and, you know, I just know of the Bible talking about principalities and things, powers that we know nothing about. And, you know, when I looked up aliens, there wasn’t much on there. But you know, a lot of superficial sightings of UFOs and stuff like that, but there was no picture no actual drawing of something somebody seems, you know, so it just had me thinking that, well, maybe they’re angels, but whatever they were, it was, the only thing I could think of was something must have happened that morning that made me wake up, either they crossed over into my dimension, or I could see into theirs. And maybe they’re always there. And I just couldn’t see them. You know, and and maybe for some reason on that particular early that morning, I was able to see them, you know, where which, you know, what isn’t supposed to be I don’t think, you know, and that’s all I could think. And And believe it or not, since then I now And on that day that night, you know, I went to bed as usual didn’t think anything. Now I go to bed and when I have all the lights off, you know, in case I happen to wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is I look around and that was the first time event, you know, and there was nothing wrong with me and take any medicine or anything like that I didn’t drink nothing, nothing, nothing. The user what was wrong with me, you know, because you tell people that and they’re like, oh, some must have been on some No, I wasn’t on anything. I just woke up naturally in the morning. And there were invisible art like, like translucent objects floating over my bed. And it wasn’t one or two because I thought, Oh, well, if people have guardian angels, I was thinking people have a guardian angel. But no, there has been about five of them. Because when I looked, I saw like two in the corner one because when I looked through one, two, the window because I was looking to see you know, it was still dark out and I could see through this object, and it was still dark out. So when I counted, there has to have been, you know, five of them, which isn’t very many, but to me That was a lot, you know? Oh,


yeah, no, I love that. That’s why I didn’t want to interrupt you I want to do to kind of relive that. And if you could just do me a favor for later. When you dream, try to look at your feet. And I guess we can have you back to see what happens. For those that are familiar with the podcasts, we know that there’s a lot of ways that we can manipulate our sleep and it’s more of what you know, and what you don’t know. So let me be one of the first people to welcome you back. And before the podcast started, we were talking about your illustrator in her age, and every age is great, but it’s kind of like a bittersweet age of a tee. Because when you’re born, you’re just coming back from the veil. And so that veil is super thin so children have tons of experiences with guardian angels and ancestors and great grandma. That and to adults, we usually lose that right around adolescence, because then we become really entrenched into the world. We start caring what other people think, you know, does she like me to be like me? am I wearing cool clothes? So, and then it kind of comes back like and this isn’t I mean it’s not it’s not cookie cutter by any by any stretch but for the most part it goes away your teenage years. And then like if the I don’t want to say midlife crisis because we were going to live to be 120 but after like your mid 30s and such right, something happens where you start questioning like I did everything I crossed all my T’s dotting my eyes got the degree, the white picket fence now what and then it’s kind of a reintroduction. So that’s why I wanted you to with unenhanced unhinge, just sharing your experience and my other question that you had answered, but just for clarification is that you woke up in the middle of the night, and usually what it is three or four o’clock, at the latest around five, we’re in our subconscious. So we’re not using our conscious mind to discern how we would in a regular day time. And so it’s easier for communication. Because you’re not thinking, Oh, what do I need to do today? Or is this real? Are you elite or a Joe Have you? So that’s probably another thing to kind of think about. When they usually come right. They’re not going to go with you to an office meeting or on a telemedicine call, for the most part, at least at the beginning.


Right, all right. Yeah, it has me really perplexed. All day, all day. I couldn’t even celebrate the Fourth of July we were out. My family was out in the backyard trying to have a barbecue. They were all in the pool. And I was sitting, I was sitting there just trying to draw what they look like so I wouldn’t forget Just find them to try to figure out what could they be in trying to figure out who I could add that would have you know, that would know something about what they bought it was a why it was visiting me you know why it was there and you know, and I had a friend told me about oh gosh I forget what it’s called the bright light the Northern Star the Northern Light was it was it like the Northern Lights and pulled up on an internet picture? I said no, there was nothing purple and pink in the sky. It was in the visual illuminated see through things that’s why I see bright lights everywhere purple and red and pink and stuff like that. So no, wasn’t a northern sky experience or anything like that.


But you know Well one example that we usually give and we were you and I were, we were laughing before we started recording because we’re both from New Jersey and usually the conversation about I mean, you’re not an atheist but usually when you ask people you know about the unseen or what have you. The first example is the wind because for the most part, you can see the trees blowing but you can’t see the wind, but it’s an asterick when you live in Jersey.


Air is not that good.




So you saw that


so far? I’m so sorry. I was gonna say went so far to suggest that maybe I was having like cataracts or glaucoma or were seeing I said, Are you kidding me? I just had my eye exam and I I just had my eye exam. And breakfast a little Coronavirus. So no I don’t have any kinds of you know, I just turned 48 and I don’t have cataracts and I don’t have what Goma? I’m thinking I have floaters, maybe there’s some floaters. I said that that’s not the case. Because otherwise I would have seen it the days before, I would have seen it, you know, days later. So that’s not the case. It’s something you know, incredible that I just could never I can’t explain


it not to discount your friend at all. Typically what happens? And I’m, I mean, I’m learning like everyone else, but you know, just with different experiences. It’s known that they come in ways that we can accept them. And so if you’re looking for, you know, the bright lights in Northern Star in some form, shape or fashion, then that’s how you would see them like that’s how you may get amenable to it. You know, have a relationship and what have you. And that’s the other part about 2020. So, in numerology that we don’t count the zero. So it’s two two. And so when I talk about self mastery, what have you as it relates to you waking up in the middle of night and seeing that at the beginning of the lockdown, you know, everyone’s sitting at home, like what do we do the family got together, you watched all of your, you know, everything that you could think of on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and all the others. And that’s really just, you know, nervous energy because we had never gone through that. But it also takes away because we have so much distraction with all the electronics. And again, that’s how you were able to have that communication, that contact at three o’clock in the morning. So if we do have a second wave in the winter, as expected, maybe everyone will kind of look at it differently, because we’ve been through it before and just realizing in that Peace and quiet. You’re actually getting Inklings that like you said in your, in your regular five feelings. You’re all your sensory perception is heightened when it’s quiet. And so we live in a world that the quiet is usually frowned upon. You’re in a conversation. How come you’re not talking? Why are you so quiet? It’s easily seen as a bad thing.


Right, right. That’s true. Yeah.


So the other thing I was thinking about is you wrote it as a children’s book. And what was the reason behind going that route with a children’s book as opposed to doing maybe a full length adult novel?


It wasn’t that I planned it. I sat down to to write the words and that’s how it came out. It literally I sat down to write the words and it came out in a rhyming fashion. You know, um, I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to look at the book but like, I’ll give you an example.




I’m gonna have my daughter hold the phone.


It starts out I saw some angels today. I was surprised and every which way. I thought some angels today, they didn’t look human in any sort of way. a glimmer of light with lines going through. I rubbed my eyes to ensure my view they were every which way, not just one or two, no visible eyes, just the cloud leichten each had a form a few lines going through. No harm would come to me. This I live no wings had They were just the float. I feared so hard. I flew to gloat. I moved my head from left to right. be dazzled by the incredible sight. There is nothing earthly to compare them to. Except tadpole, or jelly fish or something. See through. I spent all day wondering what is it that they do? Why had I seen them? I wish that I knew. I got to myself. What did I eat? What did I drink that would allow me to see them. I asked to think nothing out of the ordinary. Just a few vitamin. Nothing that could have led to an X ray like Lynn I saw some Angel today. It left me for Plex I wandered and wondered what could possibly be next. It’s a 48 years and a dark early morning to open my eyes and see the sights on they were everywhere, floating over my bed. Not one word spoken. Not one word said. After much thought I became so confused. Were they angels or aliens? How would I choose? It just seemed to just come at me that way. And it’s that you only read you, you know part of the book but this is how it flowed out of me. When I went to put it on paper because I wanted to never forget the day and and just the word came out. I wrote this book the same day. Literally the same That. And it just flowed out of me. And that’s only and I’m not even done reading the book, I mean, is more pages to it, but see how it just it, it just came out like, it just came out of writing like a song like, like it and that’s exactly how it happened.


You know, I have to ask you since I know that your mom is a former educator, and the human I mean, the English language is kind of like a foreign tongue language because there’s so many meanings for one, for one specific word. There’s hominum there’s seminal antonyms. I mean, you, your your daughter’s probably going through that their English class, but, you know, a definition of alien is just foreign. It’s unknown. So you could have an illegal alien. I mean, it’s all in turn. It’s all up to interpretation.


They could be synonymous.


That’s true because later on in the book, I explained that, you know, when Brian that both are considered heavenly bodies, aliens an angel, when they talk about angels in the bible, they talk about heavenly, heavenly body. When we talk about aliens, we talk about things that come from outer space, which is what other people call heaven. That happened, you know, so as far as we know, angels, aliens, they could be the same thing


happened with


the galaxy, you know, so


by the time I finished this book, I had determined that both aliens and and angels were the same thing by definition, sure. creatures heavenly beings, heavenly beings.


Both are described.


And I’m not the best well versed for the Bible, but I am familiar with the wiki as we’ll for videos will to exist. No, and when you say outerspace, I mean the earth is part of the Milky Way galaxy. So we are in space.


Right? Is that ready? But out of our world


you know, I sure and we don’t even know it’s out of our world. You know why? Cuz nobody’s been to the bottom of the ocean. You know, we’ve been, we’ve been through outer space, not even that far into space, technically, but nobody’s been to the bottom of the ocean. We still don’t know what’s down there.


Very true. Very true. And when and the other thing that I liked about you creating it as a Children’s Book, his children can absorb more because again at that young age, they haven’t turned on their adolescence, if you will, to kind of jump into the regular quote unquote, regular world. So there’s so much symbolism in children’s books. And so I wanted to ask what was the thought process for getting your illustrious illustrator?


Well, I can’t draw. I couldn’t draw up I tried. My daughter’s loves art for everyone’s birthday with the start of the Coronavirus. She painted pictures on canvas, need order canvas. She She, she planned on somebody having a birthday, you know, and then she’d say, oh, mom’s gonna need canvas. She came to a longing for my friend’s birthday. For my birthday. She painted she to to Canvas pictures. So I said You know what I really want to do a book. And this is one girl that came for and she’s in my household, and the other Coronavirus. So before I go, I have an illustrator, then I started thinking that it is good to introduce young people into what could possibly be a hobby that could possibly actually become a career, you know, because I am a firm believer, and sometimes you’re good at more than one thing. And yeah, I may be a good nurse practitioner, but who’s to say, I can’t be a great writer, who’s to say I can’t be I’m also a realtor. So, you know, we sometimes carry multiple roles in life. And I think that the sooner you start as a child, trying to figure out what you’re good at, and having something that will show you how good you are at it, you know, because there’s one thing to say, Oh, I like to draw. Right and then there’s another thing to say I’m a published or And people are looking at my blog, and P ends, I can get paid for fonts. And it’s a great thing to get started at the age of 13. Why do we have to wait to where 18 and going into college to figure out what we want to do in life? You know, we have to open those doors beforehand. Because when I asked my daughter, what do you want to be when you grow up? She doesn’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know when I’m gonna go to college for and I know what I want to be. Okay. But now ask now, let me ask her. What do you like to do? Well, I know she likes to do. So let’s play volleyball. She likes to draw paint, all kinds of things like that. So, you know, why not? Why not figure out? If it’s possible while you’re young. And to make it possible, why not make it happen that you can start a career now? Why must we wait, you know, so I Just kind of tried to give her options to show Yes, when you grow up, you know why don’t want you to be a starving artist, but you may need another career but you may be able to profit from what she likes to do now, you know, you may one day choose to make that your career you know so and the best way to find that out is becoming a tech illustrated book and have it published and see if people got it you know, people purchase it, see if you can make an income that way. You know, and you know, maybe it might be something for to look forward to in the future. Maybe Maybe she likes it so much you might become an illustrator for other people, you know, and and her desire to give her teachers copies of the book for Christmas she knows so that, you know, that’ll be her Christmas gifts is to them something she created. You know, so that cow, the whole illustrations was my 13 year old started karate.




yeah. And I hope that her teachers aren’t listening because they already know It’s September with the Christmas gift is going to be.


Well, it’s from the heart.


So let me let me ask Angelina, what was the process like, in first hearing your mother’s story? What were you thinking?


Um, at first, I was thinking it was really cool. And that it was actually really beautifully wrote in. I was it was written c ever and it kind of inspired me to maybe think about more drawing because she asked me to draw and it really inspired me to draw a lot more And how much I usually do.


Um, now what type of drawing were you doing before? Was it an anime? Or what type of drawing were you done?


Um, I thought I did different drawings just around I did flowers and I know I just did random things in a little notebook data house


now in school have you guys talked about Isaac Newton yet?


No, not yet. I think


so he’s an inventor and where he got his ideas were just talking about gravity. And he was sitting under a tree and apple tree in an apple fell on his head. And that’s part of the of the folklore if I can make it a two sentence cartoon version. And the long and short was when you’re outside in nature, just you know in the trees in the backyard or what have you. You make get inspiration, as opposed to, you know, sitting in front of the television. As an exercise, you know, it’s something to try like one day, try sitting in front of the TV, see how much inspiration you get, then the next day, it’s been an hour outside, under your favorite tree or by your 13. So you’re probably not by the swings anymore, but just having some time outside may be an opportunity for you to tap in, as they say. Yeah, and let me ask you this as, as a 13 year old and you’re used to being in school. What is it like Now that everything is virtual?


Um, well, it is a little difficult with technology. But I’m kind of getting used to it. I do miss my friends a little bit. But you know, it just have to stay safe at home. Yeah.


That’s right. And you’re in good company as long as you’re by family. That’s always a good deal.




So Monique, I do want to go back a little bit to you were talking about a first a full time nurse practitioner and how you’re doing telemedicine. And to use your words, you said we’re in a new dimension to healthcare. And I want to play with that new dimension part. Because you said that since everyone’s home, the internet connections not as stable as it used to be because everyone’s on it. And a conversation in this year in 2020 has been the new 5g towers. Do you feel that the the new dimension would be so we have greater access or is there something more going on because there is a conversation of 5g actually blocking your way to communicate so you can have not just an isolated incident with your angels.


Okay, now a few months back, I had received an email about the 5g, people thought that there was something going on with it that it is a way to monitor us and, you know, a lot of different things. But


for right now


see, you know, it’s kind of hard because I’m one of those people that I’m not quite sure what exactly is going on in the universe, but I know something’s happening. And, uh, you know, I’m, I can’t say I think maybe it’s in the times coming, but I can’t say for sure that it’s not, you know what I’m saying? I said, I feel like you know, something is changing, something is happening and we’ll soon see you know, Now I know there was a Coronavirus, although they quoted the bubonic plague or the black plague back in 1918 to 1920 and I’m sure then they thought it was the world’s coming to an end when King to contaminate lives. There was a plague then and I’m sure they thought the world was coming to an end. I always think right before something big is gonna happen. Something the world kind of changes. And I’m not all that familiar with, you know, what is you know, I know some people are skeptical of the five g there’s some mystery around it. And I haven’t read that much into it to know exactly what it is that therapy furring to. But I do think we if if this is the if we’re living in this day where we need technology you know in order to function then You know, however we can get it is good. But if you’re saying that you think it will block our natural, you know, perception of the universe, I guess, physics and things like that, and then then I guess it would be an issue. I’m just not too familiar with the five G. I have, oh, my word,


you know, done too much research into it,


and bring it up through really good point, the first thing, what’s happened in the past, and there has been more advanced civilizations than what we currently go through, which is hard to fathom since we’re living through this now. And then the other other side of that coin is when somebody transitions they usually don’t know. Walk through a door and I actually am laughing because At one of my aunt’s, about two or three weeks ago, she had a near death experience. And she was at the hospital giving, giving plasmonics since that’s the was the latest news of helping others that are experiencing the virus. So but she flatlined, and when she flatlined, the next thing she knew she was sitting with standing over the the doctors, and she’s looking at the monitor with them. But they didn’t even know that she had transitioned at that point. And so the point is, if it’s in the time, how will we know? Exactly if the thinking will be a collective thing, like, well, I knocked on my neighbor’s doors, or like, in 2012 friends in Australia, in Europe right there ahead of us on time, and they’re like, we didn’t say anything happened in 2012. And I would jokingly say, well, it’s, it’s supposed to happen on East Coast time. That’s when you got to set your clocks. This sounds asinine when you think of it That way,


you know something, I’m also an ordained minister. And the Bible tells us that it will happen simultaneously throughout the entire world. It’s the Bible tells us in revelations that people will just disappear from wherever they are. And everyone will look to the sky and see the same thing coming out of the sky. horses and you have to read the revelations because your horses and angels with trumpets and all that, but it will happen simultaneous Li everywhere in the world, and everyone will see it at the same time and people will disappear. Because people who get caught up I guess are the chosen people who have led to life how you know by God or however it is expected and I don’t even want to say they’ve lived a good life because not everybody has in the world. No God, but that does not mean that they will be exempt from being caught up. Because if you’re a good person, because it says, The Bible tells you that God knows the content of your heart, God knows the content of a man’s heart. And if you’re a good person, you’re a good person. You may never have been exposed to God, you may be living in a rain forest underneath a straw hut and have never met anybody that has told you about God because you’re a secluded person somewhere on this earth. That Believe it or not, no one managed to get to you, you know, and you but if you’re if you have the Spirit of God in you, you will still get caught up. And those people will disappear because I do have a belief that we’re born the way we are. Like, and I say that to say this. Some people people are born good with good spirits. You know, they are people that are born with bad spirits, but you’re born the way you are. And you just grow with that I mean environmental, environmental influences such as parents, society, all this and that can change or corrupted or molded or whatever it is, but you are who you are. From. Holly, the moment of conception is my, what I believe. So I think that, that what the Bible says that this is not one thing, and this is what the one book that you know, so the one book, the best seller, the world best seller says is that that killed them, people will get caught up, they will be, they will be missed. And then there’ll be seven years of just pure devastation on Earth, then it’s supposed to be a Western ruler, some sort of Western ruler. Who goes over to Israel and with the idea or with the deception that he’s going there to help the people, and, you know, try to, but really, he’s over there to like, steal something that they have. I’m just paraphrasing the Bible here, but you can read it and see Oh God put how it’s been written. I’m just paraphrasing and my everyday language, but anyway when bad hat Meanwhile, when that happens, just chaos all over the world. There’s going to be people missing. There’s going to, you know, people aren’t going to know what to do. There’s going to be all kinds of sickness and you know, it’s just going to be pure chaos for seven years.


That well let me do this. Let me ask you this since football season just started and you’re talking about, you know, the, the horses and Gabriel and his trumpet. So I was a little confused because I was I went to an HBCU So I was thinking I If it’s the end of the world and I hear the band Should I celebrate? Because it could be the by you classic they saying that they’re saying that the saints come running in. Right? Is that Is that all? We’re looking for the wrong thing we should be celebrating when that happens not Oh, it’s doom and gloom. This isn’t the time you were waiting for.


Uh, yeah. But see, the people that will be celebrating are the ones that get lifted right out. I’m imagining I imagine, you know, things, people coming out of the sky, you know, at the same time, people disappearing, getting sucked up into the sky. You know, they don’t they don’t have to be tortured. They pass the test. They just get swooped up. Like they’ll I don’t even know if they get to see the people come in. I think they just automatically I think everything happens simultaneously. People disappear people come out of the sky and devastation on Pretty much. I mean, if you wanted to put all those verses in into one, that’s pretty much how it happens. I’m imagining, you know, let me let me ask you this


with, oh, let me ask you from a time standpoint, when we still have enough time, if we’re being sucked up, sucked up into the sky to at least turn around and make a selfie so that people on social media can see that we’re transcending.


They’ll know who transcends it because you’ll be gone. You’ll be gone disappeared unknown. Nobody knows what happened to you will be you’ll be on the missing persons ballad. Babies, no, but you know, I, you know, that’s what the Bible says. So, you know, you can read it as a book. You could take it literally or you can imagine the worst or the best or however you want, but they think whenever it happens, you know, it’s going happened and we don’t know if it’s our time is in our time. It’s in our our, you know, we don’t you know, and I’m sure you know, if you look at Sciences been ice ages, you know, so this, this has been happening but this has happened before, you know i’m sure to them their world came to an end. You know what I mean? Absolutely. It could be the world as we know it,


you know, we know that that’s a perfect, that’s a perfect way to say it. So I want to shift gears and go back a little bit to your three o’clock in the morning. So that happened. So I want to ask you a dating question. Okay, so in dating in the past, right? If someone from a guy let’s I’ll switch it on you so I’ll put the onus on you. If there is a guy he went out with you on the first day, you don’t know what’s going to happen and


it turned out you know,


it was okay. And he wanted he liked it too. So he wanted to date you again. But he called you like, every hour on the hour the next day, and every hour on the hour the next day like he became a pest. Did you ever go on a date with him again? Or you were like, I can’t mess with this person.




Well, you know, there’s something to be said about perseverance. I I’m trying to think back in history because I’ve been married twice. And totally both of them were tough, but you know, as far as you know, getting to know me showing up when, when I was least expecting it and things like that, you know? But


ultimately, it seemed like you guys got into a rhythm


but he can cadences and maybe your cadences.


Yeah, I guess I caved in to, you know, the person that believes perseverance probably takes the cake because, you know, even if you weren’t thinking about doing something, if someone keeps showing up and keeps inviting themselves into your life, you know, eventually they probably will win. You know, if you keep digging for gold, you’ll eventually find some that kind of thing. So if they keep working at it, they eventually, you know, can win you over. And, you know, I think that that’s what happens both times, you know,


okay. And the reason why I’m asking is when when you were coming out of your sleep, you were having Party Central. Well, then when you started to focus your eyes and your conscious mind started to evaluate what’s going on. They dissipated. Yeah, They were right. So I was kind of playing with you as far as you know you don’t sound like you’re the type that would. How come they’re not here yet you’re looking every hour on the hour.


Oh no, I don’t do that. But what I mind you I have a bidet because at the beginning of the Coronavirus there was this toilet tissue scare. So I went out with a toilet in case they weren’t in toilet tissue we could press the button and get sprayed down and stuff that have a nightlight so and I mean my my master bedroom has a bathroom in it. So now I just make sure I close the door because otherwise the green light comes in the room and then I won’t be able to see see them mistake appear. You know and then I do have like one of those USB cords that light up. So I made sure that that some plugs and I replaced it with the black us bleepy cord that doesn’t light up, but as far as waking up on purpose, no. But if I happen to wake up which I’ve, I’ve that first week so that very first week that it happened, I woke up every night at around the same time. And it wasn’t like I was planning on doing it. It’s just so happens that I did and I the first thing I thought was I looked around the room, but nothing happens. And when nothing ever came back again, then I went back into my usual pattern. But that did something to me that first night because I’m pretty sure coming for a week or two. I was I was waking up at around the same time. I’m probably it wasn’t it was a short period of time I did it for but it was like my body all of a sudden, it became an internal thing. Maybe I was so in in anticipation of seeing this again or wanted to see it again. Or Or maybe I just happen to wake up at that time before the for about a week or two I woke up and looked around the room nothing was there went back to sleep. And then after that, since I had never seen anything sense. Now it’s, you know, I just closed open doors bathroom door and stuff in case I should wake up. My first. My first my automatic first thing is to look around the room. So occasionally I do wake up in the middle of the night, you know, either I want to go to the bathroom or whatever have you but I wake up and I look around the room first thing and there’s nothing there. And I’m just telling you though, it was such a remarkable sight, unremarkable. You’re no, it was just such an amazing, amazing thing because I never seen anything like it. And I’ve never seen seen anything like it. And it was just unbelievable. It was unbelievable, because for the first time ever, it was like I knew that angels, or whatever it is, is real. There are other things out Yeah, we can’t see them. It kind of reminds me see I own a house in New York and I own a house in Georgia. And when I was in New York, I put little cameras in all the rooms in my house in Georgia, so I could spy on my house if anybody can anything you know. So I had cameras all around. And here in Georgia, we have these little bugs called no cioms. You can even look it up in the dictionary, believe it or not, it’s some it’s like a mosquito tight Nast. That’s so micro. Mike is so so so so small, that they call them noseeums. And it’ll go into what their real feces and names in Genesis and all this and that, but they’re no seams everybody in Georgia. Right. So I can’t see them. When I’m standing in Georgia looking around the room. I don’t see them. When I went to my house in New York and was looking at my phone. As the cameras like what the cameras were showing me. They was they was zooming all around the ceiling. They were everywhere they went everywhere I said, Isn’t this something we can see them when we’re in the room, but then this little momentum camera can pick up everything in the room, you know, in. And not only that, when they fly across the room they leave like this little it’s kind of like a you know how an airplane leaves the big cloud behind it when as soon as across the sky, it kind of looks like that. You know, like, Wow, look at all of them. So when I get back, I would always say when I get back to Georgia, I’m gonna spray the room everywhere because you’re floating around, you know, but here I’m sitting here and I don’t see any now and every time I’m in this house, I don’t see any. Now when I go to New York, I’m gonna look on my phone at my house and I’m gonna see him in every room.


But we’re, what’s your take on eyesight, I want to play with that for a little bit because, you know, I and I probably myself on my eyes because I had LASIK years ago. I have like superhuman eyesight. But anyway, where my eyes are open, I can see what’s in front of me and I have a little bit of peripheral vision. But if someone telling me a story, like if I was Angelina’s age or younger, remember, storytime, and write, usually before nap, and you had to close your eyes when you’re telling you that story. Or when you’re reading a book, there’s always the argument that the book is better than the movie. So our mind’s eye is more popular than the two eyes that we used to see during our waking or waiting time. And so, from a suggestion standpoint, or from an intention standpoint, I just use any exercise that I’ve done and you may like or may not, but just for like regular work, I would if I’m struggling with something and how do I get in the habit of walk away from it. But let’s say I walked away from it and I still couldn’t figure it out. So the Then before I go to bed, I set my intention of Oh, because I realize I’m a co creator, I’m not the Creator. Even I’m Oh, I’m here on this earth because of CO creation between my mom and dad. So if I set the intention that, oh, I need help with this problem. When I wake up in the morning, I usually have a solution or I get up in the shower and like, oh, wow, it came to me. And it wasn’t me. It was just the help. So from a from a intention standpoint, before you go to bed, you can set intentions and just kind of play with it like hey, you know, it was a nice first day, you’re ghosting me now. You’re not back. It can kind of be whatever you want. But I think what you’re realizing especially seeing that in the middle of the night and not just one that they’re always around us, which is comforting, but it’s one of those when they see that we are making that first step forward to them. They become more available if you will. There’s mirror exercises where you can see your angels in the mirror, there’s candle exercises where you can kind of play with candles in the dark. And since none of this scares you anymore, that’s the only reason why I’m sharing it.


You know, it didn’t even scare me on the first day. I didn’t you know, if I, if I awakened and seen burglars in there, that would have been a different thing. But when it was just that I didn’t know what it was in that first I just, I automatically assume it can’t be real. It has to be my eyes and I rub my eyes, you know, and then when I realized, Oh, it’s real. I still wasn’t scared. I was in or, you know, I was I was in Oh, just watching them. But I’m wondering you know, you because you know, I’m I’m wondering Can Can you Kenya from a comeback. You know, I’m one job Absolutely.


You can Okay,


come the first time, so I’m just, you know, well, then I absolutely will try that I will ask them to come back.


Yeah, well, I guess probably intention, like he would be bored. I’m not gonna I mean, everyone’s experience is different. That’s why I’m trying to like pulled back from my experience sharing with you, because everything’s going to be different. But one thing that you did say was, you know, why did they come to me? And the obvious answer would be, why not? So I mean, you’re, you’re, you’re worthy, just like the other anyone else living and breathing. And I guess my last question is why or one of my last questions is, why do you think this type of knowledge or awareness is kept from us?


as a whole?


I think as a people


I think based on the way some people respond is the chance that it will cause some sort of chaos. I think if they reveal themselves to the wrong people, I personally think you know, since then, I’ve been nine, I was watching some shows on angels, because I’m trying to figure out exactly, you know why they didn’t come, like III thought even that first day I thought maybe they have a message or maybe there’s something I should know. And you know, and then after time went by and nothing happened, I thought, well, maybe they were just watching me. But why? Why would you want to watch me in the middle of the night I’m doing nothing but sleeping. Then I thought because you know, the body, the body, most of our metabolic processes occur at night, the body heals and repairs itself at around 345 in the morning. So then I started thinking that according to the Bible, angels, the workers maybe they were standing there repairing my Ronnie and I don’t even know, maybe they’re the ones that drive the metabolic processes in the repairs to make sure the proteins are acting right. And, you know, we we we run on a battery we call the heart that’s activated by the SA node, which is all activated by electrolytes calcium, sodium, potassium, so on and so forth. But technically, maybe there’s a repairment. I mean, I mean, I really, you know, and then I was thinking because they, they were just because I, they had no eyes and they didn’t talk, but they were assessed just there. But to me, they were just there, because that’s what I could see. They had no arms that were outstretched, they weren’t touching my body. But that doesn’t mean that they weren’t fixing some things, huh? Yeah.


This has been a challenge for me. But just as a suggestion, I’ve gotten better over time. But it is a muscle that you have to practice. So I become so enamored in the dream state, because I’m getting so many messages that I forget to write it down when I wake up. And if you don’t write it down, as soon as you wake up, you forget and then oh, what do I need to do today? I need to iron or whatever. And it may be that you’re setting an intention to have a notebook by the bed setting, letting them know Yeah, I want to keep the communication going. And as you’re saying, you’re not seeing any mouse, that is going to be a telepathic communication. And their vibration is a lot higher than ours anyway, so they don’t need to use their mouth. But you can you can understand them just the same


day. It is it is when on that day. I didn’t feel or think anything. I didn’t receive any kind of message. I was just wondering Those and Why are they here? You know, I was just looking but I didn’t feel anything coming through. I did feel like when they noticed I noticed them, they all left they all this is, you know faded and that was that. But one thing I do also notices, you know, I used to go to sleep and I’m a hard sleeper and I used to wake up and I really wouldn’t remember many of my dreams so far as I knew I wasn’t really even dreaming. But as of late My dreams are more. I now I seem to dream almost I seem to dream often, very often. Whereas before it seems like for years I didn’t dream, or at least never remembered anything like even this morning I woke up and I had a dream and I can remember somewhat what it was about and it’s kind of strange because I had dreamt that but I had dreamt I was much younger. And I remember things My daughter a few months back, that you know, it’s weird because my dream I’m, I’m mean, like my essences me. But the person in my dream doesn’t seem to be me, like different circumstances, different house, different friends, different places. But every time I dream wake up from a dream, it’s like I was there before. You know what I mean? Like, like it’s almost like a continuation of the same dream. Or at least that’s the way it feels when I woke up when I wake up, that you know, that all of those things are in my life and that was me, but it wasn’t me. You know, it was my soul, my spirit, but it wasn’t me. Like I don’t I haven’t looked in the mirror as while I was dreaming, but it just didn’t seem like my body. Like it seems like Me, but not me, you know, and but even this morning, I had a dream where I was much younger. And, like, I felt much or I thought I was much younger. And I had dreamt that I was a nun. You know, and I remember years ago now, I don’t even know why I would dream lists because you know, I’ve been married twice. They have, you know, the first husband died, they have four kids. But, you know, when I think about it, when I was really young, about 15 or 16, I was brought up in Catholic schooling, I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten to eighth grade. Then I went to an all girls Catholic High School. When I was about 16 years old, I wanted to be a nun. I really wanted to be in them, but I was an only child. So more than anything, I wanted to have children too. So I literally prayed to God to take the calling from me. So I can live Life that filled with children. And it was almost like clockwork like, it was like as soon as my intentions were known, as soon as I made my intentions known to God, it was like that whole desire to become a nun just went, like, snap of a finger, gone, you know, and then I went on about my life. I met my first husband, 18 married and 21 had kids and went on, you know, to live my life. So it seems strange that I would dream. You know, early this morning that I wasn’t. I was a nun. My essence wasn’t none, but I wasn’t me. I was mean. I was somebody who was in their 20s. And I’m not even sure it looked like me, because I’m not I don’t look at myself in the dream. But I know it’s me. But I also know it’s not me. And this is kind of how my dreams have been going. Probably this sheer, because I never drift this much in all my life. No dreams I can remember, nothing I used to have. I remember I used to dream about cakes, I would get hungry must be while I was sleeping and dream, I’m standing in front of something, trying to eat it, you know that kind of thing, but never like actual dreams. Like, you know what I mean real dreams that, you know, are of me doing things and me interacting with people I’ve never seen before in my life. But in my dream, I know who they are,


will have to change. And this is for the listeners to is that if you are in your dream, and you’re aware that you’re dreaming or you’re not aware, if you’re dreaming sometimes there’s an argument that we’re dreaming right now and when we go to bed at night, that’s when we’re actually alive. So the best indicator is to actually try to look down at one see if your feet are on the ground. And then to see look at your hand the Those are usually telltale signs of the state that you’re in. So you may maybe I’m talking to your subconscious mind now. And something to think about when you go to sleep because that that’ll kind of help you. And if, if you actually do a journal, you’ll you’ll start seeing patterns. Yes, I’m really excited for you because like I said, for a year 2020 is the year of self mastery. And on the surface, it doesn’t look like it because of all the upheaval, but it sounds like you’re right on schedule and doing what you’re doing. So I congratulate you on that. And my last question is, of course, my last question is a two part question for you. And for Angelina, she’s still there.


Yes, she’s still here. She was waving her hands before you even said the word hands when you said yep, look at your feet. She put up her hands and raised their hands and then you said and your hands


I see that that precarious age where she may I mean, who knows? 2020 he could say, but my next question is July 4, this happened right after that you and your illustrator put this book together. So my two part question is, in your next interaction, communication, whatever you want to call it, are we going to have a stream of books? And the reason why it’s a second two part question is, if it’s Angelina that’s having this will she come out with her own books? And I’d like for her to answer the second part.


Um, well, that is a really good idea. I never really thought of that before. But it kind of seems really cool to like make a book and then draw it about a my life or something. But that does some really fun and cool. So yeah. Nice, nice.


And, Angelina, as an aside, if you’re illustrator, you’ll, you’ll see this too, and this is kind of where I’m upset, but there’s no accidents. And so I know now as far as like visioning and what have you, Angelina, if you’re illustrating like future scenario, and put the paper away, and you don’t pay attention to it, it’ll act the first time it’ll kind of freak you out. But then you’ll get used to like, Oh, I am actually writing out my life path. So, as a fun exercise, you may want to kind of play around with that.


Yeah, that sounds really cool.


Yeah. Yep. And so Monique, are you? This is your first book, are we going to see more or what’s not what’s on the timeline here?


What you know what years ago, I wrote a book about Mommy, I have the flu. Never had an illustrator couldn’t find an illustrator, put put it on paper and put it in one of these bags, didn’t think anything of it. And when I say years ago, probably before Angelina was born, and now that I saw that she Can you illustrate this book? I’m on a hunt to try to figure out where I put that book. So I can have her illustrate it, you know, but um, so far this summer, I’ve written a book on foreclosures on home foreclosures that I the my plans are not to publish it, but to hand it, you know, as a realtor to hand it to give it to people whose homes that are in foreclosure when I visit their homes because well, not that I want to visit anybody’s homes but I knock on the door higher. Are you interested in selling your house I heard your house is on is in foreclosure. Here’s a handy little book that’ll show you how you can get out of foreclosure. And if you can’t get out of Foreclosure, How to keep the how not to lose the equity you’ve invested in your home by selling it right quick. Before the foreclosure, sell the house really quick. Make an income on it and take the money that you make off of off of the home and put it as a downpayment on a new, bigger and better home. You know, so I’ve written a book like that for for my, my clients in real estate, you know, but it has gotten me motivated because I also sat down. And I wrote a little book on, believe it or not, it’s called desiccation, you know, and it’s a children’s book also, because, you know, something is nothing to be embarrassed about. So the book is called deprecation. And I also wrote, I was in the midst of writing another one on what was the homonym? And so I just started jotting down little things because sometimes I’ll be one I’ll be sitting around watching TV and thoughts will just come to my head, you know, and if I don’t have a pen and paper, I’ll grab my phone and hit the notepad on it and speak in Seek in whatever it is I generally want, but it seems like one of my books or children’s books.


I like you asked us before about why did they come to me with the angels. And what I did find is, you know, everyone has access. And so if you’re writing and getting these ideas, especially with television, if you get these ideas and don’t do it, you will almost on the dime, watch television one day and see a commercial someone actually living out. That inkling that you got the you didn’t take advantage of.


Right, right.


It’s like a gift. You know, when you get a gift. If you do nothing with it, you give somebody else the same gift and they profit. Absolutely. Well.


That’s actually a good way to leave it because we all have guests if we believe it or not, and then When you do it, you can’t take it for granted because you got to do it to your highest good and help your fellow man with the gifts that you are given. So that was a great way to leave it. I feel that’s icing on the cake. So, Monique, Monique and Angelina, it was a pleasure speaking with you and learning more about I call some angels today. So yeah, I think this is probably the beginning of a wonderful 2020 and beyond for you. And with that you have been in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective. This is Hamza and Monique Angelina, it was a pleasure. Let’s well I know we’re going to stay in touch because I’m going to see you at the reunion at the point.


Yes, and the pleasure is all ours and thank you so much as having us guests on your show. Thank you.


Sure thing. Take care.


Thank you. Bye bye

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